Wednesday, June 1, 2011

young steven tyler aerosmith

young steven tyler aerosmith. Aerosmith#39;s Steven Tyler
  • Aerosmith#39;s Steven Tyler

  • mgheiti
    Feb 1, 04:46 PM
    iOS Fabric :D

    Original link?

    young steven tyler aerosmith. steven tyler young pics. a
  • steven tyler young pics. a

  • Blue Velvet
    Mar 2, 12:24 PM
    The biggest problem I see with SS is that it's an unsustainable Ponzi Scheme which requires constant growth in population in order to sustain costs incurred by smaller and smaller groups of people.

    This is why you are wrong:

    Nonetheless, some critics are attempting to undermine confidence in Social Security with wild and blatantly false accusations. They allege that the trust funds have been �raided� or disparage the trust funds as �funny money� or mere �IOUs.� Some even label Social Security a �Ponzi scheme� after the notorious 1920s swindler Charles Ponzi. All of these claims are nonsense.

    Every year since 1984, Social Security has collected more in payroll taxes and other income than it pays in benefits and other expenses. (The authors of the 1983 Social Security reform law did this on purpose in order to help pre-fund some of the costs of the baby boomers� retirement.) These surpluses are invested in U.S. Treasury securities that are every bit as sound as the U.S. government securities held by investors around the globe; investors regard these securities as among the world�s very safest investments.

    Investing the trust funds in Treasury securities is perfectly appropriate. The federal government borrows funds from Social Security to help finance its ongoing operations in the same way that consumers and businesses borrow money deposited in a bank to finance their spending. In neither case does this represent a �raid� on the funds. The bank depositor will get his or her money back when needed, and so will the Social Security trust funds.

    As far back as 1938, independent advisors to Social Security firmly endorsed the investment of Social Security surpluses in Treasury securities, saying that it does �not involve any misuse of these moneys or endanger the safety of these funds.�

    Moreover, Social Security is the �polar opposite of a Ponzi scheme,� says the man who quite literally wrote the book about Ponzi�s famous scam, Boston University professor Mitchell Zuckoff. The Social Security Administration�s historian has a piece on this topic as well.

    Unlike the frauds of Ponzi � and, more recently, Bernard Madoff � Social Security does not promise unrealistically large financial returns and does not require unsustainable increases in the number of participants to remain solvent. Instead, for the past 75 years it has provided a foundation that workers can build on for retirement as well as social insurance protection to families whose breadwinner dies and workers who become disabled.

    See, also: Social Security a Ponzi scheme? No way. (

    young steven tyler aerosmith. Steven Tyler-with-a-#39;fro
  • Steven Tyler-with-a-#39;fro

  • cocky jeremy
    Oct 10, 03:49 PM
    People are seriously complaining about $3? I mean, Jesus. I understand wanting bug fixes and stuff for a version for free. But you really expect this guy to give you major updates for free, when this is probably his career at this point?! Do him, yourself and the rest of us that have to listen to you a favor.. go use another Twitter app and shut up. He�s already said if he could, he would gladly offer an upgrade price for 1.x users.. but that�s not on him. That�s Apple and the app store.

    young steven tyler aerosmith. Steven Tyler performs July 25
  • Steven Tyler performs July 25

  • CaptMurdock
    Feb 2, 12:58 AM
    The wallpaper was screencapped from the opening of Time Bandits:


    young steven tyler aerosmith. steven tyler aerosmith young.
  • steven tyler aerosmith young.

  • Mkalem
    Aug 7, 10:02 PM (

    young steven tyler aerosmith. STEVEN TYLER AEROSMITH WIFE

  • MacFanUK
    Aug 2, 10:17 AM
    And it's legal too!


    young steven tyler aerosmith. steven tyler young pics.
  • steven tyler young pics.

  • LethalWolfe
    Nov 12, 03:08 PM
    And when FCS4 comes out it will be a year ahead of CS5. What's your point?
    I think his point was that if the next version of FCP is only playing 'catch up' to CS5 and MC5 it will quickly be eclipsed by the next iterations of those programs (especially if FCP stays on a two year product cycle). FCP needs to leap frog CS5 and MC5 to remain competitive.

    We've been using Mac Pros as servers for years now... it has more function than the Xserve but is just not rack mountable. No big deal. And who used Shake that its loss makes an impact? Apple could cut Motion and I don't think many would care.
    Just because it's not a big deal for you doesn't mean it's not a big deal for others. For example, our production technology guys are finally happy to be phasing out an old 30TB SAN that's taking up 3-4 times the space of the new 60TB SAN. Less space, less power, less cooling, less money to build and maintain for a bigger, better SAN. I can only imagine what they'd do if someone came in and said "Okay, we are replacing all your 1RU servers with Mac Pros".

    As far as Shake goes, I'd say all the people doing higher end VFX work felt multiple stings from Apple. First was killing the Windows version. Second was keeping the price high for the Linux version while severely discounting the Mac version. Third was ceasing development of it in 2006 even though it was arguably best in class software. It's a testament to the guys at Nothing Real (the creators of Shake) that it was still viable for so many years after Apple killed it (copies of Shake on eBay still go for, or near, full retail price). AFAIK Nuke has come in to fill the void left by Shake.


    young steven tyler aerosmith. steven tyler aerosmith young.
  • steven tyler aerosmith young.

  • MacBytes
    Apr 1, 05:02 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: Spymac Mail to offer 1GB of storage - free (
    Posted on (

    Approved by Mudbug


    young steven tyler aerosmith. steven tyler young pics.
  • steven tyler young pics.

  • yg17
    Apr 27, 10:04 AM
    The lesbians.

    What kind of lesbians are we talking about? The stereotypical flannel wearing butch lesbian that can probably kick any guy's ass, or the 18 year old hot blonde lesbians in porn who probably aren't really lesbian but will eat carpet on camera because it pays? Because I'm a fan of the latter.

    young steven tyler aerosmith. Aerosmith Rocker Steven Tyler
  • Aerosmith Rocker Steven Tyler

  • bense27
    Nov 24, 09:18 AM
    So, a second generation of a product that doesn't even exist.



    young steven tyler aerosmith. Aerosmith#39;s Steve Tyler
  • Aerosmith#39;s Steve Tyler

  • MacNewsFix
    Apr 28, 10:24 AM
    "Just wait for the Verizon iPhone 4 numbers!"
    "Just wait for the White iPhone 4 numbers!"
    "Just wait for the iPhone 4S numbers!"
    "Just wait for the iPhone 5 numbers!"

    I'm starting to see a pattern.

    Who exactly is waiting? Apple's 3GS iPhone, introduced in is beating every other phone's sales in the United States except for one. Can you guess which is number 1?

    Verizon iPhone Helps U.S. Become a Smartphone Majority (

    young steven tyler aerosmith. steven tyler young pics.
  • steven tyler young pics.

  • leekohler
    Mar 16, 03:16 PM
    Can these people please go away? Aren't we all tired of being embarrassed by them?

    I know I am.

    A shocking little ditty appeared today on The Buzz, the political blog of the St. Petersberg Times, about the passage through subcommittee of what most folks are calling the "sagging pants bill." The bill is what is sounds like. The "sagging pants bill," HB 61, is known less colloquially as the "Code of Student Conduct" bill, and it includes comprehensive dress code regulations for public school students.

    The dress code is probably a good idea. As school uniform proponents have understood forever, adolescence is stressful enough without worrying about the vagaries of fashion. Less obviously inspired is the bill's insistence that kids without a 2.0 GPA be barred from extracurricular activities during their junior and senior years. What effect will that have on kids who are (rightfully) bored out of their minds in class but excel at forensics or band? Or, less sympathetically (but no less significantly), football? For some kids, extracurriculars are the only ticket out of town.

    But forget about that for a moment, because there's something far weirder and more perverse about this bill than its contents: its supporters. The Buzz story featured a really remarkable quote from one of these creatures, a Republican representative from Naples named Kathleen Passidomo. Here it is. Brace yourself.


    young steven tyler aerosmith. steven tyler young pics.
  • steven tyler young pics.

  • nobunaga209
    Apr 12, 03:29 PM
    Taken from my trip to the Dallas Auto show last weekend; Nissan GTR aka Nissan Skyline. I've dreamed of having this car stateside for most of my youth. Now that it's finally here, Nissan guaranteed I will NEVER own one with the $80k price tag. :(

    young steven tyler aerosmith. Steven Tyler turns 60 today.
  • Steven Tyler turns 60 today.

  • lilo777
    Mar 31, 01:43 PM
    Soon we will only have one OS called iOSX

    OSX 10.7 has iOS features that were sent "Back to the Mac"
    iOS is getting OSX apps (Photoshop, Garage Band, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Photo Booth.......)
    OSX is getting apps originally designed for iOS

    If you imagine iOS and OSX on a line


    They are moving in opposite directions toward each other.


    Eventually, they will meet in the middle and we will have either 2 similar operating systems or simply a mix of the two.

    I think Apple thinks that by taking the best of the two worlds they are creating a "better" user experience. I don't know if this is the case but I think that this is clearly the inevitable long-term outcome. Time will tell.

    Yes, I want to have the same OS on my phone and my desktop.


    young steven tyler aerosmith. Aerosmith
  • Aerosmith

  • Mr.Jonh
    May 4, 07:52 AM
    I just found a few links more to this thread.

    young steven tyler aerosmith. Aerosmith front man turned
  • Aerosmith front man turned

  • ucfgrad93
    Dec 1, 11:02 AM
    On my MBP.


    young steven tyler aerosmith. halen more than aerosmith
  • halen more than aerosmith

  • CaoCao
    Apr 27, 09:18 PM
    The male having a bruised ego because a lesbian isn't interested in him is just as cliche as the man-hating lesbian. I was being a bit sarcastic.

    With your beliefs, they probably weren't man haters, just a you hater. Maybe I surround myself with rare lesbians, but I haven't met one yet that hated men. Some of my best friends are men. ;)

    They didn't know I was a guy because I was dressing gender neutral. I said that the sane lesbians don't hate men, unfortunately with lesbians like muslims the annoying ones stick out.

    young steven tyler aerosmith. Steven Tyler
  • Steven Tyler

  • firewood
    Apr 20, 05:38 PM
    iPod Touch should not count.

    The IRS would be very unhappy with me and my accountant if my business didn't report the portion of my iOS app sales that went to iPod Touch users (a significant portion, according to some analytics I ran last year). I don't sell anywhere near as many apps to Android users. Too bad.

    young steven tyler aerosmith. Steven Tyler falls off stage
  • Steven Tyler falls off stage

  • Truffy
    Nov 12, 02:12 AM like Badaboom...
    I though you were taking the piss out of Steve "Boom!" Jobs for a moment there, until Google showed it to be far more prosaic. :o

    Apr 7, 01:10 AM
    I got a chance to shoot my friends EVO 8 today. (

    I have a few more photos along with some rig photos I took of his car. I'll post them in a bit.
    And yes I know, I need way better editing skills.


    Mar 23, 10:03 AM
    A glass eye with a rose color lens... :rolleyes:

    Ocular prosthesis/glass eye/artificial eye

    They all have the same meaning.

    Jul 3, 03:19 PM
    i've never seen that problem before. i get the tops of the speech bubbles cut off sometimes.

    remember that this is a beta program and it will be fixed when the final is released along with panther later this year.

    Aug 16, 01:55 AM
    keep that gif use it as ur tar once u hit 500 posts :)

    Apr 20, 05:08 PM
    iPod Touch should not count.

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