Thursday, June 2, 2011

Demi Lovato says working on new album is therapeutic!! Check Out!

According to the Demi Lovato is back in the studio for her first album since her highly-publicized time in rehab. The 18-year-old is sharing her excitement about her latest work, saying the music-making process is “therapeutic.”
“It's been very therapeutic to be able to express my feelings and talk about who I really am, through my music,” Demi Lovato writes in Seventeen Magazine. “It also helps that I've been lucky enough to work with such talented people on the record so far!”
Lovato won fans over with her first two albums “Don’t Forget” and “Here We Go Again.” But now as a contributing editor for Seventeen, she’s used the platform to talk about various issues and in order to help girls and hopes her new album will do the same.
“With my new album, I'm hoping to provide inspiration for girls everywhere who are going through the same issues I've faced,” she says. “I think this will come through in a lot of the material.”
Fans will be able to hear the first new material from the star since she released a few songs on the soundtrack to the now defunct “Sonny with a Chance” as soon as this summer. She says the first single is really special to her.
“To me it symbolizes my journey from the person I was to the happy healthy person I am today, and the fact that people are able to rise above anything, despite the odds,” Lovato says of the untitled single.
”There are definitely a lot of emotions that go into making an album,” she added. “I feel blessed, inspired, and nervous with anticipation, but mostly, I feel excited about the future, and about sharing this new record with my fans!”

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