Monday, May 30, 2011

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carly foulkes pics. carly foulkes pics. next to Carly Foulkes; next to Carly Foulkes. macman2790. Sep 26, 01:28 AM. man whats next 32 cores?
  • carly foulkes pics. next to Carly Foulkes; next to Carly Foulkes. macman2790. Sep 26, 01:28 AM. man whats next 32 cores?

  • groovebuster
    Apr 11, 01:39 AM
    The only automatic I've ever owned was a car that was only ever made in auto form: a Jaguar XK8. Fortunately in the UK most mainstream cars are still available in manual.

    There is another disturbing trend though: many modern manual cars (VAG group cars I'm look at you) won't let you use all three pedals at once. This is terrible for the spirited driver as you cannot heal and toe down the box. Kills the slight enjoyment one might get from driving a bland hatchback like a Golf.

    It is only a question of how fast you can shift and how good your are with the clutch and the throttle. There is no need to use all three pedals at once, when you know what you are doing. If you want proof, come over to my place and I will go fast with you on some country roads with and you won't even notice that I am shifting gears, except from the different noise the engine is doing.

    In the old times "Heel and Toe" was interesting especially for Rallye drivers who wanted to get the RWD car into a controlled drift by using the throttle and the brake at the same time. Something you will not be able to do with a FWD Golf anyway.

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  • carly foulkes pics. Carly Foulkes in Hot Bikini

  • Scooterman1
    Sep 14, 11:39 AM
    I guess you don't read my posts carefully. I said what you said, that Toyota issues a recall, but the onus is on the owner to bring in the vehicle for servicing. Exactly as Apple has now done: if you experience a problem, let them know and you can get a free bumper.

    To Consumer Reports this is an unacceptable way to deal with a design flaw. If it's Apple. For Toyota, it's fine and considered the normal way to handle a design flaw.

    I just have a hard time picturing Toyota mailing me a new accelerator pedal and linkage and expecting me to install it. Wake up!

    But why should Apple provide a permanent fix when the problem hasn't affected sales too much, and they can come out with a fixed phone next year and get you to stand in line to buy it.

    Consumer Reports are doing exactly what their subscribers are paying them to do. I'm sorry if everyone isn't Apple Fanboys, but they get paid NOT to be anyone's Fanboy.

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  • Carly Foulkes is an actress

  • hellomoto4
    Mar 30, 09:43 PM

    Before, the menubar would slide down and cover the toolbar.

    Wahoo. Thank god they fixed this, I thought the DP1 behaviour was horrible (and very un-Apple-like)

    Downloading DP2 now. Will post any significant changes as well.

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  • Carly Foulkes

  • SuperMacMan
    Oct 4, 01:48 AM
    Does anybody know how it will fit in a last gen case?

    I have the new iPod Touch, but I am looking for a temporary solution until stores recieve the new cases.

    No dice. I have a 1st & 2nd gen touch, tried the cases I have for them on my new one, no way jos�! The new iPod touch is a good 0.5cm narrower, a good bit thinner and shorter than the older models. Old cases just let the iPod slide around in it.

    I too am having the problem with a lack of retail stores selling cases. The only store that has them only have a Belkin one I don't like, and it's $35 AUD!! I managed to find a Chinese shopping centre stall that had one for $10, so I got that for in the mean time. It fits, but the volume & sleep/wake buttons don't line up correctly, but I'll deal with it until I get a good one.

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  • carly foulkes. else think

  • cinder1280
    Nov 23, 10:05 AM

    I have to order a new workstation in the beginning of dec.
    I want the Powermac in a top config with the 30" Display.
    Now I wonder to wait the release of the 8core system for two reasons:

    If the price will be equal to the actuall one of the quad 3Ghz: Fine, I ll buy the mac pro with clovertown

    If the clovertown system will be much more expensive than the actuall 3 ghz, maybe the 3 ghz will get a little bit cheaper. So i will buy the 3 Ghz system.

    Should I wait to Jan or Feb ? ( The release in November just a rumor :( )
    I dont know what to do. It will be my workstation for the next 4 or 5 ähm thousand years ;)

    Sorry for my bad English, I m working on it ;)

    Greets CindeR

    carly foulkes pics. Carly Foulkes is a Canadian
  • Carly Foulkes is a Canadian

  • nospeed411
    Nov 28, 01:40 PM
    Just got back from Mexico and during my time there had a run in with the local police. This is common as hire cars have different colour number plates so the police can easily pick you out of a crowd. Apparently we were 'speeding'. It's all fun and games though. I got the fine down from about $400 US to 1000 pesos. We were warned this would happen when we arrived and should just look at it as an extra 'toll'. I could have probably got it down lower but it was hot and we had a long way to go still.

    At the end of the negotiation you get a form to sign with how much you paid and then you have to sign your name. The document is cleary made in something like Word and it's in no way official....I signed it Ben T Copper! :p

    Thats awesome.....They attempted to give me a ticket for doing about 100mph in a residential zone a few years ago...was actually doing it too.. When they tried to speak to me I pretended to not know english( handed him a PA license) I kept speaking to him in pig latin and pretending I didn't understand...meanwhile he was ready haul us off to the Klink...LOL He eventually got so pissed off he got in his cruiser and left. What I didn't know was they filed a complaint with the rental car agency and we where banned from renting from them again...oooohhhh whoptie do da:D:D:D The things a bottle of good tequila will make you do.

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  • CarlyFoulkes.jpg CarlyFoulkes

  • citizenzen
    Mar 22, 10:32 AM
    So what are your thoughts? Should Apple have rejected the app?

    I don't think that apple should be in the business of approving apps.

    I think they should do their best to categorize them and create methods to protect certain age groups from accessing inappropriate apps.

    But otherwise get out of the business of approving 'this' while denying 'that'.

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  • carly foulkes t mobile. sex with the T-Mobile girl; sex with the T-Mobile girl. mahonmeister. Oct 25, 10:51 PM

  • a456
    Sep 1, 02:19 PM
    At WWDC, Apple mentioned one of Leopard's features - 64 bit application support. Let's fast forward to Leopard's release day and look at Apple's line. I'm guessing that all all their machines will have 64-bit processors, but surely the difference in processors used in the Macbook, Macbook Pro, the iMac, and the mini, surely can't be just speed, and all using the Merom? The iMac will have Conroe, maybe an E6600.

    If the iMac had the Conroe and this is more powerful than the Merom wouldn't this continue to place the processing power of the consumer desktop above the power of the 'pro' laptop, which has been one of the problems for some time now? If they both had Merom at least they would be equal. Don't know about the Macbook and the Mini though, I guess the distinction is that they don't have separate graphics cards.

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  • carly foulkes pics. Carly Foulkes makes me not; Carly Foulkes makes me not. dejo. Dec 14, 12:23 AM.

  • sam10685
    Jul 14, 03:34 AM
    So, how long till it comes to laptops? :D

    And on top of that, its only going to be a viewer, right? I mean have they created any Blu-ray burners, yet?

    I really don't want to buy a Macbook Pro until it has Merom, 802.11n, and blue-ray, cause I know those are all going to be standard in less than a year and I can't afford to have a crippled laptop for 3 yrs.

    Hopefully it won't be too far, I've saved enough cash.

    ur goin' to be waitin' a while... just get one now.

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  • Carly Foulkes Pics.

  • rgarjr
    Mar 22, 09:17 PM
    What is there to update on the classic besides capacity?

    lots, Bluetooth, WIFI (for internet radio), design..

    Here's my classic mockup

    carly foulkes pics. carly foulkes t mobile. carly
  • carly foulkes t mobile. carly

  • iJawn108
    Jan 11, 09:11 PM
    i highly highly doubt they are calling it the "macbook air." that's borderline laughable. i am willing to bet the phase "there's something in the air" is referring to the soon to be announced rental service, not a piece of hardware. apple is making an obvious attempt to eliminate physical mediums altogether, first cds with mp3s and now dvds with downloadable vids (both via the itunes music store). everything will be available "in the air" or "up in the cloud," if you will. i'll be damned if they name their next product the "macbook air." c'mon people...
    Aperture 2.0 via iTunes... or maybe it just reefers to iPhone/iPod Touch apps.

    Or maybe it referes to a notebook that doesnt have a replaceable battery, though the new macbooks will be used as frisbees.

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  • dowelikeit: Carly Foulkes aka

  • hyperpasta
    Sep 1, 02:32 PM
    I, for one, think the iMac and Mac Mini will get Merom due to their form factors, and a yet to be announced minitower will get Conroe (just ask AidenShaw).

    But that's not true! If Apple puts in Merom, I want to see it even thinner... the very same case held a G5, much more demanding than Conroe, as of last October.

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  • Spokeswoman, Carly Foulkes

  • Chris Bangle
    Aug 16, 11:36 AM
    Actually, you can get Sirius in Canada and are able to stream Sirius anywhere in the world IF you have an account registered in the US. I've heard of many international customers setting up accounts to listen abroad.

    I'm just saying that I think the two would compliment each other nicely. You could use the service as just an ipod, a receiver for Sirius or BOTH.

    Thats far too complicated for Apple.

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  • model is Carly Foulkes

  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 12, 06:07 PM
    He's young. 16 if I read his other post correctly about the wedding. So his attitude towards driving is expected. I used to streetrace after I got my license and held similar disdain for autos and people driving autos (including my dad). Experience and age mellows attitudes..... sometimes.... hehe.....

    That explains a lot. being 16 means he has very little real experience in driving and a pure rookie at it. The joy of driving is still in his system. Now days most of the time driving for me is a way to get from A to B.

    Driving in traffic every day like i said really made me consider going Automatic. hard to do a low speed crawl in a manual.

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  • rasmasyean
    Apr 7, 06:29 PM
    HA! Do I get another "I toldya so" moment soon??? :D

    General: US may consider sending troops into Libya

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  • Carly Foulkes Charlotte Church

  • leekohler
    Mar 22, 01:00 PM
    I don't believe any was born gay, that's my opinion. I believe you make the choice in your life, just like you make the choice on what career you want and college you desire to go to. I have friends that were once married (guy/girl) and then divorced because they liked their sex better. So now they are openly gay and happy.

    You opinion may be true of some people- not all. I did not choose to be attracted to guys. I also could never have sex with a woman. It's not physically possible for me, if you get my meaning. Stop telling other people that you know everything about them. You don't. Not everyone is the same.

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  • carly-foulkes-4.jpg]

  • FireStar
    Oct 22, 07:03 PM
    How are the Skullcandy Slider cases?
    My friend's brother has one for his 3rd Gen and it looks pretty sturdy. But when I tried to take it off I couldn't get the top piece off, only the top piece. I didn't try that hard though.

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  • spokeswoman Carly Foulkes.

  • JFreak
    Jul 14, 07:15 AM
    Because those speeds go up? And because you are not always accessing the outside?

    It'll take a while before B-spec becomes too slow for web surfing ;)

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  • ee056195351: Carly Foulkes

  • elmo151
    Sep 18, 10:38 AM
    CR often solves the wrong problems. Its rarely disclosed criteria are often off the mark.
    did they compare the iPhone to the competition?

    Apr 3, 01:44 PM
    I am still really surprised that it seems as if nobody else has had the greyed-out toolbar in fullscreen Safari bug that I've got. Has anyone heard or read something that I haven't? I am much more looking forward to the next preview/beta build now, it suffices to say. ;)

    Aug 27, 06:01 PM
    the new intel integrated graphics isn't ready, is it? So these will be merom minis with a GMA 950?

    This is the $64K question. Does anyone know when the X3000 is due to be released?

    Feb 22, 08:20 PM
    In brief:

    Sep 1, 12:28 PM
    I'm not sure about this one. It will depend on how agressively Apple prices these.

    I have a 20" iMac, and with my edu discount (at the time), I paid about $2500 (Canadian) for it with 2GB RAM (from Apple...was cheaper than anywhere else, believe it or not!), 256MB VRAM, and a 250GB HD.

    For about $350-450, I can get a decent (not great, but decent) 20" widescreen display and hook it up to my iMac, giving me 3360 x 1050 resolution, which is plenty wide enough to display 36+ faders in Logic, plus some other apps (Live, Reason) that I use with it. A 23" display would only give me 1920 x 1200.

    The point is: depending on how Apple prices it, I can get the 20" plus an external monitor and get more space for less money.

    I can see this working if (a) the 23" isn't substantially more expensive than the 20" AND (b) there are a few other things (i.e. bigger HD, more RAM, faster/better vid card) to distinguish the machines. This is the precise reason I didn't get the 500GB drive in my iMac...I went up to 250, but I could make up the additional 250GB over Firewire for a lot less.

    Either way, these should be sweet. I love my iMac (it does EVERYTHING I need today) and I don't anticipate upgrading for a number of years (well, maybe I'll slap in a Merom after the Applecare expires!)

    Anyway, just my two cents.

    Oct 23, 08:21 PM
    What do you think's in store for mwsf?

    hmmm - lots of stuff (santa rosa MacBook Pros of course :p ).

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