Friday, April 30, 2010

12 Strange Neck Tattoos

1.Skull Neck Tattoo
2.Octopus Neck Tattoo
3.Super Mario Neck Tattoo
4.Prayer Neck Tattoo
5.Pig Neck Tattoo
6.Apple Neck Tattoo
7.Super Mario Neck Tattoo
8.HTML Tags Neck Tattoo
9.Maya Necklace Tattoo
10.Vampire Bite Neck Tatto
11.Barcode Neck Tattoo
12.Kiss Neck Tattoo

Thursday, April 29, 2010

12 Video Game Tattoos

1.Pac-man console
2.Bob-omb tattoo
3.Mario Brothers
4.A powerful Space Invader
5.The little mushroom man game industry meets tattoo
7.‘digitized’ bat tat
8.Super Mario video game
9.Blooper tattoo
10.superhuman strength and special powers
11.Mario in a raccoon costume
12.Bum tat

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The smartest family in Britain is black

On BlackVoices I read the story of the wonder twins Paula and Peter Imafidon (9 years old) who floored academics a year ago when they aced University of Cambridge's advanced mathematics exam. They are the youngest students to ever pass the test.

The future little scholars' father, Chris, and mother, Ann, immigrated to Britain from Nigeria more than 30 years ago and have actually been down this prodigy route before with their three older children, who are also overachievers.

The couple's oldest daughter, Anne-Marie, is now 20, but at age 13, she won a British government scholarship to take undergraduate courses at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Christiana, 17, their other daughter, is the youngest student ever to study at the undergraduate level in any British University at the age of 11. Youngest daughter, Samantha, now 12, passed two rigorous high school–level mathematics and statistics exams at the age of 6. She mentored the twins to pass their own math secondary school test when they were also 6.

Great story! The sad part is that the story triggered the "controversy" between US blacks and Africans. Read the story and the comments at BlackVoices Britain's Brainiest Family is Black and Has 9-Year-Old High School-Bound Twins

Monday, April 26, 2010

20 Endorsements Tattoos

2.McDonald’s: Are you lovin’ it?
7.Jameson Whiskey
9.Mr. Peanut
10.Sony PS3
15.Firefox: Firefox, indeed.
17.Coca Cola
19.Piercing for Coke Zero: And one for the road.