Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • Angrisano
    Sep 6, 08:45 PM
    You are not alone. I think there are a lot of Apple users right now who would love to see Apple release a mac-mini pro.

    Well I posted it in another thread however I just built a PC with some amazing specs for under $500. It was a P4 3ghz, 2gb ram, 250GB HD, 256MB GPU, DVDR, bluetooth, wifi. The kicker is it's a Shuttle so it's tiny, not much bigger than a mini, and it's made of aluminum. The thing is very Mac like. And being able to build it so cost effectively, really ticked me off.

    Because no matter what I'd get on the Apple side it would either cost much, much more or it would be hobbled in some way (GPU, monitor, etc.). In the end you have to realize that as a Mac user you're paying more for a brand and for the ability to run OS X. That's fine, provided you can find a system which meets your needs.

    (yeah it's late and I'm cranky) :P

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Jan 5, 12:08 AM
    ^^^ Nice!
    Co-signed. That is awesome. I love BMWs, and that love just increases as they get older. Great color too.

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 16, 11:42 PM
    I know what you mean, my small house keeps toasty just from the computers running. The problem is getting the heat moved from the computer room... thus a box fan in the door pushing in cool air at the bottom.

    yeah i might have to invest in a fan. this is crazy in my place. the air on when it's 45 degrees outside! :eek:

    Thanks, and sorry I just moved past you:D for now anyway...

    on no, i'm glad your able to put up those numbers. i would if it wasn't for the heat in this little apartment

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  • bigjohn
    Jul 18, 08:48 AM
    Only way this works is if Apple makes the movie available for download/rental a week or two before DVD release (or earlier, like hotel PPV). Otherwise, I'll just *obtain* it elsewhere.

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  • elcid
    Jan 12, 10:42 AM
    Apple doesnt seem to mess around with naming too much. iPhone. iPod Touch. MacBook Pro.

    MacBook Air? I agree with whoever said it sounds like a shoe. No way is it an actual Apple name.

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  • dashiel
    Aug 24, 05:54 PM
    man i'd love for them to include "old" yonah based chips and release a mini for $300-$400. i just want the cheapest intel rig i can buy right now as i'm "mid-cycle".

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  • Stetrain
    Apr 2, 07:37 PM
    this commercial makes ipad seemed like it's only for kids.

    Which part, the stock information, typing an email, or working on a spreadsheet? ;)

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 2, 04:21 PM
    Nope, the new Jetta is built in Mexico. Off the top of my head, I'd say that the only German-built Volkswagens you can buy in the USA are the GTI and Tiguan. The Phaeton and R32 are (or were) also German-made. The Touareg is built in Slovakia, the Routan is built by Chrysler, and the Jetta, non-GTI Golf (except the R32) and New Beetles are all made in Mexico. Not sure about the Eos.

    My father bought a 1988 Jetta brand new and it was a lemon. It had every issue under the sun, not the least of which is that it rusted terribly in five years (big holes in the floor and wheelwells!). I agree that the Mexican-built Volksawgens have struggled with build quality at times over the years, but that sweet Audi 1.8 turbo was a great motor.

    As for the Cruze, I'm not sure how GM would manage a US-market diesel version. My best guess is that the diesel model would be built alongside the other US-market Cruzes at the Lordstown, OH assembly plant using complete VM Motori engines shipped from Italy.

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  • milo
    Sep 6, 11:00 AM
    They are expensive - slow, with a lack of hard disc capacity when compared against the new iMacs and existing PowerBooks ( which I'm sure are also about to go Dual Core 2.

    I think the $799 isn't a good deal. But you think the $599 model is expensive?

    I do not consider a minor speed bump to be a refresh.

    Then you're playing semantic games. They updated the MBP in april. Period.

    I am a little bit disappointed that it still does not have any built-in TV tuner.

    It's not a feature everyone wants, why should they force everyone to pay for it. Just buy a third party tuner (assuming apple doesn't introduce their own next tuesday).

    The parents bought a top of the line g4 iMac back when superdrives were 2x.

    That still doesn't mean you shouldn't get one NOW, when they cost $30.

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  • NathanMuir
    Mar 21, 06:13 PM
    Perhaps square miles would be a more useful measure. ;)

    A simple omission of single word qualifies the person(s) as 'illiterate'?

    BFD. :rolleyes:

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  • innominato5090
    Feb 18, 07:22 AM
    Just got my 2009 Mac Pro Quad 2.66 today. It has a 120GB SSD drive and 640GB secondary drive, blu ray player, and 16GB of DDR3 Ram. Sitting next to it is my 2009 17 inch 2.66ghz Core2Duo Macbook Pro which has a 240GB SSD drive and 8GB of RAM.


    are you kidding, right? the rules just a few posts above yours clearly state that you MUST use TIMG tags above 800px!

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  • tablo13
    Sep 25, 11:54 PM
    Looking for some more information on a case, the Griffin iClear to be specific.

    Can't really tell too much from the rendered image here. If anyone gets it or sees it in a store, would you mind taking some pics? Main things I'd like to know are how the holes line up (Mic, Speaker, etc.) and if the strap on the back goes through the Hard Plastic (like if there's some slots on the back of the case the band slides through, or is it a clip-on). Would really appreciate any reports on this. My closest Best Buy is a good 30 minutes away and I'd rather save myself a trip if someone else is planning to go up there anyways.

    Try using the griffin website. :)

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  • BC2009
    Apr 26, 01:11 PM
    First the Verizon iPhone rumors come to fruition. Now comes the long-awaited White iPhone 4......

    Now we can all start rumors about if and when "App Store" will become a trademark. Personally, I think Apple should get the trademark given precedents out there, but if they don't, I really don't care. After a decision is rendered in this case it will be old news in 48 hours and nobody will care.

    What strikes me is how clear it is that Apple is leading the way and trying to fend off so many folks who are trying to mimic and dilute their brand or copy their every move. Everybody wants to ride the wave that is Apple's success.

    Personally, I applaud Microsoft a bit here. Sure they have copied Mac OS X elements in Windows for years, but Windows Phone has its own unique user interface and Kinect is an extremely innovative accomplishment. Would be nice if more companies were innovating and making cool stuff for us to buy, rather than just trying to copy Apple. I'm so tired of Google's "let's make it close enough to iOS and claim it runs Flash and is 'open'" strategy and Samsung's "let's just make it look like an Apple device" strategy.

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  • macman312
    Mar 22, 08:44 PM
    October 23rd, 2011 is the iPod's 10th birthday. I bet they will release a version this fall to commemorate it, if not a special edition of some kind. Maybe they'll let Jony do what he did with the 20th anniversary macintosh and make an $8,000 iPod with an OLED display and graphine processor just because they can.

    I agree with you they will release a special edition 10th birthday maybe make it like the original (eg put a thunderbolt port on the top like the 1st gen)

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  • Benjy91
    Mar 25, 03:55 PM
    The Future of video games?

    In the future, your controller will cost �400, require a 10ft HDMI cable, a �25 adapter, and have the graphics of a PS2.

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  • Surely
    Nov 27, 12:34 PM
    After being here for 3 years, Surely he's not a troll. ;)

    My god, the dog with the goggles is right! I think I like him just as much as the donkey astronaut.

    Oh, another set of these:

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  • TangoCharlie
    Aug 29, 10:31 AM
    Is Conroe pin-compatible with the iMac, though? I didn't think it was...and I definitely think that Apple should try to get a Conroe chip in that computer (or else release a mid-sized tower).

    The Merom chip is pin compatible with the current iMac CPU, and I believe Apple will release an updated iMac using Merom. Intel is marketting both Merom and Conroe as Core 2 Duo, which is confusing...

    The Mac mini will, it seems, get the Core Duo as standard. This is as I predicted a while back. The Mac mini, _will_ eventually get a Core 2 Duo, but not yet.... Apple will want to get the Mac Book Pro and the iMac updated first.

    The update to the Mac mini line is more of a Marketting thing.... it allows Apple to boast that it's the only big manufacturer to use dual-core exclusively across the whole line-up.

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  • prady16
    Sep 1, 11:47 AM
    Wow......Time for replacing my desktop!

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  • leomac08
    Apr 11, 01:57 PM
    I drive a 2011 Toyota Venza, but it has the manual option to upshift and downshift, with no clutch, which is fun :D

    Although I do know how to drive stick, the logic is easy once you get the hand of it....

    Driving stick in traffic especially in LA is horrible!! :eek:

    Jan 12, 05:20 PM
    no one has mentioned that the font used in the banners is Myriad Pro Light instead of the typical Myriad Pro Semibold or Regular.. hmm

    May 2, 04:57 PM
    No, Microsoft have not got it right. There should be no need for a specific tool to uninstall applications. applications should be self-contained and be deletable with the press of a button…

    Many applications work this way on Mac, some developers still put related files into various other locations though unfortunately...


    And in addition of this it is often not fully working - I already had countless times to download the 'msi repair' tool so that I was able to somewhat delete installed apps - keeps getting screwed up either due to version mix up, old installer not found. MS way works ok for most apps, but not for too many. I like the self contained way most apple apps do it (still: you should use AppZapper to also remove library settings) ... but also too many mac apps (including apples own) use installers .... again: not consistent (is that 'self contained' enforced by MAS rules or do some apps in there have installers?)

    May 8, 03:22 AM
    ive completely forgotten about this.. i wanna do it but i dont want my baby imac over heating :(

    Jan 9, 04:35 PM
    I was finally able to take my own pics of my just acquired '88 BMW 325is with M50B25TU engine swap. Darn this car is quick and handles so very well.

    Don't mind my nerdy self, It's who I am and I have come to accept it over a decade ago:D

    That bimmer is my dream looks so clean and well cared for

    how much did you get it for?

    Jan 13, 01:34 PM
    Apple dosent registor domain names like that...

    Apple doesn't purchase individual sites for its products. They put everything under the site. go try looking for or and you'll see they just go to individual user's sites. So no site registered to Apple doesn't mean anything.

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