Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • syklee26
    Sep 1, 03:09 PM
    You can already play your Xbox 360 on your iMac, just not in high def. Buy an EyeTV TV adapter that has the game mode, and you can play that way. The best input available on there is an Svideo connection, so you want get HD, but it's still a pretty crisp picture.

    well i knew i could go this route but 360 is about HD. playing 360 on s-video connection is like wearing Armani suit with footlocker T-shirt inside or playing blu-ray on 13 inch CRT

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 6, 10:40 AM
    Please explain to me who would buy a mini and why?
    I just don't get it when a imac is close in price with a monitor.
    What am I missing?Needs to be $499 for the base. I agree with you. BUT, did anyone notice they have a DDR333 ram description when it is really PC 5300 running @ 667MHz? What a screwup. :eek:

    Omni via Ramseeker.com (http://Ramseeker.com) has a pair of 1GB sticks for $174 instead of Apple's $225. Save $50 and have something to sell on eBay. - two 256 sticks. Wonder if anyone is buying those? Seems like so small.

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  • SchneiderMan
    Nov 27, 02:20 PM
    I like this. I really wish it didn't have the logo, though. Much classier as just a photograph, IMHO.

    Yeah I wish I could Photoshop it LOL.

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  • Flowbee
    Sep 6, 08:05 PM
    still think the prices are a little steep for things that can be watched on an ipod. Sure you can use the output from the dock to play it on your tv, but if you have a slightly big tv, it doesn't look DVD quality.

    You don't need the dock, you can just use a cable (http://podophile.com/2006/08/16/watch-ipod-videos-on-your-tv/).

    I have to believe that movie downloads will be higher quality than the current TV shows.

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  • treblah
    Aug 6, 09:46 PM
    I became a hard core Mac user after Panther was released. I was wondering if Apple took stabs at Microsoft when they were introducing Panther. :confused:

    They did at WWDC '04 (when Tiger was introduced) with slogans like "Redmond, Start Your Photocopiers" and the word "Longhorn" in the Spotlight search field. ;)

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Aug 7, 04:52 AM

    Bang & Olufsen :rolleyes:

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  • islanders
    Dec 27, 10:33 PM
    I'm waiting for one format or the other to win, and I don't have an HD set anyway.

    You're comparing apples to oranges now. A cable box is a tuner and a self-contained unit. As far as we know, iTV will not have a tuner. Its only known function at this time is to stream content from a Mac, so that makes iTV like a Slingbox, not a cableco DVR. And Slingboxes don't have hard drives.

    I wouldn't hold my breath on the word processing and web surfing. WebTV showed surfing the internet on a TV sucked because trying to read normal-sized text from six feet away was hard, and bumping the text size up would goof up the page layout generally. Same reason word processing would be silly.

    I'm predicting a price around $400, but I'm also expecting a streaming device.

    What bandwidth? The stuff you watch is downloaded to your Mac first, or even the iTV itself. They don't stream it every time you want to watch it. The iTunes Store is open for business for movies. The bandwidth problem has already been addressed.

    That's lack of competition caused by effects of previous government sanctioned monopolies. And some "cooperation" by the different players in the industry. Kinda like how airline tickets and auto insurance are all pretty much the same.

    Ok, I don�t know what a slingbox is� and I thought it was going to stream or operate like a TiVo, where it downloads while you are asleep, so it would need a harddrive.

    Also, I�m not sure what you mean by TV? Do you mean a CRT with an aspect of 4:3? And, I would assume you don�t mean a flat panel LCD or Plasma, which now outsells tube tvs? A small HD plasma is 42�� and cost about $1000. I just got a Panny 9UK HD Plasma and it works quite will with a mac mini.

    And when you download from the iTunes store this does go to a harddrive? So you think I�m going to buy both a new computer and the iTV, and pay $20 to download a few movies?

    I already know I�m an idiot, thanks, but this still doesn�t make sense to me.

    My point about price fixing was a wild hope that Apple might step in with iDish and offer a service without all the commercials, but I also said that I think this will be a HD movie download service, and web serfer, video server... like a mac mini, TiVo with streaming abilities from iTV.

    The bandwidth limitation will be an issue if iTV wants to go past a download service.

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  • twoodcc
    May 3, 11:07 AM
    I don't use my 09 MP for anything real intense but even having several apps going it doesn't take anything out of folding, I get the same times regardless.

    so running things like itunes and iphoto, and surfing the web, things are fine?

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  • kainjow
    Apr 10, 01:04 PM
    Every car I've owned has been manual, don't see that changing.

    1991 Honda Civic Si - no one could drive that as smooth as I could. Kind of wish I still had it, felt like I mastered a rare skill :cool:

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  • baryon
    Apr 26, 12:52 PM
    I don't even think the word "App" is really officially a word. As for generic terms, everyone uses generic terms to describe their company's products and brand names, as that's the only way you can allow people to make a link between something they already know, and the product.

    "Apple" is also generic, yet everyone agrees that it's fairly reserved for Apple inc. So are many other names that companies patent to avoid others using it.

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  • roland.g
    Aug 30, 12:42 PM
    $100 off from $949 down to $849
    IMO, not worth it.

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  • rmwebs
    Mar 22, 04:31 PM
    Disk space aside, there's nothing wrong with the current iPod Classic. It doesnt need bluetooth, microphones, cameras, etc - the hint is in the name...CLASSIC.

    Wany bluetooth? Get a iTouch. You arent going to be listening to your library of 50,000 song on the way to work I'm sure it wouldnt kill you to load 10,000 onto an iTouch for the car. :rolleyes:

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  • entatlrg
    Sep 14, 04:13 PM
    Maybe RIM or Google bribed consumer reports :eek:

    My iPhone 4 works perfect as do my friends.

    CR sucks

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  • bmx433
    Jan 12, 05:04 PM
    just because they used Air in their banner doesn't mean its called MacBook Air.. Apple is not stupid.. its all about slim and light..

    I'll be the one who'll tell you "I told you so" ;) .. enjoy the show!


    or this..


    :apple:MacBook Lite:apple:
    Feb 2008

    that's a good point. i don't remember if they use key words in their teases. what was the tease for the ipod touch? did it have one and if so, was the word "touch" ever mentioned?

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  • laurim
    Mar 24, 02:13 PM
    Awesome news, I recomend the ATI 5870. It can be found for only $200 and it more than holds it's own against the latest and greatest from Nvidia and ATI. It's only 6 percent slower than a 6950. The 6950 on the other hand can be flashed to a 6970 quite easily but it costs abot $260.

    mmm, is that $200 5870 the one that is mac compatible? The only mac compatible version I found was almost $500. I'm not interested in trying to flash a pc card.

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  • EagerDragon
    Nov 16, 12:53 PM
    Previous question: How hard could it be to take advangate of the multi-cores.

    The first thing is that it depends on what you are starting with. If you have zero code out there, you can come up with a nice design for your program that takes advantage of as many cores as you throw at it. If on the other hand you have large chunks of legacy code that was written in the time of single cores, it may be close to a re-write to fully take advantage of the hardware. In some cases it will be easier in some cases to throw the old code away.

    But some of it is imagination, if you can look at a problem and the solution you orginaly came up with, and using your imagination look at the problem at hand in inovative ways, parts of the programs could be re-written to take advantage of the hardware and other parts can be left alone (for the short term). This is an incremental step, you gain X% in one area and little to nothing in another area. The key is to determine what your program spends most of it time doing and re-write/re-design that section of the code for the biggest short-term gains.

    I remeber working in assembler and selecting the correct combination of instructions based on their function and the number of CPU cycles it took to execute each instruction. Sometimes a set of 12 instructions was faster than a different set of 8 instructions in accomplishing the same result. Use your imagination and look at the problem from a different angle. If your brain only sees a number of serialized steps, you won't be able to come up with anything that takes advange of the hardware.

    What you start with (old code) and your imagination can get you there quicker or slower.

    Short answer: It depends.

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  • Fwink!
    Mar 22, 04:36 PM
    The suggestion that they will kill a product that has a great niche is kinda silly. My classic still gets plenty of use. A music player doesn't need a touchscreen. though I could see them doing that, changing the form factor a bit. One of the things that kept me from buying a touch when they came out was the limited storage capacity. What I see them doing is thinning the classic down, keeping the scroll wheel, using flash storage and adding airplay functionality. Big hds on portable players are nice but at some level you have to admit, there are very few people who legitimately "own" that much music. And Apple who should remain neural and just make the devices does like to act as ethical gatekeeper. As things shift to cloud storage, first will come non linear access to media, and then slowly but surely accountability and a polite but insistent offer to purchase the rights to all that music you seem to have that you don't have a receipt for from Apple.

    mark it.

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  • cmaier
    Apr 2, 07:39 PM
    I'll "believe" when they fix the currently unresolved and widespread quality control issues...light bleed on virtually every unit and blemishes, dents and scratches on units straight out of the box.

    Fix those issues, Apple, and then I will "believe" enough to get an iPad 2.

    No light bleed, blemishes, dents, or scratches on my new 64GB AT&T or my friend's 64GB Verizon.

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Mar 22, 12:24 PM
    Apple is paying the price for the crap it did early on and still is doing with no clear rules on what is approved and disapproved.
    Inconsistently rejecting apps.

    Apple should never of gotten in the screening business and now they are trying to back out.

    Jul 18, 08:24 AM
    Unless paying for movies with a 320x240 resolution with stereo sound is your thing....

    Jul 19, 04:41 PM
    How could the analysts be off by almost a billion dollars? Are they held to account for this?

    Of course not. Their job is to not be accurate. Their job is to generate revenue, usually in the form of stock trades. If they are accurate, it is usually because the company they are covering essentially gave them the EXACT numbers.

    Analyst downgrades stock, people sell. Analyst upgrades stock, people buy. rinse, repeat every couple of months.

    However, most analysts are pleasant people. Must be from those mid-six figure salaries.

    Jan 11, 04:51 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    I've heard various whispers about the new thin MacBook. Here are a few additional tidbits and confirmations about what might be coming from Apple on Tuesday.

    - A slim notebook, but not a "sub notebook"
    - 13.3" screen
    - Not a "Pro" machine
    - External Optical Drive
    - It will be called the MacBook Air

    A reminder, though, that Apple has been known to seed people with false specs/designs, so these whispers may not be accurate... but we believe they are.

    Article Link (http://www.macrumors.com/2008/01/06/thin-macbook-specs/)

    Nov 28, 10:04 AM
    Tits Up very zoon!

    They should of marketed it as a Video player that plays music. That way it distinguishes itself from the iPod which is a music player that plays video. Sounds crazy but in marketing terms they are two completely different things and MS could of capitalised on this a little.

    Nov 25, 03:34 PM
    New glasses. First time for me, astigmatism correction takes some getting used to, but I think they look good:

    may i suggest a case for when you're out on the road


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