Monday, May 30, 2011

gerard pique and shakira dating

gerard pique and shakira dating. Shakira amp; Gerard Pique:
  • Shakira amp; Gerard Pique:

  • PODshady
    Oct 23, 08:27 PM
    I believe that there is a very good chance that the entire Intel line of Macs will get upgraded to 64-bit processors since Leopard has extended 64-bit support beyond the UNIX level

    gerard pique and shakira dating. gerard pique and shakira dating. Gerard Piqué amp; Shakira: New; Gerard Piqué amp; Shakira: New. WestonHarvey1. Apr 15, 10:04 AM
  • gerard pique and shakira dating. Gerard Piqué amp; Shakira: New; Gerard Piqué amp; Shakira: New. WestonHarvey1. Apr 15, 10:04 AM

  • Bacong
    Oct 22, 12:46 PM
    Not sure who mentioned the Switcheasy cases first but thank you. I ordered two color cases on Monday night, they shipped from San Francisco on Tuesday and I received them in Maryland today.

    Fit is nice and the screen guard looks and feels great.

    not to give myself credit...but I did :P and yes, agreed! Love the case, and the screen protector is nice!

    gerard pique and shakira dating. Gerard Pique.
  • Gerard Pique.

  • Sailorloco
    Nov 24, 08:48 AM
    Crystal Head Vodka for turkey day.

    gerard pique and shakira dating. Shakira and Piqué dating game
  • Shakira and Piqué dating game

  • Spanky Deluxe
    Nov 27, 01:01 PM
    I don't know if this has been posted here yet or not, I did a quick search but turned up nothing.

    LCD vendors such as ViewSonic and Apple are set to launch 17-inch widescreen LCD monitors by year-end or the first quarter of according to industry sources.

    LCD monitor vendors expect 17-inch widescreen monitors to replace entry-level and middle-range 15-inch and 17-inch LCD monitors in the future. The prices for 17-inch widescreen monitors will not necessary be higher than 17-inch 4:3 models amid more efficient panel cutting by makers, according to the vendors.

    Currently, LCD panel makers such as HannStar Display and China-based players have launched 17-inch widescreen panels in the market. A fifth-generation (5G) substrate from HannStar can be cut into fifteen 17-inch widescreen panels or fifteen 15-inch 4:3 conventional-sized panels, the sources said.

    According to International Data Corporation (IDC), widescreen LCD monitors will account for 34% of the overall monitor market in the fourth quarter of 2007 with 19-inch widescreen monitors being the largest segment among all widescreen monitors. The proportion of 19-inch and 17-inch widescreen monitors will increase to 15.2% and 11.4%, respectively, by the fourth quarter of next year, the research firm added.

    gerard pique and shakira dating. Shakira : Gerard Pique
  • Shakira : Gerard Pique

  • seedster2
    Apr 27, 07:46 PM
    What does this have to do with patents?

    Nothing at all. LOL explains why he disappeared.

    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.3.3; en-gb; Nexus S Build/GRI40) AppleWebKit/533.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/533.1)

    WordPerfect Office X5?

    I totally forgot about those guys

    They should also be careful with their quotes in their financials. Tim Cook in the last conference call basically gave Microsoft and Amazon ammunition when he said things "We have the largest app store", making the term quite generic and descriptive. This doesn't help their case at all.

    I am quite surprised that Apple legal hasnt counseled them on this.

    I am not sure if you know, but there are differences between trademark law and patent law. In this case, the one you cited (which I studied), Amazon was protecting its system or process by which they achieved a 1-click process. This is a clear cut patent infringement.

    However, the current article deals with a trademark issue, which is different from patent law. In this instance, we are dealing with generic terms (App Store) and Apple cannot trademark that. As another member said, Apple does not have a trademark in App Store ;)

    Quoted for truth. Great post. Really helpful for the non-legal folk here. It helps quiet down the know it alls as well.

    gerard pique and shakira dating. Pique told Spain#39;s Mundo
  • Pique told Spain#39;s Mundo

  • pjarvi
    Jun 23, 09:17 AM
    Since the iMac already has a camera built-in, they might just be jumping on the motion control bandwagon. That way you wouldn't have to physically have to touch the screen, and they wouldn't have to add any new hardware, just a software solution. Unless, they're adding additional sensors similar to Microsoft's Kinect device coming to the Xbox 360.

    gerard pique and shakira dating. Gerard Pique
  • Gerard Pique

  • tortoise
    Sep 7, 02:17 AM
    Now that iMac is Core 2 Duo, the Academic $899 17" iMac is a mini killer config.

    Except that I want to use my 24" monitor...

    gerard pique and shakira dating. gerard pique and shakira dating.; dexthageek. Apr 13, 02:29 PM. Yeah, this is stupid!
  • gerard pique and shakira dating.; dexthageek. Apr 13, 02:29 PM. Yeah, this is stupid!

  • X-Z
    Feb 22, 11:19 AM
    Where can I get that date time thingy for my iPad!

    Here you go:

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 19, 10:53 AM (

    gerard pique and shakira dating. 4ee07 shakira honored life
  • 4ee07 shakira honored life

  • Schizoid
    Apr 3, 04:38 AM
    This ad will never work. People want ads that make them feel like teenage boys. I know this from Android ads. Steel and lasers, Apple. Steel and lasers!

    Yeah, I agree... more lasers!
    How about a dinosaur with lasers for eyes mounted on a rocket-shark shouting, "queue for the iPad 2" in a metallic, robotic accent... that would be great

    gerard pique and shakira dating. Colombian singer Shakira has
  • Colombian singer Shakira has

  • guzhogi
    Nov 15, 01:03 PM
    You are not a developer, I take it?

    Are you seriously suggesting that a developer should ship a product with features that are not only untested, but haven't even been tried out?

    What do you prefer: Unpack 8 core Mac Pro, install Handbrake, run it, 50 percent CPU usage, or unpack 8 core Mac Pro, install Handbrake, run it, kaboom!

    I don't think that's what he meant. I think he means instead of hard coding a program to use 8 (or however many cores), have the program dynamically use however many cores are in your computer. So if he wrote it on a 2 core machine, the program would use 2 cores. When he puts it on an 8 core computer, it'll automatically use all 8 w/o having to reprogram. The programmer should still test it and make corrections as necessary.

    gerard pique and shakira dating. gerard pique and shakira
  • gerard pique and shakira

  • quagmire
    Feb 22, 09:35 PM
    The vexing part of that is that the cost is largely artificial - i.e. taxes. Popular pickups like the Ford F-250 have been available in a diesel for years, and because they are trucks they are allowed to use diesel engines that are far more polluting and sooty than they need to be, and are tuned for torque rather than economy - meanwhile Volkswagen has to jump through flaming hoops in order to certify a diesel in its passenger cars, meeting stringent emmissions standards. And yet how many huge displacement V6/V8 diesel trucks are sold in the US each year vs diesel VWs? It's all about arbitrary regulatory nonsense.

    That has changed. The Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax now have to meet the stringent emissions regulations. Why do you think they cost $8K now compared to the $3-4K before the new emission laws?

    gerard pique and shakira dating. gerard pique and shakira
  • gerard pique and shakira

  • aiqw9182
    Mar 24, 04:35 PM
    True, but its a wait for the overzealot AMD CPU fan base. AMD is very well behind Intel right now in CPUs. Their 6-core offerings barely match the processing power of a i7-870; which is a 4-core, 1156 socket! They can't even match the 1366 socket yet... not to mention the monster of a CPU that is the i7-980X.

    Shhh... don't tell him that. He insists that it will only be a "small performance edge". �AMD

    gerard pique and shakira dating. gerard pique and shakira
  • gerard pique and shakira

  • KnightWRX
    Apr 26, 02:25 PM
    This debate made me think of this. Now that I've thought about it more this is actually really interesting. Reminds me of Kleenex, or Xerox.

    This has nothing to do with the current case.

    gerard pique and shakira dating. Pop Singer Shakira#39;s new
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  • zoran
    Nov 21, 10:10 AM
    This rumor seems to be only a rumor! Its Nov 21st today, when will octos come? Next year i guess... damn it!:mad:

    gerard pique and shakira dating. Shakira and Spanish footballer
  • Shakira and Spanish footballer

  • AFPoster
    Mar 22, 01:13 PM
    The only choice these friends of yours made was to try and fit in with straight culture.

    They were always gay. They chose to be straight� and that never works out.

    Colour me sceptic.
    Back and forth with emails confessing they chose to be gay? Oh come on.

    FYI, I made a choice about my career� tonight's dinner, my brand of underwear� I did not choose to be gay. No more than you made a choice to be (I assume) straight. Or� did you� which brings me back to your gay/straight switching friends. Perhaps time to do some more emailing? Talk things over with them? No need to be so deep in that dark closet.

    If they chose to be straight and that didn't work out that's beyond me. I am not gay so I can't understand the situation since being straight is considered "normal" in this society.
    I don't agree that this is right, whether my comments may seem to differ from that, I believe Gays deserve all = rights as straights receive, including marriage and joint income returns + names on the home deed.
    I can ask my friends all sorts of questions, but I don't think it will do any good since they gave there answers already.

    gerard pique and shakira dating. Shakira has finally admitted
  • Shakira has finally admitted

  • evilgEEk
    Sep 5, 12:14 AM
    ...or on 25 September (Photokina)...
    Oye, I hope it's sooner than that. I want to buy a mini for my office, but I can't wait that long. The 12th is about as long as I can wait, so come on Apple, help me out! :D

    gerard pique and shakira dating. Piqué shouldn#39;t be dating
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  • kelving525
    Sep 19, 02:47 PM
    ok sounds great. post a link I'll buy that for 99c until I find something I really like.
    BTW What camera did you use to take the shot ? Makes it look much more than 99c

    And I used a Nikon D5000 with 50mm F/1.4G lens. :cool:

    gerard pique and shakira dating. in the video. Rumors are
  • in the video. Rumors are

  • samb30
    Jun 23, 06:35 AM
    Maybe its something to do with the new apple tv which supposedly runs IOS4, a replacement to front row on the imac? You could use your i device as a controller like you should be able to do with the new atv, making it possible to use all the same features/games as on your iphone/pad but displayed up on your larger screen. prefect for movies and a new games console of sorts.

    This seems like a very logical and usable implementation on the imac, macbooks etc.

    Mar 24, 12:51 PM
    You weren't born gay, you chose to be gay.

    Oh FFS!!! :rolleyes:

    How many times more are we going to have to argue this?

    It is not a choice.
    I no more chose to be gay than you chose to be straight.

    Christ! Sometimes this forum reminds me of a Whack the Mole game� hit one on the head and another pops up.
    Same stuff over and over�

    Sep 14, 08:22 PM
    I got the Belkin Grip Vue in the blue color at bestbuy. Really a toss up between the three colors IMO.

    Looks pretty decent from the front, but the blue is a bit feminine.

    Apr 20, 08:10 AM
    So what are we looking at? 1-2 weeks?:cool:
    I hope so! Lots of time to play with it while I'm on Easter break from work! :)

    Apr 9, 04:02 AM
    So who's Obama gonna blow up next? Syria, Yemen?

    Well both Syria and Yemen have oil and therefore are very good candidates for bombing. I think the peace nobel prize winer (Obama) has already enough wars to keep him and his army happy, so I don't expect the US to start an new war soon.

    Jun 24, 08:46 AM
    We hope, Jobs said - many different iOS products later this year...

    In other words:
    Many more locked down products this year

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