Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • maverick808
    Oct 24, 06:12 AM
    UK store down too!

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  • And I started P90x today

  • iJohnHenry
    Feb 28, 09:12 AM
    .... that the US car makers still sells trucks, pickups etc. without diesel options is simply a complete lack of any common sense.

    Profit and common sense cannot co-exist, apparently. :rolleyes:

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  • apb3
    Aug 16, 10:06 AM
    This would entail an entire re-think on the part of apple and how the iPod is used. Now they do not want you to be able to transfer both ways between your iPod and your iTunes lib (you can but they don't want you to...).

    If they were to add the ability to download on the fly, you'd need to sync both ways and that would HAVE to be a supported Apple way of using the iPod and iTunes. I've a feeling this might also upset the music companies as I'm sure the one-way sync was one feel-good/selling point for anti-piracy concerns.

    For that reason (and the fact that I cannot remember digitimes ever being correct), I just don't see this unless the wireless is just to sync with your computer which makes no sense from a cost/benefit analysis.


    and making it basically an iPod w/ airtunes makes no sense as it would cannibalize the sales thereof.

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  • dalvin200
    Oct 23, 09:33 AM

    That no longer exists. Go to the mbp page and click the core duo icon, and I get a page not found.

    This will probably change by the time anyone verifies it. :rolleyes:

    same here..

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  • toddybody
    Apr 19, 11:26 AM
    I am considering making this my signature.

    Many thanks friend. Stay Well :)

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  • Veg
    Feb 26, 03:23 PM
    What are those headphones?

    Sennheiser HD 280 Pros.

    p90x before and after girls. p90x before and after girls.
  • p90x before and after girls.

  • CEAbiscuit
    Oct 23, 09:26 AM
    Since there is little to no hope that apple will bring back the 12" casing, my powerbook will have to for now. It just seems to keep chugging... the new (free, because of recall) battery seems to further my resolve in resisting to make a move. The earliest purchase of a new powerbook will wait until next year when I can have a new OS. Simpleton's rule...

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  • kelving525
    Sep 20, 11:10 PM
    What was the checkout like? Did you have to go through their checkout? I'm always suspicious of those places, and am concerned that they're using unsecured special checkouts and/or are stealing identities. And I'm not usually a suspicious person.

    But it's hard to resist for $1.00. The Griffin Reveal I bought was a ridiculous $25.

    Do these fit on the cases snugly or are they kind of loose?

    Yea, it was through paypal, so I'm pretty sure it's safe. Wired transfer on the other hand can be shady. It fits pretty well actually, you would've thought they were loose! But they are not bad for $1!

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  • *LTD*
    Mar 27, 04:13 PM
    There is a difference between being realistic about devices and having your head in the clouds. I LOVE my apple gear and can't wait to get an ipad, but I am realistic in it's current capability

    I assume that's what you meant. Because we've seen touchscreen devices advance by leaps and bounds since June 2007. In two years' time it will very likely be an entirely new ballgame with such devices being a dominant force in tech, including gaming.

    This little demo is just barely scratching the surface.

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  • rnelan7
    Mar 1, 04:21 PM
    Are you living on campus? And if so, they actually let you mount a TV on the wall? :eek: Where do you go?

    I live off campus, I later read in my lease I can't attach anything to the wall but the landlord is cool so nothing a little spackle and paint can't fix. Also, I go to the College of New Jersey.

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  • p90x before and after. p90x

  • RayLancer
    Sep 30, 03:40 PM
    did u get that weird watermarks like on wolfboy's post a few posts up?

    I don't have the cases on me, I just got it this morning before heading to work. I'll be sure to post back. The cases are cheap for $4 each and I'm planning on replacing them at some point soon.

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  • BabyFaceMagee
    Jan 12, 12:31 AM
    Here is some info on the wireless power adaptor technlogy I mentioned previously that I believe will be incorporated into a new low power mac that does not ever need to be plugged in. There are two trains of thought. One is that it will be set atop a wireless power pad that will conduct the electricity a mere inch or two to 'charge' or power the mac without any cable or outside connectors and the other which has been demonstrated by a few other companies including involves electricity being sent through the air similar to a wireless signal, except the laptop actually charges without any wires at all - cordless electricity as it were.

    Here's some links to some past posts discussing the technlogy.

    Finally, a company called Powercast at demonstrated this wireless power transfer not too long ago by lighting a bulb up with absolutely no wires. Pretty cool and inevitable if you ask me.

    This is what I'm guessing will be the hot new product - the MacAir - no cords. Power without wires.


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  • emotion
    Nov 27, 02:35 PM
    Maybe they should drop the price of the 20" Cinema Display to something more reasonable, such as $499 - $699 is far too much. In the UK it is �529!

    I've seen 22" DVI Widescreen TFTs selling for under �300, often close to �200. $499 is probably too high still (even if it is a better standard of panel, and includes a Firewire hub) - maybe $399. Put the 17" up for ~$249 and aim it at Mac Mini purchasers (+iSight, -Firewire, 4 USB2 ports).

    Some would hold up that the type of panels used (see the dell 24 vs acd 23 artcile) in the cheaper monitors is different and that is what you pay for.

    Most people dont care that much though and do make the direct comparison. So price-wise the ACD looks to be a bad deal.

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  • darkwing
    Oct 23, 09:29 AM

    That no longer exists. Go to the mbp page and click the core duo icon, and I get a page not found.

    This will probably change by the time anyone verifies it. :rolleyes:

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  • ingenious
    Apr 8, 10:50 AM
    did anyone noticce that imac_japan didnt respond to my comment about how HE should listen to the "other" side of the story? LOL somebody's a sore loser. no offense, but its a little obvious. i may get flamed for this, so i apologize in advance! :D

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  • Squire
    Jan 12, 11:35 AM
    From 9to5Mac:

    EDIT: Commenter Jon Cotton (below) found Adium usage stats page that lists a machine model type as "MacBook Air". While not definitive proof, it does add a big fat log to the fire.

    I don't know how much attention this should be given. Anyone know anything about the ability to fake model types on an Adium usage stats page?


    [edit: Brianstorm beat me to it by a few seconds.]

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  • Chundles
    Aug 7, 01:30 AM
    Where the heck are you? Australia?

    Could be Western Australia, here in Sydney it will be 3am when the conference kicks off.

    Could be:

    AUSTRALIA (Western Australia- Perth)
    BRUNEI DARUSSALAM (Bandar Seri Begawan)
    CHINA (Beijing, Shanghai)
    HONG KONG (China)
    INDONESIA (central- Bali, Borneo, Celebes/Ujung Pandang)
    MACAU (Macao)
    MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpur)
    MONGOLIA (Ulaanbaatar dst)
    PHILIPPINES (Manila)
    RUSSIA (ZONE 7- Irkutsk dst, Ulan-Ude dst, Bratsk dst, Ust'-Ordynsky dst)
    SINGAPORE (Singapore)
    TAIWAN (Taipei)

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  • kelving525
    Sep 14, 09:58 PM
    Which store in NYC? I've been looking for that dark blue/dark purple one.

    The one on 86th street and Lex.
    Yea, that's the ONLY store I've seen this case. I went to the one on 62nd/Broadway, 44th/5th, Union Square, none of them had it. I was surprised when I saw this!

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  • apb3
    Aug 16, 01:14 PM
    No your missing my first point. Sharing in my mind in this context is the listening but not the distribution of music. Synching is the distribution.

    Hence why i was saying my method would allow you to share your library's but not sync them to more than one pod thus eliminating the piracy factor.

    We are obviously talking about different things

    I guess so. edit: but the original story mentions wireless purchasing. That brings us back to my point(s) as to why this is not likely. end edit

    But do you really think that being able to share with one iPod is worth the costs? I already argued that point. If that's the only unique new feature - no go. Even if this came from a more reputable source, I still say there's NO WAY this passes the smell test.

    The only way this would do anything for anyone is to drive sales of "shared" songs one pod to the other. Your friend lets you listen, you go home and buy (or buy on your iPod wirelessly but that brings me back to my original point doesn't it?) Word of mouth works just as well if not better and doesn't take away sales from other products, add to the cost of the unit, drain my battery and make Apple look like it's playing catch up.

    Mar 22, 01:13 PM
    The only choice these friends of yours made was to try and fit in with straight culture.

    They were always gay. They chose to be straight� and that never works out.

    Colour me sceptic.
    Back and forth with emails confessing they chose to be gay? Oh come on.

    FYI, I made a choice about my career� tonight's dinner, my brand of underwear� I did not choose to be gay. No more than you made a choice to be (I assume) straight. Or� did you� which brings me back to your gay/straight switching friends. Perhaps time to do some more emailing? Talk things over with them? No need to be so deep in that dark closet.

    If they chose to be straight and that didn't work out that's beyond me. I am not gay so I can't understand the situation since being straight is considered "normal" in this society.
    I don't agree that this is right, whether my comments may seem to differ from that, I believe Gays deserve all = rights as straights receive, including marriage and joint income returns + names on the home deed.
    I can ask my friends all sorts of questions, but I don't think it will do any good since they gave there answers already.

    Mar 19, 11:29 PM
    I used it. It didn't work for me ):

    You need to pray harder, and hate yourself more.

    Jul 19, 04:47 PM
    Interesting comment from the conference call is that only 39% of Apple sales are now international. That was 50% not too long ago.

    Based on that, the rise in Mac sales is almost exlusively US-based. If they can repeat that success in Japan, Europe etc., we could be looking at a lot more Mac sales every quarter.

    Apr 13, 05:46 AM
    Eeeh?!? I say every tool helps. If I get a tool that can color shot and counter shot differently because it recognizes a face, I say groovy!

    Indexing old stuff looking for faces: go for it, the need of the "pro" is whatever it is. All this pretending there is some uniform pro way of working is the most amateurish idea around. There is only the end result, how you get there doesn't matter to the viewer.

    ... oh damn sucked into another pointless statement hah... yeah FCP renders slow...

    No professional would let the software identify their subjects. Features like this do nothing to lighten the workflow of their productions. Only amateurs would allow an algorithms to determine what gets logged as what. Regardless of how the rest of the program turn out, the facial recognition is something only amateurs will use. Professionals have a higher standard of quality, and more complex needs than that.

    Mar 28, 12:03 AM
    I just realized that mc68k hasn't had any points since the 14th of March, hope he hasn't gotten in trouble for folding on company machines...

    yeah i noticed that also. i hope he's able to fold again soon

    I have it all back together now and hope to ride it tomorrow, weather permitting. The paint chip didn't look like this, but I love it! The original silver frame and pipes contrast nicely.


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