Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • MauiMac
    Dec 1, 10:10 PM
    I HOPE!!!:confused: :) :) :) !!!

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  • skiltrip
    Sep 30, 10:16 AM
    I'm still rocking my eBay Hong Kong cases. Order a couple more earlier in the week to the tune of $1.99 each. Got a gel style smoke colored case, and a clear hard snap on case. Both from seller Ashopone. I like trying out different cases for only a buck or two each.

    I tried out the Grip Vue at my local Best Buy. One of the green ones was already torn open, so I figured what the hell and popped in on my iPod. I loved the fit, but I didn't like the feel of the buttons. It's like I wasn't getting any feedback at all. Wasn't sure if I was pressing it or not. Do you people with Grip Vue find the buttons awkward feeling, or are they ok on yours?

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  • devinci99
    Mar 22, 05:07 PM
    I'm not sure how they would add iOS though without changing the look, unless iOS was purely for the background features. Or perhaps a click wheel AND touch screen would still be a "classic".

    exactly. ios4 base, but made look the same UI.

    Come to think about it, longer lasting battery stamina, better screen, internal additions. All without really changing the physical appearance of the classic.

    It can therefore still be 'classic' with up-to-date tweaks.

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  • mealex
    Nov 29, 11:24 PM
    I think iTV will have the feature of showing your Keynote presentations right right there, how easy and cool would that be. Never have to sit at a Mac again to show that presentation, just a few click by with the Apple remote. By the way I am surprised I never heard of this on the internet, it just seems logical to me to be added as a feature.
    Anybody got a clue why would iTV include a HD?

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  • lilcosco08
    Mar 26, 10:00 AM
    PS2 how so? Those graphics are better than the ps2 maybe not up to par with a desktop like mine but still I was impressed imagine the power of a 4 core ipad 3 with 1 gig of memory

    It's called a NGP

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  • AlphaDogg
    Feb 23, 04:12 PM
    nothing special but heres my setups bedroom and office

    A little bit cluttered. Do the iMacs get used regularly?

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  • kellen
    Apr 10, 06:00 PM
    Yeah. Being a guy I was raised that it comes with being a male.

    Kind of sucks because none of my friends know how to drive a manual, so if my car was taken for the night no one else could drive. Ditto for long car rides.

    I feel that coupes should be manual and the rest autos, except for 2 door suvs (wrangler, D90). Just my opinion.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 19, 05:09 PM
    They could at least make the app more interesting.
    How about a social feature that allows you to see other 'ex-homosexuals' in your area? :D

    Have you not been informed of DisgraceBook??

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  • kainjow
    Jul 19, 08:55 PM
    Uh, I don't see how anyone can really use Netflix seriously.

    With Netflix, you can't just say, "Let's watch a movie tonight." You have to plan ahead your movie schedule. Netflix will die once iTMS comes alone. It's all about instant instant instant.

    I've used Movielink twice so far (Windows only), so I have some "experience" with online movie rentals. Let me tell you, it works well. And if Movielink works well for me, I'm sure iTMS will make it 10x better.

    I'm pretty psyched about iTMS rentals. If Apple does it, I'll be using it all the time. It will once and for all remove the problem with Blockbuster/Netflix/etc where often the movie you want isn't available (i.e. new releases).

    Also, Movielink allows you to watch the movie after only a few minutes of it loading (just like streaming), so you don't have to wait for the entire thing to download. It works pretty nice (besides the fact that you have to use it on Windows).

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  • Carniphage
    Nov 30, 08:25 AM
    why not put a bluray in the itv?

    Why not put wheels on a boat?

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Mar 22, 12:49 PM
    No, no one is forced to do anything. Apple is more extreme with what they will and will not allow. Others follow suit b/c they know Apple changes the world. Android market allows practically everything.

    So Apple should have the choice what they allow and don't allow?

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 23, 07:38 PM
    I live in MA and it was on the Boston news channels, CNN, MSNBC, Ars Technica, etc. It hit all of the major news outlets.

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  • jc1350
    Apr 21, 12:45 PM
    Al Franken isnt tracking me, my iphone is.

    What a lame ass attempt to politicize the issue :rolleyes:

    When it comes to politicians, EVERYTHING is political. They don't do or say anything without some idea on how it can help them politically.

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  • poppe
    Sep 1, 01:48 PM
    I think all those that want a 23" iMac that is chinless better hope for a Merom. I think conroe would be to hot, or does conroe run pretty cool?

    Heck regardless if we get a chinles iMac and it runs pretty hot we'll get forums like this (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=229182)

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  • mc68k
    Jan 7, 04:19 PM
    yeah it was between super sprint, eisenmann, and remus. the shop wanted to do remus so i wasn't gonna argue. turned out real nice, a lot better than the stock look. quiet on the highway. loud but not obnoxious around town

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  • paeza
    Oct 24, 12:35 AM
    Could anyone tell me what is "Santa Rosa " ?

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  • iKwick7
    Sep 1, 12:03 PM
    If this does come out, looks like I'll be selling my Macbook. :)

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  • LethalWolfe
    Apr 13, 02:07 AM
    PS i really think that apple is powerfully positioning themselves by selling final cut so cheap. Now you can justify paying more for a Mac box because the software is so much less than the competition. Brilliant if you ask me - make software cheap, sell more macs and cost kick your competition out of the market.
    Nothing really new here as this as been Apple's MO for at least a decade. All of the iApps (iMovie, iPhoto, etc.,) used to be totally free and when FCP cost $999 by itself an Avid would put you back $70,000 on the low end. Shake, LiveType, DVD Studio Pro, Color, etc., were all programs acquired by Apple and sold at a significantly lower price than what they were prior to Apple's acquisition.


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  • gkhaldi
    Oct 23, 06:53 AM
    If it can't support 4gigs of ram, it ain't worth the wait for me.:mad:

    Apr 10, 03:10 PM
    Harley-Davidson doesn't make automatics. I never learned to drive automatic anyhow, I wouldn't have the first clue what to do in one of them. What does P R N D 2 1 even mean ?

    Dec 1, 09:05 PM
    Thanks and I'll be expecting you to blow past me then, in about a month :rolleyes: or so...

    Well, I won't get back the #7 spot from you ;) unless these 12 cores Gulftown Mac pros come out at MWSF...

    Mar 26, 02:07 AM
    I simply LOVE how people talk about 1080p without mentioning bitrate. When the A5 chip can handle 1080p video at 40 Mb/s, this will be newsworthy.

    Aug 16, 10:01 AM
    They just pulled it off their website a few minutes ago but it was a photo of the wireless iPod!


    I saved a pic of it in my cache and posted for you to see!!!

    It does iTunes and video and the screen is enormous!!

    Full screen iChat messaging is availble with the built in iSight!

    It is also in black!


    I can't wait to get my hands on one of these, looks great for watching movies.

    Apr 3, 12:01 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Are you kidding me. I haven't looked into it but I would bet there's nothing holding you back from investing in apple. You have a computer most likely with an Internet connection?

    Go online and trade. If you want to use an investing firm there are plenty, all you gotta do is call them or go to their site.

    Try www.Wedbush.com

    All you have to do is wire them
    Your money or send them a check with the amount you want to invest plus the investment fee ($10 to $50+) and there
    you go.

    Lol. "stock" as in "I wish iPads were in stock"; not as in equities.

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