Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • TerryJ
    Jul 27, 07:42 PM
    Can any other posters shill the Microsoft party line more? "They" said the Sony Playstation2 was "too hard" to program for versus programming for the Microsoft Xbox. Which platform won again? Which platform had the most third-party support? That's right, the "too hard to program for" Playstation2. The reason why there are extra features on the current HD-DVD titles has to do with the fact that they are using VC-1 and the Blu-Ray titles are using the space-hungry MPEG2 codec currently. There's no room right now on Blu-Ray releases for the "extras" you are bringing up. It has nothing to do with "how hard" it is to program BD-J.
    Look... honestly the only "winner" I want in this format war is the disc that has the best high definition image and sound, has the most actual (good) movies available, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

    I thought, on paper, Blu-ray had the most compelling feature set of the two discs. I pre-ordered a Sony BD deck. That got pushed way back. (I ended up cancelling it. I'll buy it when it comes out... I don't expect shortages.) In the interim, I bought an HD DVD deck. I can afford it and I have a decent sized Hi-def LCD rear projection set that is ISF calibrated that begs for HD content. I love watching stuff in HD. I can't stand watching stuff in SD. My HD DVR is filled to the brim.

    HD DVD right now has 5gb more capacity. The VC-1 encoded discs look amazing. The special features are cool on a couple of the discs. The (mandatory) higher bit-rate sound formats sound better.

    If Blu-ray (software and hardware) can do it better, then I welcome it. Get those damn 50gb discs out. Start using better codecs now! Start putting innovative features using BD-J. Get some good movies out there. And get some GOOD decks out there. THEN I will believe it. Only then will I buy it. Until my opinion, there is nothing on the BD side of things worth buying.


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  • namanhams
    Apr 3, 05:53 AM

    I rotate my UIView using the 'transform' property. However, the border looks very ugly. I google around and people say that they add 1 pixel transparent border, but so far i can not find any code on this.

    Please help. Thanks.

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  • Don't panic
    Sep 26, 12:59 PM
    Lets say his girlfriends parents say it's ok for them to sleep in the same room. Also, lets say that you also know that your son is having sex. Lets also say that your son has been going out with this girl for 3 months. So would you let him or not?

    i just skimmed through the thread, but as many said, I think your parents should let you and your girlfriend decide (or "one should let the kids decide";)). Just please use condoms.

    If they already told you 'no', than I wouldn't go in an all-out war with them, unless you are ready to take off (something you would most likely regret afterward). Consider this is probably very awkward for them too, and I am not sure they would necessarily wanted to be filled in with the details. As long you clear that both of you two are informed and know about precautions and such, that should be enough.
    Of course if they are very catholic, this could be an added layer of difficulty, but I am sure they would rather not become grandparents this early, no matter what the priests say.

    enjoy. ;)

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  • nevir
    Oct 6, 08:49 AM
    What I've been waiting for is true javascript support for wysiwyg textarea editors. I run a Mac blog site and I have to ask users to use Firefox. It seems a little sucky to do that for a Mac specific blogger site. Since Safari 1.3 Apple said they included the nessesary "hooks" for these editors, but no one has been successful in getting any of them to work in Safari.

    I downloaded the latest nightly build of Webkit and it still doen't work :(

    Considering Apple is releasing what looks like a full-page wysiwyg editor (, I don't think you'll have to wait too much longer (Leopard) for that type of wysiwyg support.


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  • MattMJB0188
    Oct 4, 08:55 PM
    I already posted for October but I change mine once a week.

    Here is the wallpaper if anyone wants it.

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  • trssho
    Mar 27, 11:05 PM
    Ebay sucks, and so does the seller. And for that matter, the people that think this is cool, to rip someone off by being deceitful,, can take a leap!


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  • FinalDragoon06
    Feb 7, 06:55 PM
    Some Code Geass for now :)

    Original (

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  • JAT
    Apr 7, 02:34 PM
    Is it crazy that I'm considering a $500 iPad, $100 joystick, and $15 game just to get this?


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  • LeoNobilis
    Mar 31, 12:33 PM
    Maybe I'm the only one that thinks this, but, while it's a cool demo, I'd probably never use this. The iPad would have to reach at least the amount of control and sensitivity of a Cintiq to make this useful. So it's cool that Adobe is working on it, and maybe with future revs of hardware, the iPad will get to that point (I really hope it does). But it all still seems like finger painting to me until you have control with some sort of drawing utensil. The funny thing is, Steve Jobs - the man who spouts and gushes over creating tools by artists for artists, and - is the one man leading the fight against any sort of stylus for use with the iDevices. While I agree with him on use throughout the iOS interface, all artists are NOT created equal. I've seen fantastic work by some of the guys using their fingers with those paint programs, but I'd say for the majority of artists out there, the real key is going to be getting a stylus that works properly in a drawing or painting app on the iOS.

    At the studio I work at, the day the iPad was announced, there were about 40 people that were willing to blow up to $1k on the iPad had it come out with some sort of stylus support - not for interface, but for drawing. These are people that use Cintiqs day in and day out. When the price point of $499 was announced their jaws dropped in unison. SOLD! But when no stylus was announced and when Jobs said "If you are using a stylus, you are doing it wrong", there was a collective sigh and gnashing of teeth. Not a single person purchased one.

    So while it was a cool demo, it's still a hard sell to people who do this stuff all day, everyday for a living. Let's see a real stylus for artwork from Apple that is meant to work with the touchscreen on iOS and let's see it blow everything else away!

    Until then, maybe this is the best we can hope for.

    The Cosmonaut (

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  • SciFrog
    Jan 25, 03:10 PM
    My 2007 MacPro 2,1 could use a boost also. Sadly it would make sense to replace it with a 27'' iMac with these new 3.4Ghz SandyBridge chip whenever it comes out. I can't really justify buying a 12 core machine just for Folding...


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  • Dwalls90
    Apr 6, 12:30 PM
    That's only 1,258,291.2 gigabytes ... If each customer gets, say, 500 megabytes allocated, that's enough for 2,516,582 customers.

    To be safe more like enough for 2.5 million customers @ 500 megabytes (which isn't very high, I would hope for more like 5000 megabytes/5 gigabytes, but then that's only enough for like 251,658 customers).

    Point is, they better have another 10+ Pb along the way ...

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  • gwfattwkr
    Jun 18, 05:18 PM
    i will be there around 5:30 - 6


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  • talkingfuture
    Mar 23, 09:20 AM
    I guess we probably won't see any major change in the direction of OSX. I wonder what the science he wants to focus on could be?

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  • Lz0
    Nov 3, 08:05 PM
    I really liked this one. I've tried many other apps that gather the Album Cover art for iTunes songs/albums but this is the best by far.

    It's called Clutter (

    Launch Clutter when you have iTunes open. As a song is playing, Clutter automatically looks up the album art. Once found, under the File menu select copy to iTunes and BAM, it's there for the WhOLE album. Sweet.

    One note. If it doesn't find the art, just go under the File menu and choose "Find cover in Amazon". Just type in different variations of the artist or song and i'm sure it'll pop up.


    Doesn't run on 10.3


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  • kdarling
    Apr 27, 09:19 PM
    Well, it looks like it wasn't a bug after all. It was coded as per the patent application. :D

    Unfortunately not :)

    The patent includes optional implementations where:

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  • T-Will
    Apr 7, 12:22 PM
    Apple should quit wasting time trying to block jailbreak and work on adding features that other phones have had for many years and that users have been screaming for since the iPhone 1 was released.


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  • MacBytes
    Jan 8, 04:20 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: Yazsoft cries fowl against VersionTracker. What do you think? (

    Posted on (

    Approved by arn

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  • Tulipone
    Apr 27, 06:27 PM
    The fact the we post on a forum or add some rubbish to Twitter or Facebook means that we have lost anonymity on the internet - but those actions are (hopefully) made with some thought to security settings.

    The thing that irks me is that I appear to have left a trace / was tracked in a different country as i deliberately turned 'Aircraft mode' on to save roaming charges and only used the video camera on my iPhone whilst there.

    I now know that despite 'disabling' wifi and gprs, there was a conversation with cell masts. Does it really matter? Not really - the country I visited wanted to know who I was in advance and scanned my passport on entry. Uk also knew that I had left the country.

    I guess I am guilty as anyone NOT reading the EULA as properly as I should have done, but thought that I would have had assurance the the option could be disabled. That option did not work and now I wonder if the text Apple has left IS accurate. Do they track data and return it to Apple for some reason?

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  • AndrewR23
    Mar 27, 06:44 PM
    I reported it and bid $1000 so that nobody will be a high bidder and get scammed!!!

    Really? But if you dont pay, what if you get a negative?

    Nov 21, 12:09 PM
    a conversation i just had with a mac specialist.

    You are chatting with Scott C, an Apple Expert
    scott- Hi, my name is Scott C. How may I help you today?
    me- im just checking out this new applestore online feature
    me- its pretty cool
    scott- Good morning
    me- can i pre-order my iPhone here when it comes out in january?
    me- how much is that going to run, i want to order that now.
    scott- I am not familiar with the iPhone.
    me- oh
    me- you are not familiar with it?
    me- well i was going to wait for it to come out so i could buy it and use it as my phone
    scott- I am unaware of any future or unreleased products.
    me- but since you are unfamiliar with it, im going to go buy a microsoft windows phone and lock myself into a 2 year contract in which i will be unable to purchase any other phone
    i wont be buying the iPhone. :(
    i thought it was coming out soon
    but since you are unaware, im going to have to get myself an HP iPaq
    scott- There are rumors posted online about it, but I am unaware of any factual information about it.
    me- oh
    me- i heard about it on TV though
    me- im one of those people who believes everything they see on TV, not really... but i was quite taken by the iphone they showed on TV and i was going to wait because i know Apple releases the highest quality products i know of. buying the phone they made was going to be my next tech purchase
    but now i am going to go get a $400 HP iPaq and lock myself into it for 2 years
    scott- Well, it might be worth it to wait and see if Apple does release one then.
    me- oooookkkk
    me- thank you
    scott- Thank you for visiting the Apple Store. We appreciate your business.
    me- thank you for chatting
    A convesation that bboyredcel had with himself.

    bboyredcel- Hi, I'm a stupid moron and I want to show people that I think I'm really cute.

    himself- Let's pretend you, bboyredcel, call Apple and ask them about the iPhone.

    bboyredcel- Yeah and I, bboyredcel, can pretend that I know more than the Apple Expert.

    himself- You could then threaten to purchase a competitor's product.

    bboyredcel- Yeah, I bet that would really upset him.

    himself- And while you're at it you can show the world or at least those who read this page, how stupid you really are.

    bboyredcel- What.

    himself- Well, everyone who reads MacRumors should know how Apple operates by now. You might as well be calling Apple about a rumored iPizzaMaker or something.

    bboyredcel- Really Apple is working on an iPizzaMaker.

    himself- God, I wish someone would just lobotomize me!

    Feb 24, 11:43 PM
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    I take pride to introduce myself.

    I'm new here and I'm interested in Wedding photography.

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    Apr 28, 07:16 AM
    Why buy a 3G iPhone, when there are 4G phones available ?

    Because it is cheaper? Which it in some ways is. But if you include the two year plan in the total cost, then you really have been screwed.
    And it's already old today, and after two years, it's even older.

    Dec 28, 09:17 AM
    sig saur 522

    Apr 13, 09:28 PM
    Just my general awesomeness. ;)

    I obviously have no sources. But I do think there are a few definitive patterns Apple follows. [... snip ... ]

    Just my thoughts. I yield the floor. ;)A gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for the insightful speculation. Thoughtful and logical. ;)

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