Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • WilliamG
    Sep 14, 02:20 PM
    Does Consumer Reports stop recommending automobile purchases? Because you know if there is an issue with a car, the manufacturer will issue a recall. If you are affected, you have to take it into a dealer where it will be fixed. The onus is on the owner of the car, for crying out loud! The auto manufacturers should go house to house providing the fix for free to all cars, whether their owners report a problem or not!

    Wait, you mean Consumer Reports does not hold the auto manufacturers to the same artificial standard they hold Apple to? How amazing...

    Well, if a car made phone calls and was... you know... a phone, that would be different.

    I think Consumer Reports are dead on in not recommending the iPhone 4. And take that from someone who loves his iPhone 4.

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  • Laird Knox
    Mar 28, 03:11 PM
    Oh yay! These forums attract the angry Microsoft supporters, Android yahoos and now the rabid gamers are feeling insecure. We should all petition Apple to stop making compelling devices!

    There is a difference between being realistic about devices and having your head in the clouds. I LOVE my apple gear and can't wait to get an ipad, but I am realistic in it's capability - it certainly isn't going to replace anything as a main device for gamers.

    The iPad isn't the Jesus device that will be the be all and end all of tech....

    I never said it was. You must have me confused with somebody else.

    But since you bring it up... What excites me about Apple's current products is where they could be in five years. I've been talking about it since the iPhone was introduced.

    Imagine having a device that fits in your pocket yet is powerful enough to handle most people's computing needs. I go to the office and drop it in a dock and my LCD screens light up with my environment. I then go home and again I have access to everything again by simply plugging it in. When I'm on the train I can still use it to do email and what not.

    Motorola is partially there with the Atrix but the hardware isn't quite up to the task yet. Give it five years and I think things will be really different.

    Now that doesn't mean that a pocket device will replace every PC, console and server out there. It just represents shift in general usage. While I see this as feasible in the next few years I don't see a major migration away from desktops for at least a decade. This is due more to social constraints rather than technological.

    More back on the original subject:

    So what's to stop somebody making a $20 game pad for iOS? The iPad takes input from the controller and displays info on dual screens.

    Or even a controller that an iPhone or iPod slides into to allow use of the accelerometers in addition to the buttons.

    I don't see iOS ever replacing the consoles just like PCs didn't destroy that market. I can see a lot of overlap in the markets.

    Even so, the number of people that come to these forums just to piss and moan that their OS/phone/PC/console/tablet is better than the iOS device du jour is rather tiring. There is actually an interesting article in the March 2011 issue of Scientific American that talks about this very subject. I highly recommend it.

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  • dornoforpyros
    Oct 23, 07:55 AM
    oh don't worry kids, they WILL be released tomorrow because I just bought on saturday :P

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Aug 29, 01:16 PM
    intel will sell yonahs for quite some time besides merom. why sell them when merom is better? answer: because they will sell them for lower price

    The pricelist from Intel themselves (PDF). (

    Core 2 Duo: Merom pricing.

    Yonah prices in normal font, Merom in bold
    1.66 GHz - $209/ $209
    1.83 GHz - $241/ $241
    2 GHz - $294/$294 etc. etc.

    They cost the same! Intel hasn't announced any price drops yet.

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  • WeegieMac
    Apr 1, 02:21 PM
    Folders animation when opening/closing is a little improved, but still looks like a bottom range PC trying to run Half Life 2 on full settings. :D

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  • 0815
    Apr 26, 02:00 PM
    Every company should give up all their trademarks. I must say, Apple brought the name "AppStore" to fame and obviously others try to catch some of the 'good name' that comes along with it .... but than, I just looked on (in the hope to sort of proof that App is not a real world) but it has an entry in there and I recommend everyone to check it out: : "computerese shorthand for application, attested by 1992."

    so bottom line: yes others try to ride on the name recognition that apple has created for it (because before that, nobody had any 'good' associations with the name) - but unfortunately they choose a not very specific name for it.

    So while it is in my opinion a poor move by Amazon and others admitting that they havent anything good otherwise to offer and need to ride on the success of Apple - it does not seem to be illegal.

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  • iJawn108
    Jan 11, 09:11 PM
    i highly highly doubt they are calling it the "macbook air." that's borderline laughable. i am willing to bet the phase "there's something in the air" is referring to the soon to be announced rental service, not a piece of hardware. apple is making an obvious attempt to eliminate physical mediums altogether, first cds with mp3s and now dvds with downloadable vids (both via the itunes music store). everything will be available "in the air" or "up in the cloud," if you will. i'll be damned if they name their next product the "macbook air." c'mon people...
    Aperture 2.0 via iTunes... or maybe it just reefers to iPhone/iPod Touch apps.

    Or maybe it referes to a notebook that doesnt have a replaceable battery, though the new macbooks will be used as frisbees.

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  • swingerofbirch
    Jul 19, 04:32 PM
    How could the analysts be off by almost a billion dollars? Are they held to account for this?

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  • MacRumors
    Mar 25, 03:34 PM (

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  • plinden
    Jul 19, 03:47 PM
    There are more details here -

    At the end of the page is a breakdown in the sales figures.

    Desktop sales are down 14% on last quarter, and 23% on a year ago, but laptop sales are up a whopping 60% on last quarter and 61% on a year ago.

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  • boxandrew
    Sep 6, 06:22 PM
    Yes. I want rentals. I almost never want to see the same movie again, so I won't want to store it.

    Rentals are what I would use. At a sufficiently low price, of course. $2 for close to DVD quality would be OK. (I'm less picky about rental quality than purchase quality.)

    Seems a lot of people are agreeing with this. If they don't have a netflix style rental model then I can't see myself using the movie store at all. If they do have rentals, then I'll say bye-bye to netflix the same day.

    Having read all the rumours, I'm not holding out much hope... :(

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  • raymondso
    Oct 23, 07:44 AM
    Hoping not only MBP, but also MP.
    I've been waiting too long with my money burning my pocket :(

    update: sorry, should be MB instead of MP, typing mistake

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  • triceretops
    Mar 22, 10:53 PM
    Is there an app in which the face of the iPod touch/iPhone has a digital scroll wheel on the bottom half and a screen on the top half to simulate the iPod Classic interface? Maybe that would be enough to satiate the holders on to the classic?


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  • KevanDual2.5
    Sep 6, 08:56 AM
    Maybe i am alone on this one....

    I think the 24" iMac G5 is the beginning of the end of the G5 iMac. We all watched as the outstanding G4 iMac grew from a 15" to a 17" and finally to 20". While the stunning design remained the same, the 20" just didn't look as good as the 2 previous models. The proportions were wrong and it looked top-heavy.

    I am sitting in front of an original 23" Apple Display (plastic rather than aluminium). The new iMac cannot be much smaller than it. I firmly believe that the 24" will be, and should be, as big as it gets. I just hope that heat doesn't become a problem with the Core 2 Duo chips else the G5 iMac may have to evolve into a new enclosure.

    Anyone else have thoughts similar?

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  • ouimetnick
    Apr 26, 02:53 PM
    "Amazon" is a generic term and should not be used for a store name.

    Apple, Mac, Macintosh are all generic terms and should not be a compant or product name. :rolleyes:

    Some for the name Windows for Microsoft.

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  • regandarcy
    Apr 19, 11:22 AM
    13" maybe, but the 11" doesn't look to be refreshed for a while. AFAIK Intel has as yet not announced a new CPU that is as low power as the Core2Duo in the 11" MBA.

    Along with a new iMac, I'd love to get a new MacBook air too. As much as I LOVE my iPad as the BEST way to surf the's not as versatile a tool when on the road as I had hoped. Even tho the iPad 2 has iMovie now, you can only edit movies shot on apple iOS devices with it. Imovie on the ipad won't let you import And edit HD movies directly from your camera...which sucks.

    Anyway...if the new MacBook airs get sandy bridge, thunderbolt and BIGGER flash drives I will pick one up in! Seriously. I love the fact that Apple is phasing out the CD/DVD drives. Don't need em, don't want em. BUT the biggest thing stopping me from getting a MacBook air has been the HD size. Even the 256gb drive is pushing it for my needs. A 320gb flash drive or better yet, a 500gb flash drive in one of these babies would have me drooling. If they can get the prices down is the big question. Might need another couple years for that to happen.

    Lastly, come on Apple...4gigs of ram should be standard. :-) heh heh heh.

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  • PBF
    Apr 3, 02:31 AM
    Stickies contents are now scrollable. I think this was the case in DP1 as well.

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  • bobbleheadbob
    Mar 25, 04:55 PM
    This will make a great game even better.

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  • cube
    Mar 24, 04:26 PM
    Which is not even out yet. Brazos/Zacate and Ontario are the ones I'm referring. Let me edit that out.

    Brazos is the platform. Zacate/Ontario are the chips. Bobcat is the core.

    Apr 12, 10:07 PM
    i mostly just do smaller editing projects, and obviously information is somewhat limited at this point, but i really do like what i hear. sounds like hardware will be much better utilized to let you play with your footage without as many costly timeline renders. we'll see how the potential pans out, but i'm eager to give it a test drive!

    Feb 20, 08:09 PM
    Current setup... my sig.

    Aug 7, 06:25 AM
    I'm hoping that Leopard is more of an increment than the last couple of OS X releases were. I'd still rather use Tiger than any other OS, but Apple really needs to address its UI inconsistencies and usability issues. For example, I think that printing and font management in OS X are much more complicated than they need to be...

    In addition to printing and font management, how bout adding to the list networking access. The way one accesses networks in Windows seems much more straight forward, consistent, clean and intuitive in Windows XP than it does in OS X. That's my oppinion anyway. Maybe that's just me. Anyone else agree???

    Leet Apple
    Feb 28, 12:37 PM

    How do i get that screensaver on my MBP

    Nov 29, 02:11 PM
    Originally Posted by longofest View Post
    Actually, I was thinking they were working on a car
    oh hell yeah, the iCar? Couldn't be iDrive - that's already a BMW thing

    Apple to design a car?

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