Monday, May 30, 2011

1804 lewis and clark

1804 lewis and clark. Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • LERsince1991
    Feb 27, 11:57 AM

    Equipment list:
    Apple 13" Macbook (late 2008) - 2.4Ghz, 500gb HD, 4Gb RAM
    Apple iPhone 4
    Apple Airport express running airtunes
    Apple Mighty Mouse
    Apple Universal Dock
    Apple remote
    Acer Monitor 22" White
    Belkin 7 USB hub powered
    Bowers & Wilkins 685's
    Chord Carnival Silverscreen speaker cable with banana plugs
    Canon 400d + accessories
    Dell Inspiron 1501 - To multi-task with windows (on bookshelf)
    HP Printer
    Kenwood A-82 Stereo Integrated Amplifier (Acquired from dads old setup)
    Sennheiser Headphones HD 205
    Wacom Intuos 3 A4 wide
    Western Digital My Book 1Tb

    Running Plex Media Centre and iTunes for media.
    Recently came across Plex Media Centre on here - brilliant and free!
    Mostly 1080p video and lossless audio.

    350 Movies, 10,000 songs, 15,000 photos & lots of TV programs...

    Waiting on a delivery of some braided wire sleeving to hide the ton of wires going to the amp better. Pretty neatly hidden the equipment around the room. :) :) :)

    Considering getting a new Amp - probably a surround amp but unsure as the music quality will drop opposed to a stereo hifi amp.
    Other option is an xbox 360?

    Past 2008

    1804 lewis and clark. home of Lewis amp; Clark and
  • home of Lewis amp; Clark and

  • Tomorrow
    Apr 20, 10:54 AM
    I also hate to hear people moan about how inconvenient a standard transmission is during stop and go traffic; I mean it's not that bad

    For most passenger cars in the U.S., an automatic transmission is standard - indeed, a manual transmission isn't even available for many (if not most) cars here.

    As for being "not that bad," you might not think so; for many of us, there's a noticeable difference, one we can appreciate.

    People are just too willing to sacrifice the fun of driving for convenience.

    I used to think driving was fun, but that was many years ago. I absolutely loathe driving now. Whenever I go somewhere with my wife, she drives.

    To me, driving is a necessary evil; if I'm at point A and I need to get to point B, and nobody else is going my way, then I'll drive; otherwise, I won't. I positively hate it, and I gain no joy whatsoever from it.

    1804 lewis and clark. cold winter for 1804-05.)
  • cold winter for 1804-05.)

  • Kflik
    Apr 19, 10:57 AM
    Finally! An iMac rumor!!!!

    1804 lewis and clark. Map of the Lewis and Clark
  • Map of the Lewis and Clark

  • newmacuser13
    Nov 27, 05:54 PM
    Apple needs to do something to distinguish their flat panels from most other available. How about integrated ipod dock? Oops - Viewsonic just beat them to the punch with 19 and 22" versions with integrated dock (VX2245wm) - they look sweet, and reportably can play your ipod videos directly on screen.

    1804 lewis and clark. Diary Kept by William Clark
  • Diary Kept by William Clark

  • PBF
    Apr 10, 04:27 PM
    I'm sorry, but unless you, guys, are suffering from some kinda severe form of ADHD, iCal's very orangey toolbar shouldn't be a distraction at all. Seriously.

    1804 lewis and clark. Lewis and Clark#39;s westward
  • Lewis and Clark#39;s westward

  • captmatt
    Mar 25, 03:56 PM
    Oh man---I got the iPad to get the kids off the TV. Now I'm going to have to get another TV!

    1804 lewis and clark. 1804 lewis and clark.
  • 1804 lewis and clark.

  • gnomeisland
    Apr 20, 02:28 PM
    2. HDMI out

    Why would be ever see this on an iMac? Mac mini, yes (it was overdue). iMac, never.

    1804 lewis and clark. The Lewis and Clark Herbarium
  • The Lewis and Clark Herbarium

  • vvv
    Nov 28, 08:25 PM
    Which is a big distraction from the point? And what is the point? That the XBox is a bad analogy. It is best to consider their Windows CE->Smartphone one to see that the Zune is a bad idea. The only thing we can learn from the XBox and Microsoft is that Microsoft pees on their partners (NVidia) at the earliest opportunity. But we already knew that as soon as the Zune didn't support Plays For Sure.

    MS never made a smartphone, they make the windows mobile software that runs on others hardware. The xbox is ms hardware and software, just like the zune. It's a entertainment market, just like the xbox, windows mobile software isn't in the entertainment market. There are far more direct comparisons between zune and xbox than between windows mobile and zune. As for peeing on their partners, what's new, I think we all know they don't play nice, instead they play to win.

    1804 lewis and clark. Lewis amp; Clark Expedition
  • Lewis amp; Clark Expedition

  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 17, 08:43 AM
    I don't quite get your comment. What was humourous about my age exactly ?

    It's my age, in comparison.

    I still love driving. :D

    1804 lewis and clark. 1804 - The Lewis and Clark
  • 1804 - The Lewis and Clark

  • J the Ninja
    Apr 12, 09:19 PM
    Basically: "You Wait While I Render."

    New one will apparently let you keep working while it renders in the background.

    To be more exact, "You wait while I use 2 of your 8 cores to render"

    1804 lewis and clark. the famous Lewis and Clark
  • the famous Lewis and Clark

  • ZebraineZ
    Jun 22, 03:37 PM
    I wouldn't mind an iOS-type OS on an iMac as long as it had some more features of a full-fledged desktop OS. As in:

    -Multiple Users
    -Some kind of file system
    -More apps of a creative side (ie movie editing, word processing, programming, etc.) instead of just media consuming apps

    Note: this list is not exhaustive; there are many more features I'd like that I just can't think of at the moment.

    Plus, some games/apps will need to be done, specifically those that need the accelerometers. I don't think people would want to swing around a 20/30 pound computer. But that would be a good way to make more money; people keep breaking them so they'll have to pay for repairs/new ones.

    I doubt 10.7 will be such an overhaul. Probably more like Mac OS X 11.0 or a totally new naming scheme.

    You just described a touchless OS X. It does exactly that...

    1804 lewis and clark. Lewis and William Clark,
  • Lewis and William Clark,

  • macgeek18
    Feb 20, 11:49 PM
    It is time to drink the intel Kool-aid my friend
    Lol I again drank it 2 days ago by buying a Intel MacBook. Sorry G4's, looks like retirement is looming again. ;)

    1804 lewis and clark. BEFORE LEWIS AND CLARK:

  • twoodcc
    Dec 21, 11:27 PM
    well i finally got 2 million now. i started this thread on 10/4/2009. today is 11/26/2009. so what is that, 53 days? considering how long it took for me to get to 1 million to begin with, i'm pretty happy with that

    well today (12.22.09) i hit 3 million. so that was only like 27 days for the last million. i'm happy with that. just gotta keep it going

    also, congrats to lyzardking for 5 million points also!

    1804 lewis and clark. Lewis and Clark Trail
  • Lewis and Clark Trail

  • MCIowaRulz
    Apr 12, 09:56 PM
    I wonder if they'll update the whole studio suite
    (yes, including DVD Studio Pro I hope. Maybe they'll rename it Media studio and make it output DVD's, Blu Ray, maybe even interactive Quicktime files )

    My thoughts exactly!. As a owner of FCP 7 (and the rumord price drop for FCP X) How much will the upgrade cost? Price speculation time!

    1804 lewis and clark. Lewis and Clark sketch
  • Lewis and Clark sketch

  • Mainyehc
    Nov 28, 01:08 PM
    Money talks. A big ad campaign will produce much increased Zune sales.

    And it's also true for Apple. Many people buy iPods because they have seen all of those TV ads and billboards, not because they did extensive comparison shopping.

    Come to think of it, a good number of iPod purchasers are filling demands of their kids, who specifically plead for iPods. And kids are greatly influenced by advertising.

    Which kids? The same kids who are specifically pleading for MacBooks? ... Windows, and the ever-uncool Microsoft is getting long in the tooth (and those who may want Vista will have to start thinking about replacing their old PCs anyway), and and the Zune is too late in the game. It doesn't matter that they have 95% of PC marketshare and a lot of money to burn. So did the Roman Empire, for that matter (money, not marketshare :p )! Remember what that guy from Creative said about "spending billions on advertising"? Dit it work? They even had to resort to a foul patent infringement lawsuit to earn some cash and keep afloat!

    Sure, if there's a company that can easily perform a media-blitz, it's Microsoft, but OTOH, if there's a company which is ALREADY doing it (try "doing it from day one"), it's Apple... It's actually quite impressive for such a small company! But then again, everything Apple does is quite impressive on its own. ;)

    Anyway, isn't Apple historically a very marketing-happy company? "1984", "Lemmings", "Think Different", "Switch", "Silhouettes", now the "Get a Mac" campaign... Unlike a company we know, which is almost exclusively marketing-driven (FUD, vaporware, "Office Dinossaurs", "Start... something... whatever"... "Welcome to the Social", WTF?... :rolleyes: ). Apple has a top notch product, and M$ does not. And they will certainly respond if M$ even attempts doing something that remotely resembles a media-blitz, and will certainly come out on top (especially if, as a product-driven company that they are, they keep coming up with a stream of new, competitive iPods...).

    The Zune is DOA, I'm afraid... And Microsoft isn't looking too good, either, and even though they'll still be around 10-15 years from now, they probably won't reach their 50th anniversary (unlike Apple, I'm guessing)... I might be wrong, but IMHO, this whole Zune-to-be debacle will be the first (or is it?) among many nails in M$'s coffin, because in this case they initially set out to compete with an established and nearly invincible leader, unlike their constant (and not that successful) attempts at controling emerging markets. Honestly, why does M$ keeps trying to "innovate" on each and every market, instead of just focusing on the PC platform? They are only making fools of themselves by reusing (our outright copying) other companies' designs, by slapping stock photos and un-catchy slogans all over their software and websites, etc... :rolleyes:

    People may have fallen for their lines for 20+ years, but they may one day wise up as far as the PC market is concerned, I hope (of course, someone would have to come up with a viable Windows competitor, whether Apple's own OS X - not very likely for reasons everyone in this board is more than aware of -, or some OSS driven platform, who knows?)... Because they're already showing signs of that on the consumer electronics market. :cool:

    1804 lewis and clark. 1804 lewis and clark.
  • 1804 lewis and clark.

  • Surely
    Nov 25, 11:12 PM
    ^^^^^Could I recommend a case for that?


    1804 lewis and clark. Lewis and Clark map
  • Lewis and Clark map

  • Lesser Evets
    Apr 26, 01:54 PM
    App is a generic.
    Store is a generic.
    Appstore is a generic.


    Example: Grocery Store, Book Store, Appliance Store.

    1804 lewis and clark. Camp of Lewis and Clark
  • Camp of Lewis and Clark

  • 4np
    Aug 25, 07:42 AM
    Like this?

    gawd i hope i don't get banned for that!

    LOL!!!! :D

    1804 lewis and clark. Lewis and Clark#39;s Expedition
  • Lewis and Clark#39;s Expedition

  • kadajawi
    Sep 6, 08:29 PM
    What planet are you on?
    Planet Germany ;) The not so expensive part of it though (other Germans are quite surprised too). Macs are pretty expensive here though, IMHO. And there isn't a single store you can get Macs... in a town with 200000 people or so. Oh well...

    May 3, 01:37 AM
    Meh. Will it at least delete all the associated files too??

    Apr 19, 12:21 PM
    I can't wait for a white 27" model with an additional rear facing camera to shoot HD video. 3G would be cool too.

    Aug 7, 06:51 AM
    Networking in the Finder is one of the biggest complaints people seem to have. Said it before and will say it until its done, FTFF! :cool:

    Yea, FTFF is right! I wish we would see this morning that Apple has finally FTFF in Leopard, but I'm afraid we're still gonna see much of the same old stuff in there that gives us reason to want to FTFF. I hope I'm wrong though.

    Aug 7, 12:55 AM
    Tis great. Can't wait.

    Apr 12, 10:07 PM
    The App Store should really harness the power of torrent technology for files like this.

    People sometimes have trouble with torrenting depending on what their ISP situation is like. It would be a nice option though so long as apple provides us with at least one fast peer. It would take some of the load off their servers too.

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