Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Apple OC
    Apr 21, 09:32 PM
    I read the police in Michigan were downloading info from people's iPhones on traffic stops ... only a matter of time before some innocent people get trumped up on bogus charges ... police have been known to have tunnel vision. (example ... sir, what were you doing at Avenue and Main street at 3pm this afternoon?)

    Citizens do not need this kind of technology sneaking into their day to day lives.

    This is a serious breach of people's right to privacy.

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  • skunk
    Mar 21, 05:05 PM
    I think this would be conterproductive to the end result though.Oh, the Humanity!

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  • Herdfan
    Apr 20, 04:28 PM
    Common Upgrades

    1. Thunderbolt port
    2. HDMI out
    3. Sandybridge

    Why would they put an HDMI port on it when they can just put the TB port on and then sell an adapter? Win-win for them.

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  • Daveway
    Jan 1, 07:01 PM
    This year better be good!

    I just saw this! OMG1!!1

    Apple is putting the heat on for MWSF. I think they're releasing what everyone is expecting (applephone) plus many unexpected additions.

    mmmm i love Apple

    What does it mean!?! :)

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  • akac
    Apr 12, 09:41 PM
    Ground up rewrite = a whole load of bugs.

    It'll be interesting to see how many shops use this for production work when it's finally released.

    Depends on how long and wide the beta goes.

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  • alust2013
    Apr 11, 10:15 AM
    But I really want an S-2000. :(

    YES. I want one of those so bad, especially an '03 or slightly older, before they changed them. Although the newer ones did look better.

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  • ctt1wbw
    Nov 24, 06:58 PM
    Probably the nicest Mac Twitter client I've ever used.

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 25, 02:12 AM
    When senators weigh in on privacy issues like this, they betray their foolishness. A litlle study by their aides would reveal what a non-issue this is. Sen. Franken would do better by investigating our own government's spying on its own citizens under the cover of the Patriot Act.

    Would feel the same way if it was Google or Microsoft or any other company?

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  • Benny777
    Apr 19, 12:32 PM
    Yes!!! This will complement my recently purchased iPad 2 and MacBook Pro issued to me from work! I've got the cash, I've just been waiting for the Sandy Bridge/Thunderbolt update and hopefully a 24" version!

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  • dethmaShine
    May 2, 06:12 PM
    That's a very nice feature! Too bad it won't work for apps not from the app store...

    It does.

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  • AidenShaw
    Aug 31, 09:55 AM
    What makes you think that it "can't run software"? Current 32bit CPU's will be usable for years to come.
    The worry is that in a few years interesting software applications will only come in x64 - companies will drop the fat binaries due to the expenses associated with multiple versions of the software.

    This is already happening on the Windows side - several major apps will only be x64 in their next versions.

    So, not only can the 64-bit chip be significantly faster when in 64-bit mode - it is more future-proof.

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  • striker33
    Mar 26, 08:59 AM
    Whilst tablet gaming will never overtake console gaming, unless a TV dock and controller is introduced, its always fun to see a portable device that is capable of outputting games at 1920x1080, where the xbox 360 and ps3 (retail games only) can not.

    They seriously think the 360 can last another 5 years? Considering this is only the iPad's 2nd release, I wouldn't bet on it.

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  • emotion
    Aug 16, 09:16 AM
    The addition of wireless really only makes sense if the iPod is to become a communication device (a protable iChat device, oh and apple make Jabber support better please!).

    The addition of itunes to the device (to get tunes directly into the iPod) breaks the model of the iPod being a "pod" for music that you fill and carry around.

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  • donlphi
    Nov 29, 02:05 PM
    It's true then; Apple are releasing a toilet with an iPod dock! SWEET!!!! :eek:

    Already been done...


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  • dethmaShine
    May 2, 05:24 PM
    If you click on Show Content on any app and replace the first three files from an app downloaded from the app store it will happen with any app you want.

    Right Click -> Show Package Contents -> Contents


    Then select and app not from the Mac App Store and Right Click -> Show Package Contents -> Contents

    Then paste the three files. After you reboot your Mac it should work.
    (This has been working since the past DP)

    Im on DP 2 Update 3. This un-installation process applies to all external apps, not just MAS apps. No code, no change required. :)

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  • mwayne85
    Apr 19, 11:00 AM
    Not expecting a huge update here other than Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt, and 6XXX series AMD graphics.

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  • theBB
    Jul 19, 08:52 PM
    Lets see Japan lost their GOD, their king after WW2, replaced him with MacArthur who rebuilt their industry
    Actually, after WW2 Japan kept the emperor, so they had "one god talking to another [MacArthur]" for a while.

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  • mkaake
    Jan 12, 08:55 AM
    I had, or rather still have in a closet, a powerbook 100. It had an external floppy drive and I did carry it around with me, kind of defeating the purpose of the smaller form factor in the first place, so I bought my wife the powerbook 145 which had the floppy onboard. I guess we're now beyond wondering how to get things on the computer without the drive, but it would make sense for a driveless mac to have some super wireless connectivity options? Perhaps connectivity with the home mac in a "go to my pc" kind of way. Apple does own the "go to my mac" domain name. Just a thought.

    Having not read through 5 pages, I don't know if this has been addressed yet, but there's a lot of people talking like this (that I've heard) - but there's a big difference between now and then (I remember those days too :) ) - Back then, the floppy was your main method for moving data from one place to another. Today, your options for moving data from one machine to another are pretty huge - you can use a USB thumb drive (which is the biggest reason, IMHO, that it's finally okay to think about external disc drives again on laptops - I've used the disc drive on my lappy about 2 times since I got it 2 years ago), you can email yourself data, etc.

    The times you would like to have it around would most likely be for software (either expensive software still distributed on physical media), or watching movies (or ripping new music). And while it would certainly be a pain to walk in to a store (or coffee shop, or whatever), buy a new CD, and not be able to rip it until you get near your optical drive again, I think Apple is okay with that, as they want your primary means of obtaining music / movies / media in general to be the iTMS.

    So I see this as plausible. What's more, I expect other manufacturers will follow suit, and within 2-3 years, most laptops (costing more than $600, and not the desktop replacement bricks) will have external drives.

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  • Choppaface
    Oct 24, 03:27 AM
    Did you photograph your installation process for us to learn by? How much did you pay for the 2.33GHz Merom?

    there are mini cpu replacement tutorials all over, google fugger extreme systems, its really not all that hard. I got the merom chip at newegg, they have them in stock right now. my mini xbenches at at least 150, 180 w/out disk benches

    No ice please
    Nov 27, 06:46 PM
    Can't wait for it to get here!!!

    Apr 3, 01:52 PM
    I am still really surprised that it seems as if nobody else has had the greyed-out toolbar in fullscreen Safari bug that I've got. Has anyone heard or read something that I haven't? I am much more looking forward to the next preview/beta build now, it suffices to say. ;)

    Mine auto-hides as normal. I would file a bug report.

    May 2, 05:12 PM
    V-Tech OS anyone?

    Shake it till it wobbles children.

    Nov 27, 04:19 AM
    After being here for 3 years, Surely he's not a troll. ;)

    Aug 24, 06:39 PM
    All I can say is thank god...

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