Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • ViciousShadow21
    Apr 11, 11:46 PM
    Been a while since i posted on here. Here is the lovely Kelly Brook (the black bar on the bottom is for my dock indicators. if you would like the original without it let me know)
    Also changed my system font. I really like the way it turned out.

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  • player2
    Apr 27, 04:58 PM
    Is there a good app that I can use to move files to and from my iPhone without having to use iTunes.

    What I would like to be able to do is move mp3's over from my computer to my iPhone via Wi-Fi and have the songs show up correctly in the iPod program.

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  • pruppert
    Mar 10, 06:46 AM
    First opening of Flipboard after the recent update to the app displays an iOS popup "Warning. Your iPad appears to be jailbroken. This may cause bugs, crashes or other unpredictable behavior."

    I just thought that was interesting as I've never seen such a message before or even knew that an app could detect a jailbreak. What's to keep apple from detecting this with one of their apps and voiding my warranty?

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  • harrymerkin
    Aug 5, 09:54 AM
    ^ I like that, would you mind telling me how you got the dock like that? Ti have the black part cover the icons fully. I'm only now starting to mess around more with my mac, I just changed my dock to a glossy black. Thank you.

    in Applications find 'Terminal' and once it is open put this command in there

    $ defaults write no-glass -boolean YES; killall Dock

    swap the 'YES' for 'NO' to undo it.


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  • three
    Feb 16, 02:56 AM
    Honestly don't know why the image quality is poor. (

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  • kalsta
    May 1, 06:49 AM
    Agreed, .mac had a solid, sensible, identifiable connotation. I wasn't a mac guy at the time, but it whenever I'd see it, conveyed that Apple was providing a decent service package for it's users. "me" just seemed needlessly self-absorbed, and conveys nothing useful. "Castle" sounds like somebody in marketing trying hard to be clever.

    I wish they'd simplify, combine & condense all these services, give all their iTunes and new hardware customers an account, and give at least one or two services away free to get people using it in some capacity. ...find my iPhone/iPad, or contact/cal/limited storage push syncing... But just go back to calling the whole package ".mac" again. Clean, short, clear, promotes the brand without being obnoxious.

    It'll never be '.mac' again. Apple's ecosystem has changed too much since then, and it's not all about the Mac anymore. But I agree they need a free service which at very least includes syncing between devices, and a small amount of online storage.


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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 30, 07:16 AM
    Revert your system to your last backup? You do have regular backups right?

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  • bushbeat
    Mar 24, 02:01 PM
    ....Anyone else have any horror stories?:)

    All the horrible stories in this thread reminds me of David Thorne's bizarre article "Please design a logo for me. With pie charts. For free."
    Have a laugh:


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  • three
    Feb 16, 02:56 AM
    Honestly don't know why the image quality is poor. (

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  • scotty96LSC
    Sep 4, 11:19 AM
    Link (


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  • skorpien
    Apr 25, 10:59 AM
    You can connect an external USB HDD to the Time Capsule and use that for new backups. This keeps the backups currently on the TC intact and allows room for expansion.

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  • strurtle
    Oct 26, 07:06 PM
    Garden State Plaza store is like a mile away from me, but I always go to Tice's Corner (15 miles). I feel like I get better customer service there.

    I kinda waited at panara bread until opening cause it was raining. Got leopard and swag (shirt). YAY!!!!


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  • JoeG4
    Nov 19, 04:11 PM
    Isn't there some kinda law against price fixing like this?

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  • FaasNat
    Oct 6, 02:04 PM
    Here's hoping Safari implements some sort of cookie manager and popup window blocker perferences similar to how Firefox's are.


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  • MacSA
    Dec 18, 11:24 AM

    What is Einstein@Home?

    The screensavers are being developed for Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.

    Albert Einstein discovered long ago that we are adrift in a universe filled with waves from space. Colliding black holes, collapsing stars, and spinning pulsars create ripples in the fabric of space and time that subtly distort the world around us. These gravitational waves have eluded scientists for nearly a century. Exciting new experiments will let them catch the waves in action and open a whole new window on the universe - but they need your help to do it!

    Einstein@Home is a project developed to search data from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO) in the US and from the GEO 600 gravitational wave observatory in Germany for signals coming from rapidly rotating neutron stars, known as pulsars. Scientists believe that some pulsars may not be perfectly spherical, and if so, they should emit characteristic gravitational waves, which LIGO and GEO 600 will begin to detect in coming months.

    Gravitational waves are ripples in the fabric of space and time produced by events in our galaxy and throughout universe, such as black hole collisions, shockwaves from the cores of exploding supernovas, and rotating pulsars. These ripples in the space-time fabric travel toward Earth, bringing with them information about their origins, as well as invaluable clues to the nature of gravity.

    Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves in his general theory of relativity, but only now in the 21st Century has technology advanced enough for scientists to detect and study them. Although gravitational waves have not yet been detected directly, their influence on a binary pulsar (two neutron stars orbiting each other) has been measured accurately, and was found to be in good agreement with original predictions. Joseph Taylor and Russell Hulse shared the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics for their studies in this field.

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  • sikkinixx
    Apr 15, 06:56 PM
    Its just their canned introduction....its always like that. While ironic this week, it isnt always ;)


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  • Tommy Wasabi
    Oct 1, 01:48 PM
    God I hate Notes- it's an operating system on top of an operating system. It's databases are just a step up from Access and to be honest - it's a pig.

    I've been forced to use the piece a crap for over 5 years (I'm a consultant) and it had brought me great pleasure to help large scale enterprises move away from this overstuffed piece of crap.

    Is Exchange any better - yes and no - in general they both are crappy. The biggest advantage of Notes is that their CALs (licenses) are so cheep compared to Exchange/Outlook.

    When I start looking for a new job - the first question I'll ask is which Universal Messaging Platform have you deployed in your Enterprise? If they answer "Notes" I'll know the following about their organziation:

    1. They care more about the dollar than about usability and employee satisfaction
    2. The VP of IT is probably sleeping with the IBM rep
    3. The business only uses it because they don't know any better (they've been there too long and have never used anything other than Notes and AOL).
    4. They think that Notes databases are cool and hip and truly believe Access is an enterprise level database
    5. And finally, they are so damn stupid they probably have Lotus 123 and Word Perfect as their "Office Suite"

    "Save me lord from these fools"

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  • Fedorov
    Oct 9, 03:59 PM
    Nice UI, super smooth scrolling, LOVE the pull down refresh feature - toss up between my SimplyTweet and Tweetie 2 now for daily use, will report back in a week ;)

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  • liamkp
    Aug 9, 01:43 PM
    At the same time?

    I really like the Memorex iWake.

    Jul 30, 09:50 PM
    Has it arrived yet?

    Feb 9, 04:12 PM
    All of this negative AT&T press is fantastic for me :D

    I have had AT&T since they were called bellsouth and it was a car phone in a leather bag, attached to an antenna on the back of the family car. I have never had problems. Obviously 'back in the day' it hardly worked anywhere, but especially now it works everywhere, I never drop calls, I can always be reached. In fact, all the way back in 2002 I dropped my landline in favor of a Cingular (now AT&T) cellphone. I had sprint for a while, that was a bad experience, it was only for two years of a contract before I switched back to AT&T.

    So, all of this junk just gives me all kinds of cool free stuff like this, when I was perfectly happen to being with LOL.


    Apr 7, 11:29 AM
    That's a crock - you and most who have any sort of idea about what's going on know it.

    They would not be spending so much time doing everything they can to stop the possibility of jailbreak if they didn't care "Jasus" is jailbreaking.

    Despite what anyone wants to argue, jailbreaking means piracy to those who care at Apple - plain and simple.

    Oh you're so smart...thank you.

    "When the app store learns to accept international credit card I will surely stop jail breaking"

    Apr 23, 04:12 PM
    Could anyone suggest me a couple of fun multiplayer games that I can play on one iPod or one iPad? Thanks. :apple:

    Oct 11, 11:12 AM

    i need to buy candy bar :(

    Anime chicks with guns. Nothing is ever as awesome. :D

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