Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • PBF
    Apr 2, 09:30 AM
    edit: isn't there a way to show the left hdd space at the bottom of the finder like on snow leopard? i hate clicking on info all the time to see how much space i got left
    command + forward slash ;)

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  • Troll
    Apr 21, 04:41 PM
    Why would Apple release an iMac refresh a couple of months before a new OS debuts? Also, this would be the FASTEST REFRESH IN APPLE HISTORY at 9 months.

    You all fell for the hype and made Bri@n T0ng (eat that SEO) and Sea-NET advertising revenue. :rolleyes:

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  • Apple OC
    Apr 24, 01:11 PM
    It's amazing that a file that is stored locally (iDevices and iTunes) is causing so much uproar. Lolz! If you have access to my iDevices then I should be more worried than you having access to this location cache. Get a clue people.

    Here is a thought ... suppose when the police pull you over and figure they can wrap up a case by using the info they download from your phone and the make of car you are driving.

    Defense lawyers are not cheap :cool:

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  • MattyMac
    Sep 7, 10:11 AM
    5 more days!

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  • rgarjr
    Mar 22, 09:17 PM
    What is there to update on the classic besides capacity?

    lots, Bluetooth, WIFI (for internet radio), design..

    Here's my classic mockup


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  • SciFrog
    Dec 1, 09:05 PM
    Thanks and I'll be expecting you to blow past me then, in about a month :rolleyes: or so...

    Well, I won't get back the #7 spot from you ;) unless these 12 cores Gulftown Mac pros come out at MWSF...

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  • ipadder
    Oct 9, 06:29 PM
    The hexgrip cases look slick. http://stores.ebay.com/Cimo-Cases/Soft-Gel-Cases-/_i.html?_fsub=2283659015&_sid=192097565&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322 i like the material as well.

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  • jagolden
    Sep 7, 11:16 AM
    I'm not sure whether to be offended by this grotesque post, or should just laugh at how utterly uneducated some people are when it comes to history and political ideology o.O

    Anyway, this is probably not the best place for the communism argument, which invariably ends up with everyone agreeing it's a good theory, but half of the forum claiming "it won't work because of human nature" etc., at which point the debate cannot continue.

    So back to Macs and ****?

    Funny, that's what I thought reading your original post.
    Cearly "education" didn't serve you as you started the communism argument.
    Please, enlghten me, off forum, so I may better understand.
    Considering your locations (UK and France) I'm not surprised.

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  • SactoGuy18
    Apr 20, 11:11 PM
    Yes they have different gear ratios comparing the 2 but for MPG sorry Manuals are losing out. They can not compete with CVS, computer controlled shifting and now adding in extra gears. Those factors are just adding up against Manuals and they can not keep up. Manuals are limited to human timing which losses to computer timing. And the shifting timing is not the speed the shift is done but at what RPM are at the given load. Computers can adjust to getting best MPG at a given load demand far better than a human which means they have better MPG.

    Manuals used to have a big advantage over automatics in terms of acceleration and fuel economy, especially back in the days when most automatics had only three to four forward gears and the automatic gear changes were done mostly by hydraulics.

    But with the advent of modern computer controls for automatics, this has allowed for the dramatic reduction in the size of hydraulic components in an automatic. It also allowed for more forward gears, with Hyundai's very compact six-speed automatic as the latest example, which is now found on many 2011 Hyundai/Kia models and now on even entry-level Hyundai/Kia models like the upcoming 2012 model year Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio (both of which were shown publicly at the New York Auto Show today).

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 12, 09:14 PM
    Ok, so the text update says the screenshot is 'sexy.'

    Well, I'm sold!

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  • mrapplegate
    Apr 3, 05:48 PM
    I have the same thing happens with my safari in full screen where you hover your mouse over the top and the menubar slide down it is a bug because it the bar serve no function right now -that definitely did happen in DP!
    Although Safari has not crashed yet where it crash several time a day in DP1

    I don't think it is a bug. It allows more screen to show when using full screen mode. The menubar re-appears when needed. Preview auto hides the menubar as when in full screen mode.

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  • Eduardo1971
    Mar 24, 01:26 PM
    "iMac! iMac! iMac!"

    Yup-I want to buy my first iMac! Can't wait for the upcoming refresh.

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  • chutch15
    Sep 20, 07:48 AM
    ah, thanks clarifying that. it was kind of hard to tell from some of the pictures. their website said something about "direct access". is it hard to get to the buttons? especially the sleep button?

    There is direct access (i.e. no flaps, etc.) to the charging port, headphone jack and speaker (all on the bottom of the device). The buttons are all covered. Love this case.

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  • dornoforpyros
    Nov 29, 08:15 AM
    you know, I'm trying to figure out why the Zune is so universally hated, and I can't.

    I mean, yes it's Microsoft, but given the success of the xBox I would have thought some faith had been restored in them. I mean no one has even used the damn thing yet and their panning it as if it's the worse mp3 ever released. Yes, it's meant to go head to head with the iPod, and yes, it will probably fail, but why are we not giving credit where it's due?

    The 3 days/3 plays thing is kinda bunk, but the wifi sharing in the first place is a pretty neat idea. How many of you use iTunes sharing at work or in the dorm? Wouldn't it be nice if your iPods could do the same?

    And what's wrong with a larger screen that works in both landscape and portrait? I have a feeling that were the iPod to have gotten this functionality first everyone would be tripping over their credit cards to order one.

    I dunno, just seems like everyone is getting overly excited on joining the "trash the zune" bandwagon that they aren't willing to give any credit where it's due.

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  • Designer Dale
    Apr 11, 01:40 PM
    So are their manual gearboxes.
    Kinda. They are manual gear boxes with no clutch pedal. Shifting is either automatic or manual.

    Technically, it's a manual gearbox... (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct-Shift_Gearbox)

    If this sounds strange, I had an old Beetle with a stick shift automatic.


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  • aricher
    Nov 28, 09:49 AM
    Those numbers are horrible for a holiday season launch.

    From Zune to Ruin - the Microsoft Story, coming to book stores soon.

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  • Yahgo
    Jan 4, 08:55 AM
    Macworld 2006 keynote was 1.5 hours long, with only 2 surprises... iMac Intel and MacBook Pro Intel, so if Macworld 2007 keynote is 2 hours long it must mean more then 2 major annoucements. Here is what I see happening:

    Steve will start by talking about retail stores (showing the new Fifth Ave store) and how many people came in during the Holiday quarter. Then he will tell us how much revenue the stores made during that quarter. Steve will then say how much total revenue Apple has made during the year, because the CFO of Apple (Peter Oppenheimer) doesn't want to confuse any analyst who many be attending or watching. Steve will go on to talk about iPods and how well it's doing with market share, how many they sold durning the holidays and which car companies are now on board with iPod, he may even talk about Nike+iPod. DON'T EXPECT ANY iPod UPDATES. Steve will then talk about iTunes and how many downloads it has. We may see some more movie studios come on board and even the Beatles on iTunes. Then he will talk about iTV , give a demo and annouce that it will be shipping today or February. After the iTV Demo, Steve will say that the rest of the time will be spent on the Mac. He will then go into iLife '07 and give a demo of iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, Garageband and tell you about iDVD but no demo because of time. Then he will show us iWork '07 with new Keynote features and themes with updated charts and Pages plus a new application (maybe Charts) After iLife and iWork he will talk about Leopard and maybe show some new "Top Secret" apps since Vista is lauching for consumers on 1/30/07. I expect him to release Leopard at WWDC not at MacWorld. He will update Aperture. He will then announce some third party software from Adobe (Premiere and Photoshop) and Microsoft (Office) which will come out and demo their new products. Then Steve will talk about the iMac and Mac Mini and update both. I don't expect any updates on Laptops. Then the one more thing will be the iPhone (iChat Mobile) and Steve will talk about the years of development and partnerships and demo the product by doing a video chat with someone (Phil) then he will thank everyone at Apple who worked on the product and thank everyone for coming to MacWorld. So if you compare last year's updates with this year's you will see 2 additional products demos iTV and iChat Mobile, this is what will take the extra 1/2 hour. So to sum it up here is what you'll see.

    1) Retail Updates
    2) iPod / iTunes Sells
    3) iTV
    4) iLife/iWork
    5) Leopard
    6) Aperture 2
    7) Adobe and Microsoft Updates
    8) iMac update
    9) Mac Mini update
    10) iChat Mobile (iPhone)

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  • cube
    Mar 24, 02:10 PM
    It outperforms the 320M under OS X. It certainly doesn't "suck" as much as you make it out to be.


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  • aiqw9182
    Mar 24, 02:51 PM
    So, without using the supplied windows CD/Driver I can simply plug n' play the 5870 intom my 2009 MacPro and it work?! Heck, if you have done it without issues, then I'm tempted.
    Ask for some more info on the Mac Pro board (http://forums.macrumors.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1) or use the search function on MacRumors. My knowledge on it is fairly limited.

    Jan 13, 02:44 AM
    Bluetooth headphones?

    being a bit of an audiophile, bluetooth headphones being my only option would definitely cause me not to buy this. if only for that one reason. i didn't buy $250 in-ears to sit around while i use the junk apple provides with their ipod, only wirelessly.

    and knowing that jobs himself is a bit of an audiophile, he'd never sign off on this.

    this thing is going to have ports. even the iphone and ipod touch do. sorry guys.

    Aug 7, 01:07 AM
    10am PST is 1am here.

    Where the heck are you? Australia?

    Mar 22, 03:58 PM
    I wish i had that many songs that i listen to :(

    Oct 23, 07:49 AM
    sorry to quote myself, but i just realized that the UK Mac Expo is this week, and that would be a good venue for releasing new MBPs

    so my prediction is Oct 26 at the UK MacExpo.


    i think they will stick with Tuesday then just show it off at the EXPO, this will be a silent update because no invites have been sent so there is no reason to wait for friday when they can do it Monday.

    I hope to have it order Tuesday and delivered by the end of the week?
    Any chance?

    Mar 24, 04:09 PM
    What history? Developing crappy integrated graphics?

    I missed writing "SMALL performance edge".

    My assessment is not based on a small performance edge. It is based on Fusion enabling a whole new set of functionality thanks to OpenCL and DirectX 11 class hardware.

    I established my preference BEFORE watching that video. That Sandy Bridge performs so poor in that demo just confirms my choice.

    You got it wrong.

    Zacate, Brazos and pretty much every Fusion platform does not compete against Sandy Bridge. No...

    It competes against Intel's Atom platform. Atom CPU offerings beat the many of the offerings on the AMD side. However, on the GPU side, AMD has got Intel really well.

    Anandtech did a nice little article on this. They found the whole Fusion concept and implementation as a whole beats Intel's Atom implementation overall for the HTPC. However, down to specifics, well I just discussed it.

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