Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 27, 05:14 PM
    As someone who has to track down things like this constantly, I'm pretty unimpressed at the (lack of) speed of their code checking. This was not an obscure bug or complicated. It was just a too-large buffer definition and an execution path that always downloaded info.

    And people think Apple can check binary app store submissions for bugs or trojans in just a few minutes, when they can't even find their own bugs in a few days with commented source code.

    I think that is more proof of the fact that it was never a bug. Apple was doing it that way on purpose and the only reason they are claiming it was a "bug" is because they got caught big time.

    The lie is the fact that it is a bug. It was done on propose and right now Apple is just doing CYA.

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  • stridemat
    Dec 20, 03:20 PM
    Point them in this direction:-

    Or at least have a read yourself.

    Edit* Or this

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  • buseman
    Jul 13, 11:15 AM
    Sofa Rockers by Kr�der & Dorfmeister.

    Its on the "K&D Sessions" double album.

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 17, 03:30 PM
    mocha is included in AE, thus it has been installed onto the machine with AE installed.


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  • Trishul
    Nov 1, 03:53 AM
    i'm in the UK (North Wales), Ordered mine just under a week ago, it should be here in 2-3 hrs according to UPS' website, can't wait!! it's engraved too, so am very suprised i'm getting it this soon.

    Was expecting my mac pro yesterday, but cancelled the order due to news of upcoming 8-core, so unfortunately the first thing my shuffle will have contact with is a Windows iTunes installation (7.0.2 installing as i speak).. like driving a brand new car through some dirty back road, rather than a smooth coastal highway.

    iTunes installed, needs windows to restart, WTF.. stupid windows. :p

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  • juststranded
    Oct 19, 08:52 PM


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  • PimpGGG
    Jul 26, 06:49 PM
    ok i have a powerbook will i be able to get this in here..will i have to buy an external one that i plug in this or take my drive out and put that in?

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  • groovebuster
    Aug 1, 01:52 AM
    Can you imagine if You Car stero no longer had CD player slots, but Say a new Credit Card size flash drive with 8 GBs... that'd be nice...
    Yes, I can... and that would be awesome! It's nice that you can connect your iPod to the car stereo (if it has a line-in), but just another expensive gadget you need to carry around all the time and overall very expensive. Since years I am waiting for a car stereo that is capable of using SD or CF cards. MP3 playback from CDs is already no issue anymore since years. When the next logical step is finally coming?

    To me the whole Disc format in every way is a pain...
    Yup,... it is yesterday's technology on steroids...



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  • troop231
    Apr 6, 11:55 AM
    12 petabytes is mind blowing, i remember my first windows pc with 300mb of hdd space.

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  • OllyW
    Apr 28, 05:21 AM
    No surprises here, the majority of people are waiting for the next iPhone.

    Too right.

    The iPhone 4 is now 10 months old, that's getting a bit long in the tooth in the ever evolving tech world. :)


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  • OneMike
    Apr 4, 10:29 AM
    If anything I'm seeing that this will push resale value of iPhones up.

    Of course it sucks, but I don't upgrade early so unless they increase the non early upgrade costs this won't apply to a lot of us.

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  • Consultant
    Mar 25, 11:15 AM
    Why not? The USA for example has only 4 million miles of roads. A car with driver + passenger + some decent equipment should be able to map say 10 miles per hour, at a cost of $50 per hour. 200 cars for a year, that's 20 million dollars. And then you have a database that you can sell, and that you can use everywhere. Then write an iPhone app that lets users make corrections, lets businesses add their locations etc. and you are ready.

    That would be great!

    Missed their chance when Apple didn't approve the improved Google maps app the first time it was available. Now it has improved even more while has done nothing, and I'm sure Google has withdrawn the app now that they are doing their own phone OS.

    Come on Apple - give us a nice surprise.

    WRONG. There has never been a "Google Maps App" for iOS.


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  • Mord
    Apr 18, 06:19 AM
    One really talented engineer can't support two elderly people who demand a high quality of life, and do you realize what massive immigration to Europe is going to do? It will break their culture.

    Break it!? More like make it.

    I love life in the melting pot, it's the one thing I really miss about living in London, there's just a degree of culture clash that you don't get outside of the capital.

    It won't be too long until the baby boomers start dying off, I don't think this "elderly issue" is all that much of one, for the most part they can take care of themselves, population may be slowing down but it's not crashing.

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  • stridemat
    May 3, 08:21 AM
    I wasn't saying anything against donating blood, I commend that. I just pointed out that there aren't that many potential donors here to actively support that cause.

    Please can you clarify your statement about the lack of potential donors?


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  • Ohnevah
    Apr 28, 06:15 PM
    Sorry I didn't know where else to post this, but is it true we need to buy an iPhone 4 white with a Contract?

    I just talked to a ATT rep and he said they don't sell them without contract? Is that true?

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  • silentnite
    Apr 20, 04:10 PM
    With all the apple products my family and I own, we must count for a good percent of that. :D


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  • mattcube64
    Dec 26, 02:01 AM
    It is good to see you have the most important game there, Golden Eye!!

    Lol! Yup! ... Was my most looked forward to game this Christmas! Really thankful my mom got me the bundle! :)

    My final haul:

    ... and then some socks, undershirts, cologne, candy, etc... Also got some cool Star Wars stuff, a great Saddleback wallet, and about $250 of unique giftcards/cash. Also bought Donkey Kong Country Returns a couple days ago at a GREAT bargain... but might return it since I probably won't get to it in a while.

    All in all, a fantastic Christmas. It's been a very hard year for me and my family; but you certainly wouldn't be able to tell today. I'm very, very grateful for my wonderful and loving family, and am very glad that I could see all my family over the last couple days.

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  • Moyank24
    Apr 26, 11:21 PM
    What makes lesbian porn so likable?


    I fear what some of the responses will be.

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  • DMann
    Sep 1, 10:56 AM
    Of course - beefed up shares a few days ago.

    Dec 6, 02:24 AM
    Now that would just be teasing to look at every day. :eek:

    she looks so beautiful in 1080p the freckles OH MY GAWD:eek::eek::eek::eek:

    Sep 27, 12:35 AM
    I would have no problem paying $50 for .Mac, but $99 is ridiculous.
    They need at least 5 gigs of storage and domain name registration. I get 20 gigs of storage and 100gigs of bandwidth from my hosting company for 5 bucks a month. Surely Apple could do better.
    Anyone remember that huge data center they bought last year? Hopefully at least part of it goes to .Mac use.

    Then go buy .Mac on eBay. You'll probably pay less than $50.

    Most of the cut-rate hosting companies I've dealt with are actually less reliable than .Mac has been for me over the years (uh, Dreamhost, anyone?).

    Sync services make .Mac worth it for me. That, and I've been using my .Mac email address since the first days of iTools, and the IMAP mail functionality has always worked very well between my main desktop, my laptop, and viewing from the web despite the highly dated current interface which looks like it's finally getting a modern, AJAX-y makeover itself.

    Presumably the other web interfaces into .Mac are getting an equally complete (and equally overdue) makeover, as Peace hinted at. If there's new services being added, all the better.

    Naturally, more storage would be welcomed and ought to be expected, given the competition out there. WebDAV / Finder file transfer speeds really need to be fixed, but I just access my iDisk via an FTP program if I want to transfer any big files back and forth. It's also dead simple to use iDisk to transfer files to my less than tech-savvy friends.

    And you still get a free VersionTracker Plus account for being a .Mac member, which saves you $25 right there. :)

    Dec 22, 09:23 AM
    How do I change my signature? When I goto settings and choose about me, there isn't an option to change the signature at all.

    Can anyone advise?

    Mar 30, 03:26 PM
    Sounds pretty sweet. I would love a hand made one of a kind bag for my Powerbook. If only they were truely stylish.

    Feb 8, 11:48 PM
    When was the last time you turned it fully off and back on? That's often the fix for them slowing down.

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