Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • adwolfe12
    Jan 11, 11:46 PM
    Here is my Miata buried under the snow that we recently had. http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs792.ash1/168224_1664388723677_1056020820_31614994_7570519_n.jpg

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  • BabyFaceMagee
    Jan 13, 01:34 PM
    Apple dosent registor domain names like that...

    Apple doesn't purchase individual sites for its products. They put everything under the www.apple.com site. go try looking for www.macbook.com or www.powerbook.com and you'll see they just go to individual user's sites. So no MacbookAir.com site registered to Apple doesn't mean anything.

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  • sushi
    Jul 15, 02:38 AM
    After reading all this good discussion concerning Bluray vs. HD-DVD, it makes me wonder how much the consumer will put up with. It seems to me that the consumer is the one who looses.

    Anyhow, just think about 10 years from now we will get a whole new format and whichever wins now, Bluray or HD-DVD, will be outdated! ;) :eek: :D

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  • notsofatjames
    Jan 12, 05:49 PM
    this is crap,

    no one in their right mind would make something with 0 ports, you have to at a bare minimum have an audio out.

    buy a macbook then. the audio out works just fine on that.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 6, 06:37 PM
    What's stopping you from doing that now?

    I know I have all of my iTMS video backed up to data DVDs...

    I know I won't be spending $10-$15 for anything less than DVD quality though, so I hope there's either a rental model or at least 480p.


    I do backup all of my ipod videos on DVD. I was talking in terms of rentals that so many people are interested in here. Apple would have to implement some sort of copy protection for people who simply want to rent for a few days, so the movies can't be backed up to DVD. Sort of like Divx DVD back in the day. You bought the movie for $5, then after 48 hours it was unusable.

    This brings up another point. There are a lot of "hackers" out there who, I would think, wouldn't have a lot of difficulty breaking encryption or copy protection on the possible movie rentals from iTunes. I think that would be another reason Apple would avoid rentals.

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  • nonameowns
    Mar 25, 05:39 PM
    king of mobile games right there folks

    what PSP and N3DS gonna do!?

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  • bob_hearn
    Sep 1, 12:43 PM
    MacOSXrumors??? There is, if anything, negative correlation between their predictions and reality.

    What Apple had damn well BETTER announce then is Merom MacBook Pros. It's inexplicable that they have not done so already.

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  • diamond.g
    Mar 24, 03:28 PM
    Can anyone explain the nVidia hate?

    I, for one, miss my old GeForce 8800.

    I have a Radeon HD 5770 now, and there are these little annoyances. For instance, when I run my bootcamp partition inside VMWare, the AMD driver software starts complaining. The GeForce didn't give a damn. Speaking of which, I had to install the .Net framework to install the AMD drivers. Kinda cheap. And every now and then I get a slight flicker in the screen. To be honest, I'm not sure if that's the Radeon, but I've never had it before.

    Don't get me wrong, the card is performing superbly overall. But the driver side still needs some polish. (And that's a complaint I've been hearing for ages!)
    The .Net framework is for the CCC (Catalyst Control Center). I am pretty sure you can still get the drivers and not dl the CCC.
    Why should you care about the IGP in your 2010 15" MBP? You have a discrete GPU(NVIDIA 330M) alongside it that it should automatically switch to while under heavy load.

    It isn't load based... It is API based. But you knew that...

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  • garybUK
    Feb 24, 06:01 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Take it you've never been down south where ford makes it's own engines?

    You mean Dagenham where they make the Petrol and some of the PSA Diesel engines? Take it I have... seeing as my dad and uncle worked for Ford for >20 years ;) Funny how after knowing about fords like that neither of them would own a Ford privately (dad has a Audi A6 Estate + uncle a VW Passatt).

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  • mr.barkan
    Sep 6, 06:45 PM
    So let's heat this thread up!!

    In my opinion as a moviemaker... the store should have:

    10 - Lot's of movies / Variety it�s what�s all about

    9 - Lot�s of Bandwidth / Assuming lot�s of people will use it on launch, slow dowloads are a HUGE down

    8 - Decent compression / No comments, it�s obvious

    7 - Diferent Sound Options / Not everybody want�s 5.1 or DTS or 2.0, but if I buy a new stereo surround system I�d like my 5.1 for free later on.

    6 - Diferent sizes / I don�t wanna see a feature in my current iPod, but yes I�d like to see it in my PSP (if I had one) etc...

    5 - New iPod / Okay, they won�t let me see it on my PSP(if I had one) so give me something better to go along and make me proud to say "I love my iPod, I love apple�s iMovies Store"

    4 - iMovie Podcast sharing / I would be cool if I could post a iMovie Podcast and show my Short Films hi-res to the world!

    3 - Hard Disk Burning / Oh c�mon!! Let me burn it to a DVD so I can watch it anywhere I�d like... or I�m... humm... buyin it on Amazon or Best Buy.

    2 - Extras for Free / DVD extras are really important expecially if you work on the industry and would like to see how they are making things happen.

    And the most important!!!

    1 - HD Download Options / YES!!! In my opinion this will be the biggest revolution. If you can download trailers in 480p, 720p, and 1080i/p than why cant you download a feature film??? I mean... the files are going to be huge but with todays cable speeds (4,8mbs). And why else would be the point for the release of a 24" (user friendly) HD iMac???


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  • stevehp
    Oct 23, 04:18 PM
    I know you will see that I've never posted before, so anything I say will probably be taken with a grain of salt. I don't blame you for not believing me, every Tuesday I am let down with all of you. If I am lying you can ban me from this forum, for whatever it's worth, I promise what I'm telling you is the truth. I see you guys are as antsy as I am about this update.

    I know a person that works at an Apple Store as an inventory control specialist - I asked him back in July to tell me before hand if he knew when the Merom MacBook Pro was coming out. Today I got a text message from him saying, "(dan's) laptop might be coming out tomorrow." However, he thinks it's only a 15''.

    Something is definitely planned to come out tomorrow. I know it's not concrete, but it gives me hope. I figured I would share.

    I'm hoping he is wrong about the 15'' thing, I wanted a 17''. Either way, I'll take what I can get. I've been waitng too long.


    hope that's true, but I also hope the 17 will be updated at the same time.

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  • blybug
    Jan 12, 07:03 PM
    I've always been a fan of the device that lets you remote access your computer (like a Star Trek PADD). Doubt we'll see one anytime soon though.
    I wonder...Apple would definitely be a bit ahead of the curve (wouldn't be the first time) releasing an iPADD :p but there are a lot of puzzle pieces coming together suggesting we're close to a first-generation of such a device. It's the logical "top-end" of the Touch-iPhone family. Apps and widgets created with the upcoming SDK could span all 3 devices. But the killer app for the big iPADD due to its actual usable screen size would be VNC/BTTM.

    Think of all the people in corporate/hospital/university environments carrying laptops around to meetings, rounds, classes, Starbucks, then back to their offices where their desktops are no longer "up to date". In these WiFi saturated environments why not just bring your home/office/dorm computer with you through "the air" on your iPADD? Could definitely cut into the actual laptop computer market, but I bet whatever MacBook sales are lost could be more than made up for by folks buying the iPADD instead of a Windows laptop! Would also make a cozier gadget to curl up on the couch with at home than a traditional laptop, and could literally control and manage all your other local WiFi devices (:apple:TV!).

    OK I've convinced myself. Mark this thread...may be referring to it on Tuesday...:D

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 26, 11:42 PM
    WordPerfect Office X5?

    You got me there. Here's a bit of interesting tech trademark trivia (Microsoft vs Lindows):

    As early as a court rejected Microsoft's claims, stating that Microsoft had used the term "windows" to describe graphical user interfaces before the product, Windows, was ever released, and the windowing technique had already been implemented by Xerox and Apple many years before. Microsoft kept seeking retrial, but in February a judge rejected two of Microsoft's central claims. The judge denied Microsoft's request for a preliminary injunction and raised "serious questions" about Microsoft's trademark. Microsoft feared a court may define "Windows" as generic and result in the loss of its status as a trademark.


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  • Multimedia
    Nov 22, 10:45 PM
    Quad-core chips (and octo-core systems) are available now from the other top tier Intel vendors. Apple not included.Typical. Are they 2.33 and 2.66GHz models Aiden? Got links?

    SideNote: The Madonna Concert in HD on NBC tonight is groundbreaking broadcast television. One of the most amazing telecasts I have ever seen-heard. I am a huge Madonna fan though. :D Tony Bennett's special last night also on NBC was an amazing HD composition as well.

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  • gusapple
    Apr 12, 09:08 PM
    I know this thread is probably full of pro video geeks so don't eat me alive here. What's the primary difference between FCP and Express aside from the fact that Final Cut Pro is packaged in a suite of applications?

    I find that things just go smoother in FCP. Applications don't crash as easily as they do in Express, and when they do, it's easier to recover them. Also, I find myself having much more power to control rendering and export settings than in FCE. I guess once you go pro, it's hard to go back. Just make the jump though. If you are thinking of editing as a profession or even as a large hobby, Final Cut Pro is a wonderful and integrated way to start.

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  • quadgirl
    Sep 1, 12:54 PM
    Most of the posts in this thread are about the 23" screen. Yes, I think it will happen to allow the imac to play 1080i/1080p HD.

    But, how about the processors? Apple needs to have a Core 2 (Conroe not Merom) inside the imac. The imac is not a conventionally size desktop (not as much room inside as a tower) but Apple can not continue to use a laptop processor in the imac. If they do, then how will the Conroe be used in Apple's line up? In a Mac tower? I don't think so. Surely, a 23" iMac could house the Conroe suitably?

    So I would say that the 23" iMac would kill 2 birds - Conroe and HD for the home user. :)

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  • rhythmac
    Nov 27, 04:36 PM
    Stop buying things for yourself! 'Tis the season of giving, you know.

    but I need so many things! Am I selfish?...well maybe a little, but don't judge!!!!

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 22, 12:16 PM

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  • AFPoster
    Mar 22, 01:02 PM
    I want to say I remember a few anti-war group protest at a funeral but did not make any real national head lines because it was not like the webro group protest.
    It was a more tasteful one so to speak saying we have dead soldiers because of the war but was not full of the hate and directly linked to the war.
    I am working off memory here but that sort of remember it.

    At my base they picket outside of the entrance gates every thursday. And all military members are to take a different entrance to avoid getting hurt. They have signs saying horrible comments and they attack you and your vehicle. Yes they get arrested if they attack anything, but at least 1 gets hurt a week. As for funerals somehow they find out where they are and play music, throw a party, cause a nascence basically to ruin the moment of memory and putting someone to rest.

    Sep 1, 01:20 PM
    Dammit, I just spent $3200 on a MacBook Pro 3 months ago! Apple is going to drive me into the poor house if they don't stop making stuff I want to buy.

    Get some goddamned control man!

    May 2, 04:25 PM
    They could have simplified the whole process in the following way:

    Nov 27, 02:58 PM
    But in reality, I don't think a 17" is Apple's answer. Lowering the prices of the current model lineup is indeed the way to go. I've been one of the biggest bitchers about Apple's price point on LCD's for years now. That 20" LCD should not be anymore than $299. Plain and simple...simple and plain!

    You people are incorrigible. I do hope people start reading the thread or doing some research before anyone else makes a fool of themselves.

    Apple LCDs are not worth the extra price tag as long as you do your home work before purchasing an LCD monitor from a different company.

    A little homework, Aye? (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=252327).
    That's funny, I was thinking the same thing...

    Why do I find so much joy in pointing out other peoples ignorance and feeding them their own lines... I should be a college professor :rolleyes:

    Apr 12, 10:38 PM
    This pro user will re-learn the interface for the very good reason that I will get lots of new features and tools.

    It's a shame you're going to go out of your way to apparently not learn anything during the process. Seems counter-productive to me, but it's your life.

    Agreed. Even a large overhaul of an interface like this one should take a day or two to get used too. I'm more likely to get tripped up over a remapped keyboard shortcut than anything else.

    Mar 23, 02:31 PM
    You still don't get it. It is having all your music with you. The choice to play anything you feel in the mood to hear , not that you play it all from start to finish.

    Exactly ~ does one read every book in the library when they walk in?

    The folks that don't understand the Classic, well, they don't understand the Classic :rolleyes:

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