Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • motulist
    Aug 7, 03:38 AM

    Dat iz teh secks!!

    I know! But this is special insider info I'm showing just to you, you can't let anyone else see it, you have to keep it a secret!

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  • OllyW
    Apr 10, 11:11 AM
    I've never been impressed with them but the last time I used an auto was in 1983 so I've obviously never tried any of the fancy auto shifting modern cars.

    I don't have a problem using a left hand drive car with manual gears, you just use your other hand. :D

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  • JunBug119
    Nov 26, 10:44 PM
    Hate it when a coworker shoves me an order form and I feel obligated to purchase something.

    Tennis elbow sucks

    For my netbook

    For the mentioned netbook cause I hate using the trackpad

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  • WeegieMac
    Apr 1, 02:21 PM
    Folders animation when opening/closing is a little improved, but still looks like a bottom range PC trying to run Half Life 2 on full settings. :D

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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 10, 02:21 PM
    I've only owned cars with a stick shift. It's sad to see that more and more models are now available in automatic only.

    The only automatic I've ever owned was a car that was only ever made in auto form: a Jaguar XK8. Fortunately in the UK most mainstream cars are still available in manual.

    There is another disturbing trend though: many modern manual cars (VAG group cars I'm look at you) won't let you use all three pedals at once. This is terrible for the spirited driver as you cannot heal and toe down the box. Kills the slight enjoyment one might get from driving a bland hatchback like a Golf.

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  • Doctor Q
    Nov 28, 12:08 PM
    ...here is a link (http://macdailynews.com/index.php/weblog/comments/11631/) to the CNN review of the zune. I wouldn't be surprised if they were payed by Apple given how it ends.Woah, that was one scathing review! Just one man's opinion, perhaps, but one that many will see.

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    Apr 3, 01:46 PM
    Apple is Apple and the king of the hill with respect to the tablet sector. Android is attempting to catch up, and therefore not on top.

    The reason this ad works so well is because it is not in your face, trying to give you a spec list of what it can do. People already know what is under the hood and what its hardware can do, the point of the ad is to entice, to get those who are on other platforms to come on over.

    This ad is about subtle confidence and that is why it is a home-run. Android, well they can keep trying with their used car salesman approach.

    This ad will never work. People want ads that make them feel like teenage boys. I know this from Android ads. Steel and lasers, Apple. Steel and lasers!

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  • regtamac
    May 2, 07:27 PM

    As was already mentioned this feature just deletes (and only apps from the Mac App Store it seems) not uninstalls an app along with its related files. To find out more or to ask any questions just visit my site below. All the best!

    Reggie Ashworth
    AppDelete Developer
    www.reggieashworth.com (http://www.reggieashworth.com)

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  • Hairball
    Apr 2, 07:45 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    This is simply an amazing ad.

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  • h1r0ll3r
    Feb 22, 11:47 AM
    Man I hate this friggin monitor. Can't wait until I get a new(er) one.

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  • bigmc6000
    Jul 19, 06:14 PM
    Good Lord, 9.5 Billion in the Bank!

    Dear Apple,

    This just makes .Mac sucking that much more incredible.

    Please hire some .Mac engineers.


    Every Apple User in the World

    I've been holding off on .Mac for quite some time. I'd love to use my iWeb as I've got quite a few picture pages I'd like to make but combining the .mac experience with the horrendous price tag I'm stuck uploading to yahoo for free for eternity. PLEASE - no more than $49 for a year, even that is too much IMO but I'll take it...

    Side note: AAPL stock up 8.43% in afterhours - within 1 billion of Dell now. *Play Jaws theme song here* :-D (figuring in both stocks after market #'s...)

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  • KeriJane
    Apr 9, 04:56 PM
    Yes, I can drive manual.

    My father was too cheap to buy an automatic car and the cars I could afford when I was younger were all manual.
    I didn't actually start with a car. My first motor vehicle was a Yamaha 60, which was a full-sized motorcycle with a 60cc engine and a... manual transmission!

    1st car= 1968 SAAB 96 with 3 cylinders and a manual transmission! It was loads of fun and sounded like nothing else except maybe a very angry snowmobile.

    Nowdays, 2 of my last 3 Toyota Tercels were automatics. I wish for manual a lot as the autos are a bit sluggish and not as economical.

    Have Fun,

    PS. I may have a really fun manual car pretty soon.

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  • SciFrog
    Feb 9, 05:35 PM
    Was crunching for another team before. The stats from Berkley show the aggregate as do some tools like the FAH Wudget.

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  • Kirbdog
    Jan 1, 09:29 PM
    I am hoping that movies and TV shows get offered outside the US on the iTunes store. Steve mentioned that this would be happening in 2007 when he previewed the iTV box. I think many would like to see this sooner than later.
    A true video iPod would really compliment this announcement:D :D

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  • fuziwuzi
    Jun 23, 08:34 AM
    Then what was the point in the iPad?

    it can warm your balls in winter?

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  • bigdaddyp
    Sep 14, 11:45 AM
    They DO, I don't think you have the facts. CR held Lexus' feet to the fire to get them to act on the GX - http://blogs.consumerreports.org/cars/2010/04/consumer-reports-2010-lexus-gx-dont-buy-safety-risk.html .

    Follow up - Lexus fixed the problem and CR lifted their "DO NOT BUY" recommendation - http://blogs.consumerreports.org/cars/2010/05/video-lexus-gx-460-passes-retest-consumer-reports-lifts-dont-buy-label.html . CR is *NOT* the problem here, it's Apple penchant for hubris/self-involvement. I love Apple and their products, but I'm not fooling myself to expect that they'll be any more consumer-friendly and honest than they need to be to turn a profit/feed Steve's ego.

    The problem I sometimes have with their recommendations is that their reports are written to assume you are a total dumba$$ with no personal responsibility.

    If you are driving a 2 1/2 ton suv like its a sports car then there is a good chance that you will be forcibly yanked out of the gene pool. Ten years ago many or most large suvs would have tipped over or gone out of control in that scenario. Instead of praising the advances automakers have made they instead have a hissy fit that a large, heavy automobile can get a bit loose when driven beyond its limits.

    How about reminding their readers that electronic stability control can't overcome the laws of physics and extra care needs to taken when driving large, top heavy vehicles in curves.

    Yes I am glad that Toyota tweaked and improved the stability control, but I think this illustrates that Cr. feels the consumer has no or little personal responsibility for their actions.

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  • SciFrog
    Feb 10, 07:03 PM
    You need to update to the 6.29 client.

    Bigadv are still more ppd but on win side many people are switching to SMP2 because the a3 core is quite fast on 4 cores (8 virtual).

    Soon bigadv units are switching to a3 core also. I would then hope that we will not be loosing units due to restart or power loss or network switching as the a3 core is now threaded.

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  • nicksoper
    Oct 23, 11:03 AM
    I've been waiting for my 17 inch macbook pro for months now, and it's finnaly due to arrive on Monday. (Getting it from UK to South Africa without it getting stolen is a big problem I've had)

    So I'll be gutted if they release new one, but I'm working on the old 1ghz G4 powerbook, so I'm going to be flying anyway! With or without the extra odd 20% speed of the core2 duo.....

    Perhaps there will be the case re-design though, that would be nice.

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  • rkmac
    Nov 26, 02:52 AM
    Logitech diNovo Mac Edition Keyboard
    I finally decided that I couldn't put up with not having a number pad any longer. Feels good to have a full sized keyboard again.

    Jan 12, 04:18 PM
    Perhaps AIR is an acronym?
    Apple I______ R______ :)

    Apple's Inconceivable Riddle. :rolleyes:

    Apr 19, 11:49 AM
    256 should be perfect. If you need more space I'd say invest in a NAT or just external drive.

    I do a ton of iMovie editing of trips n such and with itunes + movies + TV show's i'm only pushing 150gb right now on my MBP.

    Just because 256 is 'perfect' for you does not mean it is perfect for everyone else. I need 500GB SSD. External drive solutions are just way to slow compared to internal SSD. The SSD upgrade on my Laptop was the best upgrade ever, now I want an 27'' iMac with 500GB SSD and lots of memory.

    Aug 29, 07:44 PM
    No Blu-Ray, as slot load would not be able to have enough cooling-leave it for next Mac Pro.

    Huh? Why would a BR drive make any more heat than a 12x or 24x DVD drive? Hint: it won't. It's a disc that is the same size and weight and spinning at the same speeds... the only change is the wavelength of the laser reading the disc.

    Decoding the data will take some juice, which will make some heat, but no more than any other CPU intensive task.

    Mar 20, 01:14 PM
    Can you give me an example where the basic RIGHTS of a religious person was violated by upholding gay rights?

    Or an example of ANY right given to gay people that aren't likewise extended to every other citizen?

    I suspect Daveoc64 is referring to this case (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-12214368) - concerning a gay couple from his home town.

    Equivalent rights were not set against each other - the hoteliers believed they had a right to restrict their trading based on religious beliefs, the gay couple contested that and won. So it's incorrect to say that gay rights were held in a higher regard than religious - since the rights were awarded according to the situation.

    The case is interesting nonetheless. It would be interesting to see what the result would be if the same case were to be contested in the US.

    Feb 28, 02:49 PM
    Nice setup. What's the story behind the "double" windows, I've never seen anything like that before.

    Back in the days before double or triple glassed windows, this was the only option for better insulation compared to a single window.

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