Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • toddybody
    Mar 24, 02:24 PM
    Lian Li Hackintosh yo.

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  • Reventon
    Nov 24, 12:42 PM
    Gran Turismo 5: Collector's Edition (PSN: copenmind, if you wanna race :D ).

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  • Cloudgazer
    Nov 28, 05:06 AM
    I'm surprised no one has ventured a guess as to whether these 17" monitors are going to be glossy or matte.

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  • baddj
    Apr 2, 07:32 PM
    Love this ad makes me want to buy one. only if there was stock on Australia.

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  • apb3
    Aug 20, 09:26 AM
    I'm getting a little confused, are you trying to say keyboards are not easy input methods? QWERTY keyboards are FULL keyboards like the ones you and I are using to type in these forums. I completely agree with you that phone/PSP-esque multi-press solutions are not good for extended use, which is why I think the MYLO is such a good example of what can be done with a "portable WiFi" device because it has a full keyboard.

    Actually, no. The only thing that makes a keyboard "QWERTY" is the Q being next to the W next to the.... you get the idea. There are "Full-Sized" QWERTY keyboards and smaller ones likie the one for my old Newton. Every definition I checked online this afternoon says nothing about a size at which an identically laid out keyboard becomes QWERTY and under which it is something else.

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  • Choralone
    Apr 19, 05:11 PM
    I'm GOING to upgrade from a slow single processor 867Mhz G4 from 2001 running Tiger with a 120GB+60GB HD and the ancient ATI 9000 Pro.:)

    1 21.5 (or 24 please)
    3.x Ghz Quad SB i7
    8 GB (or 16GB)
    2 TB HD
    Ati 6000x series
    etc etc:):)

    So close... I'm going to finally upgrade from the dual 867Mhz G4 "Mirrored Door" from and am also running Tiger.

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  • mambodancer
    Nov 28, 03:32 PM
    Here's a great review by Chicago Sun Times writer Andy Ihnatko. Aside from being quiet humorous, it brings up some points about the Zune I hadn't known. The article starts out this way...

    Avoid the loony Zune

    November 23, 2006
    Yes, Microsoft's new Zune digital music player is just plain dreadful. I've spent a week setting this thing up and using it, and the overall experience is about as pleasant as having an airbag deploy in your face.

    Read the article here: http://www.suntimes.com/technology/ihnatko/147048,CST-FIN-Andy23.article

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  • Macky-Mac
    Mar 19, 01:39 PM
    .......I think this action is probably too late to bring about a collapse of the Gadaffi regime. It may well lead to an extended stalemate, with different parts of the country run by Gadaffi and the rebels.

    It will probably drag on, and be messy.

    yes, as you say this is probably too late to be a knock-out to Gadaffi.......and noting that icons of the international revolutionary left such as Castro, Ortega, Chavez et al were quick to support Gadaffi, it seems likely he'll get some support in rearming as necessary

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  • Salacion
    Mar 31, 10:29 AM
    There is one in post #33 (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=12297742&postcount=33) of this thread.

    I skimmed over it and can't believe I missed it. Thanks.

    I don't know, I don't think it's too bad. I wanted a change in both iCal and the Address Book, so I'm not complaining. I prefer the one in the previous build however.

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  • brianfast
    Sep 14, 12:24 PM
    I'm going to try to pick up the Griffin Vue today... Sometimes it pays to release your product first...

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  • bunkre
    Sep 1, 12:23 PM
    ...so I can only imagine that with 3 more inches to love!

    quote of the year right there

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 23, 10:52 PM
    There is no way I am buying a MBP without NAND.

    Weird... While the NAND flash/cache would be nifty, it's hardly a feature I would consider to be vital. FW800 and DL DVD writer on the 15" MBP are much more worthy causes. ...I doubt we'll get those features either. :( You won't see NAND with this update - probably not until spring/summer '07.

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  • ^^ CoolMacLover
    Mar 1, 12:03 AM
    Well here is my wonderful setup :)

    24" iMac
    13" MBP
    Dell XPS 15
    40something" TV
    xBox 360
    Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
    Magic Mouse
    Magic Trackpad
    Wireless Keyboard, I'll say its magic also :P
    And a printer...
    2TB Western Digital HD (iTunes library)
    1TB Western Digital HD (Backup)
    Nintendo DSi
    (Taken with iPhone 3G [S] )
    Below my desk:
    Oh! And everyone loves such good cable management :D

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 23, 01:31 PM
    It is a hard drive with a screen! What else can they do? I suppose they could put a 1TB drive in there and add thunderbolt. . . . . That would be interesting!

    I hope they don't do much.

    The iPod is a portable media tank. Its not for web-browers, its not for apps, its not for contacts, its not for games. What Apple needs to focus on is OUTPUT. Right now its pretty sad, there is a 30 pin connector digital out and a headphone jack out. Moreover, the 30 pin output is limited in that it does not support the newest Apple adapters (VGA or HDMI)

    1. Bluetooth Output: Because it is so widespread in cars, speakers and headphones today, this makes so much sense. The battery is likely large enough that it would not cause a significant reduction in battery life.

    2. Update Digital Out to support VGA and HDMI output (with internals to match): The iPod should be able to play the same video files as the iPad 2, and upcoming iPod Touch / iPhone 5 and stream them using the HDMI and VGA adapters from Apple.

    3. Wi-Fi for Air-Play/Air-Share: Not Wi-Fi for browsing, but Wi-Fi so it can pair to an Apple TV or iPad or whatever and stream videos and music.

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  • jake4ever
    Apr 2, 01:36 AM
    Use the dev version instead. A lot more stable than the beta one.

    Thank you very much.

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  • iToaster
    Jan 12, 01:48 PM
    I'm pretty sure Lord Steve is sitting back with a cup of coffee reading all this and laughing.

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  • Nuvi
    Apr 13, 01:52 AM
    I love the fact that Apple has adopted the iMovie UI for FCP X. That makes the transition from iMovie to FCP X that much easier

    You make your living editing film or video? Didn't think so...


    Too bad they didn't mention anything about rest of the FCS apps, nothing about volume licensing, other delivery methods then App Store, upgrade pricing from FCS.

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  • tvguru
    Aug 7, 04:41 AM
    Not too brag or anything :D but it works out great for us in UK. Get in from work 5.30pm / open a beer / macrumors / keynote 6pm / tears of joy / rob bank 9pm / buy mac pro :D

    You have a point, but it's already 7:40 pm on Monday here so your work day would already be done. Plus I'm in Australia so how much can I really complain?

    On a side note:
    Maybe some Aussies can help me understand the price difference of computers here. Back home I bought the 17" MacBook Pro for something like $3,300 AUD and I come over here and it's in the $4,500 AUD range. I did get the student discount back home, but that's a huge margin.

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  • EagerDragon
    Jul 19, 07:28 PM
    Nice to see the mothership sailing smoothly. What do you reckon for the Christmas quarter? Is 2 million Macs possible?

    Given the popularity of the MacBook, the MacBook pro, the iMac, and soon the Mac Pro, and the ability to hedge your bets by running windows, I would think that 2 mil or maybe 2.2 mil Macs are possible in the Xmas quater.

    Care to bet?

    Apr 23, 12:30 AM
    Its good that you are at least suspicious of apple's actions. There has to be a reason why apple inc still has not responded to this. BTW, before someone asks, no I do not have an android or other smart phone as they could be worse at spying than iphone.

    Not this easy.

    It's not so much about finding people at any moment, but knowing where they've been. And this file makes it dirt simple to find that out.

    A guy in your terrorist cell claims he's not FBI, because he's never been to Washington DC. Even his phone contacts are all people nowhere near there. Yet what if his cache list says otherwise. He's probably dead.

    By now, you also know that I always speak from personal experience when possible.

    I was Military Intelligence and NSA in the heart of the Cold War. I did undercover field work at times. This kind of easy info is both priceless and dangerous. I've seen field officers compromised in almost every way imaginable. My scenarios are not stretches by any means.

    Apr 22, 12:23 AM
    The tracking isn't accurate at all!!!!:rolleyes:


    Rodimus Prime
    Apr 12, 06:07 PM
    He's young. 16 if I read his other post correctly about the wedding. So his attitude towards driving is expected. I used to streetrace after I got my license and held similar disdain for autos and people driving autos (including my dad). Experience and age mellows attitudes..... sometimes.... hehe.....

    That explains a lot. being 16 means he has very little real experience in driving and a pure rookie at it. The joy of driving is still in his system. Now days most of the time driving for me is a way to get from A to B.

    Driving in traffic every day like i said really made me consider going Automatic. hard to do a low speed crawl in a manual.

    Mar 23, 07:49 AM
    Did not say he would improve it either. :(

    Adding Bluetooth makes a lot of sense.

    It is a hard drive with a screen! What else can they do? I suppose they could put a 1TB drive in there and add thunderbolt. . . . . That would be interesting!

    Jun 22, 04:14 PM
    As long as Apple needs people to build Apps for their touch screen devices, you will have a machine that can do design and coding. They will be the workhorses that support the consumer product line of handhelds like the ipod, iphone and ipad. Don't worry, the Mac is not going away. It might get a whole lot cooler with added features, but it's going to be capable of running Xcode for a long long time.

    Oh, you will always be able to run Xcode on a Mac. You'll just have to buy the developer subscription for a few thousand dollars per year in order to get it activated...

    Well, let's wait and see. In worst case, there are still a few hundred Linux and BSD distributions out there that can be installed on our Macs.

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