Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • yetanotherdave
    Nov 25, 07:06 PM

    Just got back from seeing him live. Brilliant gig. Bought this DVD at the gig.

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  • clj7
    Jan 7, 03:43 AM
    Here's my first and only car I've ever "owned". It's a 1.2 litre Corsa SXI 2001. It was initially bought as a learner car for me and my sisters to start learning in. I passed 2 years ago, and since then it's only me who's been driving the car. My big sister has her own car now, and my little sister won't be starting for another year.

    So at the moment it's just me who's using the car, so I get to use it in University - which makes me very lucky I believe.

    And I also took this picture this morning. A fresh wave of snow has just arrived in Wales, just when I thought I had seen the last of the snow last week.:(

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  • ingenious
    Apr 7, 09:19 AM
    really, this is what Ive been taking about...I think that most Mac users don't want to hear it

    maybe thats because its not true and most mac articles are written by very wintel biased writers.

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  • DMann
    Jan 13, 07:29 PM
    Come on, people!!
    In my opinion, their quote, "There's something in the air," is nothing other than an allusion to the fact that they're going to introduce a 3G iPhone. We have all known that this was coming eventually; Jobs even said that the only thing stopping them from introducing it was low battery life.

    Much prefer "Wi-Max in the air" to a power hungry, girth expanding, comparatively slower 3G.

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  • eenu
    Aug 16, 11:13 AM
    Both companies have cult-like followings (Apple and Stern, and let's face it, Stern is Sirius)

    Allow Sirius subscribers to get satellite radio on their ipods, maybe even download a limited portion to the HD.

    But the killer feature is the ability to BOOKMARK a song you like and buy it from iTunes later or over the air for those who want wireless.

    I already have a lifetime Sirius subscription as well as numerous Apple products including an ipod.

    PLEASE make it happen and don't let the Zune get this feature first.

    As far as i can see Sirius is really an american service? Lets not forget Apple needs to make product releases applicable for the world outside does exist :p

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  • rnelan7
    Mar 1, 04:21 PM
    Are you living on campus? And if so, they actually let you mount a TV on the wall? :eek: Where do you go?

    I live off campus, I later read in my lease I can't attach anything to the wall but the landlord is cool so nothing a little spackle and paint can't fix. Also, I go to the College of New Jersey.

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  • jlyanks85
    Nov 25, 02:08 PM

    This yesterday for sister for christmas, since she wants it.

    This for myself

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  • Dagless
    Apr 19, 05:21 PM
    Very nice! My 2006 iMac would like to be replaced.

    From what I've seen the current iMacs would be fine for me but I've been holding off because I think it's daft buying a Mac so late into it's cycle. Just give us some better video card options and I'm set.

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  • QuantumLo0p
    Mar 6, 02:23 PM
    Why do Americans harbor hate for diesel? I'm not very familiar with the differences between the fuels, other than gasoline is more refined.

    There are a lot of old perceptions about diesel. I love diesel; they are inherently more efficient than gasoline engines.

    I could say something like- "there are a lot of people in the US stuck on old tech, out dated, dirty, inefficient, gas powered cars that don't last as long as diesels nor have as good as ROI as diesels" but I wouldn't want to upset anyone who owns a technically inferior vehicle so I will keep my thoughts to myself.

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  • Shagrat
    Nov 15, 11:18 AM
    How can this get negative votes? In fact, how do a lot of perfectly benign threads get negative votes? Are there just members out there who vote negative on everything?

    PC Trolls??

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  • avkills
    Dec 29, 08:53 AM
    It might also have the capacity to use a TV as a monitor through wireless airport. If there is a video processor, word processing text will also be crisp and clean. I could get a mac mini and iTV and use my new 42�� plasma as the monitor. :p

    You're not going to get broadcast quality computer -> video scaling at $299, which means your text is not going to be crisp.

    It works for movies because there is much color and luma variation.

    Now if you hook the Mini directly to the plasma and can drive the plasma at the native resolution, then it will probably look fine.


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  • dorramide7
    Oct 17, 11:48 PM
    I don't know of anyone having a problem with the new iphone! I know that it is possible to make the reception problem happen, but I could also "make" reception problems happen on every cell phone I've ever owned.

    Does Consumer Reports stop recommending automobile purchases? Because you know if there is an issue with a car, the manufacturer will issue a recall. If you are affected, you have to take it into a dealer where it will be fixed. The onus is on the owner of the car, for crying out loud! The auto manufacturers should go house to house providing the fix for free to all cars, whether their owners report a problem or not!

    Wait, you mean Consumer Reports does not hold the auto manufacturers to the same artificial standard they hold Apple to? How amazing...

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  • fxtech
    Apr 26, 04:47 PM
    Amazon "One Click" not only use generic words but also patents obvious methods.

    What does this have to do with patents?

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  • Nuvi
    Apr 13, 02:10 AM
    PS i really think that apple is powerfully positioning themselves by selling final cut so cheap. Now you can justify paying more for a Mac box because the software is so much less than the competition. Brilliant if you ask me - make software cheap, sell more macs and cost kick your competition out of the market.

    First of all we have no idea what full price of FCS (like?) suit is. Is it $300 for each app or what? Do they deliver also on physical discs and with printed manuals (we want real manuals)? If you think about upgrade pricing, the current FCS suit upgrade is around $300 so if Apple starts asking that money for each of the FCS suit app upgrades via App Store (without physical media or manuals) then upgrade to Avid MC Production Suit under $1000 is cheap option for old FCP users.

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  • MacPhilosopher
    Sep 14, 12:08 PM
    Toyota fixes all vehicles because they all have the potential to have dangerous problems.

    Most iPhone owners have no problem whatsoever, and there's no danger at all to anyone.

    So Toyota HAS to fix them all. It would be pointless for Apple to fix all iPhones in the field when most of them never have an issue needing a fix. But if you do have a problem, let them know and they will fix it for you for free. That's hardly a burden for such a non-dangerous situation.

    We live in this ridiculous era of expectations. Apple comes out with a reasonable solution to a problem that affects a tiny percentage of users, and they get slammed for it. Hypocrisy.

    Not to mention, there have been three or fewer known stuck accelerators in Toyotas out of millions of cars. I cannot imagine that there are at least that many for every manufacturer. This was a media fail for both Apple and Toyota, not a product fail.

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  • diogowerner
    Aug 7, 05:29 AM
    Mac OS X Leopard for Mac+PC :eek:

    While MS is thinking about an "iPod killer", Apple releases a "Windows killer" :p

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  • OdduWon
    Oct 23, 10:22 AM
    So Macbooks next tuesday :confused:
    yes on the 31 we shall have a trick and a treat... ...MACBOO

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  • lordonuthin
    Nov 18, 07:57 PM
    ^yeah almost seems unfair to ppl that want to compete but dont have access to high end hardware. i guess if you look at it from an aggregate standpoint then low point crunchers make a bit of a diff.

    the amount of power sucked from the wall per unit would be WAY less i would imagine. from an environmental standpoint it wouldnt make sense

    That's why I dropped the G5 after I saw how little it was doing against the Mac Pro and even the low end amd's, it just wasn't worth it in terms of the electric bill.

    And speaking of electric bills... I'm just kind of guessing here but I think folding is costing me about $50 a month :eek:

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  • CFreymarc
    Apr 2, 08:21 PM
    I really like this ad. Maybe this will be the new direction of Apple's marketing?

    Apple was one of the first to proclaim that technology is a means to your jobs and not the job itself. The world uses tools that engineers make for a purpose and not having the hotted box out there.

    To use the automotive analogy, we are out of the muscle car era and moving into a market where functionality overrides hardcore specs. This also makes the jobs of an engineer much more difficult since customer demands are now more intangible.

    louis Fashion
    Apr 21, 08:40 PM
    You and Full of Win must be related. Or married. Or both.

    No they both married their sisters.

    Oct 23, 11:36 PM
    Intel Core 2 Duo T7600 Processor at can be had for a little bit over $650.

    Small White Car
    Apr 12, 10:09 PM
    Let's not forget that this is $299 for ALL YOUR MACS. (Up the the limit...4 or 5, I think?)

    I had to buy 2 versions of the suite to edit on 2 Macs at once. Today, if that's all I need then my initial purchase price just went from $1,998 to $299. Anyone who says this is expensive is insane.

    Yeah, the other apps will cost more but the point is that not everyone needs all of those. I sure wouldn't have bought all of them.

    Mar 25, 08:53 PM
    You fail to understand the difference between "API" and "API-class" hardware.

    I lol'd.

    Mar 23, 04:35 PM
    Sure some people see 220 GB as �too much� space but � it�s not all about songs only -- a high capacity iPod is ideal for taking movies on the road. I travel with my Classic and an Apple cable. Plug it into the TV and *bingo* I have the movies or TV programs I want to watch on the big screen. You can use it for displaying photos as well. This is an often overlooked benefit of the Classic�s capacity.

    I would buy a 220 in a heartbeat and just upgrade more of my music collection to Lossless resolution. Having empty space also removes a major psychological barrier for me in purchasing more liberally from ITunes (even with their less-than-ideal 256 resolution) because I want to NOT have to manage what is on my iPod. Just put it all there and always have what I want. More space is a plus for keeping folks purchasing new stuff.

    -- and I think a lot more people will soon see the value of converting their CDs to digital for use with their home audio system -- but only if they have the memory available for high enough resolution for it to sound good.

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