Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • garybUK
    Feb 24, 03:13 AM
    Hold it right there! The Kia models sold in Europe actually nowadays borrow from the current Hyundai Motor Company parts bin, and as such are way more civilized cars. Anyone who's driven the Kia Cee'd hatchback in Europe know it's a way better car than people think.

    Your using Hyundai to make Kia/Chevy seem a good car?! hah, the ONLY good Hyundai is the Coupe, all the others are pretty nasty.

    Most of the dealerships here lump Proton, Hyundai and Kia... why? they are cheap cars for mums and old people that goto the supermarket, they are no where near upto the quality of the big german cars. Even most jap cars are pretty rubbish to be honest, even Honda dealers are shutting down left, right and centre, GM (Opel/Vauxhall's) new Astra's and the other bigger horrible thing, seem to have just styled them on the Japanese cars... yuk! World cars do not work, different markets want different things.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Feb 22, 08:54 PM
    I also think cost is a big problem. There is an increase at the pump, and on the sticker. The VW Golf TDI, for example, starts at almost $4k more than the 2.4L 5 cylinder (four door models here). You would have to put a lot of miles on that thing to get that money back. I do agree with you on diesel vs. hybrid, as I like diesels, but it will be a hard sell here in the US. Hybrids have really taken off in this market.

    The vexing part of that is that the cost is largely artificial - i.e. taxes. Popular pickups like the Ford F-250 have been available in a diesel for years, and because they are trucks they are allowed to use diesel engines that are far more polluting and sooty than they need to be, and are tuned for torque rather than economy - meanwhile Volkswagen has to jump through flaming hoops in order to certify a diesel in its passenger cars, meeting stringent emmissions standards. And yet how many huge displacement V6/V8 diesel trucks are sold in the US each year vs diesel VWs? It's all about arbitrary regulatory nonsense.

    It's a small thing, but also in diesel's favor is the increased range you get from a tank of fuel. So while the cost savings isn't much because of the fuel tax, you still get to go farther.

    I don't think the Oldsmobile thing has that big an impact on current buyers. It was 30 years ago, after all. I do think diesels do have an image problem, though, in that most people here associate them with loud, smoke belching semis, and heavy-duty pickups.

    As I said above, I question that also. It happened thirty years ago - automotive journalists might know about it, but most car buyers don't, and the memory is continually fading.

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  • pointandclick
    Mar 1, 10:03 PM
    Yep all of them are hard drives, i have 2TB in each one and then a RAID-0 with 2x2TB.

    How are they connected? I've never bothered with external drives. NAS is where it's at. ;) I don't even like to think about trying to transfer terabytes of data over usb. Plus being able to use the storage from multiple machines without having to plug/unplug.
    Just rebuilt mine with 3x2tb in raidz.

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 12, 09:34 PM
    People detection or NSA spoofer code. People should have the right to turn this stuff off. Hope FCP doesn't impose it without an option to disable.

    I like that you're paranoid enough to think the NSA has inserted spyware into Final Cut Pro but not paranoid enough to think that they'd just ignore an 'off switch' in the program. ;)

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Aug 7, 05:02 AM
    To think you guys thought it was punishment to ship us here. I laugh.

    I already have one of each, though my MacBook does randomly shut down. But another G5, hmmmm, well i don't use my Quad with 4gb 1tb 7800 to its potential anyway.

    Once again the UK is redundant. Wait until we play England in the Ashes, omg, we are going to destroy you.

    Instead of shipping 'you guys' out there. I would of shipped myself over there and left 'you guys' here. Makes more sense! ;)

    About the extra G5 does it help my case if i say im considering a Mac Pro and any possible huge 40"+ screen they produce (if any).

    I dont follow cricket but I'll kick your ass at football! :D

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  • SchneiderMan
    Nov 28, 02:14 PM
    Well I'm "glad" Mexico comes to me :D

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  • cmaier
    Apr 2, 07:39 PM
    I'll "believe" when they fix the currently unresolved and widespread quality control issues...light bleed on virtually every unit and blemishes, dents and scratches on units straight out of the box.

    Fix those issues, Apple, and then I will "believe" enough to get an iPad 2.

    No light bleed, blemishes, dents, or scratches on my new 64GB AT&T or my friend's 64GB Verizon.

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  • MacsRgr8
    Oct 23, 12:58 PM
    I bet ya.... these will be called:

    PowerBook G5!!


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  • lordonuthin
    Mar 21, 03:29 PM
    I guess I'm number 1 on the team now :cool:

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  • firestarter
    Mar 20, 06:03 PM
    And like I said, they dont have to be worried because homeopathy is not directly harmful to people. Ex-gay therapy is. This is not just an app based on christianity. Exodus International is an organization dedicated specifically to ex-gay therapy.

    Maybe Apple should ban all religious apps.

    In a way, religion is very like homeopathy, since it pretends that something non-existant has the ability to cure/help/heal etc.

    Like homeopathy, religion can encourage one to do nothing of value ('let's pray for Japan', 'let's try to cure cancer with just water') rather than something physical which actually has an effect. It could be construed as being dangerous and damaging in that sense.

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  • MM2270
    Sep 7, 12:14 PM
    I agree with everyone here that if Apple only intros a movie purchase model, it will suck. Most people don't want to own movies. After all, you don't see many music rental services out there in the brick and mortar world, but there are millions of movie rental places. It's a tried and true model that they should emulate to an extent and bring to the online world. Of course, they should innovate on the basic model as Apple is known to do.

    But, I keep thinking, why stop at one model? I know Apple likes to keep things simple, but it seems to me you could have both.

    Here is how I would envision a great movie distro system.
    Users have the option to either rent or buy a movie, with two buttons "rent this movie", "buy this movie" next to it's description.

    The rental model would work like this:
    • Quality would be slightly lower than DVD quality. Maybe same resolution, but compressed a little bit more to reduce file size (after all, if you aren't keeping it, it should download quickly)
    • You can play the movie up to 5 times or within a 14 day period, whichever comes first. After that, it expires, so you can no longer play it. This would be linked to the DRM model within iTunes.
    • No DVD burning with rentals. They would never allow you to make a copy of it since you don't own it. (I mean of course, burning to DVD playable in a standard DVD player. If you wanted to somehow back up the data file itself, you could, but it would be pointless.)

    The purchase model would be like this:
    • DVD quality playback. So, somewhat larger downloads, but they will be worth it, because it would be the same as renting from your local video store.
    • You can play it unlimited number of times. You own it, so why not?
    • DVD burning capability for backup purposes, but would be limited to 3 burns, then it's done. They would have to encode something within the file itself that would know it's been burned to DVD 3 times, not within iTunes, or that could possibly be circumvented.

    Oh, and as for price of each? I think $2.99 - $4.99 for rentals and $9.99 - $14.99 for purchase would be ideal.

    And one other thing. The iTMS would keep track of what you've rented, and if you decide you'd like to own that movie later, you can purchase it by paying the difference in price between the rental and purchase. So, for a movie that was $4.99 rental and $14.99 puchase, you'd pay $10. Now THAT would be sweet!

    In the end, I doubt we'll see something like this, but that's what I would want and use. For those great movies that I would like to own, I would pay the purchase price for the convenience of not having to go out to a store or buy it at Amazon and wait for it to arrive.

    For everything else that I don't want to keep, the rental model would be what I'd use.

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  • red hair colours 2010. red

  • AidenShaw
    Aug 31, 06:47 AM
    I think there are quite a few users who think the same and would like to see a downgraded Mac Pro for switchers who can then keep some of their hardware.
    And Intel makes a chip just for that market segment - the Conroe. :D

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  • opinioncircle
    Mar 19, 03:43 PM
    Must we get involved in this? Can't France do something for once by themselves, or any other european nations for that matter? When was the last time they even fired a weapon? You know, the taliban were once known as freedom fighters too. I'm so sick of these countries, let them self destruct, maybe some day they will choose to civilize themselves. Please, no more US to the rescue, and then they all wonder why many Americans have a feeling of exceptionalism. :rolleyes:

    France actually opened the subject of the no fly zone before the US & the UK.

    As for other European nations, they fired and are still firing their weapons in the region, with the US forces.

    The US, as the UK & France, have major interests in the region (oil, weapons, influence and such), hence the need to be there to protect these assets.

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  • SciFrog
    Mar 23, 12:50 PM
    Got confused, makes sense :rolleyes:

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  • extrafuzzyllama
    Sep 29, 11:23 PM
    is that lime case tpu or silicon?

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  • NAG
    Jan 12, 05:11 PM
    I just want them to get the thickness and weight down.

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  • Cowinacape
    Aug 7, 03:51 AM
    Just wanted to say thanks to MR for setting up a convenient keynote feed for us! Thanks!:cool:

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  • Reach9
    Mar 22, 03:58 PM
    I wish i had that many songs that i listen to :(

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  • SMM
    Nov 15, 12:48 PM
    The negative for me is the tiny caveat at the bottom of the article. Apple releasing 8-core Mac Pros this month? Highly doubtful, in my opinion.

    Also, negative sometimes just means you don't believe it (as in this case) not that it's a "negative" announcement.

    Thanks for the clarification. Is there a written document on how rating criteria should be applied? If not, and each person decides what criteria they will use, then the rating really does not mean much. Maybe it does not anyway? I was thinking it was a non-scientific barometer of how people perceived the technology.

    Aug 7, 07:52 AM
    When apple releases new products are they normally ready to ship that day? Hopefully they won't need to charge my card right away until they ship it at a later date...I have no money but am still gonna buy a new expensive mac pro.... :confused:

    Mar 19, 04:48 PM
    It's totally 'legal', so if you don't like it, don't buy it, but don't stop others from doing so.

    Jan 12, 09:27 AM
    Subtract keyboard. Add multi-touch and WiMax. Thin as an iPhone.

    Mar 24, 01:46 PM
    Buying my first iMac is getting even better!! can't wait for the refresh!

    Apr 21, 12:10 PM
    Reports are the file isn't sent to Apple, it doesn't leave the iPhone/iTunes backup. It exists to cache the location of nearby cell towers to provide a rough location in an area with no GPS or data connection. If it wasn't persistent, it would be pointless

    This explains it very well: http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=12432603&postcount=16

    But it doesn't need to be as persistent and as precise as it is for that to work. My history of last year is not relevent. The file should be flushed/cleaned out after a certain time. After a point, the data isn't useful to the phone.

    It also shouldn't be backed-up. The device starts with a new DB when its new, no reason it shouldn't start over when you restore. That would alleviate some of the privacy concerns at least.

    And if this same file isn't what is being sent to Apple, and you have information indicating this, then the summary of the article that makes it sound like it is should be fixed.

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