Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • iphonegeek786
    Feb 9, 09:16 PM
    Work for Gimp. And if they do, at what extent. I know it can't replace it guys, but I'm not too big on graphic design and wanted to delve a little in it first.

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  • lugher26
    Apr 20, 05:47 PM
    Mi powerbook g4 wont boot. I just erase and reinstal mac osx, reset NVRam, and use disk utilities to repair HD. But nothing seams to work and in fact i belive it came out worts. The sytems works perfect in safe mode, but in normal mode it just stay in a blue screen, the fan continue to work but nothing else happens.

    I reallyneed help because no mac service will be available for some days and I am in desperate need to work on my laptop.

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  • eawmp1
    May 3, 05:42 AM
    what a horrid picture on the front!

    I wouldnt imagine what arn would put on the front page had it been a sperm donor fund....

    Unless you have something positive (like blood) to contribute to what is a worthy, life-saving endeavor, please refrain from gracing us with your wisdom. If the subject and/or photos offend you, don't click on the thread.

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  • tazhombre
    Feb 8, 09:22 AM
    nice! Can you please post the original wallpaper?

    I believe this is what you seek


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  • bbydon
    Jan 10, 12:35 PM
    Best one in years...too bad they didnt release ilife though

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  • Adidas Addict
    Apr 25, 02:40 AM
    Your Missing the point, it is a complete waste for apple to release this phone in this color.

    #1 - it has taken them almost a year to work out the paint issues with this thing meaning that they have been putting R&D money effertlessly into a phone color, all for what?

    #2 - If you are the few that dont have a cover of a "bumper" for your phone, then you will get to show off your cool new white phone which will take on every scratch and every dirt stain you can imagine.

    #3 - If they have worked so long and hard on this new color, to mass produce it and ship it all over the world, just before they are going to release a new product, within 6 months (approximately) dont you think they would just for go the ip4 white and just apply it to the IP5 and get prepared for that?

    #4 - WHO CARES, who literally waited this long for the white Iphone? honestly who in their right minds would have held out to wait for this phone. If someone was going to get an Iphone I dont think the lack of color selection was a deterrent.

    What a waste of money, time and hype... this is honestly one of the worst ideas apple has had, or do they actually just have so much money they can afford a huge bill for a product that was either going to be purchased or not regardless of the color.

    1: The R&D is far from wasted when they intend making white iPhone 4S/5/6/7/8....

    2: Glass doesn't stain

    3: 6mth is plenty time to sell bucket loads of these.

    4: Over 11% of people reading this thread care, and another 5% are still thinking about it.


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  • Ashwood11
    Apr 2, 01:13 PM
    When you first create a folder, iOS assigns a name. You can change it if you like. I have folders for Utilities, News, Entertainment, Bookmarks, Photography etc. After adding apps to a folder I put them in alphabetical order.

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  • zwida
    Oct 5, 09:11 PM
    You can get this already (along with Tab dragging and dropping) in Safari by getting SAFT:

    Other free plugins might also have it, but Saft is so good I never bothered to check anything else.

    SAFT is a rockstar. I can't imagine using Safari without it. Frankly, I'd be happy if Apple integrates even half of what SAFT provides.


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  • Kieranic
    Dec 3, 02:58 AM
    Thanks a lot buddy.

    Can't wait for the new album. Already pre-ordered and everything.

    Thanks once again :)

    No problem :)

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  • grahamtearne
    Mar 5, 01:30 PM
    Hello, I have recently purchased a usb hard drive to work with my jail broken iPad running 4.2.1.

    I was originally running the tethered redsn0w jailbreak when I bought the drive. First thing I done was reformat the drive to FAT32. I then connected it to the iPad using a y-splitter cable, one end into the camera connection kit and the other to a power source (in the case the iPad wall usb charger). It worked fine, mounted in iFile and everything worked smoothly.

    So I added some files to the drive from my laptop then later on watched a movie on the iPad that was stored on the HDD, it was all going great. Since I have gone to an untethered jailbreak using pwnage or whatever it was called and it mysteriously stopped working. I then tried the untethered greenp0ison. Didnt work. Went back to the tethered jailbreak. Didn't work. Baffled I tried different versions of iFile. Reformatting the drive as different file systems etc, I just couldnt seem to get it to work.

    I did however notice when plugged in it would show up in /dev as disk5s1 or something like that and I followed a tutorial on how to mount it via SSH. Managed to mount it as a folder in iFile. Since ejecting it and trying it again it didnt work. Thought I'd maybe need to do the SSH stuff again, so tried that, no dice.

    Just wandering if anyone has some sort of insight as to how I can get this to work. It HAS worked so I know it can. The drive is new. Mounts with no issues on Mac and Windows computers. It cant be a power issue because the drive spins and all that and no error message on the iPad. I just cant seem to get it to mount in iFile as a drive. Even if I could just navigate to a folder each time where it was mounted would be good. I really hope I can get this fixed as I planned on using it as a way or backing up photo's whilst travelling in the coming months and carrying some extra video content.

    Thanks guys, sorry for the long post.


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  • MacNut
    Nov 11, 12:09 PM
    WRONG! FCP is definitely not the industry standard. It gained a lot of traction in market share from Avid but has since regressed its gains over the last several years.A lot of people seem to be ditching FCP because of the bugs and moving back to Premier. I think the ability to work seamlessly between Adobe products is a big advantage as well.

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  • Praetorian�
    Sep 6, 02:52 PM
    Original? :)

    I found it today via Google. The original is 1280x1024 though, so if you want it for widescreen, you have to edit it.


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  • Ashwood11
    Mar 31, 08:04 PM
    Micro-fiber cloth and several drops of water.

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  • Comeagain?
    Apr 24, 11:33 PM

    Another :apple: product I WON'T buy!!!

    Not that I don't want to, I just don't need to and there is a new one coming sometime this year so...NO!


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  • Saturdays
    Nov 20, 12:00 AM
    If it works and is $100 cheaper and has the warranty. Then I can care less on the consumer end.

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  • TheUndertow
    Apr 25, 08:29 AM
    Why do some posters put down peoples choices or even the fact that it exists in white?

    So, if you don't like a white iphone, buy black. It's all good:-)

    I like black, but my daughter likes white. When I asked why, she said it goes well with her white ipad and white MacBook, when they are all on her desk.

    Sounds like as good a reason as any.

    She has a 3GS off contract that is totally on it's last legs (broken glass replaced with plastic, battery empty mid-day), so her only decision is to wait out the next iphone or not.
    Unfortunately she has never been able to wait for anything(despite me mentioning not to buy 1st gen Apple products), so she'll probably buy the ip4 in white.

    I bet there are many people out there in the same situation.

    "Sick" in that context means "good" I think...he likes the White too...


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  • jrko
    Apr 4, 01:09 PM
    Thanks zen.

    In the meantime how does one go about getting the PPC up and running again? or even diagnosing the problem?

    Is it a fried HD?

    As I bought the PPC with OSX already installed but no discs I guess I'll need to get a copy of Tiger and a HD to load it onto. Which version of the OSX do I need? On eBay there are retail discs and install discs.

    Oh and can I install it onto a Sata drive connected to one of the cards?

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  • jbanger
    Dec 11, 01:17 AM

    bird wallpapers. A little birdy once told me I
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  • Consultant
    Mar 23, 09:12 AM
    Its funny how every position at Apple is either a Vice President or Senior Vice President of something... hehe..

    No VP or SVP of magic though. =/ ;)

    Mar 21, 06:06 PM
    8) Other artists. They always have pre-defined notions are are rarely up for up for interpretation
    9) Design by committee. When there is more then 2 or 3 people approving your design, RUN.

    Ahhh yes.. I forgot about those two chestnuts :)

    Marketing departments also seem to have the same affect on me as other artists, they have an idea and generally wont let it go... They seem to pop in awesome critiques like:
    make it more webbish
    We are looking for a great design, it will bring much honor and prosperity to our beloved company. (yes from a non English speaking client)

    While design committee = death by firing squad

    Jul 26, 11:39 PM
    I receive 1080i HDTV signal via satellite. Gotta love MonstersHD. :DHow do you record shows on your Mac and archive into mp4 files?I can't! That's why I'm looking for a DVR solution. I can get an HD DVR receiver from Dish for $200 and that's looking like my best option at this point. I just garaged my Yamaha surround system and picked up a Samsung Home Theater system--the HT-Q70 system. 1,000 watts, 5 dvd carousel, HDMI out, plays DIVX and has a USB port that allows me to play DIVX movies off of a thumb drive. I think the HT-Q80 is out now and it has HDMI in and out.Bummer. I guess we're in the twilight zone of non-archival capability so far. Hopefully solutions will surface in the next 12 months. You guys are making me feel very lucky to have 3 off air HD sources (CBS, NBC, Fox) and 1 SD (PBS) that work with EyeTV 500. I didn't realize how hard it is for many others to get HDTV broadcasts off the air as well.

    Nov 20, 09:25 PM
    maybe they bought out the stock from BJ's who is dropping the sales after coscos got them or was it the other way around? i forget

    Jun 18, 10:33 AM
    so what goes on at a launch? is it a crazy carnival like atmosphere?

    food fun and prizes?

    Nov 20, 02:24 PM
    I've never been able to understand how a WiFi phone could be a success before WiFi networks become pervasive and virtually free. How could you use a WiFi phone in your car, for instance? And what's the point of having iChat on your phone when you can only use it in the currently few and limited WiFi-enabled areas?

    Hmmm. I think I figured this one out. It's Apple. Apple makes Macs. All new Macs have Airport. Macs are plugged into the Internet. iPhones are made by Apple. Apple controls the default settings on Mac OS X.

    "If you're near a Mac your calls are free."

    How 'bout them Apples?

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