Tuesday, May 31, 2011

happy birthday cake cartoon

happy birthday cake cartoon. happy birthday cake cartoon.
  • happy birthday cake cartoon.

  • MacRumors
    Apr 26, 12:42 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/26/amazon-responds-to-apples-trademark-lawsuit-over-app-store/)


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  • QuarterSwede
    Apr 10, 05:52 PM
    Actually, you're wrong on both premise. On crowded roads, manuals are better. No need to constantly hit the brakes, you can better control a car's speed with a manual with compression and clutch manipulation. In traffic, I hardly ever touch the brakes.

    On straight roads, manual is again better. For passing, a quick throttle blip/downshift gives you better boost than waiting for an automatic to kick in as you stomp the pedal.
    Valid points however, anyone driving in stop and go traffic will tell you automatics are a lot easier on the knees. Also, after a tiring day at work the last thing I wanted to do was drive a stick in that mess.

    Also, you can downshift in an automatic as well. Most people don't do that though.

    Any driving enthousiast doesn't mind a clutch and a stick, no matter the situation.
    I think you mean most driving enthusiasts in most situations.

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  • TwinCities Dan
    Nov 25, 06:18 PM

    so true

    late entry to post of the year

    may i suggest a case for when you're out on the road

    :rolleyes: Wow, so you liked Surely's comment so much you had to pretend you came up with it? Ohhh, copykris, now I get it! :p

    Let's get back to the purchases...

    I bought 4 of these

    and some of this

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  • happy birthday cake cartoon.

  • skiltrip
    Oct 6, 01:29 PM
    Thanks. That looks like a great case there too!

    I hope it's nice in person. I have a cheapo $2 gel case in smokey black I got on Ebay. Looks nice, but tons of watermarking, and the fit is so-so. Hard to get on right. And the volume button cover on that cheapo case sucks. Hopefully this will be a good compromise.

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Sep 1, 12:41 PM
    My Guess:

    iMac 17" - 1299
    1.83 GHz
    512MB RAM
    160 SATA
    8x DL
    ATI x1600 - 128

    iMac 20" - 1699
    2.0 GHz upgradable to 2.16
    512MB RAM
    250 SATA
    8x DL
    ATI x1600 128 upgradable to 256 (As is already)

    iMac 23": 1900 x 1200 - 1999
    2.16 GHz upgradable to 2.33
    1 GB Standard
    250 SATA upgradable to 500 (as 17" and 20" is)
    8x DL
    ATI x1600 256
    FW 800

    I didn't say upgradable on 17" and 20" hard drives because we already know that.

    In a dream world I'd say the 23" vCard would go to the x1800 or something

    Hmm... the problem with that line-up is that when consumers see the shiny new advert saying "Meet the new iMacs" they'll look at the clock speeds and say "What new iMacs?". I think it would be reasonable for Apple to offer...

    17" iMac - $1,199 - 2 GHz, X1650 Pro 128 MB
    20" iMac - $1,599 - 2.16 GHz, X1650 Pro 256 MB
    23" iMac - $2,099 - 2.33 GHz, X1650 Pro 256 MB

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  • iMikeT
    Oct 23, 06:19 PM
    Wasn't this expected a couple months ago?

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  • Earendil
    Nov 28, 12:56 PM
    Assuming for a second that this is true, I do not see Apple in this space. 17" LCD monitors have been around for years and they are inexpensive now. Why would Apple enter this market when it is unlikely to get the ussual return on investment?

    Best point yet.

    I think if we all dig deep down the only reason we want Apple to enter this market is so that we can have what can already be had, but with an Apple logo on it. Even I'll admit it.

    17" cheap consumer monitors don't need innovation. They don't need a refresh, they don't need love from Apple's design team. Give it a few year s(if not a lot less) and the 17" monitors will be the equivalent of the 15" or 13" monitors. And who wants APple to design a cool 15" LCD :\

    I think (and I could be wrong) that when people today buy a 17" monitor they are going for the cheapest display they can get so they can use their computer. If they have a little extra cash, they look at larger monitors. Aside from Apple never being able to compete for the cheapest of the cheap, it's also not what they do, or ever had done afaik.

    I'd rather seem Apple make a consumer level 20" and sell it for $300 :D
    And knock a little off the pro models if at all possible...


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  • MacBoobsPro
    Aug 7, 04:41 AM
    Keynote is 6pm for us in the UK.

    Since I started reading this thread, it's gone from 5 pages to 7! :eek: :eek: :eek:

    I can't WAIT!!!! How long does it take Apple to get the videos up on their homepage, and what kind of videos are they? My broadband aint too quick, so it often stutters when playing back larger videos...

    Its usually streamed at about 640x480 a few hours after. Im on 4mb line and it still stutters occasionally. Apple..com and store usually is updated by about 11pm. Get your credit cards ready!

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  • Sydde
    Mar 19, 05:50 PM
    IMO, the Fart and Porn/ Pin Up apps are more distasteful and offensive than the App you've mentioned.

    More? No. This app says that homosexuals need help, a bit like alcoholics. That is far more offensive than farts or t&m.

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  • skunk
    Apr 10, 06:12 PM
    Yes, but I choose to drive an automatic as most of my driving is in town.

    happy birthday cake cartoon. Happy Birthday Cake Cartoon.
  • Happy Birthday Cake Cartoon.

  • tingly
    Mar 22, 03:42 PM
    Flash RAM isn't big/affordable enough to kill the classic yet.

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  • Happy Birthday Cake Cartoon.

  • twoodcc
    Oct 11, 08:21 AM
    congrats to whiterabbit for hitting 1 million!

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  • gr8whtd0pe
    Jan 22, 06:57 PM

    it's been gone for a while.

    I feel your pain man. I have a 2 year old myself.

    They all ready sit in Recaro's ;)

    Seriously though, we've got a 3rd on the way, so we had to go to something large enough to fit 3 car seats.

    Never heard of that brand.

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  • Irishman
    Apr 22, 09:32 AM

    21.5" (1920x1080) display
    3.5 GHz i3 processor
    8 GB RAM
    1 TB HD
    ATI Radeon HD 4870 (256MB)
    HDMI out


    That is the one I'll be getting. Why an i3 SB and not an i7 SB? I don't see Apple using an i3 in anything


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  • iTim314
    Apr 2, 01:58 PM
    Not sure if anyone has noticed this, but the kernel under Lion boots 64-bit by default. In Snow Leopard, you had to press 6+4 upon boot to use a 64-bit kernel.

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  • ajkrause
    Sep 1, 01:25 PM
    Just a general wonderment but why is it that upgrading the RAM on your made-to-order MacBook from the Apple Store online will run you up to $500 ($450 if you're a student) yet on the iMac and MacBook Pro the most it will cost you is $300 ($270 if you're a student)?

    I don't buy my RAM from Apple usually but it just seems very off to me anyway. The only time I bought RAM from them is when I bought my MBP... the sales guy convinced me easily because by that time I was salivating so much over the MBP, I was willing to pay a few extra bucks to be able to take it home from the Apple Store fully loaded. I'm an impatient guy, what can I say?*:D

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  • And here#39;s the irthday cake

  • X2468
    Mar 22, 11:14 PM
    I have a classic and an iPhone....
    I use both and always will
    I'm with you. My classic is so handy and useful. I have it loaded with music, videos, data, podcasts, it's just a terrific all around device. If they increase the capacity, I'll buy a new one upon release. Classic is the perfect name for this valuable device.

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  • weiss
    Oct 23, 07:27 PM
    I actually decided "the hell with it, i'm not going to wait any longer" and went to closest retail store to get myself a nice looking black macbook. It was sold out. Actually, I can't find it anywhere, so it's not much of a choice anymore (at least until they get more units).

    So, I'm stuck in the waiting room again. Let's all hold hands and believe, brothers! The C2D is coming! Hallelujah!

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  • paulyras
    Jan 11, 09:29 PM
    First time I've seen USB called complicated :).

    Ever used Windows 98? :D

    Apr 2, 11:20 PM
    In Safari, you can now change the width of a page by moving the cursor to the scrollbar and you see the little "adjust width" icon. Drag that and the width of the page decreases/increases toward the center.
    If I understood your explanation/description correctly (which was kinda confusing), then it's been there since DP1, and it's not just the right side, it's all four sides and all four corners, and lastly, it's a system-wide feature, not just Safari's.

    Nov 15, 07:57 AM
    8-Core Mac Pro! :eek:

    ***drool*** :D :cool:

    Aug 29, 12:56 PM
    It seems that if this rumor is correct, then why now? Why not 2 months ago? Have mini sales been all that great to warrant holding off on a simple update? Or could they possibly have been waiting for other products to move to merom so the mini doesn't infringe? I just don't understand why this has taken so long.I would assume they're going to update everything at once to make a grander impression with all of the new upgrades. Sure, they could probably easily update the mini now and make it available for purchase, but why not wait until the C2D hits the other machines at the same time? That way Apple can say their entire computer product line has been updated. I think it makes more of an impression to casual computer and mac users.IF TRUE - Just In Time Invintory Management Makes When Yonah Price Falls The Time To Do It. That would be once Merom is shipping - like NOW.

    I'm still not convinced this rumor is true. I've got my fingers crossed these two processors are going to be C2D at 1.66 and 1.83GHz - not Yonah.

    Only fair & logical reason it might be true would be due to constrained supply of Merom to begin with so Apple has to use all those for MacBook Pro first, then iMac - excluding a Conroe plan -, MacBook and finally mini when supply of Merom is unconstrained like around November-December. By first doing the speed bumps to the Merom speeds with Yonah, they can deliver an immediate benefit to their mini customers without spreading the limited supply of Meroms all over the lines yet.

    So after they have enough Meroms for MBP they can switch the MB to Meroms at the same speeds as now, then switch the mini ALMOST silently once that line is satisfied fully. iMac is a big unknown due to Conroe possability.

    More I think about it, that is probably what's happening. Intel probably has the order with Apple designed to reduce the Yonah supply as quickly as they can provde enough Meroms to keep satisfying Apple's every growing appetite for more and more C2 Intel processors at the ever growing assembly lines in Taiwan & China.

    Apr 12, 08:40 PM
    Here comes Super Final Cut Express (SFCE)...

    Or Final Cut Express Pro :rolleyes:

    Sep 6, 09:08 AM
    A thread on the new mac mini where everybody is bitching about the MacBook and the new iMac G5. :confused: :rolleyes:

    As a side note, I think I'll buy a new mini now...

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