Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • quagmire
    Mar 19, 09:32 AM
    And we have a right to try to stop them killing each other?


    No, but we were asked to help out. We aren't sticking our noses into a mess we are not welcome in.

    As long as we are not sending ground troops in, I support it. Right now, the Air Force and Navy are capable of bombing runs. They'll probably send in B-2's and F-22's for the initial strike to get rid of the anti-aircraft systems since they are stealth planes and then probably turn most of the enforcement of the no-fly zone over to the Europeans.

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  • lorductape
    Jan 12, 10:20 AM
    Take a look at this:


    Personaly i think it's fake, because of the non-capital letter on the begining of the second sentence... but who knows it could be true the disposition of the this so called macbook air is quite original and not in the tradicional way laptop upside down opened a little...

    they got the font wrong.

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  • mr.suff
    Feb 22, 03:51 AM
    Way back in early 2008.

    24" 7,1 iMac and a base 1,1 MacBook Air

    Right now. Literally just set up the Dell 27"

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  • dollar sign tattoos. part of the tattoo,; part of the tattoo,. Much Ado. Oct 29, 06:50 AM. quot;If they Hardware worked with any software, it would not be so

  • DavidLeblond
    Aug 7, 07:23 AM
    Heh, not only is that tag-line funny, but it's funny 'cause it's true. "Hasta la vista, vista"? That's great too. Paul's obviously irritated by it, and also annoyed by the fact that Apple marketshare is in fact growing, despite his disbelief in its ability ever to do so.

    Paul's not a bad guy, in fact sometimes I think he's on the fence about what product to support. Look at the crap he writes. He'll praise Mac OS but then say something completely assinine such as "That feature's great, too bad they stole it from Longhorn!"

    Then he'll praise the innovativeness of Vista, and in the next breath talk about how much of a piece of crap it is.

    My favorite is when he says how awesome IE7 is... but he won't actually USE it, he uses Firefox. And he'll praise Ubuntu any chance he gets. I'm sure that REALLY steams Microsoft's shorts!

    He gets paid to write about Windows, so of course he's going to issue it more praise and talk trash about Apple more. But pay close attention to the bad things he says about Mac OS and the bad things he said about Windows... he has a lot more bad things to say about Windows... his arguments about Mac OS are usually the stupid things like making fun of their marketshare. *yawn*

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  • Sydde
    Mar 1, 08:54 PM
    Wikipedia states the Toyota Prius 3rd Gen gets a combined AFE of 50 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Prius#Third_generation_.28XW30.3B_2009.E2.80.93present.29) mpg (4.7L US gallons) if the diesel Cruze gets 37/48, that would give it a median AFE of 42.5 — 85% of what the Prius gets.

    OTOH, they say "Drive a Toyota, you'll never stop!" and, "Toyota, the last car you'll ever drive."

    OTOOH, Chevy? Yeesh. You might as well have XP on an Acer.

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 23, 03:00 AM
    Good. The classic controls are far superior IMO when using quickly and trying not to look at it. This is the reason I will not purchase an iPod touch for use in the car.

    I've used iOS since June 2007 and it had never even got close to the perfection of the click wheel. When I go on any trip of more than 100 miles, I always take my 60 GB 5th Gen iPod. For me, part of it is space - but it's mostly for I/O.

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  • xUKHCx
    Mar 25, 03:44 PM
    That looks really impressive, makes me want to buy an iPad 2 (or a playstation :D).

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  • ipodG8TR
    Aug 17, 01:28 PM
    The 1st Wave and AltNation channels are some of the biggest drivers for my iTunes purchases actually. "Oh, yeah! I remember that song back in college! [writes note on hand while swerving through traffic]"

    Exactly what I do -- listen to Sirius in the car and look at the display whenever I hear a great old song or something new I like. When I get to work, I launch iTunes and add the songs to my shopping cart. Then I purchase when I get home and finish checking out this weeks new releases!

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  • blevins321
    Mar 22, 04:32 PM
    Do people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

    220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

    Apple discontinue that dinosaur! It makes you look bad to just have it on your website.

    Not just songs. Could be used with a media dock for movies and TV shows too. And don't say Apple TV2. I mean away from your home.

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  • feare
    Apr 2, 08:43 AM
    It's definitely a lot smoother than the first preview was, especially in the animation department. Mission Control is no longer choppy for me, and while opening folders in launchpad is still choppy, it is much less so than in the first preview (I'm also on my Cinema Display right now, which seems to push my 2009 13" mbp).

    In fact, animations on the whole seem to be smoother than in SL. When using my cinema display, opening large stacks tended to be a little choppy, but now they open smoothly.

    And the default wallpaper is much improved.

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  • lordonuthin
    Dec 17, 10:26 PM
    Our team is at 2.147 million points for the last 7 days, the highest I've ever seen it!! Way to go Team!

    Macrumors.com - Team Folding - 7 days 2,146,864 Total points 146,241M

    We're catching up to those Greeks and will soon pass them.

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  • redAPPLE
    Aug 7, 01:06 AM
    Notice in the banner picture how the PowerMac G5 Tower is showing only it's side?!
    Anyone think it's maybe actually a MacPro's side...therefore they wouldn't show its front or back (dual optical drives, reconfigured back)?

    actually, i think the mac pro will have the same side, but a slimmer front...

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  • eldo33
    Nov 28, 04:31 PM
    standard 13" MBA

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  • cemetric
    Aug 25, 04:58 AM
    I do hope they'll ship new MacBooks in September. I've been holding off a purchase for that very reason. Anyway, new portables should ship this year... before the German government raises the VAT... :eek:

    I hope the same thing, was planning on buying one to.
    Is Germany going to raise their taxes ?? To how much 20% 21% Like in Belgium ... Way too high :rolleyes:


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  • Killyp
    Aug 7, 06:42 AM
    In addition to printing and font management, how bout adding to the list networking access. The way one accesses networks in Windows seems much more straight forward, consistent, clean and intuitive in Windows XP than it does in OS X. That's my oppinion anyway. Maybe that's just me. Anyone else agree???

    I agree about the SMB shared volume connection thingy. It should be just like browsing a normal folder. It shouldn't mount it as a drive, unless you ask it to (like a network drive in Windows).

    This seems like a much more logical way of doing things...

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  • DELLsFan
    Sep 29, 06:08 PM
    Right, and what Apple has proposed doing is very reasonable. They have a product that works well for the majority of users. It's the highest-rated phone CR tested. For a few people, there is an issue. All summer long Apple has allowed everyone, those with the issue and all of those with no problems, to have a free case. Now they are saying you've had plenty of time to get your free case, now we will just give it to those who, you know, actually need one. Just let us know, and you get the bumper free. How on earth is that hard?

    Meanwhile they are going to alter the design of the phone so that even this issue will go away for future models.

    What does CR want? A total recall? For what? Most people have no issue, there is no danger, the few people who have the issue get a free solution, what would be the point of doing it any other way?

    Auto manufacturers publicize the issue, make a solution possible, but it's up to the car's owner to approach the dealership to get that free solution. CR sez this is a good thing.

    Apple publicizes the issue, makes a solution possible, but it's up to the phone's owner to approach Apple to get that free solution. CR sez this is unacceptable.

    All other phone manufacturers get ignored.


    Maybe ...

    For me, the way Apple handled this issue from the VERY beginning was disappointing. The reception issue was laughed away, ignored, then addressed as something else (the software "fix" for signal strength). Eventually, they reported this was a problem ALL phones experience, then they acquiesced the specific problem with the iPhone 4 and ONLY then offered the free bumpers.

    I don't care if 1% or less of consumers experience the problem ... a problem exists ... was not corrected by a software fix ... and is still not officially corrected ... just worked around. Consumer Reports was absolutely right about the problem and is well within their right to recommend or not recommend the product. Now how DARE they show the not-so-shiny side of an Apple product ?!? Give me a break.

    No sign of any white iPhones, no official word on whether the post-September 30 batches of iPhone 4's will have that insulator installed inside to make death gripping the phone moot, and no warm fuzzy on the software fix pushed to address the 3G performance issues ...

    Yeah ... there are still some people waiting to see when Apple will pull their heads out of their :apple:'s before re-upping with AT&T for the new precious. They keep dragging their feet, my current contract will fulfill and I can jump back to Verizon next year. :p

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  • ErikGrim
    Mar 31, 12:12 AM
    It's not an update, you have to get a new code and redeem it.

    Can you only get one code per dev account? What if I want to install on multiple computers?

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  • Silentwave
    Sep 6, 11:53 PM
    ...but we know that the mini-tower is inevitable....:)

    For your sake, Aiden, I hope it does come out ;)

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  • dalvin200
    Oct 23, 08:55 AM
    Hi folks!

    I've read Macrumors every day for years, so I figure I may as well start participating :)

    I work for an ad agency, and last Friday, we took our Nov'06 PowerBook into the local Apple dealer to trade it in for a MBP.

    Nov'06? wow.. the future :)

    Apr 26, 04:31 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Iphone: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    How can it be generic if no one had one before apple created there's? Suddenly everyone calls their market place an app store. There've been digital stores for years, and none were app stores.

    I agree!!

    Nov 27, 03:28 PM
    i think the 17" apple monitor will go well with my 17" macbook pro, but only if they are the same resolution

    Epic Xbox Revie
    Apr 21, 11:19 AM
    The tracking isn't accurate at all!!!!:rolleyes:

    Apr 12, 10:36 PM
    Wow, looks like the rumours WERE true after all! Apple killed the Pro of Final Cut Pro. That guy who turned the much admired iMovie into garbage has done it again. All they had to do was rewrite the engine with 64 bit support, had proper file handling, rendering titling tools amongst other necessary pro features and keep the same F*&$#@*&& interface as pro users of ANY pro software don't want to re-learn an interface for no reason! It takes YEARS before you really know a software under the hood.

    We'll now see FCPx turn into a hit with amateurs and will be completely abandoned by pro users who will all return to avid.
    Oh, they'll all switch to Avid to avoid learning a new interface, but of course, they won't have to learn a new interface to use Avid instead of FCP :rolleyes: . Not everyone who is a video editor has been around since the time of the dinosaurs. You're complaining that an automobile isn't a horse, so it must be inferior to the horse. If we always continue to do things in exactly the same way, we will never make any progress.

    Mar 25, 04:16 PM
    Good luck performing multi-touch and gestures with buttons and joysticks. :rolleyes:

    the only real applications I see for multi touch in 'classic' gaming would be RTS (which I personally think Starcraft would be awesome) and some ancillary add ons that aren't essential to the game.

    Very cool!

    By the time the big game console companies (xbox, PS3) finally decide it's time to move forward with a new system (2014-15 is what has been projected), a device as mundane as an iPhone sporting a A7-A8 processor will blow right past existing console tech. iDevices and there closest competitors will be biting deeply into console market share.

    I disagree actually, IMO idevices and games consoles appeal to two totally separate demographics - sure there's a lot of cross over in the hand held sector, but as a home console? As much as I love apple, they haven't the pedigree or dev support.

    For a gamer nothing beats a good controller, it's more precise and tactile too when force feed back is applied too. That will never change when comparing it to a multi touch device.

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