Tuesday, May 31, 2011

map of us cities

map of us cities. USA Map Label Me!
  • USA Map Label Me!

  • Allotriophagy
    Nov 15, 08:37 AM
    Perhaps this would allow me to play a large map on Civ4 without the terrible huge long pauses...

    map of us cities. us in the cities
  • us in the cities

  • *LTD*
    Mar 25, 07:54 PM
    So true.. I love all the bedroom coding and indie published stuff on iOS but to the big names in the industry iOS still just seems like a curiosity.. The prolonged trying to figure it all out / experimental phase is getting a little frustrating, though totally understandable. I wonder how long it'll be before we start getting more in the way of original content from the big IP holders. Original content that serves as a full game rather than a tech demo or proof of concept. They really should be savvy to the limitations of the devices by now.

    There are very good, high-quality full games on the App Store. Are you under the impression that the "big titles" are all previews and proofs-of-concept?

    We're moving way past the experimental phase. You need to sample some of the heavier-hitting titles.

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  • marksman
    Apr 21, 03:01 PM
    So somebody sues you for (insert nefarious activity of your choice) and you deny it saying you were nowhere near Location-X at the time. Then, under rules of disclosure, they subpeona your iPhone/iPad/MBP/TC to obtain your data. The data shows you were at least in the vicinity of Location-X and so had the opportunity to perform (aforesaid nefarious activity).

    They can do that anyways. They could subponea the cell phone records and the cell phone company would have the exact same record from the other side. People really don't understand what is going on here when they fly off the handle with these wacky examples.

    The cell phone provider has a log of every cell tower you have visited with your phone. This is often used in legal cases as evidence.

    I agree that the location data should be dumped... every few hours... so the files contain minimal information. Backups should exclude all this location data. I cannot imagine why any application needs to know my location from more than a few hours ago.

    That is because you don't understand what the data is for... It is a database to help assist with the functioning of the device. It is not a log file of places you visited. See you don't even know what the file is for but you are demanding how it should be changed.

    Dumping the file every few hours would make the significant functionality it provides the phone worthless.

    Did you know the future of cellular phones is going to use systems where you are predictably moved to a specific tower based on where they believe you are going as it will help with throughput for data, signal quality, reduced power consumption and overall functionality. Such databases will absolutely be a part of all cell phones going forward. It is part of the technology, part of the functionality.

    If someone steals your phone they might see some of that data, and they might also see the roll of pictures you took at the furry convention.

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  • Map of major cities in Belgium

  • smugDrew
    Apr 1, 05:39 AM
    I retract my previous statement; the current build seems just as bad as the last and that's on the aforementioned 8GB toting i7 MBP. Even with Flash disabled and harmful scripts blocked, it's a hog capable of eating a combined 3GB or more on its own; the split processes in Activity Monitor just make it look nicer.

    Unrelated: does anyone else have a problem keeping their Google Calendars synced in iCal? I hop in and it shows me the local calendars, but I end up having to go into settings and manually recheck my Delegates to get the server-side calendars to trickle back down.

    OK but I don't care how much memory Safari 5.1 uses, that's why I load up my MBP with RAM.

    So does Safari feel fast? Is it stable? :eek:

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  • PowerFullMac
    Jan 13, 03:51 PM
    That's along the lines of what I was thinking, a macbook without ethernet or phone jacks, can only get on the net via airport, for thinnesseseseses sake.

    Apple will NOT do that, however, remember the collapsing port patent filed by Apple?

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  • map of usa states and cities

  • ghostlyorb
    Mar 27, 07:48 PM
    Good idea.. and really interests me... but I would prefer the map to be on the tv. I would have to "take my eyes off the road" to look at the map.

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  • USA Base Map, States, Cities,

  • xIGmanIx
    Apr 3, 02:43 PM
    let it go about microsoft, they won, get over it. It just seems petty to hold on to some nonexistent fight for something that has already been decided. Both companies make lots of money. Just out of curiosity what industry sector do you work in because it's apparently not the IT space.

    This is the key word here.

    Apple's priority is to delight the user. Now "delight" invokes a lot things - some emotional, tactile, things which might even be disparate.

    But when you apply that priority to consumer tech, it brings together a lot of requirements to achieve this - how the device must feel; how it must look - say, on a stylish glass table or beside modern sculpture; how the UI should function; colours, fonts . . . the list goes on.

    This is why Apple is so successful. They don't focus on bringing to market a competing device that ranks high on spec sheets. They simply focus on how to delight the user.

    Thus, you get something like the iPad. While the competition still can't figure it out. Priorities, people . . . it's all about priorities.

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Sep 1, 12:23 PM
    Hmph...I don't really trust masOSXrumors at all...

    You can trust AppleInsider though and they too have said 23" and Merom iMacs. Looks like pretty solid evidence now but we'll have to wait and see.

    I wonder if it'll use the same poor quality 23" panel that the ACD does.
    Well, if you like everything rose-tinted it's OK :p

    New 23" displays do not have the pink tint.

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  • Mac'nCheese
    Apr 10, 09:55 AM
    I had to learn how to drive a stick about a decade ago when we planned a trip to Ireland and found out that most, if not all, of the rental cars would be stick shifts. So, my first big stick shift experience was also on the other side of the road.

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  • steviem
    Apr 10, 10:10 AM
    LOL, that's the thing, Automatic licenses are just Drivers licenses out there. Yes we have Automatic and Manual tests in the UK, but they can learn and take a test in an Automatic and then drive whatever transmission car they like, regardless of whether they know how to work a clutch or not.

    Jealous much?

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  • Top 50 Greenest US Cities

  • BlizzardBomb
    Oct 24, 04:49 AM
    I advocate the 2007FP 20 1600x1200 for only $359.20 (http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&sku=320-4687). That extra 150 verticle pixels is very helpful.

    That monitor wouldn't be any good if you watch HD videos (or even DVDs).

    Dell really are fleecing their none US customers:

    20" 2007FP: £311
    24" 2407WFP: £566
    20" 2007WFP: £401
    30" 3007WFP: £1,365

    People here are always raving about Dells low prices here, but I really dont think they're that cheap at all (in the UK) - unless you buy something with very old hardware that is.

    Got it in one. :)

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  • United states map with major

  • ipadfanatic
    Oct 21, 08:39 PM
    Not sure who mentioned the Switcheasy cases first but thank you. I ordered two color cases on Monday night, they shipped from San Francisco on Tuesday and I received them in Maryland today.

    Fit is nice and the screen guard looks and feels great.

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  • abhimat.gautam
    Mar 31, 03:00 AM
    Apple has never mentioned before the new "Scene Kit":

    Introduced in Mac OS X v10.7, the Scene Kit framework enables your application to import, manipulate, and render three-dimensional assets. It supports 3D assets imported via COLLADA, an XML-based schema that facilitates the transport of 3D assets between applications. Architecturally, a scene is composed of the 3D entities of cameras, lights, and meshes. Scene Kit lets you access attributes of scene objects�for example, geometry, bounding volume, and material�and is consistent with the APIs of other graphical frameworks, such as Core Animation and Image Kit.

    Scene Kit is intended for developers who quickly need to integrate 3D rendering into their applications. It doesn�t require that you have advanced graphical programming skills.

    Nice, didn�t know about that.

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  • American cities on map: New

  • Built
    Apr 2, 11:58 PM
    Ummm - the reason probably is shown on the 1400 post "light bleed" thread. People WANT the thing bad so they don't "return" it... they get it "swapped". Quite a few people over there are on their 4th to 5th swap
    (which boggles my mind frankly) in a search to get one with no bleed.

    They all seem to have it to varying degrees but I have to hand it to Apple for (so far) not claiming this is "in spec" to shut down all these

    Apple probably lists all these as "exchanges" and therefore they don't count as "returns". Makes the customer happy and makes them look good in the press. Everybody wins.

    Towards the end of the huge thread over at Apple.com people are being told the same thing from the reps when they call... that Apple "is looking into the qc issue on this batch of iPads and hopes to resolve the issue". That's good news for everybody.

    ...but all the Apple apologists...so quick to jump to Apple's defense...say that there is no such problem. :D

    You are dead on correct. Many people do not want to endure the wait for a new one if they return it...Many are waiting to see if Apple can resolve the issue in a future production batch. What good is exchanging if the new one is going to have the same, or worse, problem

    I love Apple products but I am always entertained by the rabid zeal of the delusional Apple apologists who insist the company can do no wrong...OR...they simply ignore the common, and obvious, flaws in the Apple product they buy, trying to convince themselves that they have the only "good" one...which on some subconscious level they need to tell themselves so they can believe they are "special" somehow.

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  • newmacuser13
    Nov 27, 05:54 PM
    Apple needs to do something to distinguish their flat panels from most other available. How about integrated ipod dock? Oops - Viewsonic just beat them to the punch with 19 and 22" versions with integrated dock (VX2245wm) - they look sweet, and reportably can play your ipod videos directly on screen.

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  • capran
    Nov 15, 01:45 PM
    It turns out the 2.66 Ghz 8 core chips are about the same price as 3.0 Ghz 4 core chips. So the price differential will be product positioning, not raw cost.


    Correction: You mean 2.66 GHz 4 Core chips versus 3.0 GHz 2 Core chips.

    Woodcrest is a dual-core chip, Clovertown is 4. The Mac Pro uses 2 Woodcrests for 4 cores, a Mac Pro with 2 Clovertowns has 8 cores.

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  • petteri
    Aug 16, 02:22 PM
    Well what would this:


    look like if Apple got together with Sirius?

    More info on this unit here:


    I think a Apple +Sirius or XM deal makes a whole lot of sense. The satellite chipsets and power requirements are getting closer to what would work in an iPod. I don't think Sirius is quite there yet. XM I think so, but I don't think XM is actively looking into a partnership with Apple. Sirius has stated that there have been talks, but nothing of substance yet.

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  • map of usa states and cities.

  • orangerizzla
    Apr 3, 01:51 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Very nice... now about that iCal leatherette refresh... Blah blah blah ;-)

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  • map of us cities. map of usa

  • hobbyrennfahrer
    Jan 9, 08:23 AM
    some better pics of my 135i...



    Jan 1, 06:44 PM
    iPhone with built-in Mac OS X mobile with pictures:



    Now, imagine it as the ultimate computerless wireless all-in-one presentation remote of native Keynote and PowerPoint presentations.

    Huge halo effect on all corporate, education and domestic markers.

    We need tons of them!

    Mar 19, 03:14 PM
    Granted, it's life is far from over but I get the impression that Apple is telling me that unless I am willing to pony up $2500.00 - $3000.00, that my only options are either old or unupgradable products.

    Actually it's $1800-3000, for a G5 64 bit computer. Where do you buy your computers from? No wonder Apple can't dispell the myths even Mac users don't know how much they cost!

    Aug 19, 07:16 AM
    Except at a lot of Starbucks that internet functionality comes at a cost, which is my point.

    May be bliss, but not until we have a sound infrastructure. And I have been on some really shoddy networks, which ends up becoming far more frustrating than worthwhile, to the point where I just slam my PDA into my pocket and curse inaudibly.

    Nov 28, 10:00 AM
    Deep pockets or not, MS will have a struggle to find a niche. But at least they were smart enough to put in a radio.

    Apr 9, 04:45 PM
    In many parts of the U.S. manuals are becoming less and less common. For the record I very much prefer a stick shift. More control, more power, and better fuel economy. That is, if you know how to drive them properly.

    I learned how to drive one on an old gravel road. They are surprisingly easy to learn.

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