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16 Unbelievable Urinals

"Keti Koti" - Commemoration of the abolition of slavery in Amsterdam on July 1st

“Kinderen uit de Maasstad”: Surinamese children celebrating in traditional dress
Keti Koti (Breaking the Chains) is the annual celebration and commemoration (since 2002) of the abolition of slavery in the former Dutch colonies on July 1st. It will be celebrated in the City of Amsterdam in the Oosterpark on July 1st 2010.

With performances of Surinamese, Antillean en Dutch music groups, the Keti Koti festival will again contribute to the broadening of the celebration and commemoration of the abolition of slavery. After the resounding success of last year it is expected that the festival will attract more then 20,000 people.

A Native Surinamese and Creole group playing Creole music on Keti Koti 2009 in Amsterdam

The Keti Koti Festival begins with a large-scale parade, the “Bigi Spikri” ("Big Mirror"), with orchestras and brass bands. The parade starts at 12:00 from the Stopera (City Hall) and will end in the Ooster Park, where the national commemoration takes place at the National Slavery Monument.

Honoured guests will be Dutch Minister Andre Rouvoet, the Ministers Plenipotentiary of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, the ambassadors of Suriname, Ghana and South Africa and the mayor of Amsterdam.

There is some controversy between the mayor black communities in the Netherlands about the commemoration date. For the Surinamese community the 1ste of July is also official commemoration day in Surinam, while for the Antillean community on the Dutch Antilles the official commemoration is held on August 17th. And also the name is different, on the Antilles it's called the " Tula commoration" and not "Keti Koti".

Keti Koti:
Ninsee - The National Institute for the Study of Dutch Slavery and its Legacy: (Dutch)

Flamboyan dance group (Antillean)

The promo for 2010

The New Afro Belgian Generation: Three Belgian Artists of Congolese descent

Dr. Kwest. My Beat, My Life, My Congo EP (2010)

Today the RD of Congo celebrates its 50 years of independence. Many wonder if there is anything to celebrate at all. I won’t go deeper into that argument, we all know how difficult the last 5 centuries have been for Africa. It seems that the colonial, industrial, technological and economical successes of Europe and the West were all at a cost, fully paid by the black people of this planet.

But I'd rather draw the attention to something interesting that came out of this tragical history: a new generation of Belgian artists of Congolese descent creating refreshing music with roots in hip hop, electro and Africa.

Below I will tell you more about three fresh AfroBelgian producers and musicians: Baloji, Dr. Kwest and Esa Biyo


The most famous one is Baloji, former rapper in the Belgian Hip Hop group Starflam. He came to live in Belgium as a 3 year old and grew up here. He says he is actually more European than African, a thing he realized when he traveled back to his motherland last year. Starflam was succesful in Belgium and France with tracks such as ‘Ce Plat Pays’ and ‘Amnesie International ‘ (feat. Zap Mama). But Baloji reached maturity with his second solo album (Kinshasa Succursale) released this year. He is now touring all over Europe with his Congolese band. He mixes hip hop and poetry with original African and Congolese sounds, always keeping in mind a deeper message to his music. Below I post a video of his latest single ‘Karibu ya Bintou’. This track features Konono nr. 1, a grouped based in Kinshasa that combines the traditional Likembe with electronics. You can find more on youtube on Konono nr. 1 and Baloji.

Dr. Kwest

Another artist you have to keep an eye on is mystery figure Dr. Kwest. Just like Baloji Dr. Kwest is of Congolese origin although he was raised in Belgium. Today Dr. Kwest is based in Brussels and mixes eclectic electronic hip hop soul with anything that fits with it. Dr. Kwest is a musical innovator who spoils his fans with regular mixes on mixcloud and produces instrumental music which is hard to define (I’ll give it a try with electronic soul noise hop …).

Especially for this 50 year of independence Dr. Kwest delivers an EP (My Beat, My Life, My Congo - 2010) with eccentric tracks that express very well the bitter aftertaste of this celebration while keeping in touch with the Congolese sound. I recommend you all to check this out on this link. You can also find mixes and productions by Dr. Kwest on

Esa Biyo

Last but not least I want to present you another AfroBelgian producer of Congolese origin: Esa Biyo. This producer opted for a mix of old skool Congolese rumba tracks and dub. Slowing down the Congolese Rumba Esa Biyo created a sad version of the famous rumba tracks produced in the 60’s and 70’s by famous artist like Rochereau, Franco & OK jazz, Mbelia Bel, … below I post a video for one of his latest productions, featuring footage from a documentary of the then Zaïre national footbalteam in the 70’s.

Tiger Tattoo Designs - Meaning and Ideas

One of the most popular type of tattoo tiger tattoo today. They essentially represent power, but also can have other meanings. For the Japanese samurai, the tiger was used as a character. If you are thinking about obtaining a tiger tattoo, you should know that it is usually determined on a fairly large size. Most chose the place for it is the biceps, because the primary importance is power.

When people think about the Tigers, the first things that come to mind are the strength and courage, but there are other things they represent. Beauty, pride, passion and sensuality, are just some of the many symbols of the tiger might suggest. Unfortunate decline in the tigers only have even more popular amongst tattoo enthusiasts. Tigers are one of the endangered species, and there are plenty of people who fight for their protection. There are fewer than five thousand tigers in Asia and the fear that at some point may disappear completely from the surface, which would be incredibly sad reality.

Usually the colors used for tiger tattoos are black, gold and yellow. However, you can find patterns that are much more complex and use other colors too, but remember that tattoos are more difficult it will get more expensive. So the best way to proceed is to get the design that you like, print it and show it to the tattoo artist. If the design is complicated, you should also do your research on the artist. I sure would not want a tattoo go differently than you expected.

So if you think the tiger represents you and you like the look of this type of tattoo, I see no reason why you should not do. Many people choose a design based on what they believe and less on what it looks like.

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10 of the Weirdest Soccer Goals of All Times

1.Most Sneaky Goal Ever

2.The Team who accidentally scored a goal and decided not to move to get the favour returned

3.The ballboy who scored a goal

4.The game with 2 goals in only 30 seconds

5.The longest goal Ever

6.The Dumbest auto-goal ever

7.The penalty Goal scored by a Fan

8.The sportsman defender who returned the ball to the striker to score

9.The goal scored by the team's coach from the bench

10.The most Controversial goal in Soccer History

A Mute Belgian King visits Congo

King Albert II of Belgium and Queen Paola arrived in Congo yesterday. They are on an official visit for Congo’s 50 years of independence ceremony, tomorrow 30 June. Congo is a former Belgian colony and since independence both countries have kept a ‘special’ relationship. Still, it has been 25 years since the last official visit of a Belgian monarch in Congo. Last time it was King Baudoin who visited Congo when ruled by Mobutu. King Baudoin is also the king who handed independence to the Congolese in 1960, when then prime minister Lumumba made his (in)famous speech.

Kabila invited the Belgian King. This invitation stirred the opinion of Belgian politicians about Belgium’s relationship with Congo. Some thought the King shouldn’t go because Congo is still not a democratic country. Other thought he should go as this was an opportunity to reconfirm Belgium’s relationship with Congo, and to give a sign to the Congolese government about the things that should be done. But the King has decided for the middle: he will be at the ceremony but he will make no public statement.

Many among the Congolese people are disappointed about this. They think that a King’s statement could make a difference. Although Belgium is the former colonizer, to many Congolese the Belgians are still the ones who created Congo (how cruel and terrible that creation has been). Belgians in Congo are treated with respect, they are Congo’s uncles as the Congolese say themselves. To them the words of a King could have a heavy symbolic meaning. Therefore they hope that his words can change the hardship the Congolese masses are going through. But that is according to me wishful thinking. And besides, the King decided to say no more.

Relations between Belgium and Congo have been difficult lately. President Kabila chose to sign contracts with Chinese and Indian investors while the Belgians refused to invest as long as there were no more signs of democratic change. This is a complicated argument.

Kabila was elected democratically a few years ago. While I know that corruption and oppression still control much of Congolese life, and that the vast majority of Congolese live in too much poverty without education or health care, I also see and hear that things are changing (a bit). Roads are rebuild (by Chinese contractors though) and parliament has never spoken so freely about the things the government should do better or does wrong. Still, last week the most important human rights activist, Floribert Chebeya, was killed in very suspicious circumstances and this is just one murder among others.

It is hard to judge Kabila now, I wonder sometimes how much he himself controls the situation or that he gets manipulated by the powerful people around him, much of whom or former Mobutu collaborators. I just wonder how he will handle the next elections. Joseph Kabila is not his father and not Mobutu. He is much calmer and controlled. He keeps on the background while it is he who has the final say about important decisions, or so I think.

Next to the Belgian King there will be many other head of states tomorrow in Kinshasa. Most notably: Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni and Rwandan president Paul Kagame. They were both enemies during the Congolese wars (1998-2003) as they supported rebel groups in Congo against the Congolese army. But relationships between Congo and these countries has been smoothed out recently as they fight together now against the ‘bad guys’ (the rebels). My cousin who lives and works in Eastern Congo assures me that it hasn’t been so peaceful in many years. Still, army troops with guns but no salary is a dangerous feat. And last but not least, Mugabe, president of what is left of Zimbabwe, will ‘honor’ the ceremony with his presence.

Below a videoshoot of King Albert II's arrival in Kinshasa - No Comment

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Tribal Tattoos - The Blending Of Cultures

The New Era Of Tribal Tattoo Designs

A look that seems so simple at times, tribal tattoos have become very fashionable and the trend for getting tribal tattoo designs are more popular then ever. They have edge their way to the top of the body-art world with it's striking bold designs and looks that many find appealing.

modern tribal tattoosTribal Tattoo Designs
Some of the first modernized tribal tattoos designs.

Poly Tribal Tat The first recognized tribal tattoos were those of the south pacific. Polynesian islands such as Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti and others, all had their own culture influence designs. These tattoos had sacred meanings that ran deep in their heritage compared to those you see today. The tribal style seen today was innovated by pacific islander Leo Zulueta who was training under Ed Hardy at the time. He searched and studied the designs of "traditional culture tattoos" and soon came up with his own artwork and bought forth ideas that everyone could use. Since then it has grown into new levels of artistry, that has been taking the tattoo community by storm.

tribal tattoos

Tribal Tattoos, although they may appear to be plain at times, they are without a doubt still one of the most popular designs today. In this article you will find helpful ideas, especially for those of you who are new to this tattoo style. Explore the history of this beautiful art form that has been around for just a couple of decades. Find many helpful ideas to inspire a cool custom design of your own.

Tribal Arm Tattoo
Tribal Arm Tattoo

The majority of tribal tattoos found these days have few similarities to those of the Polynesians who used black lines, shapes, patterns and other geometric designs. To some people they might seem similar but the traditional tribal tattoos of the Polynesians has history and meaningful symbolism behind them.


In 1982, Leo Zulueta under the direction and encouragement of Ed Hardy, they were both responsible for an increasing demand of Tribal Tats in America when they started a tattoo magazine called "Tattoo Time". Featuring native Samoan and Borneo tattoos, from then on this style grew to become one of the most popular tattoos today. Most tattoo enthusiasts have gotten marked with this style of tribal tattoo design, making it one of the top designs at this moment.

tribal tattooAs pointed out above, these modern day tattoos has a connection with natives and tribes from many different parts of the world. It was from them that this style of tattooing has evolved into the modern tribal tattoo designs we see today. Early on there were some tattoo parlors and tattoo artists that would not even touch a tribal design, feeling that they were too simple of a design. But it wouldn't take them much longer to realize that the tribal design required a lot of skills as well as patience to tattoo the intricate designs.

When you decide on getting a tribal tat, you'll discover that there is a huge collection of tribal designs ranging from small and simple to much larger extravagant ones. There's a vast selection of ideas that can be combined with these tattoos. When creating your own, give it a personal touch that you can relate and connect to. Express your individuality and personality. Be daring and get creative as tribal tattoos always portray a side of beauty and are magnificent works of art.

Miami Ink Angel Tattoo

Miami Ink Angel Tattoo

Miami Ink Angel Tattoo | Assuming that you have selected the angel tattoo as your first or next tattoo, now the most difficult part begins. How to find the lots of angel tattoo sketches? Finding the extraordinary sketches of angel tattoo design is not easy. Your best bet is internet.

Internet is very powerful medium if used properly. Easiest way to find the angel tattoo design is using the search engine like Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.

Writing the common term like “angel tattoo design” or “free angel tattoo design” in search box of any search engine will reveal millions of websites. If you have time and patience then open each one and find out whether they have your dream angel tattoo design.

There is one easy way to find your dream angel tattoo design online for people like me. Instead of wasting your time on browsing lots of website that offers free designs, if you become the member of tattoo design gallery then you not only save your time but in the long run you will save money too.

Finding the good membership site is not easy. Since, it is not possible to see the sketches of membership site unless you become the member. My advice is before spending any money on any membership site you must read review of it. Since there are many tattoo design membership sites that are outright scam.

Another way to find good angel tattoo design on line is to post the question in to the general forums like yahoo answers or particular tattoo forums. It is always good to know how others find their tattoo design. You can also browse the archives of these forums to find many reviews and information regarding angel tattoo designs.

Help answer the question about angel tattoo
Does anyone know where I can find a picture of a specific angel tattoo?
I saw this picture months ago online, but cannot find it again. It is a picture of a small angel tattoo, on someone's hip. The tattoo is black, and is very simple, almost a sketch, with very little detail (no facial features, etc). The angel is throwing her arms back, and kneeling. If anyone knows where to find this tattoo, I would love the link. Thanks!

AfroGerman week: Noah Sow - Author, singer and activist

Noah Sow is the author of the book "Deutschland Schwarz weiss - der alltägliche Rassismus" ("Deutschland Black & white. Everyday Racism"). And front woman of her Punk Rock band NOISEAUX . And she is also the founder of the anti-racist media watch dog "Der Braune mob". And if that's not enough she also appears on television as a moderator.

In an interview she talks about the media watch dog and the racial issues in Germany. "Der braune mob is Germany's first and as far as I know only media watchdog that's concerned with issues of discriminatory and politically incorrect language, content or pictures, mainly in media and advertising. Our focus lies on educating about what public racial discrimination actually is.

We have a lot to do, as Germany is a developing country in terms of racism. Most of the time the newspapers don't even know that for example referring to Obama as 'the coloured candidate' is wrong, so when we write to them they argue a lot. Plus, in Germany, the word racism is taboo.

If you accuse someone of having used a racist expression, they will deny that it's racist even when the term the N-Word is said."

The Punk Rock band NOISEAUX

In the book Deutschland Black & white she write about racism, but not about being black in Germany. "My book isn't about being black," explains Sow in an interview. "It's a mix between humour, education, how racism was 'invented' and what it serves for. It also about structural racism, like in sports, government, police and media. And its about modern and new racist strategies and how to beat them, and also - what I thought was very important - ideas how to help end racism, for the future.

So it's not a book about being black. Actually it's almost the opposite. It's about the role of whiteness in perpetuating racism. Can be used for self-medication. From the feedback so far, white readers learned something new about themselves and black readers had a good time with the humour chapters, like 'List of stupid phrases we never want to hear again - and according answers."

Although the book is written in German, there is a interesting English section with large outline of her book, and her 'List of stupid phrases'. One of those stupid phrases is "I cannot be a racist, I have a Black wife / Black children.” See her website for the answer here.

Read full interview here: here.

Website Media Organisation
Website book Deutschland Schwarz Weiss (Ger)

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Portugese Pavilion - Expo Zaragoza 08

Diadakan antara 14 Juni dan 14 September 2008, Pameran Internasional Expo Zaragoza 2008 sudah tinggal kenangan tetapi efeknya masih bergema.

25 hektar di sepanjang sungai Ebro dekat kota Spanyol lima terbesar, Zarazoga, host paviliun tematik dan kotak tematik ditambah paviliun lebih dari 100 negara, semua mengeksplorasi tema keseluruhan Expo, "Air dan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan."
Beberapa cenderamata favorit kami Expo orang-gambar spektakuler dari Pavilion Portugis. Theming partisipasi Portugis dalam acara berair, Lisbon berbasis Bak Arsitek Gordon membayangkan sebuah aliran sungai yang selalu berubah dari sumbernya menetes ke mulut sungai dengan laut.
BAK menciptakan ruang paviliun sebagai serbaguna, berubah dan mengubah lingkungan untuk partisipasi pendengar di tingkat memilih masing-masing individu. Tiga bidang utama - Alert, Kesadaran dan Perubahan - air dieksplorasi dan keberlanjutan dan dilengkapi sebuah sungai "merah" dari perkerasan yang membantu para pengunjung melacak aliran pameran.
Dari hutan tabung mengkhawatirkan "" Peringatan, untuk Kesadaran mana fotografi Nuno Cera's menyoroti tiga sungai besar dari Iberia - Guadiana, Tagus dan Douro, pengunjung berakhir di Ubah berharap, di mana gerakan menjanjikan warga digambarkan, secara harfiah, dengan pergerakan gambar dan kata-kata yang diucapkan dalam berbagai bahasa. - Tuija Seipell

Xmas Installations in Paris

Dua fasad ritel terkemuka Paris adalah mendapatkan Jean-Charles de perawatan Castelbajac bulan ini untuk mencerahkan musim Holiday. Di department store tertua kedua di Paris, Bazaar de l'Hotel de Ville, atau lebih dikenal sebagai BHV, topeng neon-lit funky akan menyala pada tanggal 17 November, dengan bantuan vokal kuat dilakukan oleh 28 - tahun, Arkansas-lahir Beth Ditto dari kelompok Gosip.

fasad kedua jean-Charles de Castelbajac's Holiday adalah di bagian atas Champs Elysee, di Publicis Apotek, didirikan pada tahun 1958 dan terletak di lokasi Hotel Astoria terkenal. kompleks sekarang rumah dua restoran dan toko-toko khusus, termasuk sebuah toko kelontong high-end. Dari 20 November - 20 Januari, bangunan akan ditutupi dengan panel kaca warna yang sangat besar dan dalam akan memiliki warna yang kaya perlakuan yang sama dengan tema "Pop-Anda mas X". - Tuija Seipell

Bologna Motor Show Campaign

Sementara Italia mengambil mobil serius, tidak berarti mereka tidak dapat memiliki beberapa menyenangkan dengan mereka. Kampanye iklan untuk edisi khusus dari Bologna Motor Show 2009 mengambil keuntungan penuh dari ini. Dengan mainan di rumah bermain di retro mengambil sendiri serius - termasuk boneka Barbie dan mobil seperti mainan dan sepeda - kampanye periklanan pokes menyenangkan di klise tentang anak laki-laki dan mainan mereka, gadis-gadis panas dan mobil panas.
promo acara itu memiliki reputasi dan mendorong batas-batas yang provokatif dengan Milan berbasis agen Testa Armando telah memimpin kampanye iklan dalam dekade terakhir. Kampanye 2009 - billboard, majalah dan iklan surat kabar, online, TV dan radio - telah kreatif disutradarai oleh Nicola Lampugnani dan Francesco Guerrera, dengan copy Federica Saraniti Lana dan seni Nicola Rinaldi. Kampanye pers diedit oleh studio LSD. Iklan TV oleh Keluarga dengan arah Federico Brugia dan musik oleh Ferdinando Arno. - Tuija Seipell

Pimple Climbing - Tel Aviv

Bersenang-senang dengan jerawat Anda! Itu mungkin pemikiran Gideon Amichay, Chief Creative Officer dan partner di Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y & R Interaktif di Tel Aviv, Israel, ketika ia menciptakan kampanye untuk gel perawatan Clearex jerawat. Sebuah tembok, berjerawat berwajah mendaki 5-meter-tinggi di pusat Israel terbesar terkena mendaki 8.000 remaja per bulan untuk merek selama liburan musim panas mereka. online Badan ambil pada keadaan yang sama yang diterima itu sebagai bertengger di 2009 Cannes Lions Undergraduate Cyber. Remaja dimasukkan foto teman-teman mereka online dan jerawatan wajah mereka secara bebas. Satu-satunya cara untuk teman untuk menghilangkan jerawat? Gunakan "online" Clearex, tentu saja. Kampanye ini memperoleh lebih dari 2,7 juta eksposur dan 25.000 peselancar aktif dalam waktu kurang dari 48 jam. 

Cancer Council Australia - Truth or Dare, Sydney

Kebenaran: kanker prostat membunuh ribuan orang Australia setiap tahun - sama dengan jumlah wanita yang meninggal karena kanker payudara. Kita tahu, pasti tidak keren. Tapi Dewan Australia Kanker menyerah jauh dari harapan. Tahun ini mereka minta cowok Aussie untuk berpartisipasi dan membantu meningkatkan dana untuk Daredallion Minggu dari 02-06 Maret.

Dare: mendaftar untuk mengambil tantangan Daredallion - berani seseorang untuk melakukan sesuatu mereka biasanya tidak akan melakukannya - atau yang lain menantang diri untuk sesuatu yang sama sekali memalukan dan mengumpulkan uang yang akan digunakan untuk mempromosikan kesadaran untuk kanker laki-laki. Eugene Tan, teman kita di Aquabumps, difoto salah satu berani pertama tahun ini - seorang pria gagal mencoba untuk berlayar jauh dari pantai Bondi terikat kepada sekelompok balon helium. Check out situs Daredallion dan baik mendaftarkan berani Anda sendiri, atau menggunakan mereka Dare Generator dan mengambil salah satu tantangan sudah dikembangkan - kami tantang kalian! - Andrew J Wiener

Germain - Paris

Germain adalah sebuah restoran Paris dalam ruang yang baru direvitalisasi pada 25-27 rue de Buci di Arondisemen 6. Arsitek, produktif Iran-lahir dan berbasis di Paris, India Mahdavi, menciptakan arsitektur interior pendirian, tiga lantai funky.

Fitur yang paling menonjol adalah ruang kuning patung besar seorang perempuan dalam sebuah mantel dan sepatu hak tinggi. bawahnya setengah berdiri di lantai pertama di kafe, sementara tubuh bagian atas dan istirahat kepala melalui langit-langit ke area VIP lounge tingkat atas. Patung ini adalah satu dari tiga yang seniman, multi-disiplin yang berbasis di Paris, Xavier Veilhan, terbuat dari Sophie temannya untuk pameran di Galeri Perrotin Emmanuel (Miami) pada tahun 2006.

Ketika Thierry Costes, keturunan keluarga yang memiliki keramahan Paris Germain, meminta Veilhan untuk berkontribusi Germain, Veilhan mempelajari lokasi bertingkat dan membayangkan drama yang akan dibuat jika salah satu Sophies nya "tumbuh" di dalamnya, seolah-olah itu adalah sebuah fitur yang pra-ada restoran.
Keluarga Costes tidak asing lagi untuk menggunakan bakat dan kekuatan gambar desainer terkenal dan seniman di hotel-hotel, restoran dan kafe. Kenyataan bahwa karya instalasi patung yang Veilhan 36 tahun itu memiliki kehadiran menonjol saat ini di Versailles tidak bisa tidak membantu menarik pelanggan dan yang ingin tahu ke lokasi yang kiri-bank Germain.