Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • theBB
    Jul 19, 08:22 PM
    Well, during 2000-2001 that was a long waiting period for OSX... and then of course during the Q4 of 2001 we had 9-11
    No, 9-11 happened in Q1 of 2002 according to Apple's fiscal calendar.

    Vista sucks, there is very little incentive for people to upgrade. Leopard will ROCK, is a lot faster then Tiger and has a lot of new functionality.
    Take a pill... Vista may not better than Tiger, but it certainly is better than XP.

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  • Earendil
    Nov 27, 06:02 PM
    Congratulations on starting your point with not one but two violent images... clearly, you must be a real PRO.

    They are figures of speech that are quite common where I live. My apologies if they were taken the wrong way by you.
    And since when did I say I was a Pro?

    This thread is about the possible introduction of a 17" monitor to possibly complement the Mac Mini, Apple's only headless consumer desktop.

    Go Apple if they want to make a consumer monitor to compete with Dell. I'm all for it, as consumer monitors are all I have ever bought. I've already said that though, and I am not at all against Apple doing so, if you think I was, please go re-read my posts, as you might have missed my real point.

    My point is that introducing a new size will do little to plug the consumer-sized hole in Apple's monitor line-up. If Apple can squeeze extra money out of some egotists who like to think of themselves as prosumers, fine, but the overwhelming majority of users aren't going to get anal about some supposed color-accuracy issues: they want a good-quality, good-looking reliable monitor and if Apple can't provide that at a decent price, Apple loses them to someone who can..

    See, that is what my counter point was to. Yes, the thread is about Apple's possible entry into Consumer level LCDs. However by claiming that only "egotists" with a hankering for "supposed" statistics are the ones that buy Apple displays is just insulting. And when your comparison is with a Dell monitor, it just shows ignorance of what the Apple monitors provide.

    You seem to be coming at me as if I stand on some high ground, when in fact I own (as stated in my signature) a 20" wide Dell monitor :cool:
    So just trust me when I say that the difference in my Photographs, and Photo editing on my Dell vs an Apple monitor is different, and a noticeable difference not just in color, but in backlighting and change incolor based on viewing angle. When I'm surfing the web I don't notice/care, or playing games, or just about anything else. And since I don't make money on my photos, or do too much printing, I went with the Dell because the price/benafits ratio did not justify the Apple monitor. I wish Apple had provided a consumer level montior for me to buy, it would go far better with my Powerbook, but they didn't. I'm not going to discount their current line up just because I can't afford it, and I don't think you should discount it just because you don't understand it technically.

    Apple could, of course, bring out two lines of monitors, one for print professionals and one to compete directly with Dell but, of course, they won't because it wouldn't take long for people to realize that there isn't really that much difference.

    I think your conclusion is correct, but I think it is for different reasons. Those that buy Apple monitors either have the money to burn, or actually do want what the monitor provides over Dell. I think the reason they may not is the same reason they don't make cheap computers. Apple afaik has had quality certified monitors for a long time running. It might be confusing if they offer both, as anyone that knows that Apple only sells quality monitors may buy the new less expensive monitor and find out it doesn't do what they think it should.

    However I think that it would be worth it in sales. And worth it for me :D

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  • lordonuthin
    Mar 27, 10:02 PM
    I have it all back together now and hope to ride it tomorrow, weather permitting. The paint chip didn't look like this, but I love it! The original silver frame and pipes contrast nicely.

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  • Doctor Q
    Apr 26, 12:47 PM
    I doubt any legal battle between titans is a simple case, even if it appears so to us laypersons.

    point blank indonesia lucu. point blank indonesia lucu. logo point blank indonesia; logo point blank indonesia. gugy. Sep 12, 05:19 PM. If the iTV streams HD content, then it#39;s going
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  • MacBoobsPro
    Jan 11, 05:38 PM
    Every Keynote people look WAY too much into Apple's advertising and come up with all these crazy ideas. MacBook Air :eek: Wow its made out of 100% oxygen and is invisible, has 16 cores, 4 BluRay drives, 2 HD drives and Windows Vista Pre-installed on a Bootcamp partition.

    Every time people come away disappointed because they overhyped it themselves.

    Apples advertising is done by a marketing company like anyone elses. Some of the adverts are good, some are not. There are no super secret cryptic clues. Its always quite obvious but no one sees it. There may be a little lateral thinking involved but if no one gets what they are promoting then no one will buy the products.

    "There's something in the air" clearly means there's something in the air. It's either a PowerBook G5 that runs on unleaded fuel or something to do with wireless content streaming.

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  • Apple OC
    Mar 21, 07:21 PM
    The gist of the statements currently coming from UN-mandated coalition members seems to be that once that "all necessary measures" have been taken to protect Libyans under attack by Gaddafi loyalists, the coalition military will simply seek to maintain that protection. Any political progess from that point on will have to be negotiated between Gaddafi, the Arab League, and the UN.

    It will be important to get the Arab League onboard, but just now they are pretty distracted with internal instability and rarely agree on anything anyways. They neither want to keep Gaddafi around nor show him the door.

    I agree ... interesting progress this UN decision has become, the Arab partners seem to now be on the fence.

    Getting Gaddafi to step down seems like a logical solution ... however that may not happen if he tries to all of a sudden play ball a bit.

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  • daneoni
    Aug 29, 10:33 AM
    If you're gonna stay with core duo why not just make the mini a 1.83 & 2.00 GHz Core Duo machine like the macbooks since the iMacs are going Conroe. 1.66 & 1.83 on a core duo is pathetic in my opinion and solidifies my believe that the mini and i will never get least for now. Thats just oo much crippling to handle

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  • whooleytoo
    Jul 20, 05:47 AM
    And since just about all OEM's wil preload Vista on their machines, the sales-numbers will be HUGE.

    I think this is the key - once Vista comes out what OEM will be able to continue selling PCs with XP installed? Even if Vista's hardware requirements were a Core 2 Duo with 2GB RAM, they'd build every PC with a minimum of a Core 2 Duo with 2GB RAM, because they can't afford not to be on the Vista bandwagon.

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  • Peace
    Jul 19, 04:57 PM
    Apple pretty much confirmed an iPhone in this call..

    He said that cell phones dont play music very well.iPods do and they were doing something about that.

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  • heehee
    Nov 24, 03:11 PM
    It's not really a purchase, but I'll be flying in a Falcon 7x to HK. That's how I roll. :p

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  • BRLawyer
    Apr 19, 02:23 PM
    I said nothing about wanting to use a slower interface. That would be silly.
    Do you think all future USB 3 peripherals will be compatible with TB via an adapter?
    That would be great, but why come out with USB 3 on a Mac at all?
    Or do you think Apple will skip a USB 3 port altogether?

    They will either skip it altogether or perhaps replace all USB 2 ports with USB 3 ones (thus keeping TB as the "advanced" FW equivalent)...

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  • Nmx-
    Apr 1, 12:56 PM
    No, I made sure that it wasn't indexing before i checked.

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  • timerollson
    Nov 24, 09:07 AM
    Dude!! that's freakin' awsome! :D

    Even more awesome is that's the brainchild of Dan Akroyd.

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  • Evangelion
    Jul 14, 07:26 AM
    It'll take a while before B-spec becomes too slow for web surfing ;)

    But there are lots of people who use the wireless for more than just web-surfing. Hell, WLAN is used at my workplace quite extensively in place of wired ethernet. That was the whole point of my comment. I (among others) use network-connectivity (wired or otherwise) for other things besides web-surfing

    As to just web-surfing.... In the time of few years my internet-connection has moved from 512KB to 8MB. I could go to 12 or 24MB right now. The speed-increase has been FAST.

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  • rasmasyean
    Mar 31, 02:15 PM
    To say any one country defeated the nazis really isn't true. It's as unreasonable a claim as rasmasyean's wargasmic fantasy :p

    As it was, the nazi invasion of russia came very close to success. Would the soviets have defeated the nazis if germany hadn't also been engaged in northern africa and then italy and western europe at the same time they were fighting the soviets? Would they have have beaten Hitler if he hadn't gone against the advice of his generals and made some disastrous decisions? Didn't the Persian supply corridor factor into the soviets being able to hold off the germans? etc etc etc

    The reality is that the allied forces beat the nazis and not any one country.

    But wargasm fantasy aside, I still think that even if the Americans didn't enter the war directly and assuming they didn't supply the Allies with weapons, and they were still able to hold off Nazis by themselves, the Manhattan project sequence was already on the way. It's no doubt that US would have "tested" them not only in Japan, but all over Europe. And I don't think any of the Axis would have kept going.

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  • RITZFit
    Apr 17, 10:13 AM
    Wait what ? Hondas are some of the worst offenders. Their last great shifters hail from the late 90s. Everything ever since has been downhill, at least here in North America.

    The hondas I've driven from 02-06 (including mine) have all have very good engaging transmissions.

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  • NewSc2
    Nov 29, 04:49 PM
    New features? I can see it now...

    Nike+iTV. Track your calories, heart rate, and more, while watching TV.

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  • MikeELL
    Aug 18, 06:05 AM
    Hi, here's an excited essay for you all!

    You've read some talk about apple releasing the iPhone concurrently with the next gen iPod... I'm going to make a prediction (read: wish) of what I see as the ultimate convergance of all the rumours I've seen lately. If I'm right, I'll keep talking about it for quite a while :)

    I predict that the "iPhone" is the next-gen-iPod. I think that apple will happily combine both devices if/when they could be satisfied that both sets of functionality were covered.

    I forsee a (3G?) phone which is also the next gen ipod (has a none-touch screen over it's entire face). This timing would tie in well with Leopard's release timing. My reasoning is that if Leopard's rumored ability to call any Phone is true, why not speak of it at the wwdc06 keynote unless they had integration with a smart new phone that they hadn't released yet? (the tech itself isn't anything new)

    I therefore think the iPhone (combined with iPod or not) has to come before Leopard's release.

    It is the talk of wireless iPods which has made me think that iPod/iPhone will eventually be combined. If a combo device has bluetooth/wifi, it also means it can function seemlessly with front row - also not mentioned in wwdc06 keynote and begging for an update given Apple's obsession with Macs as media devices.

    For the record, I'd also like to see something like elgato's eyetv incorporated into front row - record from tv and send to your phone/iPod while using the device as a remote control for tv - but that probably counts as a second wish.


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  • ddrueckhammer
    Jul 18, 09:48 AM
    This might get me to drop Netflix if it

    1. Is $3.99 or less for downloads (the cost of a new Blockbuster rental).
    2. Movies are at least DVD quality.
    3. Can be played via a Mac Mini or Airport Express AV hooked up to my TV.

    I would like to see bittorrent technology used to help cut the bandwidth costs for Apple and a queue system which automatically downloads the next movie in your queue and then deletes it at a specified time after you have played it. I will support this because if it works out then Apple will have the leverage to put $9.99 to keep movies on the store and I can still buy what I want for under $15 total after the rental.

    As for people not wanting to store large videos on their hard drives, it is the 21st century. I have 1/2 Terrabyte of storage in external hard drives. So do many others and that's alot of storage for DVD quality films. I just read an article the other day about some disk format that is being developed at Harvard that will hold 50Tb! Storage isn't an issue and I can see many people having media servers instead of DVD/CD collections in their homes in the future.

    May 2, 11:21 PM
    I have a strange feeling LaunchPad might replace the Finder altogether in the near future.

    iOS-esque experience on the big screen.

    The docks staying though :D

    So I'm not complaining.

    Bit like a more funky Blackbox interface :cool:

    Aug 31, 07:47 AM
    Yes I agree that is what you would expect as would I. But it doesn't work that way. They are more than likely to stay just where they are.

    Look at how old some of that stuff is from 2005 - a few even from 2004 - there and how they are still priced as if they hadn't long ago been replaced by more powerful models. Makes no sense. But there it is to study and see. :confused: :eek:

    They're still selling Quad G5's for $2799 which is rediculous.

    Er... The quad G5 isn't available new anymore, so it costs what it costs (there's nothing in the regular store to compare it to - the Mac Pro is NOT a one for one replacement)... IF this rumor is true, then the current lineup is just getting shuffled down with a new top end added, then they would have to drop refurb prices or it wouldn't make any sense.

    Now if they just shuffle the CPU down (so the base mini still has a Combo drive and 60gb HDD, but gets a 1.66 Core Duo) they will STILL have to drop the refurb price... A new regular price Solo with SD and 80gb HDD is currently $699, which is the current Core Duo refurb price.

    If they completely revamp the lineup then they may keep the same pricing, but seems highly unlikey as noone would buy them and keeping uneeded inventory on hand is bad business.

    Aug 6, 10:24 PM
    Yeah I just checked MacRumors' stats....77mbits/second:eek: Talk about a bandwidth bill $!$! Then again, tink of all the money MacRumors will make off of ad impressions!:eek:

    Nov 15, 06:37 PM
    That really depends on the program, on how "parallelizable" the application is.

    The simplest way to think of it is like this: Let's say you have a program that first has to calculate A. Then, when it's done that, it uses the result of A to calculate B. Then, when it's done that, uses the result of B to calculate C, then C to D, and so on. That's a *serial* problem there. The calculation of B can't begin until A is done, so it doesn't matter how many processors you have running, all computation is held up on one spot.

    On the other hand, let's say you have an application that needs to calculate A, B, C and D, but those four values are not dependent on each other at all. In that case, you can use four processors at the same time, to calculate all four values at the same time.

    Think of it like baking a cake. You can't start putting on the icing until the cake is done baking. And you can't start baking the cake until the ingredients are all mixed together. But you can have people simultaneously getting out and measuring the ingredients.

    So that problem is partially parallelizable, but the majority of its workload is a serial process.

    Some software applications, just by their very nature, will never be able to do anything useful with multiple processors.

    What a very lovely analogy. Thank you.

    For me... 8 cores for the bragging rights only... so I guess I won't get one anytime soon. I'm sure 4 would suit me fine though, I need to upgrade my 1Ghz G4!!!

    Sep 7, 05:41 PM
    well the problem is that sub accounts cannot exist without the main account and main account has to be renewed every year. so this essentially means i cannot use family pack by myself for 5 years.
    i never said that u could go 5 years off one family pack. i simply posted those bc people were complaining about apple's price....newegg is cheaper so order from there for the exact same product....

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