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  • KingYaba
    Oct 23, 08:52 PM
    One of these days the MBP Merom rumor will be correct. :)

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  • holbie
    Apr 2, 10:04 PM
    I will not feed the trolls� I will not feed the trolls� I will not feed the trolls�

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  • Caris
    Feb 20, 03:36 PM
    Mila Kunis.

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  • 63dot
    Jan 5, 09:05 PM
    The MB W201 (1982-1993) was a brilliant small sedan, and you can still find them on the road today. Like any other German car, if you maintain it properly, it will run forever.

    German, English, and Italian cars right out of the dealership are the coolest, best performing, best designed machines out there. And yes, they all need proper care.

    It just that there are cars like cockroaches (not too expensive like a Carrera or Lambo and in no way as sexy) but they don't die, even when they are abused. Toyota pickups, Honda Accords (stock, not riced), and Volvos of old don't win style points, but they have the longevity that is legendary.

    One of the coolest cars out there are most Jaguars from the 1970s until now, but I can't think of a car that breaks down more often, or is never seen in public if more than ten years old. There is no excuse for that. It's much more acceptable when a ten year old Yugo is not out on the road (when they hit that age back in the past) because they were very inexpensive. But at the same time period, dumping $25K or more into an XJ only to spend thousands more on repair on a car you would have to eventually sell is not acceptable.

    A lawyer friend of mine got divorced and had to get rid of a car. She lived in a small, rented house and had no use for two cars. She was down to a rather new Honda Accord or a nice metallic green Jaguar 12 cylinder. She kept the Jag and dumped the Accord, which she got for top dollar. A few years later, she dumped the Jag. Not only was there the typical Jag problems that plague the maker, but the sun (near the ocean) did a job on the metallic green paintjob as it does to all metallic green paint jobs.

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  • rasmasyean
    Mar 20, 07:22 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I'm very pleased about this- many countries working together following a proper UN resolution. Using air support and missiles but not troops.

    This also seems like a good example of cooporation, even though any country with a decent airforce could go it alone against Libyia right now! All sorts of countries involved, with France, UK and US doing most at the moment.

    I actually think having troops is better. "Firing missles and bombing" from great distances has a "disconnect" between people. When you have actual people fighting and even dying alongside you, both the citizens and the warriors appreciated it more and form more of a bond between people and cultures. It builds a "comraderee" of sorts and helps secure a pschological future between peoples....whereas, in this case, perhaps the only interaction we really have with Lybians is that the generals and politicians might go to meetings. Something the masses never experience for themselves.

    After something like this is over without them actually "enduring victory and suffering" with Westerners hugging them, many Lybians will still think...oh yeah, those are the infidels that helped us get Quadafi with their big guns. :p

    And even in the eyes of the opposition, it can have a negative effect in that you don't see them face to face when you kill them. It can be seen as a sign of "weakness" and "chickeness". This is what happened with Clinton shooting tomahawks at Bin Laden and then walking away brushing his hands. When you look in their eyes and shoot them, they know you mean business and respect and fear you as a warrior. Then they might think twice before they try to blow up your buildings when you're not looking. ;)

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  • Fwink!
    Mar 22, 04:36 PM
    The suggestion that they will kill a product that has a great niche is kinda silly. My classic still gets plenty of use. A music player doesn't need a touchscreen. though I could see them doing that, changing the form factor a bit. One of the things that kept me from buying a touch when they came out was the limited storage capacity. What I see them doing is thinning the classic down, keeping the scroll wheel, using flash storage and adding airplay functionality. Big hds on portable players are nice but at some level you have to admit, there are very few people who legitimately "own" that much music. And Apple who should remain neural and just make the devices does like to act as ethical gatekeeper. As things shift to cloud storage, first will come non linear access to media, and then slowly but surely accountability and a polite but insistent offer to purchase the rights to all that music you seem to have that you don't have a receipt for from Apple.

    mark it.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 17, 08:43 AM
    I don't quite get your comment. What was humourous about my age exactly ?

    It's my age, in comparison.

    I still love driving. :D

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  • Doctor Q
    Jul 18, 12:53 PM
    Rentals are definitely the way to go.I think rentals are sometimes the way to go. If I want to watch a movie once, a rental is perfect. If I want to watch it 2 or 3 times over many years, I might as well rent it more than once. But I want to watch it many times, month after month or year after year, I ought to own a copy, to save the expense and trouble of renting it. I already have both choices in "hardcopy" format. I'd like to have both choices online too, as conveniently as possible.

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  • iGav
    Mar 4, 12:21 PM
    Keeping weight down is all-important. Which is why I remain in love with the Lotus Elise. It proves that less weight fixes everything - better handling, acceleration, braking, fuel economy...of course in a hybrid, the battery pack is always the vexed question. Even the best batteries are still expensive and relatively heavy.

    But even the Elise isn't immune, it's all relative of course, but it's gained roughly 170kg since the Series 1. :eek:

    But along with aerodynamics... it's perhaps the most important factor in, as you say... handling, acceleration, braking, fuel economy... pretty much everything.

    When you think how innovative a car like the Audi A2 was, I do find the lack of real progress over the last 12 years particularly sad. 10 years ago, the A2 was a sub 1000kg (sub 900kg in certain trim) proper 4 seater, its 3 cylinder TDI engine could easily achieve 70+mpg imp without even trying (according to Wiki 107.8 mpg & 140 mpg imp were also achieved).

    The 1.2 TDI version emitted 81g/km CO2, featured Stop/Start, an Eco mode that disengaged the clutch when the accelerator was released to maximise free wheeling and was rated at 94mpg.

    And this was 10 years ago...

    In many ways, it's shameful today that we think that 60 or even 70mpg is somehow remarkable for a family car. :(

    the Cruze diesel, which may be able to equal or exceed the new Jetta TDI's level of equipment, refinement and pricepoint.

    But not the brand image... that could perhaps be the biggest stumbling block of all, it certainly is in Europe anyway.

    Personally... I don't think GM have a clue, and that's one of the reasons why they got themselves into one almighty hell of a mess, and only time will tell if they can get themselves out of it. I'm still of the opinion that GM's decision to attempt to introduce Chevrolet into the European market will ultimately prove futile.

    Here in the US, the sedan (saloon) is king, even on smaller cars like the Focus and Corolla. That is slowly beginning to change, but Americans still like three-box cars over hatchbacks. Personally I prefer hatchbacks and wagons, though larger cars still look good as sedans.

    Have to say my preference is for saloons... occasionally an estate (particularly A4 & A6 allroads, also 159 Sportwagons, that sort of thing), hatches (the bigger ones anyway) & estates can/tend to be a little boomy in my experience. Saloons also often have better body rigidity too.

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  • MacRumors
    Nov 27, 01:08 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Digitimes claims (http://www.digitimes.com/displays/a20061127PD208.html) that Apple is planning on launching a 17" Widescreen LCD" monitor "by year-end or the first quarter of 2007".

    According to vendors cited by the article, 17" widescreen monitors will not necessarily be more expensive than the current 17" 4:3 models.

    Apple previously had sold a 17" 4:3 ratio LCD until June when it revamped (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2004/06/20040628150739.shtml) their monitor line to what it stands today:

    � 20" Cinema (1680x1050) - $699
    � 23" Cinema HD (1920x1200) - $999
    � 30" Cinema HD (2560x1600) - $1999

    A 17" Widescreen LCD would fall in the bottom end of the monitor line. While intriguing, the report comes from Digitimes whose rumor reports have been historically inaccurate.

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  • granex
    Nov 28, 10:24 AM
    The Xbox comparison is not totally valid because in that case Microsoft could provide software support to the games makers and provide other incentives for content (as well as supplying their own games content). With the Zune (and other mp3 players) things are pretty much content neutral for the most part, except for online store purchases, where Apple has a huge advantage.

    The only way that Microsoft can use their $$ to greatly influence this market is by selling the Zune for a loss (as they did for the Xbox). They really can't influence the content market in the same way, unless they start paying bands to pull their stuff from iTunes, and even then that is a small piece of the music content market.

    They will have to win on features and integration -- so they are pretty much doomed. They have essentially bet the whole farm on the wireless exchange. We'll see how that works, but it is a density dependent advantage (if there are not enough Zunes around then there is no advantage to being able to exchange with people). Some animal species go extinct even when they are at reasonably large numbers when their relative density falls so low that they can't effectively find mates. This is called the Allee effect. If the density of Zunes does not increase above a certain critical level, even assuming that people want to squirt songs (or whatever it's called), then they are really out of luck.

    A cheap, powerful Xbox with lots of cool games has value right from the start. Microsoft could buy your love in this case.

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  • SplinterCell
    Nov 28, 11:50 AM
    Microsoft lost billions on the Xbox and likely to lose hundreds of millions on their Zune attempt. iPod sales have been profitable for Apple since their introduction. How one measures success in this industry can't always be marketshare.

    Do you have anything to support that MS lost billions on the xbox, I heard it was more like they broke even...

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  • Eidorian
    Aug 25, 10:43 AM
    Exactly so. For everyone's reference, here's a current Intel price chart (per CPU in lots of 1000): http://spamreaper.org/frankie/macintel.html

    It makes certain options quite clear. For example:

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  • mrgreen4242
    Aug 30, 08:09 PM
    SAVE page prices don''t go down when new models appear. They are already reduced from original prices. For example, PowerBook G4's are still at the same price they were last year as are the Quad G5 since February.

    I don't think that is always the case. In this case, specifically, we are likely looking at the high end mini bumping down to the low end price range, and the high end being a new machine. That would meant that the high end mini is basically getting a price drop, which would push the refurb price down: the refurb Core Duo mini is currently MORE than a new Core Solo. I'd definitely expect to see Duos get a price drop in the refurb store if the new mini line up is 1.66 duo and 1.83 duo.

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  • kresh
    Jul 19, 07:27 PM
    Such short memories...

    2001-Q1 would be when the "Dot.com Bubble" burst. The whole PC industry tanked, not just Apple. Motorola was also struggling to bring faster G4 processors to market, if I remember correctly.

    Ah, those were the days.

    A one page web-site, drooling capital venurists, a silly name like "BoxOfRox.com", and the day of your IPO your stock was $100 a share. Set for life I tell ya.

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  • MattG
    Nov 28, 12:05 PM

    Suck it, Microsoft :cool:

    Do you have anything to support that MS lost billions on the xbox, I heard it was more like they broke even...

    I watched a television show on the history of video games a couple of weeks ago. I forget what channel it was on...History or Discovery or something like that, but I specifically remember them saying that Microsoft lost a lot of money on the xbox, but that they didn't care...they just wanted to get their foot in the door.

    I think it was this show:

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  • chinesechikn
    Mar 26, 08:19 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

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  • dethmaShine
    May 2, 04:25 PM
    They could have simplified the whole process in the following way:

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  • jrv3034
    Jul 18, 08:48 AM
    For me, rental is good. I don't want to own a sub-par-quality movie. I'll download it and watch it, and if I want to keep it then I'll buy the DVD.

    The downloads should be no more than $1.99 to keep me from walking to Blockbuster. Any higher, and it's just not a good enough deal, what with the low quality, etc.

    Oct 12, 02:41 PM
    Does anybody have any idea when Switcheasy will release something for the 4G?

    They sent me an email reply to that very question that basically said screw off, we don't announce, we release.

    Oct 23, 04:18 PM
    I know you will see that I've never posted before, so anything I say will probably be taken with a grain of salt. I don't blame you for not believing me, every Tuesday I am let down with all of you. If I am lying you can ban me from this forum, for whatever it's worth, I promise what I'm telling you is the truth. I see you guys are as antsy as I am about this update.

    I know a person that works at an Apple Store as an inventory control specialist - I asked him back in July to tell me before hand if he knew when the Merom MacBook Pro was coming out. Today I got a text message from him saying, "(dan's) laptop might be coming out tomorrow." However, he thinks it's only a 15''.

    Something is definitely planned to come out tomorrow. I know it's not concrete, but it gives me hope. I figured I would share.

    I'm hoping he is wrong about the 15'' thing, I wanted a 17''. Either way, I'll take what I can get. I've been waitng too long.


    hope that's true, but I also hope the 17 will be updated at the same time.

    Mar 22, 11:29 AM
    No- I'm saying this should not be allowed to screw up gay minors. Adults can do what they want to screw themselves up.

    Word :-)

    Sep 6, 01:36 PM
    Terrified to see that my MBP's 1.83 Ghz Core Duo is now in Apple's lowest line of computers... It does what I need it to, but it must be worth half the value it was 6 months ago ($1,999.99). Even more terrified that my ex got a black MB that has a better processor then mine. And she only uses it for papers and chatting! :eek:

    Blue Velvet
    Nov 28, 01:22 PM
    Honestly, why does M$ keeps trying to "innovate" on each and every market, instead of just focusing on the PC platform?

    Because they fear the iPod and what it — and its ecosystem — may potentially evolve into; becoming a platform in its own right, particularly with the convergence of multimedia in the home.

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