Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • lifeinhd
    Mar 1, 03:19 PM
    Here is the College setup, I will eventually upgrade to the Logitech Performance wireless mouse. What is seen in the picture:

    27" iMac
    11.6" Macbook Air
    Blackberry Tour
    PS3 Slim
    Xbox 360 Slim

    Are you living on campus? And if so, they actually let you mount a TV on the wall? :eek: Where do you go?

    I. Love. This. Room. ^_^ I'm going to steal it! :D MUHAHAHAH!

    +1. It just looks like such a nice place to be. Then I look around my room, with gray walls, shades over the windows, dismantled iMacs all over the floor, and I think "Meh...."

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  • ucfgrad93
    Apr 9, 04:41 PM
    I learned how to drive on a stick shift. It has been awhile since I have driven one, but I'm sure I still could.

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  • gnasher729
    Jun 24, 11:47 AM
    Imagine you lived in the 1500s and someone showed you two computers. If you had zero prior computer experience, would you pick a touch based computer... or would you pick one where you move some arrow shaped icon with a 2nd device called the mouse.

    We're very used to using a mouse, but it's definitely not the most natural way to interact with a computer. It's not easy either. I've seen old people that never could figure out how to double click without moving the cursor 50 pixels from where they wanted to click.

    The "natural" way to move a car would be to push it, or maybe attach two horses at the front. The method that we use is quite unnatural. :D

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  • rnelan7
    Feb 28, 10:26 PM
    Here is the College setup, I will eventually upgrade to the Logitech Performance wireless mouse. What is seen in the picture:

    27" iMac
    11.6" Macbook Air
    Blackberry Tour
    PS3 Slim
    Xbox 360 Slim

    Picture taken with iPhone 4

    Through the door seen is my bathroom and right behind me is my bed and closets. Pretty cozy room but I think I have positioned everything to make the best of it.

    EDIT: I just hooked my iMac up to my tv to play movies/shows etc. on but I ran into one problem. I cannot turn my iMac display off and keep my tv on. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know asap!

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  • Horrortaxi
    Apr 8, 07:39 PM
    ya i know but i was talking about when i put:

    It's just time for us to be mature adults and walk away from this. We know this guy is an ignoramus. We know Apple doesn't need saving. We know that as far as corporations go Apple couldn't be much healthier. We know what Apple's target market is, and that a cheap computer won't accomplish anything. Most importantly, we know we won't change iMacjapan's mind. He's stubborn and he's not listening. Why risk carpal tunnel on it? How about those NHL playoffs? I predict San Jose will take the Blues in 6 games.

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  • Carl Spackler
    Nov 29, 03:31 PM
    Ws there any mention of iTV's HD capabilities?

    Its outputs are HDMI and component video. It is designed for HD content.

    I learned to drive on a '79 RX-7. Brilliant automobile.

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  • dongmin
    Aug 6, 11:41 PM
    Hey, since we're all posting picts, a blast from the past:

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  • woddy
    Jan 12, 09:07 AM
    i think there may be a umts / hsdpa powered macbook for the out off office use.

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  • abhimat.gautam
    Mar 31, 03:00 AM
    Apple has never mentioned before the new "Scene Kit":

    Introduced in Mac OS X v10.7, the Scene Kit framework enables your application to import, manipulate, and render three-dimensional assets. It supports 3D assets imported via COLLADA, an XML-based schema that facilitates the transport of 3D assets between applications. Architecturally, a scene is composed of the 3D entities of cameras, lights, and meshes. Scene Kit lets you access attributes of scene objects�for example, geometry, bounding volume, and material�and is consistent with the APIs of other graphical frameworks, such as Core Animation and Image Kit.

    Scene Kit is intended for developers who quickly need to integrate 3D rendering into their applications. It doesn�t require that you have advanced graphical programming skills.

    Nice, didn�t know about that.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 20, 07:03 PM
    seems like they may be targeting Gaddafi now ...

    Wow, that is a shocker.

    The U.S. Congress passed a law to prohibit any attempt to assassinate any foreign leader.

    Why, I don't know, but there it is. :confused:

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  • richard.mac
    Apr 3, 12:26 AM
    Recent files now show in the Dock menu of closed and open apps (not sure if this is new), clicking show recents shows them as tiles like as in DP1


    Spotlight has smaller icons and Google and Wikipedia (been mentioned), but now has dictionary meanings again and the pronunciation


    Directory Utility now has an editor which is like OS X Server's Workgroup Manager. presumably as Server will be included now.

    - can press ctrl+up again to close Mission Control, doesnt work with ctrl-down for Expos� app windows though
    - the Sites folder in home is gone (Apache and Web Sharing still there though)

    overall things just seem a little quicker, animations are smoother and getting less Dock, SystemUIServer & Finder crashes. still a few crashes and UI bugs around the place.

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  • FireStar
    Oct 24, 06:06 PM
    $1 cases on eBay is good enough to protect from scratches IMO.
    Any case that covers it protects from scratches other than slides, I think. :confused:

    We need more of a definition than prevents scratches. That slims it down to most cases.

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  • twoodcc
    Apr 26, 10:37 AM
    congrats to whiterabbit for 14 million points!

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  • briantology
    Oct 23, 01:26 PM
    When does anyone think Apple will throw in the rumored Flash mem?

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  • Silentwave
    Sep 6, 04:40 PM
    It may have been introduced then, but that wasn't the last time it was refreshed . See here ( which is actually on May 16th.

    Come on, apple updated the MBP before it even shipped! The pace of things are different nowadays.

    the MBP WILL get C2D in the next ~2 weeks tops.

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  • Earendil
    Nov 27, 04:33 PM
    I'd just like to agree with those who have pointed out that the main thing Apple's monitor division should be worrying about is price, not new sizes - the Apple logo can bear a certain price premium but not that much, especially as they don't yet include Apple-specific goodness such as integrated isight etc.

    *smacks head on desk*
    Beating a dead horse...

    In October, I considered a 23" ACD at �848 inc. VAT, delivery and 3yrs of Applecare cover.

    Instead, I phoned Dell and got the 24" 2407WP for �549.08 inc. VAT, delivery and 4yrs next business day swap-out cover. For the Apple, I would have had to pay a premium of 55% and got 1yr less cover.

    Good for you.
    Yeah Apple is really screwing us over, man oh man. And look at NEC, they must be absolutely mad to charge $2000 for their MultiSync LCD2190UXi ( :rolleyes:

    You made the right choice for your needs and your price. You bought a consumer monitor.

    If people want to say that Apple should make a consumer level LCD (for cheap) than say so. But please, for the love of all things, stop dissing on Apple monitors just because you are happy with a Dell and they are cheaper. Many people are Happy with cheapo computers, and if all you need is to write and print word documents, do not buy an Apple computer. However that doesn't mean that Apple doesn't make a computer worth it's weight in gold... for those that need it.
    If you don't need color accuracy, DO NOT BUY AN APPLE MONITOR, there are cheaper monitors that, though less accurate, will satisfy you just fine.

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  • NathanMuir
    Mar 21, 06:13 PM
    Perhaps square miles would be a more useful measure. ;)

    A simple omission of single word qualifies the person(s) as 'illiterate'?

    BFD. :rolleyes:

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  • Mike84
    Apr 26, 02:15 PM
    Your point is that you cannot find such a trademark as "app store" in the standard character format because "app store" is too general right? The other person posted that "pet store" would be a ridiculous example of this.

    Ok fair enough. Pet store was registered in the stylized or design format.

    But your basic argument against Apple is that they cannot use app store as a trademark in the broader text format because it is too general. But this is not the only example of such a thing.

    If this is the case then Apple Store will be thrown out too. It is the same type of trademark. Two words, not one and not preceded by "the".

    App Store
    Apple Store

    The other argument is that "app" is too generic and that the term was around prior to the trademark. I do not believe this is valid either as "app" may have existed but was not widely used. The argument would have been used agains the prior trademark of "appstore" in that case.

    One thing is for sure. Our opinions will have no bearing on the final outcome.

    You define the lexicon of the overall society?

    I think you are missing the point:

    "What are some other reasons for refusing registration?

    Registration may be refused if the mark is:

    • Descriptive for the goods/services;
    • A geographic term;
    • A surname;
    • Ornamental as applied to the goods"


    App Store is descriptive of what it does. In other words, it sells apps or applications. Therefore, it cannot be trademarked. Apple can use it if they want, but so can anyone else doing the same thing.

    This is pretty much saying that Microsoft is going to trademark Operating System. Both Microsoft and Apple make operating systems. What Windows is is a type of operating system. Windows does not describe the product.


    Shop that sells windows cannot trademark "Window Seller" because it describes precisely what the shop does. It is generic + descriptive = no trademark.

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  • motulist
    Aug 7, 04:56 AM
    Boy, we are a quite a multinational group. If only the rest of the people in the nations of the world could come together through Macness the way that we all have, then there would be no more wars. Actually, it'd probably just mean we'd have different kinds of wars, like the Nano vs. Video iPod war. :p

    Nov 25, 08:08 PM
    You will most likely never drive a Ferrari at full speed, My glasses may never be crushed by a truck. But it's nice to have the speed/protection. :cool:

    But it's a Ferrari.

    Nov 29, 07:45 PM
    My thoughts exactly.

    I'm all for the iPod, I'm happy with my 8GB red nano, but come on people, give the Zune a chance. Many of you are being petty, and I think that this is a stupid comparison.

    There is only one Zune model anyway, are they comparing it to the countless models of the iPod?

    Is that fair?

    Are iPod Shuffles included? Is that fair, considering the price?

    I can't access the link for some reason.

    I respect the line about giving Zune a chance and then comparing it's success to Zune however I really don't think Zune has what it takes to come close to the iPod. The reality is the Zune looks like a 3 year old music player and it's only real selling points are the bigger screen, radio and wireless which aren't that big of a deal in the first place.

    Zune is also getting in an already established and saturated digital music market with an inferior product and system for users, will it succeed? Only time will tell but there will be buyers for the Zune.

    Should the Zune should get a fair comparison but the reality of business is there's nothing fair about it, Microsoft has prooven the unfair factor with Netscape, anti-Trust and Sony Rootkit time and time again.

    If Zune was release 3 years ago then I would say it would outsell the iPod but the fact remains with nothing that outshines the iPod, subscription and limited file formats and playback it wont compete with the iPod or other players like the Samsung or Sandisk.

    Zune is too little too late for Microsoft and really doesn't have the "wow" factor that ever I would expect for a company like Microsoft. I really do think the hot selling iPod this Xmas (or international present giving day as I like to call it) is the new Shuffle it seems everyone wants it, I have seen it sold out at quite a few stores already.

    Maimon Mons
    Nov 28, 12:02 PM is a link ( to the CNN review of the zune. I wouldn't be surprised if they were payed by Apple given how it ends.

    For what it's worth, the first zune on the list shows up at #21 at the moment. Out of the top 10, 8 are ipods and the other 2 are sandisk models. Zune is beaten out by the 80 GB ipod in addition to the cheaper models.

    Mar 24, 01:44 PM
    6970 folks, not 6990 :)

    Still a monster, just a smaller monster. Kinda like 6970 is to Godzukei what 6990 is to Godzilla. ;)

    Feb 27, 11:45 PM
    I stole the stickers from my girlfriend's laptop and netbook. There's a Vista one on my iMac. and it is in fact a 13" STM.

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