Saturday, June 4, 2011

ohm tattoo

ohm tattoo. Her Tibetan Om tattoo on her
  • Her Tibetan Om tattoo on her

  • ucfgrad93
    Apr 3, 03:17 PM
    On my MBP.

    ohm tattoo. let your new tattoo see
  • let your new tattoo see

  • Bonds79
    Apr 28, 07:36 AM
    I have a droid.(had iPhone on ATT but didnt get coverage at work/home) I payed an extra $100 to get the 1 year commitment in Nov 2009 just in case the CDMA iPhone came out a year later. Well it did come out a year later and my verizon contract was up. But I didnt get it because it was the same 8 month old phone and there is 0 chance I am going to get locked into a 2 year deal in january for a 8 month old phone that I wont be able to trade in until the June release 2.5 years later.

    I'm surprised they are surprised.

    I like iphones, but I am really considering a droid,
    2 VZW droids release today the 3G Droid Incredibile 2 and Droid Charge LTE 4G both have unlimited data and allow up to 10 mobile hotspot connections and oh mobile hotspot is totally free and unlimited till june..... very tempting!

    C'mon apple give us a LTE iphone for us folks in the big cities with LTE coverage!

    ohm tattoo. ohm tattoos
  • ohm tattoos

  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 7, 12:15 PM
    Just great for all us old folks with fond late night memories - family sleeping and all - to get to the last level or best High Score:-)

    The price is great too 100 games for 14.99 even including duds.

    ohm tattoo. image - ohm tattoos
  • image - ohm tattoos

  • SummerBreeze
    Sep 24, 05:03 PM
    When I turned 18, I did what I wanted to do, but when I was at home I told my parents where I was going to go. Not necessairly "Hey, I'm gonna try out these new tips I read about in Cosmo" but where I was going and when I would be home. I figured that I was in charge of myself, but I should do the common courtesy of letting my parents know what was going on in my life.


    ohm tattoo. Ohm-tattoo-105669
  • Ohm-tattoo-105669

  • djpraize
    Apr 25, 05:54 AM
    I'm debating. I actually am within my 30 day window of having bought a Black iPhone 4 (had to switch corporate phone line to personal liable plan). No way I would pay money just to switch colors, but I always wanted a white iPhone. I think I'll mosey to AT&T, see how it looks, and if I like it and AT&T will swap, I'll get it.

    I really like the black iPhone as well, so either way I'm happy.

    ohm tattoo. OHM tattoo - Rate My Ink
  • OHM tattoo - Rate My Ink

  • Rocketman
    Nov 29, 02:18 PM
    And what happens if we don't want HDCP then?

    Then you cannot display the "highest" resolution version of the media. Either none, or a resolution crippled version (ie 480p vs 1080i).



    ohm tattoo. Runes of ohm tattoos general
  • Runes of ohm tattoos general

  • Lord Blackadder
    Jan 21, 02:32 PM
    Jetta sales were up in November (, but it remains to be seen if they can maintain that of it was just the halo effect of releasing a new car. It iwll be interesting to see if the new cheaper-n-bigger Passat has similar success.

    Regarding the design, personally I rather like the fact that they've gone for a Shooting Brake aesthetic rather than an ungainly 4 door one. Remember, Ferrari's are almost always controversial (entirely unlike Porsche). :)

    I'll give you that...although the Sultan of Brunei's 456 "Venice" wagons managed to stay beautiful despite having four doors.

    The Panamera and Cayenne are intensely ugly.

    ohm tattoo. of a ohm tattoo#39; image
  • of a ohm tattoo#39; image

  • yellow
    Dec 15, 04:35 PM
    This has happened with the last 3 songs I've tried to submit..

    The link I submit from the iTMS always ends up being the wrong one referenced in the submission.


    ohm tattoo. Bee, Lotus and Ohm Tattoo
  • Bee, Lotus and Ohm Tattoo

  • Geronimo51
    Mar 26, 12:31 PM
    I have a FlipHD, and it automatically syncs all my movies into iphoto. Does iphoto compress or alter (loss of quality) these videos by merely syncing them?


    ohm tattoo. ohm tattoo. bird om tattoo
  • ohm tattoo. bird om tattoo

  • Illusion986
    Mar 31, 10:34 AM
    Very cool. Though I still can't see something like this reaching its full potential without a pressure sensitive stylus.

    Exactly my thoughts...


    ohm tattoo. Flaming Stone Ohm tattoo. by
  • Flaming Stone Ohm tattoo. by

  • JerzeyLegend
    Nov 20, 12:08 AM
    Why do any of you care? None of you are seeing profit or loss in this situation.

    Some of you sound pissed, like T.J. Maxx personally offended you by selling cheaper iPads.

    Now is a good time to get one if you don't already have one. Stop arguing about warranty, you should be getting Apple care on your idevice anyway.

    So... What are you waiting for? Go get one before they run out! Profit or loss is none if your concern.

    ohm tattoo. tattoo ohm - Tribal
  • tattoo ohm - Tribal

  • zodiac
    May 10, 07:55 PM
    get some forums. good job on the design though.


    ohm tattoo. OM tattoo on my back after 3-4
  • OM tattoo on my back after 3-4

  • Max on Macs
    Oct 5, 05:18 PM
    Why do you need to disable something you don't want to use? Can't you just not use it?

    Are you afraid you might accidentally change your mind someday and need to prevent yourself from doing this in the future?

    Also, many BBS's that I use offer me the chance to change the text-reply field size in my personal preferences. The window can be any size and the page looks just fine. Pretty much ANY text entry field has to be built into a page in such a way that changing the size just pushes things below it lower, just in case a browser draws it larger than planned. I can't think of any sites that don't work that way. This box I'm using on Macrumors right now follows that rule. If I were to drag it large nothing would "break." The stuff below it would just move down.

    Can you give any examples of a page that fails this test? I can't think of any offhand.
    I think he's talking about making it so people who use the web pages he designs can't resize the textareas (supposedly ruining his designs). IMHO this is a non-issue since when the user first sees the page they will se it as it should be, if they want to make a textarea bigger so they can type in it comfortably then it's their own choice.

    ohm tattoo. Ohm Symbol. Tattoo by Fernando
  • Ohm Symbol. Tattoo by Fernando

  • Truffy
    Apr 7, 03:30 PM
    That alone would justify the damned iPad for me!


    ohm tattoo. 100_0604.jpg Om tattoo
  • 100_0604.jpg Om tattoo

  • ironman159
    Apr 8, 11:34 PM
    I have really been thinking of finally getting an iPhone.. but after hearing all these battery issues I am starting to think otherwise. IDK.. we'll see. At least its not as bad as the Thunderbolts 3-4hr battery!! LOL!! Thats just pathetic.

    My iPhone 4 battery at first was TERRIFIC. 4.3 & 4.3.1 ********* things up. Now people ask me why I have a charger with me all the time.

    Btw: it's not hardware cause the change in battery life is not minimal, it's ENORMOUS and a new iPhone didn't fixed it. Go figure again. :mad:

    ohm tattoo. tattoos Tattoos? ohm
  • tattoos Tattoos? ohm

  • Crager724
    Oct 5, 05:40 PM
    I am not a webdesigner so could someone explain the TEXTAREA upgrade? It sounded like a good idea when I read it, but it seems to have struck a nerve with a couple people, and I'm not sure why. I'm guessing it would be like if I went to an art auction and bought a painting by Monet, I bring the painting home and realize that the wallspace I have for it isn't wide enough, so I grab a corner of the painting a pull it down, hence making it skinnier and fitting my wall? Nobody would ever consider doing that to a Monet, yet isn't this what the new TEXTAREA feature does?



  • Deej
    Jun 25, 03:59 PM
    Similar to the LCD Screen from a Powerbook G4 I'm selling, I've got an Airport Extreme Card for sale too.

    Hope somebody's interested! :)

    ohm tattoo. ohm tattoo. peace sign ankle
  • ohm tattoo. peace sign ankle

  • ipodtoucher
    Apr 9, 10:27 PM
    Here's mine for now lol Taken from my P365 used Instagram to do the effects and Diptic to create the dyptic


    ohm tattoo. Ohm-Live Today//New Tattoo.
  • Ohm-Live Today//New Tattoo.

  • tj2001
    Aug 22, 03:37 PM
    If someone could please look at: site redesign ( and notice the teal bar at the bottom that is cutting through the content.

    Please look at the source and advise on issue and how to correct. Thank you!

    Oct 9, 06:17 PM
    Just purchased it from the app store. :)

    Nov 1, 02:53 AM
    wow, everybody is fanatic, obsessed, crazy anything about Apple. me, too. I still hesitate to buy new shuffle or not. maybe my 2G nano will be pissed.

    handsome pete
    Mar 31, 11:04 AM
    I disagree. There are plenty of people working with PS using just a mouse, which isn't pressure sensitive. Remember in the keynote demo of Garage Band, it was mentioned that Apple accomplished touch-sensitivity when you play an instrument by utilizing the accelerometer. I assume it could be the same for an imaging program.

    I use the mouse almost exclusively with my photoshop work and only use the pen when I need it. But this version of photoshop will be running on a tablet with a touch interface. The allure behind that is not using a mouse, but rather a stylus/pen/finger. And unless you can get the precision of a pressure sensitive device, then I don't think it would mature much further than a hobbyist's tool.

    I'm not sure if the accelerometer method would work to get such precise results. At least it didn't seem so when I read about how they got it to work. Touch sensitivity for playing a musical instrument is a bit different than drawing/painting/etc. I could be wrong though.

    May 1, 09:21 AM
    Kinda funny they should pick Castle for a code name LOL

    Feb 5, 12:21 PM
    Here ya go!

    Thank you!

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