Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • blacktape242
    Mar 22, 04:35 PM
    I will just continue to use my iphone as my ipod like everyone else.......

    Sent from my Iphone

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  • m4rc
    Apr 16, 05:05 AM
    Firstly, can't believe this is still ongoing!

    This is an interesting point of view (http://www.macworld.co.uk/news/main_news.cfm?NewsID=8320) on the whole topic.

    I always compare Apple to BMW. Maybe we should all start a petition for BMW as surely it too is dieing? After all, I can buy a ford for �6000, but not a BMW - I mean, what's going on there, they don't want to make crap cars or what?


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  • nagromme
    Jun 22, 12:30 PM
    iOS and Mac OS will merge. Very slowly over the years. Eventually, I see OS X dying out and becoming a comapatibility mode like Classic, as iOS (which is still OS X at heart anyway) becomes the mainstream OS. But this will take a LONG time.

    As that happens, I expect Apple desktops will evolve into flat screens that lie on the surface in front of you—maybe slanted a bit, but not vertical (though they could tilt up for passive movie viewing). This sounds great to me! I can imagine Photoshop etc. with a whole new UI, and a future iOS adapted to big screens by allowing multiple apps on-screen at once. (And keyboards will probably be standard—these are production machines used for mass content creation, and with a need for shortcuts. But mice will be optional, since only “old” Mac software will use them.)

    These machines will be like pro/prosumer versions of the iPad, used for totally different purposes. Eventually. 5 years? Will they even be called Macs? (I suspect they will be—and fair enough, if they have an OS X compatibility mode.)

    In the meantime, I don’t see conventional iMacs with touchscreens. Touch on a vertical surface is a harmless gimmick at best (ask HP). And they give you Popeye Arm Syndrome!


    That leaked desktop touchpad, though, sounds great—I hope it ships!

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  • DoFoT9
    Mar 6, 05:15 PM
    not sure just off of that info. what system are you running it on? tell us what you did to get it going

    ill try my best to explain haha.

    its running off my imac i7 machine (in sig).

    i ran fah6 and it went through everything, i signed up etc then went to download a new version from the server. it successfully did that but then it came out with the error that i displayed before.

    so i closed it down and reopened. now i get this.

    [23:14:11] Client-core communications error: ERROR 0x7f

    but then it goes
    [23:14:24] - Connecting to assignment server
    [23:14:25] - Successful: assigned to (
    [23:14:25] + News From Folding@Home: Welcome to Folding@Home
    [23:14:25] Loaded queue successfully.
    [23:14:47] + Connections closed: You may now disconnect

    but then it starts the whole loop again (wanting to download new jobs etc).

    is there a GUI version lol i hate the command line interface!

    edit: ok dw i installed the system preferences pane and now its running fine :D (didnt realise there was one!). is there anyway to control the amount of cores/CPU usage? and also to view the images of it computing? check your stats? hehe

    my network usage is sitting on 9.4MB/s now. how odd....

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  • soulreaver99
    Nov 23, 05:07 PM
    Judging from the pic, that's a CDMA blackberry

    Blackberry Tour is both GSM and CDMA, like the Bold on Sprint. You can pop in any simcard overseas and it will work.

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  • Chundles
    Sep 6, 10:39 AM
    I love my mini. I would have bought the former top end mini (1.66ghz Duo, 80gb HDD, SD) to replace my mini if it came down to $599 refurb/$699 new. I like my monitor just fine. I prefer the form factor of the mini over the iMac is what it comes down to, I suppose.

    I'm not a fan of the iMac design... mostly because of my bad experience with a Rev A iMac G5 being so freaking loud. If Apple had kept the Core Solo and dropped it's price $100 or more (Apple needs a $399 mini more than it needs a $799 model) lots of people would have bought it.

    As it stands, though, the mini kinda sucks.

    The Intel iMacs are almost silent - truly, you can barely hear them if at all.

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  • haravikk
    Jun 22, 02:49 PM
    While it'd be kind of cool to have a touch-enabled iMac screen, the only people who will really benefit from this are museums that like to use iMacs as all-in-one systems for an interactive, but then they tend to just buy add-on touch sensors or those rollerball things instead.

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  • Finlandboy
    Feb 27, 09:57 AM
    well this is my current setup in my fraternity house at school. not the prettiest but its functional and i don't mind it. (sorry about the grainy pics)


    -macbook pro (specs in sig. at bottom)
    -hooked up to my 19' Acer monitor
    -magic mouse
    -logitech 2.0 speakers
    -WD 320gig my book
    -ipod touch, iphone 3gs, ipod nano (and soon to be ipad 2)
    -wired apple keyboard and logitech vx revolution (hooked up to powerbook)

    http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll176/Finlandboy05/IMAG0246.jpg http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll176/Finlandboy05/IMAG0248.jpg

    ~~entertainment area~~
    -powerbook g4 (under tv, specs in sig. at bottom)
    -hooked up to my 26' razor Vizio
    -and currently connected up to my logitech 5.1 surround sound setup
    (i mainly use the PB as a media player to watch lost)
    -xbox 360 (with my case/fan mods)
    -my roommates 32' Viera
    -my roommates ps3


    ~not pictured~
    -other ipods i left at home
    -Evo 4g (took the pics with it)

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  • zap2
    Apr 8, 04:00 PM
    So who's Obama gonna blow up next? Syria, Yemen?

    Not just Obama's attack....yes, signed on, but there was a request for rebels. I don't have as issue with the West using their military power for support, but there should be an internal force that wants the change and us strong enough to at least use some force without the West.

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  • twoodcc
    Feb 17, 03:22 PM
    No remote login?

    Well the Internet is terrible here. I do have MobileMe, but can't get it to work here. I don't have remote login on the windows boxes. But I know the Internet works there b/c my server is up

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  • Fiveos22
    Aug 6, 09:49 PM
    My cup runneth over with excitement.

    Too bad I'll be in class all day tomorrow and won't get the minute by minute MR coverage...unless I bring my macbook to class with me. :D

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  • apb3
    Aug 16, 01:14 PM
    No your missing my first point. Sharing in my mind in this context is the listening but not the distribution of music. Synching is the distribution.

    Hence why i was saying my method would allow you to share your library's but not sync them to more than one pod thus eliminating the piracy factor.

    We are obviously talking about different things

    I guess so. edit: but the original story mentions wireless purchasing. That brings us back to my point(s) as to why this is not likely. end edit

    But do you really think that being able to share with one iPod is worth the costs? I already argued that point. If that's the only unique new feature - no go. Even if this came from a more reputable source, I still say there's NO WAY this passes the smell test.

    The only way this would do anything for anyone is to drive sales of "shared" songs one pod to the other. Your friend lets you listen, you go home and buy (or buy on your iPod wirelessly but that brings me back to my original point doesn't it?) Word of mouth works just as well if not better and doesn't take away sales from other products, add to the cost of the unit, drain my battery and make Apple look like it's playing catch up.

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  • MattDell
    Sep 6, 08:34 PM
    I do backup all of my ipod videos on DVD.
    That brings up something that has really bugged me for a while. I think it is absurd that if you delete something you bought from Apple, you have to pay to get it back! If I buy a song, I should be buying a license to that song... not just one 'instance' of that particular song.

    Apple keeps track of all the songs you buy anyway, so it's my opinion that you should be able to just "get another copy" if you have already purchased a song.

    I think this would be especially great for movies. That way you won't have to eat up precious hard drive space. You could purchase your movie, download it, watch it, delete it, and then re-download the movie if you want to view it again.


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  • chicagostars
    Jan 12, 04:37 PM
    These whispers seem to have possible validity. I feel that people waiting for a slim MacBook Pro may come away from MacWorld disappointed. A thin machine doesn't seem like it will fit the bill for many pro customers who are often using their MacBook Pros as desktop replacements, but may be great for another market: non-creative professionals, many of whom would like something along the lines of a successor to the 12" Powerbook. (Rumors of an aluminum enclosure don't mean all that much as Apple is going toward aluminum enclosures in more and more of their product lines, regardless the price point or 'pro' image. iPod Shuffle anyone?)

    Let's enjoy the show!

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  • fuyutsuki
    Aug 16, 08:23 AM
    Wireless headphones ... maybe. Much needed but requires finesse.

    Wireless iPod phone ... sweet. Much needed but requires finesse.

    Needless to say, the phone iPod line needs a generation bump seeing as they're all approaching or beyond their first anniversary. Apple don't need to improve them to beat Zune, but they do need to improve them to create the buzz which will humiliate Zune!

    Games though ... hmm. Sure I like Nintendo and the comparisons between them and Apple are often accurate, but they're worlds apart when it comes to focus. Maybe something someday. But not yet I think.

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 29, 02:04 PM
    Can't wait for MWSF to get some more details from Steve! Between this, the iPhone, an iTablet and the new widescreen video iPod there will be plenty for him to reveal - along with our iLife 07 and Leopard previews as well. ;) :cool:

    i agree. can't wait til January! hopefully i'll have some money saved up for one of those things

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  • Gatesbasher
    Mar 24, 01:48 PM
    You're (very probably) right. My comments were aimed at those who were saying the Classic is overkill because who could ever "need" anything more than 128 or even 256 kbps AAC's or mp3's. (Nobody even mentioned 320, at which many of my fave songs are ripped.)....

    I for one misunderstood you too. Thanks for the elucidation.

    I know there's no hope for anyone willing to listen to 128,000 bps noise, or worse yet pay money for it. I don't know about 320k, but my feeling on the subject of compression is this:

    I was one of the people convinced by the propaganda that led to the DVD Audio and SACD fiasco. I have since done a lot more reading and am convinced by the math that CDs are about as good as there is any reason for them to be, human hearing being what it is. (I always thought increasing the sampling rate was stupid.)

    As far as Apple Lossless and other codecs of the same type�if they can compress video signals losslessly to 2% of their original size for DVDs, why should I doubt you can compress music to 40 or 50%? The thing about going below that is, maybe at first listen, the difference doesn't leap out at you�but maybe it would with extended exposure, and with better equipment than you're using right now. What you're assuming is that you're never going to have better equipment, and that "small" differences in quality are inconsequential.

    My problem with that is that then you've been set up for the next decrease in quality, and the one after that, and the one after that. Eventually you're buying 128,000 bps tracks and making fun of "audiophiles" who can tell the difference, and then one of the true triumphs of 20th Century technology�really good audio reproduction�is lost.

    Video that can't be told from the real thing is never going to happen in my lifetime, but with sound we were there�and then threw it away!

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  • dscuber9000
    Mar 19, 09:11 PM
    Truth, as ever, is the first casualty of war, and nobody seems to care as long as they can fabricate a good narrative.

    Never have I seen worse reporting than on CBS when they went on for several minutes about how many bombs we're dropping over there, how Tripoli is in a state of warfare, etc. "And now let's cut to [name] who is actually in Tripoli:"

    "I've heard nothing. It's been total silence here. Definitely no bombs going off..?"

    *studio silence*

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  • ChrisA
    Jul 18, 10:02 AM
    My local public library will loan me any DVD title I want for free. OK I might have to wait for a while for a popular title but they have hundreds always on the selves.

    Nov 27, 04:14 PM
    I'd just like to agree with those who have pointed out that the main thing Apple's monitor division should be worrying about is price, not new sizes - the Apple logo can bear a certain price premium but not that much, especially as they don't yet include Apple-specific goodness such as integrated isight etc.

    In October, I considered a 23" ACD at �848 inc. VAT, delivery and 3yrs of Applecare cover.

    Instead, I phoned Dell and got the 24" 2407WP for �549.08 inc. VAT, delivery and 4yrs next business day swap-out cover. For the Apple, I would have had to pay a premium of 55% and got 1yr less cover.

    Now, as it happens, Dell were running a 25% off special on the 24% in October but these offers are in continual rotation; at the moment, if you ask, you can get:

    The 30" 3007WFP for just under a grand inclusive and 4yrs cover, compared to �1,618 for the 30" Apple and 3yrs cover (a premium of 62% and 1yr less cover)


    The 20" 2007WFP for �316 inc. and 4yrs cover, compared to �598 for the 20" Apple with 3yrs cover (a premium of 89% and 1yr less cover).

    As for quality, I know monitors and the one I've got is top-notch - while it isn't Apple, the subtle styling is impressive and the stand's tilting and pivoting are the best I've ever seen. The consensus among reviewers seems to agree.

    I'm not posting this to annoy Apple fans, I'm a huge fan myself and, yes, I would have paid a premium for that cute little apple logo but, frankly, it wouldn't have been worth that extra 55% - at Apple prices, I might never have made the jump to 24" but I'm glad I did, I'm even thinking about getting a second one.

    With the move to Intel, Apple have done a great job of competing on PC pricing, why are they still in fantasyland when it comes to monitor pricing?

    Sep 1, 12:59 PM
    MacOSXrumors??? There is, if anything, negative correlation between their predictions and reality.

    What Apple had damn well BETTER announce then is Merom MacBook Pros. It's inexplicable that they have not done so already.

    Now that Appleinsider is reporting it as well, this rumor holds more credence.

    I don't think such an endeavor for a new iMac would negatively impact C2D MBP's from becoming available in the next couple of weeks, at least I hope not because that's what I really want more than anything. This possible new 23" iMac is a sexy concept though.

    Nov 29, 05:29 PM
    Perhaps Microsoft should have a "switch" campaign like Apple for the Zune. Showing all the wonderful things like radio and squirting music and photos.

    Wonderful equals bad taste?

    Sep 6, 07:04 PM
    i really hope this is not true, i mean, c'mon for that much money i'd rather buy the DVD.
    so it cost $9.99 - 14.99 for the movie, plus how much more for the wasted space on my hard drive.
    after a while i'll have a $300. drive full of movies, minus the artwork, and have paid way more just to waste hours downloading them... this does not seem to add up.

    netflix seems way more appealing, sorry apple.

    Mar 31, 07:48 PM
    Safari in fullscreen ignores the cmd+L hotkey for jumping to the address bar. That is a pretty huge bug for me... Pretty much removes my ability to use Safari fullscreen. I'm sure they'll catch that quick.

    Also, I don't see an option to always show tabs while in fullscreen mode. They hide unless you mouseover the address bar, which makes tab management in fullscreen a little bit inconvenient. A setting for that would be nice to see added before release!

    Finder also seems to occasionally not respond to mouse clicks when it is in the background. I have to activate it from the dock icon before it will respond. That has only happened once or twice though.

    That said, everything seems much smoother (not sure about faster, but definitely smoother) and the bugs I have seen have been relatively minor. This should be a pretty awesome OS if I can train myself to use some of the new features/gestures.

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