Monday, February 28, 2011

Miley Cyrus de PASEO en New York

Miley Cyrus pasea en New York, hoy lunes 28 de febrero por la tarde junto a su amiga y estilista Denika, mientras se prepara para su debut como anfitriona de "Saturday Night Live".
Alejada completamente de la fama y el lujo, la actriz y cantante decidió renunciar a las fiestas de los Oscars y descansar luego de su viaje misionero a Haití.
Miley ha estado trabajando junto al actor Sean Penn en Haití, intentando ayudar desesperadamente luego del devastador terremoto del 2010. La revista 'Ticket' de dicho lugar, tuvo la oportunidad de hacer una entrevista a la actriz y estos son algunos extractos:
¿Por qué estás en Haití en este momento?: "Estoy aquí con la fundacion Starkey Hearing. Hoy he distribuido cerca de 200 dispositivos que ayudan a los niños con problemas de audición. También soy una gran amiga de Sean Penn, quien siempre me ha invitado a visitar los campamentos para refugiados en Haití y, aquí estoy! Conseguí un tiempo y vine con mi mamá. Los niños se pusieron muy felices de que esté aquí. Ellos fueron agarrando mi alma y querían que yo tome a todos en mis brazos para llevarlos. Me encantó!"
¿Visitaras otros países con problemas?: "Actualmente con mi padre tenemos una obra de caridad en Kentucky que ayuda a personas desfavorecidas. Damos nuestro apoyo, pero ahora quiero hacer más y sobre todo, poder verlo con mis propios ojos. Así que me encantaría ayudar a las personas que son también mis fans."

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: AMOR en Vanity Fair Party

Selena Gomez y Justin Bieber son la pareja joven del momento, cuando llegan a la fiesta post-Oscars Vanity Fair celebrada en el Sunset Tower, la noche del domingo 27 de febrero, en West Hollywood, California.
El dúo lució atuendos de Dolce & Gabbana, cuando caminaban por la alfombra roja, muy enamorados!
A la salida de la fiesta, Bieber dio un pequeño beso rápido a su 'novia'. Selena (18) y Justin, quien cumple 17 este martes 1º de marzo, llegaron de la mano y se quedaron juntos y acaramelados toda la noche.

Taylor Swift & Emma Stone: Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Emma Stone y Taylor Swift buscan un poco de acción post-Oscars cuando son vistas en la Fiesta de Vanity Fair en West Hollywood, anoche 27 de febrero.
La cantante de "You Belong With Me" y la actriz de "Easy A" lucieron fabulosas cuando llegaron al Hotel Sunset Tower.
Taylor Swift aprovechó también la oportunidad para ponerse al día con sus hotties compañeras de Hollywood: Selena Gomez y Gwyneth Paltrow.

Emma Roberts & Chace Crawford JUNTOS en Vanity Fair Party

Emma Roberts se mostró elegante y sorprendente en la noche de los Oscars, cuando asistió a la fiesta de Vanity Fair, ayer 27 de febrero.
La chica de "Día de San Valentín" sin duda puso sus ojos en el galán de "Gossip Girl", Chace Crawford.
Las fuentes dijeron a Us Magazine que la nueva pareja se mantuvo muy misteriosa. "Ellos se juntaban a escondidas para fumar juntos. Por momentos breves también se los pudo ver tomados de las manos. Lucían cariñosos"

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: Elton John Party

Vanessa Hudgens y Ashley Tisdale se divirtieron al máximo cuando fueron vistas en la fiesta º19 de Elton John, finalizada la celebración de los premios Oscars, la noche del 27 de febreor.
Las hotties de "High School Musical" se mostraron de muy buen humor en el Pacific Design Center de West Hollywood.
Vanessa, quien se rumorea fue vista coqueteando muy amistosamente con su compañero Josh Hutcherson, aprovechó además la ocasión para ponerse al día con Nicole Richie y su esposo Joel Madden en esta fiesta exclusiva.


Click Here so you will see the video.


Click Here so you will see the video.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Should Black people travel to Russia?

Should people of color or black people go to Russia? The question was originally published as a blog post on the website Moscowthroughbrowneyes of a graduate student living in Moscow in 2009.

Because there is 'yes' and a 'no' answer I will post them both. And because Russia is a 'special' destination for black (and Asian) people I will also add a few links.

Should you go?


Says the blogger of Moscow Through Brown Eyes

A reader wrote to me:
I’m leaving this comment because since you have lived in Russia and know much more about what’s going on there than I do, I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I was wondering, do you think it would even be smart at this point for a Black student to go to Russia to study? I was planning on going there after the summer for a year-long study abroad program but after hearing about all the racism I’m thinking that it might not be the right thing to do. Did you have a lot of close calls when you were over there?

This is a painful question for me.

On the one hand, I have had amazing experiences in Russia and I have been indelibly marked by the time I have spent with Russian history, literature and contemporary society. I can’t imagine my sense of the world outside of my interactions with Russia.

On the other hand, I simply don’t know if I can, in good conscience, advise people of Asian or African descent to travel to Russia in light of the continuing problem of racist violence.

In the past ten days, there have been attacks on Bangladeshi and Chinese students in Moscow, in addition to the earlier assaults this year on citizens of Cameroon and Vietnam. Last December, a nineteen-year-old African American was stabbed multiple times in Volgograd on his way home from the gym.

While these are certainly the most extreme types of violence, interviews with African students also reveal pervasive everyday racism in Russian society. If you travel to Russia, you are, quite frankly, playing a numbers game with your life and your well-being. Read the full story at And read the comments and the other postings.

Note: It's very good blog, but there is a risk you will stop reading and decide you will never set one foot in Russia.


Says Jonathan Fianu in Russia Beyond the Headlines

Recently, a reader of my blog wrote me an email asking what life was like on the ground for a black person in Russia, and if there was any truth to some of the stories about rampant racism she had heard in the United States.

Her son had studied Russian and was very interested in visiting Russia, but she was concerned about these issues. I knew that the issue was important; after all, it is normally the first question that pops into people's head when they hear that I work in Russia. But usually they ask something else. This particular question is generally left unspoken, or rather unasked. I know people are thinking about it, and I know people want to ask me, but they rarely do so.

In my experience, Russians are some of the most welcoming and accepting people around. As a black person in Russia, I have not only gone about my business unaffected, I have been embraced, welcomed and treated exceptionally well—even on par with being a celebrity in the smaller towns. Many people do not know this, but African students have been coming to study in Russia for decades. In fact, there is one in Chistopol, where I live. One day I was speaking to one of the directors in the local Vostok watch factory and he affectionately told me how he sold watches to this gentleman, who was training to be a doctor, and how he has been accepted.

Prime Minster Vladimir Putin touched on stereotypes about Russia in his speech in Zurich after his country won right to host the 2018 World Cup. He said something to the effect that there are still a large number of Soviet-era stereotypes prevalent in the minds of people in the West, and once these people have the opportunity to visit Russia, they will see Russia for what it is: a welcoming country that is continually modernizing. Read the full story at Russia Beyond the Headlines

Blogs and websites

The blog of a American graduate student, who worked in Russia for a one year. A top blog with a lot of links.

The blog of US financial professional who worked in Russia for 10 months.

The blog of Afro-Russian blogger Sholademi (Russian)

Asylum in Bardak - Africans in Russia

The Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy, and English-speaking Christian congregation in Moscow

Some links to news articles in the Mocow times

The recent riots offered yet more proof that Russia still has not come to terms with what or who it is – a debate that has been simmering since the country’s foundation.
Link:Riots highlight need for Russia to define itself

I was sitting in the locker room at my local fitness club in Moscow on November 5, 2008, when a fellow sweat-producer remarked casually to a recent iron-pumper, "How about that American election, eh? Did they run out of white people over there or what?"
Link:Resetting race

The country's Africans know that the capital is no place to let your guard down.
"I knew folks who lost their lives," said Nigerian-born JK Samson. "Attacks, fights, even in the lecture room and with lecturers, just name it."
Link:Moscow’s mean streets


Video: 'The multinational heritage of Russia and all Russians'. An interesting video to get an idea about Russia's diverse population.

Afro-Europe postings

My series of postings about Russia has come to an end, at least for now. Below the postings I wrote about Russia these two weeks.

Lily Golden, the Russian African-American social activist, has died
Video: Black in Russia - harsh life on the streets in Moscow
Black people in Russia - Yelena Khanga
The challenges of biracial children in Russia

Hello Kitty Tattoo Designs

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    Ashlee Simpson wrist tattoo

    Though this is not a recent tattoo it is one of the most beloved ones by the fans as well as body art junkies. Ashlee Simpson wears this peony on her left wrist. Besides this tattoo she also has a peace sign on her right middle finger as well as a star inside her left wrist and a LOVE on the inside of her right wrist. This stylish floral tattoo looks perfect paired to her Rock glam outfits and makes it the best statement accessory she could sport to boost the prominence of her look. She claims however that there's no symbolic meaning attached to this designs instead she only wished for it and she has it.