Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Nov 20, 10:50 AM
    Real fishy as to where htey purchased all these ipads.

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  • female models wallpapers.

  • xplnusa
    Feb 10, 09:59 AM
    I changed mine online. Didn't affect my costs at all. I had the unlimited texting plan already and the 700Min family plan. So I just got an extra perk for free.. :D

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  • blow45
    Apr 16, 10:02 AM
    I do. although by no means extensive, and I didn't like the interface, and it didn't seem faster or cooler, but that's just my opinion.

    may i suggest the free mplayerx from the app store, you might wanna give it a go, it seems pretty robust and lightweight.

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  • juststranded
    Oct 19, 08:52 PM


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  • eastercat
    May 5, 02:50 AM
    This issue pops up for me too. Are you JB too?

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  • LethalWolfe
    Nov 11, 01:57 PM
    I would still estimate that there are many more FCP installs in use than Avid.
    If you look at the industry as a whole there are but the higher up the food chain you go the fewer FCP seats you see. These numbers are from a couple of years ago but from what I remember FCP had about 50% of the market and Avid had 25% or 30%. A survey of A.C.E. members (American Cinema Editors), who mainly work on 'Hollywood' TV shows and movies, taken around the same time showed that about 80% of members used Avid while about 10% used FCP.

    For feature films and television these days, Final Cut is ABSOLUTELY the industry standard. Oh and in the 8 years I've lived in Hollywood, I never met one person in the industry who uses a Windows PC (maybe a writer or two).
    No, it's not and people do use PCs although Macs are typically much more common in the creative fields than in the general population.



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  • Moyank24
    Apr 24, 01:17 AM
    It'd be more appropriate to say he's letting the book do the talking for him.

    Either way, linking some overused passage lends absolutely nothing to this discussion or any like it. So what's the point of reviving the thread with it? All it does is show that this person can't speak for himself (or herself).

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  • Vegasman
    Apr 4, 01:46 PM
    I prefer to opt-in instead of opt-out.

    Sure. If that's what it takes, let's uncheck the box by default and let Apple provide the info to the publishers.


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  • dba7dba
    Apr 29, 12:29 PM
    don't bother. as far as some members here are concerned Apple is an untouchable divine entity

    Correction. Apple barely broke into top 50 in US patents holding recently.

    Patents only mean something if they're completely defended from copycats. I believe both companies are 100% correct in bringing legal action if they believe their patents have been violated without fair compensation.

    As an AAPL shareholder, I am glad Apple is challenging all over with their patent portfolio, as it provides more intangible value to the company, its future products, and of course the stock values.

    I hope Apple wins in all battles, and we should be behind them for seeking damages not ridicule them as I see on these forums so often.

    As an AAPL shareholder, I wish Apple used the energy more on innovating and less on suing.

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  • gnomeisland
    Apr 27, 08:31 AM
    What interface/app are you using to watch video and from what streaming source?

    From what you explain I would guess you are running h.264 streams that may be beyond your Macs capability. My single 1.8 7448 G4 would easily outperform your dual 867 and I can't go above 480p h.264.

    For the best video playback experience on your hardware I would restrict it to 480p and lower h.264 and DivX/XviD up to 720p. It's also all about the player you use. On PowerPC chips Quicktime generally uses up to double the CPU vs. VLC or Mplayer.

    Give me specifics about codec and apps used and I can help you solve this issue no matter what video card you have.

    I was going to dispute you and say old dual 500mhz cube cube play 720p files with the stock Geoforce card but I remembered that was running the multi-thread variant of MPlayer. That might work for you.


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  • ECH
    May 2, 04:47 PM
    Really nice that a big community like this aid to the cause... My grandpa died a few years ago but he had internal bleedings (stomach) for 9 years, blood was always ready for him... as our blood (mine and 3 brothers, plus little less that a hundred of cousins) ready for the ones in need. I donate 3 times a year... 1 month before the donation I stop smoking and drinking in memory of my beloved old man. Thanks to all of the people willing to donate in name of the ones in need, thanks.

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  • iqwertyi
    Dec 28, 02:42 PM
    Can you show us how you managed the cables? I'm totally going to copy this in the future as it looks so awesome. :)

    I have each set going down a column. Right now, I just carefully routed the wires around the back and being held by tape. I'm picking up some wire management stuff from Home Depot so it will look cleaner.
    But unless someone looks at the back, you really cannot see the wires.

    ...and switched to all white. :)


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  • spazzcat
    Mar 31, 01:07 PM
    As a professional photographer this thing is (and always will be) an "App Store" toy - nothing more.

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  • Perrumpo
    Dec 31, 10:05 AM
    Picture. Gallery.


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  • simsaladimbamba
    May 4, 04:41 PM
    Have you tried Disk Utility yet?

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  • jav6454
    Dec 23, 03:30 PM #60...with another team set to pass us in about a week.:(
    I'm working on Bigadvs now, but it wont be enough. We need more members that will run bigadvs.

    We'll have to be patient. Unless we can magically have 2 computers folding medium units it we won't last long.


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  • Heitzman
    Mar 4, 09:33 AM
    I'm in.

    2009 Mac Pro Octo 2.26 reporting for duty.

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  • iStudentUK
    May 5, 02:55 AM
    I want retribution, so do most americans.

    That doesn't make it right. Retribution, revenge, anger, fear etc are not good emotions. Try to overcome these basic desires.

    I overheard someone on the bus say something like this-

    "So Bin Laden committed an awful crime, no denying that. But in response the US imprisoned people without trial for years in Gitmo, tortured some of them for information, then shot Bin Laden when he was unarmed. They both seem pretty bad to me."

    I can see where this view comes from. Many times I've heard Americans complain that Europeans "look down their noses at them" and "maybe they would understand when planes fly into some of their buildings". However, when the US response to a disaster is detention and torture what do you expect? The US has lost the moral high ground, and these human rights violations only serve to encourage more people to fight against the US.

    It times of difficulty many governments bend the rules, and it is how the courts and the public respond that matters. In the UK we detained some people, but they started a court case and won. We had a report of MI6 feeding questions to Moroccan security forces to get them to get information out of someone. However, MI6 was tripping over itself to say they don't condone torture and the courts constantly ruled more information on the subject should be released.

    Detention without trial and torture are the methods used by dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, and the world will always look down on the US government so long as they are used.

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  • dsnort
    Mar 19, 08:03 PM
    Unless, of course, we decided to declare war on Australia while I was napping.

    We could just add them to the list.

    Seriously, the death penalty as instituted in the US is grossly economically inefficient. With all the automatic appeals and legal fees, the death penalty is nothing more than a subsidy for the legal profession.

    Life without parole is the way to go. If "Life Without Parole" actually meant "Life Without Parole". Far cheaper to just house them, plus, if we did find out we made a mistake, we could give them at least a part of their life back.

    Apr 27, 01:16 PM
    Weren't they made aware of this almost a year ago? That's a long time to address an oversight.

    A book was written in 2010 called iOS Forensic Analysis which talked about it. You can read the pages about the consolidated.db here ( That's what Levinson ( calling the new 'researchers' out about.

    So the question is, did anyone in a position of power at Apple read that book? And if so, did it hit them that it might become an issue? Obviously it never hit the developer who did it :)

    Actually the recent news about the location db is a completely unrelated issue.

    The db is what's being talked about, because it's the cache.

    2. Your phone dynamically creates a local cache of known cell tower locations in order to aid in GPS triangulation (the "a" in aGPS). This is the recent hot topic and has been grossly misrepresented by the media. (Apple does not collect this data, because they sent it to you in the first place)

    Arrgh, not again :) In this case, A-GPS only means that satellite status and orbit information comes from an assistance server on the internet. It does not require cell or wifi info to work. Those are separate methods. The correct term for the combination of them is "hybrid locating system".

    Mar 24, 12:15 AM
    It is just more signs of the times. OSX is at the end of its life cycle with Lion coming out as the transitional OS before iOS rules them all. Lion does away with a separate server edition and is preparing the way for iOS. The only key piece that needs to catch up to make iOS feasible on desktop hardware is the A series processors (i.e. A6 or A7 with multi-cores to catch-up with Intel's desktop procs).

    So Lion will be released this summer and the next generation OS will come out in 2013-ish sans the cat naming convention and sans a distinction between iDevice and Mac. iOS naming conventions should follow mythical winged predators (i.e. Phoenix, Gryphon and Dragon).

    Oct 6, 10:30 AM

    mine for the month so far, just a wallpaper change.:)

    Jan 9, 05:01 PM
    I don't really care about the Apple TV - its not something I see myself using at this point.

    I like the iPhone, though I think its a tad pricey, but I wouldn't be in the market for one before early next year, anyway. I might consider getting one at that point.

    I was disappointed that there was nothing for the Mac! I wanted to see iLife and iWork '07 and more importantly, hear/see some information about Leopard!

    Jan 13, 02:19 PM
    hmmm.... not bad. But shouldn't it be in an elevator? :D

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