Monday, December 28, 2009

Concha Buika - New Afro Spanish generation

Concha Buika is a critically acclaimed flamenco fusion vocalist from Spain. Born in 1972 in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain, she is the daughter of political refugees from the former Spanish African colony Equatorial Guinea. She made her full-length recording debut with Buika (2005) on Dro Atlantic. On of the popular songs of the album is 'New Afro spanish generation'(video). The song is about being black and Spanish.

She collaborated with accomplished producer Javier Limón for her second album, Mi Niña Lola (2006). Her breakthrough release, Mi Niña Lola, sold over 100,000 copies in Spain. She collaborated with Limón again for her third album, Niña de Fuego (2008), which garnered a Latin Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. Though Buika was frequently acclaimed by critics, the nomination came as a surprise, as she was little known outside the Spanish flamenco fusion scene. (Source: Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide)

La falsa moneda is from the album Niña de Fuego (2008)

Her latest album is 'El Último Trago'

Offical site: Buika

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weird and wonderful world of footballers' hairstyles

The leader of the Hairbear Bunch and head and shoulders above his contemporaries in the footballer's world of hair:

Former Liverpool and Portugal's Abel Xavier is one of the most regular footballers to visit the experimental tonsorial artist's chair

Lesson 1: never ask your mum to cut your hair. Lesson 2: if she does don't ask for a Brazilian and Lesson 3: don't appear on television in front of billions of football fans

Probably one of the worst haircuts in football...ever, was the mullet of Roberto Baggio who played for Italy and AC Milan

How Barry Venison got away with wearing his hair like he did, only he knows, but he is one of the contenders for 'The Best Worst Footballer's Haircut Award... Ever'
Bobby Charlton's hair...need we say more

One of the 1970's finest Timotei barnets belonged to the flaxen haired Tony Currie of Leeds. After the game he'd always be the first to the hair dryer

Colombia's Rene Higuita, famous for his scorpion kick save against England, shares a remarkable likeness to the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz

A haircut of two halves. Why stop with the hair... what about the eyebrows? This is Constantini of Austria

Kevin Keegan made it Ok for men to have a perm...when will Becks take the curly plunge?

Taribo West of Nigeria playing with bits of a My Little Pony in his hair

'Oreal wanted to sponsor David Seaman's hair as they had with David Ginola. But late in 2005 he cut his pony tail off for charity

Brazilian Ronaldinho earns over £140,000 a week. You'd think he could afford to get a trim

A patriotic Christian Ziege had the German flag dyed into his Mohican during the 2002 World Cup

Was every day for England's Mark Hateley a bad hair day or was it because Chris Waddle stole his curlers? and...

..did the former Liverpool captain and England stalwart Mark Wright wear extensions? We suspect not

'Rub shampoo into scalp...rinse...and repeat if necessary'. Southampton's Charlie George checks for split ends

One of Beckham's former team mates Alexi Lalas (right), looking like a Metalica roadie, grew the best 'flavour-saver' (on his chin) in the world of sport

Dutch footie legend Ruud Gullit not only sported dreadlocks but he also took time in the mirror to work on his macho moustache

In the 80's Brazil's coolest footballer Socrates, who reputedly puffed on two packs of ciggies a day, had one of the finest manes in soccer

Was Liverpool legend Terry McDermott Harry Enfield's inspiration for his Scouse family characters?

Ray 'hair' Parlour's curly mop gradually receded throughout his career (along with his goal scoring) having begun it with shoulder length hair

Nottingham Forest's Jason Lee's hair has been likened to a pineapple

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Concert Fally Ipupa on January 2nd 2010 in Paris

Photo: Fally Ipupa and Olivia Longott
Saturday January 2nd 2010, Congolese singer Fally Ipupa will take possession of The Zenith in Paris from midnight to dawn. He will present his new album ‘Arsenal de Belles Mélodies’ to the French public. And this, after a triumphant tour on the African continent. With his song Droit Chemin (2006) he won a Trophée Arts Afro-Caribbean, and a gold record. He sold out stadiums in Africa, and performed with the popular group Kassav.

During the show in Paris he will receive a gold record for his achievements. He will be accompanied by the American R&B singer Olivia Longott, Longott was signed to the G Unit label of rapper 50 Cent.

On January 2nd The Zenith will tremble on the sounds of this popular innovative artist, who wants to produce "world music another way".