Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • pagansoul
    Sep 7, 06:12 PM
    For the prices they are asking $14/15 for a new movie that can only be viewed on 2 computers and a portable doesn't cut it for me as it would be better to just buy the DVD. The TV shows at $2 is like iTunes and I have only used that to download free pilots and some of Surface I just had to see. :D With HD and BRay coming out I find the price of a simple DVD drop so if I want something I tend to get it, usually used for $5-10. Still, I do see people renting off the site for 2 to 4 dollars if they have the time and bandwidth.

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  • Krizoitz
    Mar 21, 08:13 AM
    and since Apple is missing the market so bad its sales have sunk to the lowest % in its history. there will come a point that it wont matter how much money is in their bank because no one will be buying the stuff. Look at iJon even he uses a PC for gaming. most people dont have a pc and a Mac so what do they buy? a PC.

    It doesn't matter if they sell to a market where the won't be able to make money and will likely lose money. Apple isn't a commodity PC dealer like Dell, they dont' sell in quantity, they sellin quality. As for gaming, sorry gamers make up a small percentage of the market, and since most games are PC first/PC only it doesn't make sense for them to buy a Mac anyway. Is it getting better? Yes and maybe that will change someday, but that doesn't mean squat right now. I think Apple is doing a fine job. What frustrates me is no matter how good they do for some people its never enough, they seem to want Apple to sell a 9Ghz Quad proccesor G6 with a terabyte of ram and a 200 petabyte harddrive with dual 30" plasma screens for $299. Give me a break.

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  • reflex
    Aug 25, 07:29 AM
    They are raising from 16% to 19% starting in 2007. :(

    Guess I'll have to make some purchases before January then :)

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  • Consultant
    Mar 25, 04:01 PM
    There's still the practical limitations of using a touchscreen as a control device, though. It's never going to be as tactile as a controller with buttons and joysticks. Not to mention having the HDMI adaptor sticking out of the side of the iPad while you're holding it to play games...

    Apart from that, I'm glad to see the iPad is able to hold its own as a gaming machine.

    Good luck performing multi-touch and gestures with buttons and joysticks. :rolleyes:

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  • utgerger
    Jan 12, 04:38 PM
    just because they used Air in their banner doesn't mean its called MacBook Air.. Apple is not stupid.. its all about slim and light..

    I'll be the one who'll tell you "I told you so" ;) .. enjoy the show!


    or this..


    :apple:MacBook Lite:apple:
    Feb 2008

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  • FireStar
    Oct 30, 03:10 PM
    The switcheasy color looks good, and it's cheap, but this griffin one (http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/flexgrip-action-touch4g) also looks good and this Speck pixelskin (http://www.speckproducts.com/ipod-audio/ipod-touch-4th-gen/pixelskin-black-1501.html) too, but the griffin one seems to be shock/drop proof (at least more so than the other 2).
    Well, they're all silicone (not sure about the Griffin Flex Grip), but the Griffin seems to be more thick. It probably would have more protection than the others, but Switcheasy has the Jellybean Home Button, and tons of accessories.

    For me, it would go:

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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 9, 04:39 PM
    Maybe they are rare where you live. In the UK and the rest of Europe they are more common that automatics.

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  • shawnce
    Nov 16, 10:57 AM
    Zune is dead, Windows is dead...face it.

    *rolls eyes*

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  • fedex1993
    Jan 8, 07:31 PM
    My car (well, when I finally pass my test) is below, the blue Nissan Micra on the far left. Not a very impressive car at all by any means, but it was seen on Top Gear a few years back (http://i53.tinypic.com/33mv0yb.png) when the boys made their electric car and took it to Oxford.

    *offtopic* where are you watching that at?

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  • MickyJ10
    Sep 14, 06:25 PM
    I've had no trouble with my phone. I'd recommend it to anyone. But CR will have a credibility issue if it backs down. If I were CR I'd not back down either.

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Sep 1, 01:17 PM
    Just think of how high the resolution on a 42" screen would be like. 4800 x 3000? At least a dozen megapixels!

    Hmm.. I don't think that's a valid resolution. The next 16:10 up is WQUXGA at 3840x2400 and if Apple go crazy, WHUXGA at a monstrous 7680x4800 (the benchmark in 2015 ;) ).

    Conroe inside a new design is much more likely.

    Much more likely according to who? Sorry but when two great sites like AppleInsider and MacOSXRumors agree 100% with each other, then it seems that it's almost certainly going to be that way.

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  • Torrijos
    Apr 19, 12:00 PM
    Dream config :

    Desktop Sandy Bridge CPU (difference being in the PCIe channels available)
    Good quality hard drive for mass storage but...
    Possibility to instal SSD in the same form factor that the MBA (and giving it its own data channel)
    Desktop GPUs
    at least 2 Full Thunderbolt ports (again the mobile version of Sandy bridge doesn't offer enough data channel to allow this)

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  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Jun 24, 01:45 AM
    buh-bye porn guy!:eek:

    You're that ignorant that you think the only benefit of an open platform is pornography?

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  • neko girl
    Mar 20, 11:38 AM
    Several court rulings have placed the rights of Gay people above the rights of people holding religious beliefs.
    I'm all for the distribution of the app on grounds of free speech (which may or may not apply to a curated app store like Apple's). However, I do like the ignorant statement you just made here, that I've quoted.

    Can you give me an example where the basic RIGHTS of a religious person was violated by upholding gay rights?

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 22, 03:43 PM
    Did not say he would improve it either. :(

    Adding Bluetooth makes a lot of sense.

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  • jxyama
    Apr 16, 08:22 AM
    Very interesting point but I want Apple's share to grow ! The whole point of this thread is to get Apple into every home - right now, its being done by the Ipod but sales can't continue this good forever so they must push the Macintosh into more homes and business.

    if you want apple in every home, why don't you buy Macs and give them away? (sarcasm)

    the whole point of this thread is NOT to get apple into every home. you started the thread claiming apple is in need of help. apple does not need help, as others have posted many, many times.

    apple will not try to put Macs in every home at the expense of its business. yeah, it makes great products. but it's not a charity - they are not going to start modifying their core business model just so everyone can have their product. get over it. Mac is not meant for everyone.

    lexus is nice. bmw is nice. are you going to petition that they should offer lower priced version of their cars so everyone could have one? a three story house with huge lawn and furnished basement is nice. are you going to petition morgage companies so that everyone could have a multi-million dollar morgages to get those houses and wreck their business because 99% of them will default?

    format of cv. format of cv. Curriculum Vitae
  • format of cv. Curriculum Vitae

  • gwuMACaddict
    Mar 19, 04:59 PM
    Like O'reileys viewers play and listens to Rap. Apple is lost when it comes to marketing and building computers for the masses.

    but they buy it for their kids... c'mon, apple is HARDLY lost when it comes to marketing... many of my PC friends rave about the way apple has marketed the iPod and their iMac... many of them are switchers because the comercials got them interested

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  • aross99
    Apr 2, 08:19 PM
    That's exactly how I feel and why I use Apple products. Great commercial.

    My thoughts exactly...

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  • doo-hik-ee
    Jan 13, 05:42 PM
    All this 'air' hype is ridiculous!

    MacBook Air!?!? What are you guys thinking?

    Crazy. :rolleyes:

    May 2, 08:12 PM
    I still get updates for "Hands Off" even though ive deleted every file i can see relating to it. any help?

    hopefully it removes every file

    May 8, 11:03 PM
    Thanks, I hope this will be my best month yet, we shall see...

    you and me both. i've got this month and most of next month before i'm going to have an outage

    Mar 22, 09:43 PM
    The classic is the best music player out there. Never change, Mr. Classic. Click wheel and NO touch screen. Just play my music and have a large capacity. There are other products if you want to do other things.

    Feb 28, 12:23 PM
    here is my mess sorry i didnt clean up first

    xi mezmerize ix
    Feb 23, 05:43 AM
    I gave up on running Handbrake on my MacBook of the same vintage, but only because kept loosing RAM and making it difficult to work. I started running Handbrake on the Mid 2007 Mac Mini instead.

    Haven't tried on the 2010 MBP that I just got. Might have to do that and see what we get...

    Handbrake runs fine on my 2010 MBP.

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