Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • iBorg20181
    Oct 24, 01:35 AM
    The current Napa64 platform (that is, Napa with Merom as the CPU) does support 64-bit instructions. It can't address more than 4 GiB of physical memory, but it can run the faster 64-bit instructions.

    And that's exactly what I've been waiting for! I don't care about using more than 4GB ram (or 3.2GB as Applied Visual has pointed out), but the 64-bit capability of Merom MBPs will be, I believe, important within the next couple of years that I'll be using this new lappie!



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  • sachamun
    Nov 28, 07:44 AM
    Don't they already make one? Its called a 17" MacBook Pro... :)

    On that note...
    Does anyone else like the idea of a 19" or 20" macbook pro (/tablet?) as a true desktop replacement? Just small enough to fit a backpack.

    I could be mainly aimed at photo/video pros who don't often do thier work in tight spaces, but usually open up their notebook on a desk.

    There'd be much more room for additional internal hardware including battery, ram, speakers and hdd space.

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  • ObsidianIce
    Jul 19, 06:55 PM
    Ahhh, as a loyal user, and stockholder this is what i like to hear. And i agree it is nice to personally be able to say that you've helped!

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  • Sean7512
    Aug 24, 05:50 PM
    Core 2 Duo processors are drop-in replacements for existing Core Duo processors which power the Mac Mini, MacBook, iMac and MacBook Pro.

    This article refers to the Mac Mini, not the iMac...

    Just taking a guess that it also includes the iMac, well praying :o

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  • kingtj
    Jul 18, 01:19 PM
    Ick! Absolutely not! Streaming video is unreliable and inconsistent. It may work well for shorter movies, where the computer can download enough of the movie ahead of time in the buffer to ride out any brief slowdowns or halts in traffic .... but there's little chance a 2 hour + movie would stream to you without any hiccups at all. I've got 6mbit DSL at home, and I run into these problems just because of other computers on my LAN trying to download updates or what-not while I'm watching a movie stream. It's got to be much worse for people with 1.5mbit DSL or even 3mbit, which are much more common.

    Not only that, but where there's the ability to actually download content (protected or not), there's the possibility of it being saved permanently. Regardless of "legality" - I like leaving as many options open as possible. Projects like JHymn allowed removal of DRM on iTunes music ... so something similar could allow it for downloaded movies.

    I'd rather them just be streamed if it is indeed going to be rentals.

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 12, 09:49 PM
    No, but having features like face detection does suggest that it's a 'consumer' orientated product.

    Personally, I don't mind. As long as all the old multitrack features are still available (and the price significantly drops, to say, $50-$300,) then I intend to buy it.

    Eh. People bitched about Aperture getting these features too, but so far Aperture's never grabbed me by the neck and forced me to use them. I assume Final Cut will be the same.

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  • X-Z
    Feb 22, 05:33 AM

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  • tablo13
    Sep 20, 05:25 PM
    Ok guys, I'm torn between two cases. First of all, I just got a case from Amazon, the MiniSuit, and I hate it! )= This was my first case for my first iPod Touch, and I was very disappointed. It is silicone/rubbery, but it is like a magnet for lint, hair, dust, and anything else I don't want to go on it. I put it in my pocket (my pockets are relatively clean, nothing too out of the ordinary) and when I pulled it out, it was just covered in lint. I tried to brush it off, but it won't 'brush off' because the rubber is too sticky. Also, the case is not snug at all, and the sides are always slipping off. Not happy. I am returning the case.

    So now, after scouring these forums, I have seen two cases that I think I will like a lot, but I am not sure which I should get. I am hoping some of you will have some personal experience and can help me out!

    The first is the dermaSHOT (http://www.myincipio.com/product/IPOD_TOUCH_IP-900/iPod-touch-4G-dermaSHOT-Silicone-Case---Black.html). I am worried, however, that I will have the same problem with lint-magnet, because it is also made of silicone. Any ideas there?

    The other is one of the Melkco Leather Cases (http://www.carrymobile.com/scripts/main/viewitem-A1ITO4LCFT1BK-ITO4.html). Back when I had my first iPod (it was the iPod 3g or 4g, the first to play videos) I had a case very similar and I loved it! Does anyone have any reviews/tips on this case?

    Anywho, any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

    Does anti-static have anything to do with it not being a lint magnet?

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  • sam10685
    Aug 16, 07:19 AM
    well... i might as well give Apple and Nintendo my credit card number.

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  • tilman
    Aug 30, 09:40 AM
    Fry's Electronics is advertising Core Solo Mini's for $499 today. "Some demo, some open box". That is usually a sign that they are clearing out their remaining stock of an item.

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  • aafuss1
    Aug 7, 03:46 AM
    Logic-already runs great on 32 bit Intel Macs. A update-v 7.3 that includes additional optimisations for Mac Pro users would be welcome.
    V8-could do the same, although my Babya Logic Pro 2 (http://babyasoftwaregr.livejournal.com/53070.html)

    computer desktop backgrounds. A clean, modern computer desktop background featuring Vornado#39;s newly released V102 Circulator. I tried to keep it clean and simple. Enjoy!
  • A clean, modern computer desktop background featuring Vornado#39;s newly released V102 Circulator. I tried to keep it clean and simple. Enjoy!

  • zedsdead
    Apr 12, 09:40 PM
    Based on the name, this is obviously going to require heavy support from Quicktime X, which is not getting an update until Lion. Don't expect this before June.

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  • macthetiger85
    Apr 26, 04:35 PM
    Windows and Amazon are not a generic names. If Microsoft would have named it "Operating System" then that would be generic. If Amazon were named "Online Store" then that would be generic. I'm sure Amazon could have named App Store something else, but then again, it's such a known term now that instantly helps customers identify what they are looking at.

    I like Apple products, but they're beginning to be one of the most anal companies out there.

    Actually windows is generic - a windows OS is an operating system with a GUI that uses a desktop and windows (such as finder, word processors etc) developed by XEROX and first mass produced for the Apple Lisa. The generic term for that type of OS among others was windows OS - then Microsoft came out with a windowing OS and called it Windows and trademarked it. Microsoft is actually arguing against Apple exactly what they did years ago. Back on topic though - it doesn't matter - Amazon is using it while Apple has already filed for the mark. The courts will settle this and if it goes to Apple, Amazon will pay big and have to change their name. Would have been simpler to just change their name to begin with.

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  • Habakuk
    Mar 26, 03:13 AM
    touchArcade wrote (http://toucharcade.com/2011/03/25/digging-into-ipad-2s-hdmi-out-and-what-it-means-for-games/): "…clean digital signal while the VGA and component cables provide analog output only (and lack audio information)."

    This is not true. The component (and composite) cable provides audio. The VGA does not. It's okay that the small iDevices offer multiple video out (and audio out) options:

    - Headphone out
    - Docks (balanced analog audio out only)
    - Component cable
    - Composite cable (not compatible with Component)
    - VGA adapter
    - HDMI
    - and last but not least wireless Apple TV 2

    They all offer different options and techniques for different purposes. Digital/analog, CRT TV sets, balanced/unbalanced audio, mirroring or not. Serves for just viewing your photos and videos, for DJs, VJs, video editing, presentations etc.

    I am using them frequently. There should be an article that points out the differences. I am sure even the software devs don't know exactly everything on that topic.

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  • nitynate
    Aug 17, 01:46 PM
    PowerBook G5 next Tuesday! :rolleyes:

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  • Multimedia
    Nov 25, 03:11 PM
    Certainly not the most expensive mac ever sold. The 1990-1992 40 Mhz II fx @ $8,970-$10,970 (http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_ii/stats/mac_iifx.html) was shipping while the 1989-1993 II ci sported an MSRP of $8,800 at 25Mhz (http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_ii/stats/mac_iici.html). Cheapest the ci sold for even at developer discount at the end of its amazingly long 4+ year run was over $3,300, and those were early 90's dollars.

    So to my mind, a few grand on a new machine these days is dirt cheap.I forgot that. You are so right. Apple marketing would be well served to use that fact by reminding 8-core customers what they had to pay back in the day for what is practically NOTHING today. Thanks for that correction. Man that was a lot of money for so little power back then. :(

    Both could hold no more than 128MB of RAM running on a 40MHz or 25MHz bus respectively. Biggest possible HD was 160MB. Wow. Talk about a quantum leap. :eek:

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  • Thares
    Apr 24, 03:52 PM
    I hope, they bring the new iMacs on the market soon. I just purchased the new MBP 13" base and thought of getting an extra 27" external monitor in addition. But as I am not comfortable with the screen size and portability seems to be an inferior factor for me, I will send the MBP back these days and purchase the upcoming iMac 27".

    If I still need a mobile device, I will get a cheap laptop.

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  • JRM PowerPod
    Aug 7, 04:42 AM
    Not too brag or anything :D but it works out great for us in UK. Get in from work 5.30pm / open a beer / macrumors / keynote 6pm / tears of joy / rob bank 9pm / buy mac pro :D

    Yeah, but you have to live in the UK. It all works out

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  • iGav
    Mar 4, 12:21 PM
    Keeping weight down is all-important. Which is why I remain in love with the Lotus Elise. It proves that less weight fixes everything - better handling, acceleration, braking, fuel economy...of course in a hybrid, the battery pack is always the vexed question. Even the best batteries are still expensive and relatively heavy.

    But even the Elise isn't immune, it's all relative of course, but it's gained roughly 170kg since the Series 1. :eek:

    But along with aerodynamics... it's perhaps the most important factor in, as you say... handling, acceleration, braking, fuel economy... pretty much everything.

    When you think how innovative a car like the Audi A2 was, I do find the lack of real progress over the last 12 years particularly sad. 10 years ago, the A2 was a sub 1000kg (sub 900kg in certain trim) proper 4 seater, its 3 cylinder TDI engine could easily achieve 70+mpg imp without even trying (according to Wiki 107.8 mpg & 140 mpg imp were also achieved).

    The 1.2 TDI version emitted 81g/km CO2, featured Stop/Start, an Eco mode that disengaged the clutch when the accelerator was released to maximise free wheeling and was rated at 94mpg.

    And this was 10 years ago...

    In many ways, it's shameful today that we think that 60 or even 70mpg is somehow remarkable for a family car. :(

    the Cruze diesel, which may be able to equal or exceed the new Jetta TDI's level of equipment, refinement and pricepoint.

    But not the brand image... that could perhaps be the biggest stumbling block of all, it certainly is in Europe anyway.

    Personally... I don't think GM have a clue, and that's one of the reasons why they got themselves into one almighty hell of a mess, and only time will tell if they can get themselves out of it. I'm still of the opinion that GM's decision to attempt to introduce Chevrolet into the European market will ultimately prove futile.

    Here in the US, the sedan (saloon) is king, even on smaller cars like the Focus and Corolla. That is slowly beginning to change, but Americans still like three-box cars over hatchbacks. Personally I prefer hatchbacks and wagons, though larger cars still look good as sedans.

    Have to say my preference is for saloons... occasionally an estate (particularly A4 & A6 allroads, also 159 Sportwagons, that sort of thing), hatches (the bigger ones anyway) & estates can/tend to be a little boomy in my experience. Saloons also often have better body rigidity too.

    Mar 24, 04:15 PM
    You got it wrong.

    Llanos, Brazos and pretty much every Fusion platform does not compete against Sandy Bridge. No...

    It competes against Intel's Atom platform. Atom CPU offerings beat the many of the offerings on the AMD side. However, on the GPU side, AMD has got Intel really well.

    Anandtech did a nice little article on this. They found the whole Fusion concept and implementation as a whole beats Intel's Atom implementation overall for the HTPC. However, down to specifics, well I just discussed it.

    Llano is not Atom-level hardware. That is Zacate/Ontario.

    Llano is the mainstream Sandy Bridge competitor.

    Apr 19, 11:59 AM
    Just in time for the back to school promo!

    Apr 12, 08:41 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I used to think just like you until I sat down and used it. You should give it a try. It is a very powerful editor.

    I know this thread is probably full of pro video geeks so don't eat me alive here. What's the primary difference between FCP and Express aside from the fact that Final Cut Pro is packaged in a suite of applications?

    Apr 10, 03:42 AM
    I don't understand why everyone seems to dislike the "new" iCal so much. Clearly, it was adopted by iPad iOS at first and now by Mac OS X Lion. Nothing new here. Nothing unexpected.

    I don't remember people disliking/complaining about the iCal look on iPad at all. I tell ya, people complain just for the sake of complaining. What a crowd. :rolleyes:

    Are you sure the iPad iCal looks the same as the Lion iCal? I'm pretty sure the iPad version is much less orange! I think that just by changing the color of the Lion version to something less fluorescent, it would be fine.

    Aug 7, 03:16 AM
    here's my assesment of the situation; a complete and reasonable roundup of what to expect at the show


    Those sound like very reasonable expectations to me, but Apple specializes in the unexpected! :cool:

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