Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • Nym
    Nov 30, 10:58 AM
    No way, M$ doesn't like Apple for what it is, for their history, if Apple would sink there would always be competition, and monopoly... 90% of the world's computers running Windoze? what's that? :D

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 3, 02:31 AM
    I will give it the benefit of the doubt until I get a chance to test drive it.

    Apropos to our discussion here, if Volkswagen takes the Jetta downmarket, that will bode well for GM and the Cruze diesel, which may be able to equal or exceed the new Jetta TDI's level of equipment, refinement and pricepoint.

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    Apr 5, 05:23 PM
    All together I just love Lion, and there's no going back to SL! :)

    Snow Leopard feels like Windows XP to me, now. All the little UI enhancements really add�up.

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  • �algiris
    May 3, 02:32 AM
    So, you're saying that windows programs don't leave files on your computer when uninstalled? Installing and uninstalling a bunch of programs don't make your windows PC slow down? I must be using the wrong programs. Not that I'm saying that Mac's are perfect, but worse than windows? I hope not (I'm not a mac user... Yet)

    If you just move app to the Trash on a Mac it will leave just few folders and plists (settings files) usually and since Mac OS X doesn't have something that works as Registry on Windows it won't slow down anything.

    Apple could have adressed this problem by simply popping up a window when you drad a programm icon to the trash asking you if you want to delete just this programm or uninstall all of its data.

    This is not a final Lion version. It would make sense at least for MAS apps.

    Poor lion has to accommodate all these iOS features. I'll stay with snow leopard.

    Does this feature hurt you in any way, does it cripple OS? Do you not like out of the box option to delete app with it's settings at least for MAS apps? That's just pathetic.

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  • guffman
    Aug 6, 11:41 PM
    More photos

    Ok - I've been into Macs for a couple years now, so I don't have the history with the company of many of you do.

    That said, it seems to me that with these ads or banners for Leopard, that it is closer to being released than we all might think. Has Apple promoted a product this way -- bashing M$ -- with out releasing the product soon after?

    To me it just seems like real strong words to use if Leopard wont be out for a while, esp. if it will only be released around the time Vista will be next year.

    Anyone know what I mean, or feel the same way?

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  • Rocketman
    Nov 15, 01:34 PM
    8 Core Mac Pro won't be cheap..

    It turns out the 2.66 Ghz 8 core chips are about the same price as 3.0 Ghz 4 core chips. So the price differential will be product positioning, not raw cost.


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  • Small White Car
    Apr 12, 09:36 PM
    Randy Ubillos, Chief Architect, Video Applications on stage. Demo FCP X live now. Beta version. �We hope it behaves.�

    Well, there goes the hope of it being for sale anytime soon!

    Oh well! Worth waiting a little longer, I guess.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 5, 04:39 PM
    Here's the bad news: it'll never happen.

    Why? Because the cetane rating for US-sold clean diesel fuel is much lower than the cetane rating for European-sold clean diesel fuel. As such, for a US-model car it may be difficult to achieve the 170 ps engine rating of the Golf GTD. :(

    There is some overlap, but it's true that cetane ratings are lower in the US - I think they are mostly 40-50 or so, whereas the cetane rating in most European diesel is more likely to be between 50-60.

    It's possible to raise the cetane rating with additives, but the fact of the matter is that European diesel allows higher performance in small diesel engines. Also, I have read somewhere that biodiesels tend to have higher cetane ratings.

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  • HecubusPro
    Aug 24, 05:57 PM
    man i'd love for them to include "old" yonah based chips and release a mini for $300-$400. i just want the cheapest intel rig i can buy right now as i'm "mid-cycle".

    I thought Yonah and Merom are basically the same cost-wise. That's why everyone thinks including merom in new systems won't raise the price of those systems. I could be wrong.

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  • Edge100
    Sep 1, 02:21 PM
    Really? I heard that you can connect and external monitor using a hack software for dual screen support . But it does not support the cinema displays.
    I hope I am wrong.:)

    You are wrong.

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  • RonHC
    May 2, 05:04 PM
    I got a another newbie question
    I am planning on moving out of Windows (7) and onto MAC OS X, but I want to wait for Lion since its close to a finished product. Now my question is, if Lion comes out, would that mean every Mac (Mac Pro, iMac, iMac mini, Macbook, MB Pros, etc) would have Lion installed/packaged or is there a specific mac that will have Lion on its first day and the other macs would have to wait???

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  • BenRoethig
    Aug 29, 08:59 AM
    Those speeds line up exactly with the T5000 series of Merom.

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  • Veg
    Feb 25, 02:00 PM

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  • spyd4r
    Oct 23, 09:19 PM
    I have been patiently waiting for the new macbook pro just as long as the rest of you, but i have had it, they are like 1.5 - 2 months behind their competitors now.. I am just about ready to drop the money and upgrade my PC desktop instead...they betttter hurrry! ;)

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  • tvguru
    Aug 7, 04:51 AM
    I like the UK. B&O have their entire product range here, wheras they don't in Australia...

    I'm assuming Bang & Olufsen, I've never heard of them.
    Google is my friend

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  • Lollypop
    Jul 20, 07:47 AM
    What makes you think that you have to do that?

    have you ever used Linux? Application-installation in any modern Linux-distro is VERY smooth. If I want to install an app in Ubuntu (the previous distro I used), how do I do that? Well, I load a package-manager, which gives me a list of apps. I select the app I want to install, and click "Install". And that's it. How much simpler could it be? Why does everyone think that loading a web-browser, searching the app with Google, browsing to the website, downloading the installer (assuming that the apps is free. Usually with Mac, it's not) and running the installer is somehow "easier" that launching an app, selecting the app to be installed from a list and clicking "install"? Seriously?

    What do you mean by "unified front"? The GUI? Most distros use either KDE or GNOME (usually alloweing the user to choose which one he prefers), so they are in fact quite unified.

    I have used Linux before, admit that I gave up with linux with Suse 9. The point I was trying to make with the package manager is that its not easy to go out and find something, every time you either have to find a package for your specific distribution or have it "built" for your distro. If you look at the way the mac works now I can drag the aduim icon to a remote drive, and from almost any machine that meets the basic specs I can then double click that app, even if its on a network drive, it will run, can you say the same for Linux?

    By unification I meant giving a constant user experience with singal points of administration, management ect. Some of my previous sessions with linux the applications did not always fully adhere to guidelines that were set out by KDE, whatever theme i choose, it didnt adapt to it for example. I fully admit im not a linux guru, and that things very likely have changed, but my perception is that every distro comes with a boat load of software on the DVD or via download, if you want to get something thats not listed it becomes a bit more difficult. There is the issue of building your own kernel and then software for it but other than bulding the kernel i have no knowlede of any related issues.

    The mac advantage is that its a bit easier to get, install and run applications than windows, and IMO linux as well. Thats a advantage apple should leverage and try and sell more if they are going to sell more machines and increase the market share of the entire platform.

    I agree with kalisphoenix to an extent when he says that the linux people dont want a single unified distro, the linux crowd doesnt want a true singular unfied platform, why is there a few big distros out there after years of linux development, why are there so many niche ones, and why do linux users argue with others over their favorite distro? Diversity and flexability is one of the strenghts of Linux, its users know that, and having a single distro that does everything will counter that strength, they also know that.

    Im not taking on linux, to the contrary I believe linux has a critical place, I personally believe that its diversity/flexibility is one of the reasons it hasnt concored the desktop market, (peolpe want the plain and simple windows thing, to much options makes it overly complex), diversity/flexibility is the same reason linux has concored the server market.

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  • twoodcc
    Dec 18, 11:06 AM
    Way to go!

    thanks! should be #9 today!

    Our team is at 2.147 million points for the last 7 days, the highest I've ever seen it!! Way to go Team! - Team Folding - 7 days 2,146,864 Total points 146,241M

    We're catching up to those Greeks and will soon pass them.

    yeah way to go! i know we've been picking it up lately. i think the more we keep this forum active, the more active the macrumors community will be. to keep posting stuff here

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  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Feb 24, 12:07 AM
    on a random note just so you know switching to diesel you need to improve your MPG by around 30% for the switch to be carbon neutral. Remember Diesel as a lot more carbon in it per unit volume than unleaded.
    Because it's more crude. The carbon is sapped out through a refining process, meaning all that crap sucked out of the earth still ends up somewhere it's not supposed to be -- meaning diesel is just as carbon neutral as gasoline.

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  • ciTiger
    May 2, 06:06 PM
    That's a very nice feature! Too bad it won't work for apps not from the app store...

    Mar 23, 11:08 AM
    Haven't manufacturers been producing 240-250GB 1.8" iPod sized hard drives for years? I though that was part of the speculation of Apple cutting off the iPod Classics: bigger and bigger hard drives had become available but Apple was no longer updating.

    What? The front page article makes it seem like the first time a 1.8" low profile hard drive with capacity over 160GB has been offered.

    Jun 23, 12:21 PM
    I can see many benefits to develop from this. Maybe not on an iMac, but a larger iPad with iMac or Mac Pro power from a designing stand point.

    Yes, keep the use of a mouse and/or keyboard for the comfort side of things. But when it comes to intricate design, a mouse is just a pain to use. A Wacom tablet has been around a while and some still use it, but you're pretty much drawing blind folded. If you could use a type of stylus or a finger and draw/edit directly on the screen that would make detail work sooooo much easier and faster.

    I think this is a good direction. Who says the iMac will still be a desktop monitor/computer? It could be like the iPad maybe with a popout easel for use as a freestanding monitor (maybe not as cheesy as that, but you get the picture), while still keeping your "all in one" desktop component.

    Small White Car
    Apr 12, 10:34 PM
    as pro users of ANY pro software don't want to re-learn an interface for no reason!

    This pro user will re-learn the interface for the very good reason that I will get lots of new features and tools.

    It's a shame you're going to go out of your way to apparently not learn anything during the process. Seems counter-productive to me, but it's your life.

    Mar 25, 11:40 AM
    Because the Sandy Bridge IGP was not designed to do any sort of GPGPU work, point blank. We will have to wait for Ivy Bridge(next major release from Intel after Sandy Bridge) for GPGPU/OpenCL support on Intel's IGP.

    The SB documentation says it supports Compute Shader 4, a subset of the DirectX 11 level Compute Shader 5.

    What that means in terms of OpenCL, I don't know.

    Intel said they'll continue to evaluate OpenCL during 2011.

    Apr 16, 09:41 PM
    While I know how to drive a car with a manual shifter, here's a BIG problem nowadays: the quality of the shifter has really gone downhill in recent years.

    Unless you're driving a BMW, Honda or Porsche, gear shifters on modern cars either are too "notchy" or overly-vague in terms of finding a gear, and the result is not very pleasant, especially in city driving.

    Besides, automatics and dual-clutch gearboxes--thanks to modern computer controls--have gotten really good in recent years. This is especially true with automatics that sport six to eight forward gears, which allows for a lot smoother automatic shifts between gears during acceleration. I've test-driven a 2011 US-market Hyundai Elantra saloon with Hyundai's own six-speed automatic and note how smooth the shifts are even during hard acceleration.

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