Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • aimbdd
    Nov 21, 10:31 PM
    Nope. It is true. Warranty from date of manufacture from non authorized retailer. Seen a couple threads with angry people because of this. Apple took the date of manufacture because the buyer bought from ebay.

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  • rwilliams
    Nov 19, 02:14 PM
    I'm saddened that someone would take the time to email Steve Jobs to complain about this.

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  • ucfgrad93
    Dec 1, 01:34 PM
    On my iMac.

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  • clyde2801
    Apr 8, 05:10 AM
    Loved battlezone and red baron as a small child....worth $.99 easily. May plug another buck for tempest. $15 for the package, a lot of which consists of atari 2600 titles which even had crappy graphics for the 70's, pass.

    iCade looks interesting, though.


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  • MaxBurn
    May 5, 09:49 AM
    You restore it first and then jailbreak with redsn0w.

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  • rt_brained
    Jan 10, 04:28 AM
    Cingular AT&T biggest network Cingular best AT&T network biggest AT&T Cingular fewer dropped Cingular AT&T best Cingular biggest AT&T Cingular greatest Cingular big greatest AT&T network...

    Christ, talk about disconnect. Raising the bar, huh? "Yessir, here are your regular talking points. Cards 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8 are all the same. The man on stage is Steve Jobs. You met about two years ago about a new phone...he's vendor now. Good luck, sir."


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  • MacBytes
    Oct 24, 10:24 PM
    Category: 3rd Party Software
    Link: Petition Garmin GPS support for Mac (
    Posted on (

    Approved by Mudbug

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  • likemyorbs
    Mar 16, 06:24 PM
    Yeah, I thought I was pretty smart in my 20s. I thought the same thing about my 30s when i hit 40.

    Well don't you worry, your age group also supports it by a landslide.


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  • d4rkc4sm
    Apr 28, 07:39 PM
    this should teach apple a lesson

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  • APlasticFork
    May 4, 01:37 PM
    Ohhh, alright is seems clear enough :)


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  • Love
    Jun 15, 11:24 PM
    That's excellent. Bravo :)

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  • mac2x
    Dec 4, 04:20 AM
    Going stock for December. :D

    Redwoods on 24" display and earth on the MBP display.

    Also switched to the 2D Dock, and really liking the change. :)


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  • applejack
    Nov 11, 12:22 PM
    I love these threads, there are always little apps coming out and this is a great way to hear about them. I just installed Bytecontroller, it's exactly what I've been looking for in a menubar iTunes controller - simple.

    Does anyone know of a freeware app to monitor connections to your wireless network? My friend has something like this for Windows, not sure if there is something similar for mac (I'm a little paranoid).

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  • LagunaSol
    Mar 23, 12:08 PM
    Now if this guy is not leaving to retire. Then RIP Apple.

    Good grief, here comes the "Sky is falling!" crowd

    Seriously, if Apple thinks I want my computer to resemble an overgrown iPad then they can loose my money and I'll be buying an Alienware.

    Have fun with that.

    Microsoft seem to be the only ones that still get computers?

    Words are not sufficient to respond to this gem.

    IMO you don't leave a massively successful company after 22 years without a reason unless your retiring.

    Everyone likes to try new things. 22 years is a long time. Most of us would like to drop what we're doing and try something new. Unfortunately, unlike Bertrand, most of us don't have the money to do it.


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  • Blue Velvet
    Sep 24, 03:27 PM
    Yes... although I don't have any children. It was exactly what I was allowed to do at 18 with the proviso that I took precautions. 18 is/was way past the age of legal consent at the time...

    If you know that they're already having sex then encouraging them to be responsible and open is a far better way to go than by curtailing it and forcing them to sneak around behind your back.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Jan 13, 07:54 PM
    If it is anything like my Subaru Baja... then I already know LOL

    I have a Subaru myself, and while their interiors are pretty average at best, they are mechanically very reliable in my experience. Not as boring as a Camry either, though (apart from the turbo models) they aren't "performance" cars either, but more like SUV substitutes.

    In the end it was just how fun the Cabrio was fun to drive that made me jump to the New Beetle. Reliability was the reason I dumped my New Beetle... made in Mexico. While the ex's Cabrio was made in Germany with no major problems. Go figure....

    There is plenty of anecdotal evidence I've come accross indicating that the German-made VWs hold up quite a bit better than the Mexican-sourced models. I don't have any "official" info on whether that is true though.

    I suppose reliability is one thing that might improve in the new models.


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  • clientsiman
    Sep 2, 05:43 AM
    Here is mine: source (

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  • greatdevourer
    Sep 24, 03:26 PM
    If both your son and his gal are over 18, then yes. If you think about it, you don't really have that much say in the matter. If he wants to, he's a consenting adult. However, if you don't want him to, then just hint that you're not happy with it

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  • cecildk9999
    Jan 12, 08:46 AM
    I always enjoy watching the keynotes; Steve is an engaging speaker, and did a great demo for the new iPhone. I was waffling between the 'good' and 'missing something' choice on the poll, since I really wanted to find out more about stuff I could actually buy (Airport Express, iWork, etc.), but they Keynote was good for what it concentrated on. Ultimately, it just needs to be an exercise in patience, as I have good feelings about what 2007 will ultimately bring. And since I'm locked in to another year of T-Mobile, I won't even start to consider an iPhone until 08 (although that won't stop me from going in to play with one sometime this summer! :D ).

    Apr 27, 07:15 PM
    What DOESN'T scare me, is the tracking. What scares me is that picture of the three, it looks like Jobs is staring into my soul....

    Sep 27, 12:35 AM
    I would have no problem paying $50 for .Mac, but $99 is ridiculous.
    They need at least 5 gigs of storage and domain name registration. I get 20 gigs of storage and 100gigs of bandwidth from my hosting company for 5 bucks a month. Surely Apple could do better.
    Anyone remember that huge data center they bought last year? Hopefully at least part of it goes to .Mac use.

    Then go buy .Mac on eBay. You'll probably pay less than $50.

    Most of the cut-rate hosting companies I've dealt with are actually less reliable than .Mac has been for me over the years (uh, Dreamhost, anyone?).

    Sync services make .Mac worth it for me. That, and I've been using my .Mac email address since the first days of iTools, and the IMAP mail functionality has always worked very well between my main desktop, my laptop, and viewing from the web despite the highly dated current interface which looks like it's finally getting a modern, AJAX-y makeover itself.

    Presumably the other web interfaces into .Mac are getting an equally complete (and equally overdue) makeover, as Peace hinted at. If there's new services being added, all the better.

    Naturally, more storage would be welcomed and ought to be expected, given the competition out there. WebDAV / Finder file transfer speeds really need to be fixed, but I just access my iDisk via an FTP program if I want to transfer any big files back and forth. It's also dead simple to use iDisk to transfer files to my less than tech-savvy friends.

    And you still get a free VersionTracker Plus account for being a .Mac member, which saves you $25 right there. :)

    Oct 6, 06:05 AM
    I think this makes us web programmers rather than designers.

    No. It's fairly common sense stuff really to stick code in like class="title" instead of class="blue" to infer structure in a document, not the design.

    Then please go visit and see how user-applied changes break their designs to the point where elements are covered by others. Those designs usually apply to the W3 standards, and I bet they are far better at this things than either you or me.

    Whilst I think csszengarden has some pretty designs, there's more to design than just how something looks. If their designs break because of users resizing the page, then their design is broken. That doesn't take away from the artwork, which is often excellent.

    csszengarden is also just ONE underlying document structure and not a terribly practical one either. It's there to showcase what can be done just with CSS, not how to design a practical semantically led page.

    Chupa Chupa
    Apr 7, 01:37 PM
    Dang! I can't tell you how many billions of dollars I spent on these games as a yout. Ha. Now I could have them all for $15. But too late I guess. I downloaded Tempest for old times sake. It was my fav in the arcade. I don't know if its my age or the iPhone but just not that fun.

    Apr 21, 01:10 PM
    Try removing a stick of RAM or reseating them. This may fix your problem.

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