Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • yuyi64
    Sep 24, 10:54 AM
    I've been waiting so long for this case :( Does anyone know when they're gonna release it?
    It's already been released. Best Buy has been selling them for more than a week now.

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  • Creative One
    Mar 6, 06:35 AM
    I'm almost there! 50k left to go!

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  • Lukeit
    Mar 31, 03:08 AM
    Talking about new "features": have you noticed the Fuji wallpaper is different?
    The new one has clouds at the base...

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  • PodPacker
    Oct 23, 11:50 AM
    Updates are expected very soon boys and ghouls! My dealer at a Mac Online Store just sent me an e-mail announcing a $100+ price drop on MacBook Pro laptops.

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  • mc68k
    Nov 18, 09:45 PM
    I'm just kind of guessing here but I think folding is costing me about $50 a month :eek:holy crap dude, thats why i fold at work. since big adv i shut off my 4ghz hackie folder

    how many machines do you have running?

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  • Nuvi
    Jun 22, 01:12 PM
    I wouldn't mind an iOS-type OS on an iMac as long as it had some more features of a full-fledged desktop OS. As in:

    -Multiple Users
    -Some kind of file system
    -More apps of a creative side (ie movie editing, word processing, programming, etc.) instead of just media consuming apps

    Note: this list is not exhaustive; there are many more features I'd like that I just can't think of at the moment.

    Plus, some games/apps will need to be done, specifically those that need the accelerometers. I don't think people would want to swing around a 20/30 pound computer. But that would be a good way to make more money; people keep breaking them so they'll have to pay for repairs/new ones.

    Makes no sense what so ever. First of all who wants to be touching some vertical display all day long. Second (or another first...) none of the OS X apps would work. This makes no sense. There is already a iPad available. Why make another iPad and call it iMac.

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  • m4rc
    Mar 28, 11:50 AM
    Maybe he will go away and stop making up senseless rubbish if we just agree with him? Yes, Apple is dieing. Maybe a month, maybe a few weeks, but not long now. Such a shame. Gonna miss them. All because they didn't make a $500 computer, which cost more than that to make and market properly. They really should have listened to Imac_Japan you know, he saw it coming. Just think, if they hadn't been wasting their energy on that stupid iPod.......

    Has he gone yet?

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  • MCIowaRulz
    Apr 12, 09:25 PM
    The ancient "rendering video..." progress bar you get to watch, which locks you out of every other function.

    Annoyed the crap out of me... I edited a 1hr documentary slide show and it was a 20 minutes render on my (former) Macbook Pro i7 with 8 GB RAM.
    I'm waiting patently for the iMac 2011 SB and will order the day they are available

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  • twoodcc
    Sep 6, 09:57 AM
    The Superdrive option in the base model has gone.

    Earth to Apple: a Combo drive in 2002 was state of the art. A Combo drive in 2004 was a reasonably priced alternative to a DVD burner. A Combo drive in 2005 was an acceptable means of marketing differentiation. A Combo drive in 2006 (particularly with no option to buy a DVD burner) is an embarrassment...

    i agree. i would never buy a computer that didn't have a dvd burner....and i'd never advise someone else to either

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  • Laird Knox
    Mar 28, 03:11 PM
    Oh yay! These forums attract the angry Microsoft supporters, Android yahoos and now the rabid gamers are feeling insecure. We should all petition Apple to stop making compelling devices!

    There is a difference between being realistic about devices and having your head in the clouds. I LOVE my apple gear and can't wait to get an ipad, but I am realistic in it's capability - it certainly isn't going to replace anything as a main device for gamers.

    The iPad isn't the Jesus device that will be the be all and end all of tech....

    I never said it was. You must have me confused with somebody else.

    But since you bring it up... What excites me about Apple's current products is where they could be in five years. I've been talking about it since the iPhone was introduced.

    Imagine having a device that fits in your pocket yet is powerful enough to handle most people's computing needs. I go to the office and drop it in a dock and my LCD screens light up with my environment. I then go home and again I have access to everything again by simply plugging it in. When I'm on the train I can still use it to do email and what not.

    Motorola is partially there with the Atrix but the hardware isn't quite up to the task yet. Give it five years and I think things will be really different.

    Now that doesn't mean that a pocket device will replace every PC, console and server out there. It just represents shift in general usage. While I see this as feasible in the next few years I don't see a major migration away from desktops for at least a decade. This is due more to social constraints rather than technological.

    More back on the original subject:

    So what's to stop somebody making a $20 game pad for iOS? The iPad takes input from the controller and displays info on dual screens.

    Or even a controller that an iPhone or iPod slides into to allow use of the accelerometers in addition to the buttons.

    I don't see iOS ever replacing the consoles just like PCs didn't destroy that market. I can see a lot of overlap in the markets.

    Even so, the number of people that come to these forums just to piss and moan that their OS/phone/PC/console/tablet is better than the iOS device du jour is rather tiring. There is actually an interesting article in the March 2011 issue of Scientific American that talks about this very subject. I highly recommend it.

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  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Jul 19, 04:54 PM
    when asked are we expecting any surprises from WWDC regarding the music store - they just laughed :eek:

    so i'd take that as movies are coming at WWDC

    I heard this too - everyone laughed! I'm excited...:o

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  • PowerFullMac
    Jan 13, 03:51 PM
    That's along the lines of what I was thinking, a macbook without ethernet or phone jacks, can only get on the net via airport, for thinnesseseseses sake.

    Apple will NOT do that, however, remember the collapsing port patent filed by Apple?

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  • toddybody
    Apr 19, 11:56 AM
    Just because 256 is 'perfect' for you does not mean it is perfect for everyone else. I need 500GB SSD. External drive solutions are just way to slow compared to internal SSD. The SSD upgrade on my Laptop was the best upgrade ever, now I want an 27'' iMac with 500GB SSD and lots of memory.

    500GB of SSM ? Holey Moley Daddy Warbucks.

    PS: you should check out the new PCI SSD (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227581), when they start making external PCI enclosures for "ThunderCat"...youll be golden buddy:)

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  • jxyama
    Mar 20, 01:19 PM
    I just want to add that Apple would sell more computers if one was cheaper.....

    yes, this is true. but apple is not in the business to sell more computers. apple is in the business to turn profits.

    tiffany's would sell more diamond rings if they cut the price in half.
    BMW would sell more cars if they cut the price by 30%.

    ...but so what?

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  • Schizoid
    Apr 3, 04:38 AM
    This ad will never work. People want ads that make them feel like teenage boys. I know this from Android ads. Steel and lasers, Apple. Steel and lasers!

    Yeah, I agree... more lasers!
    How about a dinosaur with lasers for eyes mounted on a rocket-shark shouting, "queue for the iPad 2" in a metallic, robotic accent... that would be great

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    Jul 19, 06:41 PM
    Here are historical Mac sales by quarter.

    1Q2000 - 1,377,000
    2Q2000 - 1,043,000
    3Q2000 - 1,016,000
    4Q2000 - 1,122,000

    1Q2001 - 659,000
    2Q2001 - 751,000
    3Q2001 - 827,000
    4Q2001 - 850,000

    1Q2002 - 659,000
    2Q2002 - 813,000
    3Q2002 - 808,000
    4Q2002 - 734,000

    1Q2003 - 743,000
    2Q2003 - 711,000
    3Q2003 - 771,000
    4Q2003 - 787,000

    1Q2004 - 743,000
    2Q2004 - 749,000
    3Q2004 - 771,000
    4Q2004 - 787,000

    1Q2005 - 1,046,000
    2Q2005 - 1,070,000
    3Q2005 - 1,182,000
    4Q2005 - 1,236,000

    1Q2006- 1,254,000
    2Q2006- 1,112,000
    3Q2006- 1,327,000

    what happened exactly in between 2000-Q4 and 2001-Q1?

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  • eljanitor
    Apr 20, 05:05 PM
    "rare"? In what part of the world are they "rare"?

    While I was looking for a new car maybe less then a year ago, and I asked the salesman if they had any manuals on the lot. He replied by telling me yes they do, and we got in a car that had paddle shifters on the steering wheel. I told him this is not a manual car, and he was obviously old enough to remember that a manual car has a "shifter" sticking out of the center, and usually a clutch pedal.

    So after that he explained to me that, "All the new cars are like this, there are no more manuals." I looked at him and said um, "I can order one online with a manual, without these paddles. So what do you meant they don't make them anymore?"

    I was greeted by another salesman when I got back from the test drive. When he asked me how I enjoyed the car, I asked him the same question, about when would they have a manual model on the lot. He said, "We don't stock those here sorry, but you can order it online and have it shipped here for pick up if you like."

    I ended up going to another dealer, who didn't try to tell me, " There are no more stick shift cars." I don't know when they will be trying to phase out the manual car, but it does seem that they are less desirable in places.

    However here are some more facts about manual cars:

    They are less expensive new then automatics by about $500 - $1000.

    They are cheaper to maintain and replace then automatics.

    Car dealers and salesmen make less commission on the sale of a manual car because it costs less. ( The paddle shifters, and the sport mode is an option on most cars and is more then the regular automatic transmission)

    You can get better gas mileage with a manual car vs an automatic.

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  • econgeek
    Apr 12, 09:12 PM
    Fine. You all go and apply to work at a post house and put "iMovie" on your resume. See how long it takes for them to laugh you out the door.

    You're claiming there are ignorant bigots in the industry. I don't think anyone disagrees with you. The better qualifier for an editor would be to see some of their work. Someone who can achieve greatness with iMovie probably is a better editor than someone who can achieve the same greatness with FCP.

    I haven't really used iMovie since HD, so to be honest I don't really care what they do to it. It's "Super quick to capture and edit DV" time has come and gone.

    Even before the reworking you are complaining about it was an HD product, not a DV product. And if you haven't used it, one what basis are you saying it time has come and gone? Prejudice?

    On the manufacturing side, the creating side the professional side there are many times complex problems to solve and those problems require more complicated tools.

    You really are worried that Final Cut Pro will not be more complicated than iMovie??!

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  • csimmons
    Apr 3, 04:03 AM
    It is, indeed, sad to see someone get so emotionally attached to a consumer product that they cannot admit to themselves that the product may have some flaws.

    You obviously need to relax. There is more to life than iPad.

    The only thing worse than trolls in threads like this are posters (like yourself) who suffer from Yogi Bear Syndrome.

    To say that "virtually every" iPad 2 has a backlight problem simply makes you look like an idiot. There's no way you can know this, and basing your assumption on the number of posts in a forum - be it Apple's or someone else's - just make you look foolish, especially considering most forums are populated by just a few people. The reality is that 99% of iPad 2 users probably don't even know that there is an iPad forum on the internet!

    Case in point: count the number of times YOU'VE posted your BS here, and the 9 or 10 people who bothered to answer you. That's already taken up more than 4 pages by itself. Case rested. :rolleyes:

    Apr 19, 02:18 PM
    Why would you want to use a SLOWER interface in the first place? As far as ports are concerned, TB should be able to work with everything (USB, FW etc.) anyway, provided the right adapters are used...

    I said nothing about wanting to use a slower interface. That would be silly.
    Do you think all future USB 3 peripherals will be compatible with TB via an adapter?
    That would be great, but why come out with USB 3 on a Mac at all?
    Or do you think Apple will skip a USB 3 port altogether?

    Mar 1, 01:34 PM
    that the US car makers still sells trucks, pickups etc. without diesel options is simply a complete lack of any common sense. diesel engines are practically made to be perfect for pulling and towing in commercial vehicles
    for it's south american Amarok pick up VW simply took the 2.0 I4 TDI from the golf/jetta and set up the engine slightly different in regards to the power/torque band and ends up with an engine which was very likely cheaper to develop, cheaper to build had less weight and still achieves 400nm of torque

    GM had the 4.5 liter Duramax in development for their half-ton trucks, but the economy and their situation canned that. Ford also was working on a baby Powerstroke and Cummins was working on a baby I-6 for Dodge. But, those as well have been canned.

    Apr 3, 01:29 AM
    Perhaps if you spent more time educating yourself and less time convincing yourself that a flawed product is acceptable, you would learn something. Try googling the issue.

    Based on the way you write, however, I am going to guess that you won't take the time to do so.

    Some people are just not interested in facing the truth.

    The way I write? This has anything to do with anything?

    And again, the "evidence" you keep suggesting exists does not represent what is actually the case. Even within this thread, there are several people telling you they have no issues with their device. I don't have any issues either.

    I hate to use the well known argument we often see on these forums, but you will almost always hear from the people who have issues with their products.

    You will almost never see threads or comments from people that don't really have a reason to exclaim to the world that their device is perfect. Thus, we see an inflation of negative threads as compared to positive threads, and ignorant people take this to mean there is a wide-spread and critical flaw with all of the devices. Also, the negative comment is more distinctive, and thus more memorable than the positive one- again adding to the illusion you seem to be buying into.

    Mar 30, 12:32 PM
    Your PPD has improved a lot :eek:

    Still no new Mac Pro announced...

    On another note, I updated four computer to 10.6.3 that were running a3 and all of them resumed and finished. Can't wait for a3 bigadv.

    Also rumors are all over the place for PPD on the new Nvidia GTX 480. Soem say 13k PPD, some say 29k...

    yeah, still no new Mac Pro, not happening this week. and i don't see why next week will be any different. apple is all about the iPad right now i think.

    nice. glad 10.6.3 is working for you. i haven't updated any machines yet.

    i'll wait awhile before even thinking about getting a GTX 480. i'll wait and see how it does for others first

    Apr 26, 02:28 PM

    The store is called the App Store. You can't copy someones store name.


    Yes you can, that's why you trademark your name. If it is trademarked you cannot copy someones name. If it is not, you can. Doesn't make it right, but that is the way it works.

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