Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • nospeed411
    Jan 11, 09:43 PM
    The beater in winter mode....rockin a fresh new set of OEM mudflaps just for winter:D I love winter mode, my car sports the goth look. Plus I am prolly the only one around who winds DOWN the coilovers so it has the right stance on the steelies.

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  • cherry blossom tree tattoo.

  • mrapplegate
    Apr 3, 01:52 PM
    I am still really surprised that it seems as if nobody else has had the greyed-out toolbar in fullscreen Safari bug that I've got. Has anyone heard or read something that I haven't? I am much more looking forward to the next preview/beta build now, it suffices to say. ;)

    Mine auto-hides as normal. I would file a bug report.

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  • vnle
    Nov 27, 08:11 PM
    Samsung = best TVs IMO. Was there that much difference between the Series 5 and 6? I have a 40" LED TV, and aside from the LED, I think the difference in MHz is important.

    I definitely agree with you there. They also have a far more superior design. :cool: Series 6 seems to have more features (more ports and settings), higher dynamic contrast ratio, and a higher refresh rate (definitely better for gaming, etc. but I just can't justify the cost when I won't notice the difference most of the time :o)

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  • shurcooL
    Mar 26, 08:41 AM
    "silky smooth" 30 frames per second
    Welcome to where the above phrase is not considered an oxymoron. :rolleyes:

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  • HecubusPro
    Aug 24, 07:36 PM
    nice one... was looking to buy a mini to 'integrate' into my CAR... might wait now, then pick up a core solo intel for cheap! hopefully....

    I have a Prius, and when I saw this guy put a mac mini in his Prius, I nearly died with envy. I would love to do this, but I have feeling the cost/trouble would be way out of my realm, and I don't know that I would trust someone to void the warranty on my car.:)
    Still it's a cool idea.

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  • dalvin200
    Oct 23, 08:55 AM
    Hi folks!

    I've read Macrumors every day for years, so I figure I may as well start participating :)

    I work for an ad agency, and last Friday, we took our Nov'06 PowerBook into the local Apple dealer to trade it in for a MBP.

    Nov'06? wow.. the future :)

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  • Multimedia
    Jan 2, 01:27 PM
    Spoke with an expert video editor last night and he thinks it's worth waiting for Stoakley-Seaburg (http://techreport.com/etc/2006q4/clovertown/index.x?pg=1) in the 8 core Mac Pro which he thinks is more likely to happen around May-June with a pre-announcement at NAB perhaps. So while I hope the 8 core gets announced, I am probably not going to be the earliest of adopters after all.

    Want to give my son a true widescreen video iPod for this past Christmas so will be looking for that as well.

    iTV will be interesting but I'm not sure how it will fit in with my mix yet as I don't fully understand its advantages to date.

    Will be more interested in visiting the Canon booth and taking a closer look at the HV10 (http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelDetailAct&fcategoryid=177&modelid=14059&WT.mc_id=C123719aven.com/) as my first HDV camera.

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  • XForge
    Nov 28, 11:58 AM
    I thought Ihnatko's take on the Zune was particularly amusing:


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  • bommai
    Nov 27, 01:56 PM
    I don't think 17" is going to happen. I would rather Apple drop the price on the 20" drastically. $699 is way too much. Dell has two 20" widescreen monitors. One for the office crowd. It has a USB hub built-in, can rotate, has DVI, VGA and S-video inputs. It has identical specs to the Apple monitor. This monitor is about $350. You can get it for lower sometimes. I have one of these (an older model actually - and it cost $500 18 months ago).

    Dell also has a new 20" widescreen that does not have USB hub, no rotation capability. However, it has a HDMI port with HDCP (High definition content protection). This is a requirement for HD-DVD and Bluray playback. This monitor is only $250. It has the same 1650x1050 resolution like the Apple 23". You can get the Dell 24" 1920x1200 LCD for $600. Paying $999 for Apple 23" is nuts!

    I love my PowerMac G4, but Apple's display prices need to come down.

    Also, my powermac is 3.5 years old and I would really like to buy a new MacProsumer. Something that is half the size of MacPro. Has one dual core Conroe, space for 2 HDs, space for one optical drive, 2 PCI express slots, firewire 800, 400, USB 2.0, 802.11g/n, bluetooth, optical audio in/out, DVI/HDMI with HDCP. I want all this to cost $1500 or less.

    This would give me the flexibility to buy my own monitor and stay in the iMac arena. iMacs would still sell well for people that want all-in-one. Apple can sell this Conroe towers for business as well as people that want to upgrade. This machine is more of a successor to the PowerMac G4 compared to the MacPro. MacPro is overkill for most people for home use.

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  • KnightWRX
    May 2, 05:28 PM
    iOS style multitasking features (benefits) are indeed in Lion.

    Applications written for Lion can "suspend and resume" without having to "save and close" documents. The reason the little light below running apps on the Dock was removed is that "running" is now more of a decision between the App and OS -- not so much the user. (APP - "Am I idle right now? Can I resume from this point very quickly? If so, I'll just suspend myself till the user or an event wakes me back up. No need to burn RAM or CPU, the user won't even notice I'm not here.)

    There is no reason with modern computer architecture for humans to do memory management by getting involved with which programs are actually physically in memory/active. We have 7200rpm SATA3 or SSD drives, multicore processors with Gigahertz speeds, and Gigabytes of RAM...

    The way we interact with Multitasking in Windows 7 and OS X Snow Leopard is based on the hardware limitations imposed by 640K RAM, 4.7 Megahertz single core processor, and Floppy Disks. Apple took the first brave step away from that with iOS. It's good to see it moving forward in Lion.

    So you're saying we should go back to Mac OS Classic cooperative multi-tasking ?

    Hello ?

    The 80s called, they want their computing paradigms back. Cooperative multi-tasking makes sense on ressource limited architectures. Even the iPhone/iPad like devices are far from "ressource limited". We had pre-emptive multi-tasking on much less capable devices (think 386s with 8 MB of RAM).

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  • kadajawi
    Sep 7, 04:31 AM
    Reasoning goes like this:

    Music costs a small amount to make - can be as low as $10k for an album.
    Sell a bunch and make some profit.

    Movies cost upwards of $50 million to make, often $100mil or more, so you got to rent them and sell them and do whatever you can to get that cash back.
    And its got to go out the door at $25 if you are buying.

    Thing is, if Apple want me to buy a movie for $15, I can rent it for $5 at the store.....and copy it if I want.
    Yeah, I know thats against the law but a LOT of people do it, and anyway, if you d/l from Apple, where are you going to keep them all?

    250 gig drive will hold about 30 movies. Thats not a lot of movies, and most people dont have 250 drives yet.....
    Upwards of $50 million? Yeah, the crappy ones do. Usually though I prefer low budget movies... Donnie Darko was made for maybe 4 million for example. Mulholland Drive: 15 million. Machuca: 1.5 million. 12 Angry Men: $340.000 (ok, that's an old movie, but I doubt it would cost much more when it was made today). American Beauty: 1.5 million. 2046: 12 million. Muxm�uschenstill: 40000 � (absolutely fantastic movie). Why do the actors earn so much money when there are tons of good, unknown actors who could do the job better? Why so many special effects? And even if you use so many... Sin City was 40 million, Renaissance 14 million �, A Scanner Darkly 8.5 millions. These movies shure took quite a lot of efford... why are they so cheap? Somethings going wrong in Hollywood. Too many bad movies done for too much money made only to earn money.

    Anyway, buying DVD isn't too expensive too, the Criterion Collection is unfortunately expensive as hell, and you'll have to import them here, but there are quite a few good movies for a low price. Donnie Darko e.g. sells for a low price (around 10 � for the tin box 2 disc version), Mulholland Drive 10 �, some Kubricks 10 � or less, ... the Arthaus label is very expensive unfortunately... they seem to be some sort of German Criterion, without packing in so many specials.

    Apple would have to compete with these prices, and that doesn't mean same price, but lower, much lower. I mean what looks better? A nice, big DVD collection, or, well... nothing...?

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  • paulsecic
    Jul 19, 05:38 PM
    and the train kept 'a rollin', all night long.
    I'm about ready to buy a 20" iMac but I want the new OS. How long do I have to wait?

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  • Multimedia
    Jul 18, 07:17 AM
    When you can buy DVDs that you can rip with Handbrake for iPod for as little as $4.99 I don't see how a limited use "rental" model will work. Especially in light of the NetFlix unlimited rental model. :(

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Nov 27, 01:43 AM
    It was my annual Black Friday "Buy a ton of video games" day today. Most of them on sale quite a lot, so it worked out nicely. I got 6 really awesome games for just over $100....

    Fallout: New Vegas - $35
    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - $30
    Need For Speed: Shift - $10
    Plants vs Zombies - $15
    Pac Man: CE-DX - $10
    'Splosion Man - $2 :eek:

    http://imgur.com/S5am1.jpg http://imgur.com/SPJU3.jpg http://imgur.com/FTmDy.jpg

    http://imgur.com/67VbI.jpg http://imgur.com/9eJ7v.jpg http://imgur.com/i7KPZ.jpg

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 17, 08:56 AM
    Ah, great to see another person in their 30s who still very much enjoys the freedom and pleasures of the road. :D

    "in comparison".

    I'm 71. ;)

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  • petsy
    Mar 24, 12:07 PM
    Woulda been funnier if the conversation looked like this:

    Q: Apple killing iPod?
    Sent from my iPhone
    A: We have no plans to
    Sent from my HTC Hero

    I'd like to see a new Classic though, preferably before summer. I'm out of space and there's 40+ gigs in my iTunes that I can't sync to my pod. Don't want to go the whole summer without an updated pod.

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  • PBF
    Apr 1, 10:22 AM
    Were them two apps downloaded via the Mac App Store by any chance?
    Bingo! Now how do I remove the others? :confused:

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  • X2468
    Mar 22, 11:14 PM
    I have a classic and an iPhone....
    I use both and always will
    I'm with you. My classic is so handy and useful. I have it loaded with music, videos, data, podcasts, it's just a terrific all around device. If they increase the capacity, I'll buy a new one upon release. Classic is the perfect name for this valuable device.

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  • Twizz91
    Mar 22, 03:47 PM
    Did not say he would improve it either. :(

    Adding Bluetooth makes a lot of sense.

    that would be nice indeed. it would be nice if i could stream music from my classic through my ipad ^^

    Apr 21, 12:02 PM
    It's not a terribly big concern for everybody I'll admit but for those it is a concern to, this is a sale killer for all of these little GPS enabled electronics. Their safety is worth waay more to them than some piddly little iToy or other GPS enabled microdevice. Even normal cell phones and credit cards allow for too much risk.

    Mar 22, 12:51 PM
    goddamn i can't make a joke on these forums.
    Sarcasm on an internet Forum never works well. :p
    Besides you didn't type it in blue. ;)

    Jan 3, 05:43 AM
    My daily driver is a Civic FD1:
    http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/4709/evofdsignew.th.jpg (http://img405.imageshack.us/i/evofdsignew.jpg/)

    My weekend car is an Evo X MR:
    http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/9220/45678869185b36fc843ao.th.jpg (http://img714.imageshack.us/i/45678869185b36fc843ao.jpg/)

    Apr 6, 11:18 AM
    I am using a late 2010 MBP, i5, 8GB RAM and I have no lagging issues with launchpad other than a slight delay opening folders. I don't use it much so it is not a noticible issue for me. Apps scroll quickly and I am able to page left or right seamlessly.

    So when you click on the Launchpad icon everything comes up smooth and no delay/lag or doesn't act sluggish? just the opening of folders ?

    There's lag for me launching launchpad and also scrolling through its pages and going/creating folders. However I do believe this will be fixed later on as it can't be that demanding to run OSX LION

    Nov 25, 11:32 AM
    Or, you can check the image url, see that it's an image from Amazon, search Amazon for "messenger bag", and it will be the first search result.


    True, but it's a lot of fun to occasionally leave the house! :D

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