Sunday, June 5, 2011

Miley Cyrus is very beautiful in pictures of "So Undercover, " her new movie!

While the diva Miley Cyrus is still touring the world with a tour of "Gypsy Heart" tour recently, photos of "So Undercover" her new film, fell on the network.

In "So Undercover", Miley is Molly, a girl who is hired by the FBI to infiltrate a university fellowship. Her role? Protect the daughter of a gangster, which may be the victim of a murder at any time.
OMG! This movie seems very cool!

In another picture we see Miley with a guy, he is an English actor Joshua Bowman, who plays Nicholas, her romantic partner.

"So Undercover" has no official release date, but rumor is that in the second half. Oh! Another film in which the Miley may debut later this year is "LOL" who also participates Ashley Greene.

WOW! we can't wait to it! comment :)

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