Friday, June 3, 2011

NCAA Tournament Pools

Bracket Strategies for the Basketball Season ‘08

There are a lot of predictions to get through the

trend of picking the right 16 teams to fill out the

brackets. Okay. Make a wild educated guess. Pick one

team. Any team. Make sure that it will come out after

March Madness ends. Can you do that? Of course you


That is, if you make every decision a very precise

one. You can’t keep on trusting your instincts or toss

a coin and depend your answer on that. Well, science

was based on theories but they have allotted so much

time digging into those researches before constructing

an elaborate definition of one word that can still be

objected in due time. This can also be applied to NCAA


So here’s the deal. You want to take home the big

bucks. And you have a really good team at the end of

your bracket. Question is, are those teams ideal? As a

lot of people say, wagers made for the sake of

entertainment are most likely illegal. And yet, who’s

talking? Think about that and reflect on these


Think Before They Do

Go against time. Better yet, think as they would then

counter on it. Before the games begin, you have to

have a clear idea what will happen if you have chosen

the seeds who were appropriate enough to battle out

with the weaker ones. It is definitely a good choice

to make the good seeds go first just to settle the

odds. That would be a good move, and is definitely the

right decision because most people would think about

that kind of method.

But if you could’ve played it like a chess player

would, that might be the solution. Pick certain

upsets. Be sure these upsets won’t destroy the bracket

if guesses were wrong. In this manner, you are not

risking so much for so little.

Tournament pools are most likely to award points, with

every round, those points increases. From 2, you could

gain 16 every round once your bracket reached the

elite eight. If the following rounds are equivalent to

more points, you can accumulate them by trying to

maintain a team playing in the following weeks.

Know Your Opponent

You are not competing against the basketball team

themselves. It’s that accountant on 10th floor that

you made a deal with you have to look forward to. Know

what team he would prefer. This will enable you to

maximize chances of being one step ahead. Scouting the

opposition is not a bad idea.

Base on the History

If a particular team had been seeded to be in the

number one seed, there could’ve been a very good

reason why the top seeds remain on top. Look on the

brighter side; you have more chances of winning than


Note one more thing: luck would be on your side if you

have figured out the teams who have dominated the

enormous conferences.

Be confident and less intimidated

Being intimidated is a big downfall on your part. So

what if your opponent keeps on claiming that he knows

his team inside and out? People who have such a very,

very high level of self-confidence tends to over think

the situation thus not considering what problems may

come at hand.

Yes, be confident but not overconfident. Even though

you have known the team you have included in your

bracket, and even if you know how strong your team is

going, you never have to underestimate the bets of

your opponent. Do not be the person that was just

described above.

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