Thursday, June 2, 2011

quotes about your mom

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  • iMeowbot
    Aug 13, 05:59 PM
    I miss this little guy.

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  • b166er
    Mar 25, 10:46 AM
    I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see iOS 5 offering us too much at this point.

    I wouldn't mind a new map app- yesterday I got lost, my car GPS sent me on a goose chase, and my iPhone didn't help much.

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  • Oh-es-Ten
    Mar 23, 10:42 AM
    [bertrandSerlet release];

    Brilliant! :)

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  • TooSmooth
    Apr 3, 12:58 AM
    Hello, it is of my understanding that outlook keeps all of my emails saved locally on the computer. Is this true?

    if so, for space reasons I would like it not to save them locally, is there an option to do so?:confused:


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  • simsaladimbamba
    May 2, 03:10 PM
    If it is a .zip file, double click on it, as Mac OS X can extract .zip files natively. If that doesn't work or if it is not a .zip file, take a look at The Unarchiver.

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  • Iglio
    Aug 15, 02:35 AM
    I think I got the wallpaper from one of these threads.

    That wallpaper is standard on mac's lol


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  • acearchie
    Mar 19, 11:17 AM
    Is there any way I can use my Powerbook as a monitor for my PS2?

    I am looking for the cheapest option and already know about elgatos diversity or hybrid usb stick that does it! But that is almost �100! but if there is nothing else I will have to go with it!!!!!!


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  • alust2013
    Apr 24, 12:38 AM
    You just have to catch them while they are there. Most likely will show up, you just have to watch for it.


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  • MistaBungle
    Oct 5, 11:40 PM
    I wouldn't be surprised to see Leopard ship at Macworld, to beat Vista to the stores and undercut them once more. Will Jobs do it?

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  • Peterkro
    Mar 3, 02:37 PM
    BTW, what is with people like you who think they need to relate everything to slavery, the holocaust, or racism? :o

    Possibly because that is what's happening,wage slavery,deaths in Africa,the percentage of black people in U.S. goals,any of this making any sense to you?


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  • Ikstej24
    Sep 25, 09:55 PM
    What would be the best headphones (midrange price) for my ipod. I am looking for some other option other than the Bose ones that you see everywere.

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  • McGiord
    Apr 7, 08:46 PM
    Great links Tonepoet.

    The controller:


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  • FireStar
    Nov 13, 05:51 PM

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  • likemyorbs
    Mar 16, 05:25 PM
    And what about the person who is accused of raping a baby and is later exonerated? If they are executed then the state has murdered an innocent person, but if they have life in prison then you can make it right. And locking them up in prison for life does remove them from the world as they are never getting out.

    I think there should be firm standards for capital punishment. There are certain cases where someone is guilty without a doubt. The connecticut incident, arizona killer, etc. There are many cases where the death penalty is appropriate. If it's a crime with no witnesses but a lot of solid proof, the sentence should be life in prison. See, there's ways around all these "whats ifs".

    You need to increase your medication as a matter of urgency.

    Nah, i took my adderal today, does wonders i must say.


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  • fussball
    Sep 20, 11:03 AM
    Hey all, currently I use an Apple 20" HD display with my 12" powerbook. I use a MacAlly iceKey keyboard, which I totally love except the white color does not match so well with the aluminium display and laptop. Anyone know of a good USB or BT keyboard that would closely resemble the actual keyboard on my PB?


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  • alent1234
    Apr 6, 11:57 AM
    this is raw storage

    by the time you account for RAID, business continuity volumes and DR site storage the ratio is something like 5 times raw to usable storage


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  • Rodimus Prime
    Dec 25, 11:22 PM
    For me an unexpected gift was a kindle. I never really expressed much interested in them to either of my parents but they do know I like to read. I always though it was kind of a limited device and then I am given on. Get a book on and and started reading to day. I have to say I am very surpised and find that I really like. People are not kidding whey they say eink is very nice to read off of. Much nicer than a back lite LCD screen (iPad, iPod, iPhone). I see my reading going up a lot now.

    Also got Halo Reach
    New wallet
    Tune up for my mountain bike.
    Some legos
    and clothing.

    Best part was enjoying time with my family.

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  • yadmonkey
    May 2, 04:37 PM
    it asks you about your sexual orientation.

    Actually no, it doesn't. It asks you if you've ever had sexual contact with another male (at least in Colorado and NY, the two places I've given). I've never seen anything in the process that would preclude a gay virgin.

    Plain and simple, discriminatory and non-scientific because male-to-female sex has the exact same risks

    I'm not qualified to respond to that, although apparently studies have indicated otherwise. But I'm not informed enough to take those things for granted.

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  • tritonj
    Feb 9, 02:52 PM
    Here are the questions that remain to be officially answered:

    � Which voice plans qualify and which don't?

    � For those using Google Voice, is your own Google Voice number (since GV can be configured to call you) considered landline or mobile? What about the GV passthrough numbers for your non-GV contacts?

    � So the A-list and rollover minutes essentially became useful only for U.S. landline numbers, correct?

    the fine print states it has to be a direct mobile number, so Google Voice probably doesn't qualify

    Apr 19, 05:01 PM

    not my photo :o

    King Cobra
    Aug 20, 08:15 PM
    Ah, s***. I just reread rule number 6 for the contest. Oh, well. If the mods are forced to choose between my static avatar and my million avatar, use my static one.

    Apr 1, 01:56 AM
    Get this guy an HDMI Adaptor XD

    Jul 7, 09:38 PM
    Post your external storage. (

    Optimus Frag
    Apr 7, 12:58 PM
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    Want the wire frame Star Wars game......

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