Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • eddietr
    Jan 11, 09:40 PM
    what if this slim macbook had a touch pad keyboard? that would be one way to make it smaller

    That would be interesting.

    The one thing miss about my old thinkpad is the eraser mouse thing in the middle of the keyboard.

    Not that the eraser head is that great of a pointing device, it's just that not having to move your hands from typing to moving to typing to moving is really convenient.

    They could achieve the same by just merging the keyboard and trackpad together.

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  • chinesechikn
    Mar 27, 03:35 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    OH noooos, you gots me theres. ;) It's not exactly easy to takes 'some' of me toys with me, but as a trade off I get an absolutely superior experience on all fronts. There are NO compromises to my controls. I get top notch visuals now that are much better than what can be done on dated consoles like the PS3 and 360, and at a much higher frame rate.

    I have an iPad, I'm getting an iPad 2 for compatibility testing. I have a great phone that's similar to my iPad performance wise -- which I can plug a Wiimote into and play a ton of old games. I have a DS and I'm getting a 3DS.

    I have portability for entertainment and there's nothing stoping me from bringing my PC, wheel, etc. to my friend's place, something I've done.

    Who care's if the future iPad is up to par with a 360 visually as an example, it will still be subpar compared to my PC now and chances are it will still lack proper inputs.

    If I wan to play a casual exploration game, a time killer, something that has fun direct interaction like World of Goo, I'll pull out my iPad. But for racing or any game that just plays better with a mouse, a wheel, a flightstick, and so on, I really can't care that my iPad or any future version is portable, if it makes playing these types of games lame.

    Oh yay! These forums attract the angry Microsoft supporters, Android yahoos and now the rabid gamers are feeling insecure. We should all petition Apple to stop making compelling devices!

    Here here

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  • portishead
    Apr 21, 12:34 PM
    At least he's got a birth certificate. You and Full of Win must be related. Or married. Or both.

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  • Deej
    Oct 23, 06:44 AM
    Could it *really* be true....??? :D

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  • jon1987
    Apr 3, 06:25 AM
    They always find a way to zoom in the screen and make it look nicer than what it actually is. The resolution is too grainy.

    I am spoiled by the iPhone 4 display.

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  • PBF
    Apr 2, 01:39 PM
    Is anyone able to video chat with other Yahoo users via iChat?

    Mine's kept saying "video unavailable" on both ends since DP1. I thought DP2 would have this fixed by now. Bummer.

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  • k8to
    Sep 6, 04:00 PM
    No EMT64, no biscuit.

    I wonder if Apple will be able to ship a monitorless, affordable, quiet core 2 computer before a boutique vendor fills the gap. If so, no mac for me!

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  • glennsan
    Aug 24, 06:38 PM
    Maybe dual optical drives like the Mac pro. This is getting standard on Macs obviously.


    The only Mac that currently has the dual optical drive is the Mac Pro. I would not think that the iMac and Mini would get a dual as well. But I will admit that stranger things have happened.

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  • SchneiderMan
    Nov 25, 08:08 PM
    You will most likely never drive a Ferrari at full speed, My glasses may never be crushed by a truck. But it's nice to have the speed/protection. :cool:

    But it's a Ferrari.

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  • Multimedia
    Nov 15, 05:43 PM
    Im really looking forwards to this, if the 8-core 2.66 Macpro its going to cost just a little more than a quad 3ghz Macpro, im going to be buying as soon as it hits the website...

    As a recent Mac switcher, coming straight in with a base spec macpro(4x2.66/4gb/1750gbHDD), im now happy to invest in a more powerful machine.

    My only concern is the heat... my current Macpro runs 24/7 and 95% of the time is at full load across all 4 cores... and its still silent with temps never going over 52c... will these quad core chips run much hotter, meaning the front fans have to spin faster/noisier to keep the machine cool?Maybe. If Apple goes from the 80 Watt 3GHz Woody to the 120 Watt 2.66GHz Clovertown then definitely. But if Apple chooses to only offer the 80 Watt 2.33GHz Dual Clovertown, then perhaps not and we'll all be happier campers. Or perhaps Apple has other cooling schemes in mind to keep a 2.66GHz set of Clovertowns quiet via other ways. Given that the Logic board stays the same, I'd rather buy the 2.33GHz version.

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  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Sep 6, 08:48 AM
    Hmm... the Mini still has no Core 2 Duo? That does not sound too promising for MacBook (Pro) updates... unless Apple only wants to use the Core 2 Duo for the high end laptops (MacBook Pro) of course... Or are they waiting untill Leopard has been released?

    Core Duo prices will decrease soon (October or so), so Apple will probably have a price decrease then. Additionally, it may wait to put merom in its Macbook lineup, and instead have a price decrease there too...

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  • Porco
    Apr 19, 04:55 PM
    I've been putting a family member off buying an iMac for months in order to wait for the new ones, I hope the updates are very soon.

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  • Naimfan
    Mar 22, 12:48 PM
    Our Founding Fathers believed in God, proof alone is the pledge of allegiance "under god". Yes our country was founded on christian belief. Hate to say it, but it's true!

    As for the invisible man in the sky I have no clue to what you are referring.

    If you're in the service I can only suggest you avail yourself of the educational opportunities that are available. Many of the Founders were not "Christian," and a belief in God is no proof of a "Christian" belief system.

    The United States was not founded as a "Christian" nation. I'd suggest you review the free exercise and establishment clauses of the First Amendment, as well as the history surrounding the settlement of what we often refer to as the original 13 colonies.

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  • roland.g
    Sep 1, 01:39 PM
    wouldn't swapping a conroe chip in be an option? just go to Fry's and buy the chip then.

    No Yonah and Merom are pin-compatible. Conroe isn't. Need a whole new motherboard.

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  • shadowmoses
    Aug 7, 02:55 AM
    here's my assesment of the situation; a complete and reasonable roundup of what to expect at the show


    Seems like a pretty good roundup of what will happen, I would like to see the iPhone with support for VOIP via wi-fi with iChat 4 that would be really sweet......

    Can't wait WWDC is going to be great,


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  • m4rc
    Mar 24, 03:02 AM
    But Apple's market is shrinking.....

    What you are possibly forgetting is that although, yes, Apple's market share may be shrinking, the market it self - the number of units actualy shifted - is growing at massive rates. I don't really have to explain percentages now do I, it is obvious that 1.7% or whatever it is of 10,000,000 (a figure pulled from the air, I have NO idea how many units are shifted :)) is a much higher number than say 5% of 1,000,000. Apple is shifting more units - may not be computers, iPods are obviously helping Apple to succeed, and do remember that some of these iPod users are going to like the thing so much that they start taking a healthy interest in the rest of Apple's product range.

    Apple may be many things, but the way they have turned there fortunes around, going from the brink to billions in the bank and zero debt, shows the one thing they are not is stupid. They realise what the market is doing, and are releasing the products that make the most profit. It is all about profit, as in pretty much any bussiness. I started my business doing I.T Support, Servicing, Installations etc. I found a market niche where I could make some serious profit, and have completely remodelled the company to that, even though what we as a company always wanted to do was I.T Services. You have to go where the money is. And I obviouslly don't know the numbers, but I would bet that the profit does not come with shifting units that make you a few dollars just to increase your market share a little.

    I like the references people have made to other iconic brands - BMW, Ferrari, Tiffany's, there are many. These companies could all increase their market share massively by selling cheaper stripped down products, and to some extent BMW is doing just this, but to go for a car that aims at the bottom end of the market, that would hurt BMW too much. More likely, they would aquire a low end car manufacturer and improve the organisation, a little like VAG and Seat and Skoda - may not have all of those brands in the states though.

    I would like to see Apple increasing it's market share too, but not at any cost. It would be very easy to just chuck out a budget box and lose money on it, what would thay gain? Lower profits possibley, and an increased market share, but to what end? Some companies have a lovely large market share, and are teetering on the edge as they are just not profitable. Apple know's it's business, and it will do whatever it has to do to succeed and profit. I do agree however, that they have current issues over product quality and service support, but again, these will be sorted over time.


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  • walleyealx
    Oct 23, 05:18 PM
    any chance you think they are gonna put the update the MB the same time they do the MBP's?

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  • jgould
    Feb 27, 09:52 PM
    Looks like you do a fair bit of typing on that thing!
    My old one started looking like that but then Apple replaced it with a new one. I bought a keyboard cover. Not because I hate shiny keys, but because hair and stuff was falling in the keys.

    My keyboard on my White 2006 MacBook would get like that, and then the top case would crack and would be replaced. It didn't stay like that for long...

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  • McKellar
    Nov 23, 04:12 AM
    Typical. Are they 2.33 and 2.66GHz models Aiden? Got links?

    SideNote: The Madonna Concert in HD on NBC tonight is groundbreaking broadcast television. One of the most amazing telecasts I have ever seen-heard. I am a huge Madonna fan though. :D Tony Bennett's special last night also on NBC was an amazing HD composition as well.

    I just had a (very) brief look, Dell seems to be offering Cloverton in their Precision workstations, but only the low-end E5320 1.86Ghz model:


    I imagine that Apple probably won't use this model in the Mac Pro or Xserves, and are probably waiting on the faster versions to be available in greater quantities, as it seems that they might be in short supply if Dell's only offering the slowest version.

    Apr 24, 09:19 AM
    Judging from the the overwhelming majority of responses in regards to personal privacy violation these days, coming from the younger generations in regards to issues of this nature and typical replies such as.... Don't Care, I'm not doing anything wrong so I'm fine with that, Let them look, They are not violating you're rights, you have a Tinfoil Hat on! etc , etc, etc,

    I would have to say that the Government is doing a fine job indoctrinating and spoon feeding everyone through mass media to the extent that we are actually breeding complacent spineless cowards that offer no resistance and have no independent thought process of their own!

    In short...You are all good little sheep!

    Why is it that no one offers any resistance these days? The problem and all of the problems this country currently faces is due to the fact that We The People no longer govern this country and protect our constitution & Bill Of Rights!

    We hire and empower our elected officials to represent our voice and our best interest as a society yet these people take what they want, treat us the way they want, steal from us, lie to us, deceive us & left to their devices they will kill us all in the name of greed. And we just bend over and take it and thank them for it!

    I Mean WTF already people? When is everybody going to learn that if everybody would just do their little part in society by being involved on the most very mundane level, we as a people and society would not be plagued with all of these current crisis that we are currently facing in this country!

    STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem! It's that simple!

    Now c'mon Kids call me crazy and say I am wearing a Tin Foil Hat. Just Remember It will be my Generation that brings the fight, not yours!

    Certainly a bit crazy, but regardless, a wholly disproportionate response to a simple file on a device which by all reports isn't being transmitted anywhere or being used for any purpose other than to the help the phone work a bit better. I think there are other areas where your passion could be better focussed

    Mar 5, 06:32 PM
    And congrats for 10mio points!


    congrats to whiterabbit for 10 million points!

    And Thanks

    I should be picking up steam again, soon.

    Jan 12, 11:28 AM
    are you kidding me?

    Macbook Air?


    There's no way Apple would ever call something that.

    Nov 25, 04:41 AM
    Picked this up earlier today. PSN username is Albrecht_FTW if you want to race.


    Mar 31, 04:15 PM
    We did more history coverage of WW2 than India and China combined.

    But popular culture keeps it at the forefront.

    It's a fascinating subject, but also an unhealthy obsession for both nations. Also, the literature on the subject is bloated with bad research, crazed theories and revisionism.

    I couldn't agree more. I think what few people realize is that in almost all aspects, WWII was not so much the Second World War, as a continuation of WWI. I

    For the US it was definitely our first bright and shining moment on the international stage and it has gained mythological status.

    Suppose the British fascination with WWII comes from the fact that it was close, we could of easily lost.

    Possibly but I think a lot of the British fascination has to do with

    1. Its sense of impregnability due to its Island Status

    2. WWII helped the UK regain a sense of self worth after the painful previous 2 decades. Of course, it was all thrown away again at Suez...

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